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Maddie felt sleepy, and relaxed a bit as she felt energy filling her body from her toes to her knees, her narrow hips, waist, and on up, until it seemed to shine out of her fingertips and her ears.
Maddie felt her limbs lengthening, her very bones getting longer, each sinew and muscle stretching to new lengths. It did not hurt, but it was a completely foreign sensation. Maddie could only hear her heart beating fiercely.
"Open your eyes, child," her mom said, and Maddie acquiesced. When she did, she almost fell back with the shock. She was tall, almost adult height. Almost her mom's height even. And... curves where none had existed before. She looked at her long arms and legs, her toes and fingers so far away. She tried to stand up, but her mom was right. She would have to get used to her older body first.

Maddie wasn't paying attention to them anymore. She was too entranced by the events happening to her. She was still shaking, but it wasn't from the cold or the nerves anymore.
Her back arched and her knees bent, and suddenly she pulled herself into a ball.
She felt a tugging on her back, and she instinctively knew she was going through puberty on speed. It didn't hurt in the least. She felt her whole body growing. Her legs already had to be three inches longer at least. She instantly went from her apparent age of fourteen to seventeen. Or at least the body of a seventeen-year-old girl.
Suddenly, it was over. Maddie felt a sudden calmness rush over her as she stood again.

The Prince of the Night may be sending his influences in. He is shape-changing them by his magic to make them into adult Uranians.
Victor: "Were we adults before they made us into the shape of children? You know we must all be shapechangers, don't you?
Orphans of Chaos

The Annual Survey of Psychoanalysis
John Frosch - Psychoanalysis - 1950, p278.
She told how she would like to wear her outgrown clothes or sneak into her brother's clothes behind her mother's back. In the course of elaborating ...

(SquarePeg) Wendy, I have recurring dreams in which my clothes have become too small while I'm at work, and I wind up partially nude in front of my students...what does this mean?
(Wendy) A reoccurring dream is important. The clothes are covering you, so when they become too small then it is saying that you are being exposed, but it seems to be a process with you, not a sudden exposure.

I'm on my way in; sit tight.
"No time for that." She concentrated, looking inwards for the mental switch that triggered the change, feeling her clothes tighten against her and then begin to rip before the cloth could strangle her. Strength increased proportionally with age, but her speed increased much less.
She wondered if she wasn't going to miss the target.
She leapt, caught it with outstretched fingers already shrinking, de-aging to slide through the narrow gap, and landed off balance.
... A pale little girl half-covered in rags rolled in the sand and smiled.

Hershey Elementary
Fourth grade
If by magic you could become an adult overnight, what's the first thing you would do? Why?
Elizabeth Brewer: If I became an adult overnight, the first thing I would do is watch the movie Saw because it's scary and its is rated R.
Alex Penix: I would be president because I would be a good president.
Nicholas Pace: I would get a job so I can buy a horse, a Viper, and I would play video games all day.
Colleen Downard: I would get a job so I could get a house to live in because my brother is mean.
Catie Slate: I would get a house, a car and a hot tub. I would also go shopping.
Lindsey Smith: I would go to college to get a master's degree in veterinary science.
Jack Roetker: the first thing I would do is buy a fast car and go to the Super Bowl.
Austin Williamson: The first thing I would do if I turned into an adult overnight, is start a comedy show because that's what I've always wanted to do.
Gabe Robles: I would go watch PG-13 or R movies because all the good looking movies are R or PG-13.
Anna Riggenbach: I would go to the bank to get money. I would go to the mall in Indy.
Zach Beeler: I would beg to be able to be a kid again.

The experiment was to see if a child could be produced from three parents AND have its growth accelerated using microwaves. Her growth was accelerated to 14.5 yrs of age. So now, she may look 17, but she has only been in the world for 3 years.
In her early "teens", she spent hours in front of mirrors, practicing how to put on makeup, experimenting with her walk and her facial expressions. As she grew, her few clothes were often too tight for her, emphasizing her blossoming figure so much that men beeped car horns and boys were eager to walk with her.

When she's thirteen they are posted in Burma, but -- having expected to be done with life at age twelve -- she's unprepared for thirteen. In its outward manifestations, puberty is traumatic.
"Mon corps se deforma" ("My body deforms itself") is how she sees it: budding breasts (small, but even so, more than she cares for), she shoots up five inches in a year.
She gets braces, and feels let down by her body, unattractive. She drinks to forget her age.

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