By Weirn13 - unfinished 2010 Wattpad story

-pretty sure the title gives it away-

Part 1: Prologue

Mortification always flickers across peoples faces when they are unable to get into R-rated movies. Either they thought they looked old enough to not be asked, or their ID was so fake that they shouldn't have even bothered.

I loved to watch these people. made me feel blessed for a change. Normally, I wrote my ability off as a talent, something I was good at but didn't necessarily help me in any way. But when I saw these people, I felt great. Victorious even, for being able to accomplish the one thing that they could not.

I was what I liked to call an age shifter. (My grandmother called it some other much more complex word, but I had deemed it to be lame. So I'd come up with age shifter.) My grandmother, Ann, said that our abilities came from the Unnamed goddess. Born to two minor gods, the Unnamed goddess was left on Earth to live as a human. She fell in love with one of the boys that she grew up with, and from the birth of a normal mortal man, and an immortal goddess, our lineage was born.

Unfortunately, throughout the years the ability of ageshifting has disappeared in some of the branches, or even skipped generations. Thankfully, my side of the Unnamed's lineage seems to possess the strongest blood, for only once has the ageshifting skipped a generation.

My mother and aunt were the unfortunate ones. And, in a way, so were my grandmother and me. My grandmother had looked forward to teaching her daughters, to teach them all of the secrets and skills of being an age shifter. So when both of her daughters lacked the ability to shift, she had set all her hopes on me. Which, in the honesty of my head I can say, was a pain in the ass.

Ann (In person that was what I was to call her. Apparently, calling her by her first name meant insuring that I understood that to me, she was a mentor- my teacher. Not a loving granny that baked me cookies.) was like a drill sergeant. From the time I was five, when other girls were being loved by their granny's, I was practicing the art of age shifting. Yes, art. That was the point Ann first made. "Age shifting is an art, an art that only WE of the Unnamed lineage can accomplish. Therefore, it is our privilege to spend the years given to us mastering this art, Leah." On and on she would rant of how it was our privilege.

So from the time I was 7 to the time I turned 16 I was drilled in the art of Kruymle (the word that I called lame, but actually didn't like to use because I found it too hard to pronounce.). There was a 'celebration' when I turned 16. That was when my training finally came to an end, and my grandmother got off my back. I could shift at will now, no more accidentally shifting into a 60 year old woman, when I had only wanted to be 18. No more getting stuck in the body of a 20 year old, and having to miss school until I eventually switched back to normal. I had full control over my power, and I was rid of Ann.

It should've been great. No more having to run to Ann's after school for practice, nor having to tell my friends I was busy. It should've been normal. But no. The damage had already been done. Nine years I secluded myself from most of the people I knew, I created a sort of wall that stopped others from approaching me. There was no way of going back, short of shifting into a 10 year old and starting my life again from there.

There really was nothing more to do than to try and break down that wall I'd created. Thankfully, throughout all my years of training one person had remained constant. Jade, my only friend, and the only outsider that knew of my ability.

Part 2: Defacing School Property

"Hurry up," I hissed at Jade. I kept peering left, hoping no one would come our way.

"I'm going, I'm going," replied Jade, "but I want to make this good, so hold up."

Oh, we were so dead. Jade, my best friend, was currently spraying graffiti on Jake's locker. Jake being her ex-boyfriend, and a cheater to boot. And to top it off, school was still in session. I'd tried to convince Jade to do it after school (knowing I couldn't convince her from not doing it), but she'd refused saying she wanted it to be there so that people could read it after school and know just how much of a douche bag he was.

So I was pulled along into her little plot of extracting revenge. Sure it wasn't much she was doing, but she had to vent some of her anger out. I was in charge of warning her if anyone was coming this way. She had the devils luck for sure, for Jake's locker was in one of the wings where only morning classes were held, so all that needed looking out was the hall that lead to the main school building.

And since I'd never deface school property, I'd willingly decided to be the lookout.

Looks like the devils luck has run out, I'd thought, as Derek sauntered over. Everyone knew Derek, not because he was handsome or famous, but because he was infamous for holding the number 1 record for skipping more classes than he went to for a whole school year.

I looked nervously at Jade, who still hadn't finished, and decided if I should shift or not.

In a split second I'd shifted to a 40 year old woman. My pants were now about an inch above my now too small converse. Thankfully my button up shirt was a little larger than normal, for I'm sure I would've popped out if it had been any smaller.

