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Laney knew that she wanted to try the aging drug. She read the instructions. She carefully put all the ingredients in, making sure the order was correct. When it seemed to be done, she took a glass and poured a little bit of the drug in it. She took a sip. For the first few minutes she didn't feel anything. Then, she felt herself grow taller, and wrinkles were sagging all over. Apparently she drank too much. She felt like she was being stretched. When she was growing taller, she felt stretched higher. When she grew wrinkles, she felt her face stretch to make them. A couple of days later, she was back to her normal young self.
"The Baby Picture Project"
This site asked visitors to submit a baby photo and a recent photo, then displayed them side by side. I was surprised that so many people tried to match the feeling of the two shots to make comparison easier.

By Jack Radcliffe
- When my daughter Alison was born, in the tradition of a new parent, I began to photograph her, initially in a separate and private body of work. However, in the process of documenting Alison's growth, I developed a passionate interest in human relationships and capturing intimate moments in the lives of family and friends.
- The title got my hopes up, one of my wishes is to have a 360 nude timelapse of an attractive male and female from birth to death. It would be done in a special booth that has a blue screen cylinder, and camera that spins around taking thousands of pictures each session.
- ...what I enjoyed about this is that it is nice documented proof of what I already know... people's signature perspective does not change. If you look at the beginning, and gaze deep into her soul, you see that same person in every photo. She may change shape a little, put on elaborate costumes during mating years, and get worn down by life, but that primal spark, that first thread never ages and is static throughout.
- I love her in all stages. In some ways, the earliest shots, the clean purity of being fresh and unscarred are the most beautiful. But as I go on, and the bullshit of life piles upon her, I can't help but see that same spark of life, and every shot becomes equally beautiful.

Diffuse Angioedema
- 23-year-old female noticed a 10 to 25 pound weight gain in one day after eating dairy products. Swelling began to occur in many parts of her body. Her blouse sleeves were rather suddenly too tight on her arms. Her jeans were too tight. She said she looked puffy all over. Her face became round and puffy.
She tested allergic to 26 NAET allergy test vials.

FEVER IN RAW MILK. Electricity and Child Growth.
To the Editor of The New York Times: I was much interested In an article which appeared in your paper this morning, giving results of experiments made with electricity to increase the growth of children.
... would like to say that the five years I have treated ... with electricity for various diseases, such as paralysis, enuresis, rheumatism, and chorea ... in every case the treatments have been followed by rapid growth of the child.
... daughter was a delicate child of 10 when I began using electricity in my practice, and she at once began to grow taller and soon got plump and rosy. Now she is a strong and well-developed girl of 15.
... rapid growth has in a great measure been due to electrical treatments. If plant growths can ... why not the human plant?
R.K.B., M.D. Brooklyn, Aug. 22 1911.

my nightmare i was with my friends having a slumber at some place...
i was running (at a slower pace than usual) and accidentally bumped into a little girl who was with her dad and little brother, but then she started running after me, and i kept on running, faster and faster until.. i couldn't run any faster but she was still after me and for some reason..
i couldn't run as fast as i usually would, then i turned a corner and lost her thankfully, she ran towards me and then me and abraham were gunna run but saw the little girl morphing into a women. she grabbed my wrist and made me follow her and i was screaming an pleading for abes to help me but she was too strong she let me go thinking i would follow her as she turned the corner and i bolted with abes and when she realised i wasn't with her, i was gone. then she went looking for me but got tired so sat down but for some odd reason it felt as if she was sitting on me. she got heavier and heavier and i couldn't move still ..
xoxo Lynn

"you might enjoy her more at an older age, where you could chase after her. She'll grow at a rate of a little less than one year per hour."
The next three hours were filled with cooing and laughter, and tiny fingers holding large ones as she first suckled, then chewed, then held on for support during tentative first steps. They played on a blanket in the sand, later moving inside one of the beach tents for a break from the sun and some privacy. They didn't dare take a nap, a normal beach activity for the couple, for fear of missing out on this time with their child.
When the toddler drifted off to sleep during one of her growth spurts, however, Tom took advantage of the opportunity and began another of their favorite beach pastimes.

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