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Now the infant was left behind to fend for herself, and she began to cry.
She turned on her side, and then onto her stomach, and managed to push herself up.
She shakily began to crawl. Then she paused and pushed herself up with her hands.
Her short legs were unstable and she had difficulty standing, but she soon found her strength and began to walk. As she walked, I saw that she was growing.
The small child giggled as she began running but to her dismay, she stumbled.
Her brow furled as she began running faster, more determined.
While she ran, her body continued to grow. Her legs grew long, and lean and strong and her hips suddenly widened. Breasts swelled and her face matured.
Her hair grew long and trailed after her as she ran, and strands of it fell behind her and spread out as she ran.

She was now sitting at her desk at school. Trying not to gain the attention of her classmates.
The teacher, Mrs. Owens, her English teacher, called on her to come forward. Mrs. Owens was a very attractive woman in her late twenties, with a lovely, full-breasted figure that undoubtedly appeared in the fantasies of many of the boys in class. Jessica somehow knew that her assignment was to stand in front of the class and recite a poem that she'd been studying. She took her place and tried to recall her poem. Had she actually memorized one? There was something about blossoming, about the buds of spring bursting forth...
She felt a sudden tingling in her breasts, especially in her nipples. She looked down and thought that she saw something moving. Were those .... breasts...? OhmyGod!! They were growing out, right there before her eyes!! The twin mounds pushed out the front of her pullover top, and the back and shoulder straps of her shirt began to dig into her flesh. She looked over at her teacher and the other kids, expecting them to be in shock, but they all looked so happy for her. Mrs. Owens had a wide friendly smile spread across her pretty face.
"Oh, Jessica," she said. "It's just like your poem. Your blossoming is so lovely..."
Jessica's poem was about trees and flowers, not her breasts. She wondered: Did trees feel like this when their leaves began to emerge after a long winter? Did flowers feel this intense pleasure as they opened wide to the bright light of the sun? Did they revel in this warmth, this hot, hot feeling of sudden, bursting growth?

I closed my eyes, shrouding the girl from view, but heard the bodily growing and tearing sounds.
As it subsided, the newly aged adult, now with very long blonde hair, sat there on the floor.
I stared at the mostly nude young woman, amazed, having never seen such a thing.
"Amazing. Look at her!"
I moved forward a bit, mesmerized by what the vanished child had become. "Blonde hair. It's beautiful."

Jessica did not know how or why this was happening to her, the strange behavior of her body.
She shut her eyes and spread out her arms. Her lower back touched the cold chair. Without even seeing them, she could tell that her breasts were finally budding. She heard the sides of her shirt slide under her armpits and she could feel the sleeves being stretched as her body added months of time in seconds. They were going to be damaged if it didn't stop soon. She wanted it to stop. Her nipples became hot and hard and a bit more sensitive, new nerve-endings coming into existence with every added centimeter in height. Her nipples were right there, they were the two tension-points where her shirt was straining against her flesh...
She felt a rush of air on her skin as her shirt began to come apart. The destruction started slowly, but then all the pieces just fell away in seconds. Her new breasts sprung free with surprising force and she felt their substantial weight tugging forward. Oh God it was like her own body was aligning itself towards an affirmation of life, of progress, and at that moment Jessica suddenly came, a mighty sensation, as her breasts leaped out to greet the world.
She opened her eyes and saw the two firm orbs catapulting just below her collarbones, and sooooo sensitive!!! The air on her skin turned her nipples very hard.
She saw that every student in the class, the girls as well as the boys, were going through the same changes.

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Amber Skyes
Sat Jan 5, 2008
But, how about...There is this fifth-grader who discovers she has the power to change her age at will! So, say she wants to go somewhere without people saying 'Where's your mommy?' she just makes herself twenty or so. And she's kind of immature, but also smart.
A comedy? xD

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