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'I feel kind of hot, and dizzy. Is it hot in here or is it just me?' Mindy asked.
Strangely Mindy's nipples became erect and her flat chest started to press against her shirt.
'Mindy?!' Lisa exclaimed in confusion.
The sounds of stretching could be heard.
'What's happening to me?' Mindy asked.
Mindy's legs stretched out as her body expanded and enlarged with impossible speed. Her breasts swelled to a small size A and kept growing. Her shirt began to rip loudly at the top, showing off the budding breasts of a now 12-year-old still held in place by a child size undershirt.
'Mindy what's going on?' Lisa cried as she felt her own body start to grow.
'I don't know? Help me!' Mindy replied. As she spoke her skirt began to tear, revealing white panties. She continued to get older, ripping the panties. In another second her shirt and panties just exploded apart. Mindy was almost totally naked. Her nipples were hard.
Mindy's slower growing waist finally broke her belt. Anne ran out of the room as Mindy continued to age. The other girls looked nervously at their own bodies.
Joanna's shirt tightened dramatically, letting the others see her nipples harden as her legs and arms lengthened. Her body expanded as she smoothly grew taller. Joanna continued to grow till she had reached Mindy's size and age. Joanna and Lisa then ran out of the room.
Amy started to grow. In seconds Amy's shirt was ripped, the pieces of her skirt sliding down her hips. Amy stood in her blue panties and undershirt for 5 seconds before they too ripped to shreds. Amy grew until she almost matched the height of the other girls. Since she had started smaller she was completely nude.

He wondered what was happening. Fear passed through him when he felt himself starting to grow. Marc shuddered slightly as he felt his body thicken. Thin arms formed into longer masculine muscled ones. Legs lengthened, raising his torso high into the air.
He watched as Zoe's features changed. Her baby fat melted away as she grew older. Her chubby legs and arms became slender, graceful, and wider. She grew womanly curves in seconds. Her pudgy face became like a young teenager's, one who happened to be trapped in tearing kiddie clothes, buttons bouncing on the ground.
As her body became more womanly, Zoe's features became more refined and he felt awe at the sight of the beautiful woman before him.
Things seemed so much smaller now to them.
As he turned to the mirror he was momentarily startled to see naked adult versions of himself and his little sister.

"I could make you younger," Todd said.
"Hey, don't you even think about it," said Carrie. "Just make me older already. I wanna be big." At 4'8", she was barely chest high to him.
"Say, 'Please.'"
"Just make me older," she whined, a pleading child looking up at him.
"Are you sure?"
"Yes!" she shouted and stamped her foot. "Make me older!"
He gave her a mischievous smile. "Okay, you asked for it."
She immediately felt herself growing. She started sprouting up like a time lapse film of a growing tree. Her stumpy legs stretched longer and longer. Out of relief, she let out a sigh. She flew past age 10 and was just passing 11 when she started looking worried.
"Hey, that's old enough!" she said.
He laughed.
"I thought you wanted to be older," he said as she passed into her teens.
"You know what I meant! Stop it already!"
"Okay, okay. Have it your way, stretch."
She looked down past B-cup breasts that had broken though the front of her clothes. Her now bare feet seemed a mile away from her head. She almost felt vertigo looking at the floor. "How old am I now?"

Passing a train yard, Cate began to feel the stomach sickness associated with the age syndrome. But it passed faster then usual. But then, just like Joanna and Mia before her, Cate began to grow older as well.
"What's happenin to me?!" Cate shouted, her voice deepening to that of a young woman.
Cate's legs and arms got longer and her chest expanded. Her thick ponytails elongated, but they retained their thickness.
In the midst of her growth Cate's clothes of course didn't grow at all, and her skirt now barely covered her panties.
Her midriff burst out as her skirt and shirt separated, exposing her bellybutton. The cuffs on her sleeves split apart. Her shoes no longer fit her larger feet and her socks split down the sides.
When the aging finally stopped, Cate had the body of a teenager. She stood about the same size as Joanna and Mia, although she had not spotted the two other grown girls yet.
Cate looked over her shoulder and heard something rip, then down towards her feet. She admired her new body, especially her big chest. She looked at her feet, surprised to see the large cracks that had opened in her shoes.

She stared up at Ben's new growth of stubble, noting with delayed shock that he was much taller than her now. Before he'd left, he'd stood only a little above her height.
Abruptly, her eyes teared. "That wasn't there before," she whispered, touching his face, feeling the excitement of his newly acquired manhood. "You've grown up suddenly. It's really beginning, isn't it?" she said, turning back to Morgan.
"It's really gonna happen, after all this time."
"A five year old with the power and strength you had when you were sixteen. Any child's growth rate can accelerate in times of danger; the greater the danger, the greater the acceleration."

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