I looked down the hall again, noticing I had a few precious seconds before Derek reached the end of the hallway. I brought my hair up into a strict bun, and hurriedly took out my reading glasses from the side pocket of my backpack. Jade remained oblivious to what I was doing, she being to immersed in venting her anger.

I put my Michael Kors glasses on, and stepped out into the main hallway. I walked a bit more forward, as Derek had yet to notice me. He being to busy listening to his iPod.

"What are you doing here?" I demanded, in my best authority-like voice.

His head snapped up, but he didn't immediately respond.

I repeated myself.

"Aw, miss, I was just stretching my legs, you know. Getting the blood pumping or whatever," he replied lazily.

"Well stretch them else where," I ordered, "This hall has been closed down for maintenance." Wow, lying through my teeth. A skill Ann had drilled into me.

"For what?" he asked, killing time.

"I don't see how it matters to you," I replied rudely, "and if you don't want me to write you up, I suggest you return to class."

"Aw, I was just curious, miss," he said sleazily, turning his back to me as he walked back the way he came.

It was until he was no longer in sight that I went back to my hiding spot behind the bend. Oh how I thanked God for Derek's stupidity. A smart person would've noticed that I didn't work there, or might've even noticed how familiar I looked.

I shifted back, sighing. Jade was adding the finishing touches to her masterpiece. I closed me eyes, waiting.

"Voila!" Jade exclaimed, startling me, "I am finished!"

"Shhh," I told her, "we're not exactly far away enough to be yelling at the top of our lungs."

"Oh, come on Leah," she said, "come look at my masterpiece. I could be the next Picasso!"

I rolled my eyes, but did walk over to look. Wow, Derek would definitely murder us. Even if he wouldn't have noticed Jades style, her CHEATING MAN WHORE sign, would have been an instant giveaway. I sighed, but couldn't help but grin. Yeah, Derek would definitely not like this. But he sure as hell deserved it.

"Come on, Jade," I told her, "the bells going to ring in a few minutes, you need to dispose of the evidence, and we have to go find a safe place to hide."

"Ah, so true," she replied aloofly, "see that is why we make such a great team. I'm the irresponsible one, and you're the responsible friend that bails me out of trouble. We're like yin and yang, balancing each other out."

"Yeah, yeah," I replied leading her away to the exit. But inside I was happy. I loved being able to help Jade out, to have someone need me.

"Hmmm want to bet?" she asked as we headed out the door, "if this will end up on youtube?"

"Yeah, like I'm going to bet for that," I laughed, " we should be betting how many hits it will get, not if it will end up."

"So true," she mumbled, as we passed the last bit of security this school had. Which wasn't much, seeing as how easy it was to skip, and in our case graffiti without getting caught.

From school we left to Jades house, throwing the spray paint can in one of the parks trash cans. From the looks of things, Jade was enjoying herself by speculating how Jake would react. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't anxious to find out how he'd react. Life was boring where we lived, so naturally we had to make our own fun.

Part 3: We were dead, soooo dead

We were dead, soooo very dead. We were walking corpses. Zombies, even.

Jade had led me to her computer the moment we got to her house. She turned it on and, while it started, got up to fetch us some snacks. Munchies for the show, is what she'd told me.

Jade had returned and put in her password, setting herself down on the chair beside me. She handed me the bowl of Doritos , and went straight to It was only about 5 after 4:00, so school had been out for only ten minutes. So we assumed that it'd only take a while before someone uploaded the video.

At exactly 4:10, it was up. We clicked on it eagerly, and waited for it to load. And when it did, we nearly wet our pants.

Apparently someone had cut class a little early and seen the graffiti, so naturally they'd started recording the moment they saw it. Whoever it had been started with a close up of the CHEATING MAN WHORE sign, and moved to the other vulgar signs surrounding those bloody red letters.

DING DONG x's hundred, is what we heard next. And when it was finished we saw Jake, all 6'2 of hotness approaching the guy recording.

"What are you-" he started until he saw his locker.

The look was priceless. Jade and myself instantly blessed whoever was behind the camera. Jake's face was a mixture of shock and rage. His normally pale face had turned crimson, matching his red hair. And he'd sputtered nonsense as he stared at his graffitied locker.

Laughter erupted from us, and from the screen. People had begun to take notice of Jake, and his now vandalized locker.

"Cheating man whore," someone read out loud.

"That fucking bitch!" Jake yelled, spit flying from his mouth.

People just continued to laugh, watching him, as we did now, as entertainment.

