Deviant Artist: Panahinuva

- (dedicated toon TF, Breast Expansion, non-human and gynoid entities, demons, furries & furry stages, expansions and reductions, maturity power boosts, battle forms, adult rejuv)
c2008-17 and ongoing.

Karen Aloran lives in a world where imagination is strong enough to influence reality. During the Disney Renaissance, enough people were focused on toons that they actually manifested into reality. ToonTowns popped up all over the world, already populated with bouncing, indestructible cartoon characters.
Karen's condition resulted when she accidentally ingested a few drops of Toon Ink (a heavily controlled substance that can be produced, with great effort, by toons) in her coffee, which caused her Id to manifest itself as Kinka, a Kinkajou toon who is almost the direct opposite of her human counterpart. To trigger her transformation, Karen usually has to experience strong emotions which bring out the toon. The two are directly linked, so anything that happens to one happens to the other...

Origin Story:
- Kinka's Corny Commencement Part One
- Kinka's Corny Commencement Part Two

More info about the characters:
- Karen Aloran / Kinka Reference Sheet

Sample TF scene:
- Kinka Unleashed Page 1
- Kinka Unleashed Page 2
- Kinka Unleashed Page 3
- Kinka Unleashed Page 4
- Kinka Unleashed Page 5

Another dArtist's story featuring the character(s):
- Witchy Toony Delights - Toon It Up

And here's another story with the two. Breast Reduction on Kinka in the first, and BE on Karen (without TFing to Kinka) in the second - with possible RN for both?
- Generic Brand Cereals PSA - Kinka
- Furaffinity Link

- (All data provided by NightElf37)