But like all good fun, a kill joy eventually comes around to ruin the mood.

We heard "shit" come from whoever was behind the camera as Principle Wilkson entered the scene.

The video was cut off instantly after his appearance.

Sure, we had sucky security in our school, but the most hard-core principle in the world. No one got in his way. Even the guys that were all "I'm so effing tough" and whatnot, cowered when faced with the ex-marine. It's no wonder the guy cut off the video, he probably ran away.

But the video had been gold. Jade and I couldn't stop laughing for several minutes, even as I incoherently tried to say that we had to go to my house since Jake knew where Jade lived. But no, Jade was too much into her laughter to even bother to think of her safety. Or mine.

It took about twenty minutes for us to finally remain silent.

"Ok," I told her, "we should probably start heading to my house now."

"Yeah," she mumbled solemnly, having laughed herself out. We got up, told Jades mom goodbye, and started the long walk to my house. My house being about 2 miles in the opposite direction of where we came from.

* * * * * *

We made it about one mile with nothing but silence for company. We were actually pretty close to the school by now. So being the responsible person that I am, I decided to take a path that was away from the school. Leading to the little cafe me and Jade sometimes go to.

We, unfortunately, didn't get that far. As soon as we reached the outskirts of the park (where Jade had dumped her spray can), a black Toyota blocked our path. Shit.

It was Jake's truck.

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Part 4: Taking a vampire's approach

Ok, ok. Don't panic. I mean it's not like if he can kill us, right? It's illegal, and there are people around so he can't do anything, right?

"Run!" I yelled at Jade, hauling ass through the park.

"Shit, shit, shit!" she yelled following me.

As we ran I could hear the opening and closing of the trucks door. Aw, crap, he wasn't alone. I headed towards Aunty Letty's Ice Cream shop, knowing that Jade would follow me. The place, thankfully, didn't close till 8:00, so it was a great place to find refuge.

"Agh!" I heard Jade yell, "motherfucker, let go of me!"

I quickly turned around. Jake was a ways back, but his friend Henry (being in track) had caught Jade by the arm.

I ran back to her and jumped on Henry's back. What I did next was dumb, but Ann never taught me how to fight. Apparently, when one shifts they have no need for fighting. Right.

I bit Henry in the neck. Yeah, I decided to take a vampires approach. I sunk my teeth in, but DIDN'T suck for blood.

Henry yelled bloody murder, and let go of Jade. Unfortunately, I fell on my back when Henry screamed.

"Owwww," I whispered, slowly getting up.

I heard Jade scream again. Crap, I guess Jake finally caught up.

I looked around, noticed Henry wincing, and Jake trying to get Jade over his shoulder. I groaned, getting ready to tackle Jake.

Ok. 1........2.........

"What is going on?!" someone yelled from behind me.

I fell over, as I stopped the momentum from propelling me forward.

"Ahhh," I groaned.

"Hey!" the person yelled, "let go of the young lady!"

Hmmm, the voice sounded strangely familiar. I blinked as I slowly got up.

It was the Sheriff. What was he doing here?

"Sorry, sir," I heard Jake respond, "we were just playing around."

"Liar!" I heard Jade yell from atop his shoulder.

"He's telling the truth, sir," Henry said, "it was just a little prank."

"It's true," I joined in, "they were just kidding around. I'm sure they meant no harm. So, Jake, pranks over, you can let Jade go."

The Sheriff looked confused for a second, but after a while he just seemed embarrassed.

"Well, ok, so long as you kids were just playing around," he said, trying to hide his embarrassment, "boy, put that young girl down."

"Yes, sir," Jake said obediently. In a split second, Jade was back on her own two feet.

"How did you come to see us?" I asked the sheriff curiously.

"I was in Aunty Lettys Ice Cream shop with my grandchildren," he said, "I saw the commotion through the window."

"Oh!" I said thinking fast, "we were just heading that way, would you mind if me and my friend joined you?"

"Of course not," he said smiling kindly.

"Ok, well, come on, Jade!" I said hurriedly, giving her a look that meant 'let's get the hell out of here'.

"Yeah!" she said running to my side, "I've been dying to try the new vanilla, or whatever flavor."

Smooth Jade, I thought exasperated.

We followed the sheriff to the ice cream shop. But the whole way there, I-we could feel Jake's glare boring into our backs. I could tell this little encounter was not over. Jake would be back for his revenge on Jade.

Story ends here. No further chapters were ever known to have been written.