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- (dedicated toon TF, expansions and reductions, non-human and gynoid entities, maturity power boost, battle forms, adult rejuv, BE, furry stages)
c2014-17 and ongoing.

- Hey, my eyes are up here. WAY up here. More mighty mistresses and cartoon goddesses in the full blossom of female power. Mystical energies are unleashed to unlock their true inner-and outer-potential. Sometimes demonic, sometimes angelic. Two sides of the same coin?
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Origin short story chapters (illustrated) of Margaret and Melissa Winston (rejuvenation BE muscle growth):
- Seasons of Change - Springtime of Youth 1A
- Seasons of Change - Springtime of Youth 1B
- Seasons of Change - Springtime of Youth 2A
- Seasons of Change - Springtime of Youth 2B

A couple of Margaret Winston TFs:
- Margaret Youthful Times 01
- Margaret Youthful Times 02
- Margaret Youthful Times 03
- Margaret Youthful Times 04
- Margaret Youthful Times 05
- Margaret to Melissa Renwal Full AmatuerUnleaded 4-step muscle TF

Origin story of Ryder Collins to Rolanda MacRaghe (rejuvenation and maturation RN in one):
- Untold Origins Ryder Collins

Carol Holiday to Krampus:
- Carol J. Holiday was always a professional and gregarious lady. But the times she enjoyed the most were the festive seasons of winter, especially around Christmas. Though no longer a child, she always believed in Santa Claus, and did her best to steer children and adults to the proper holiday spirit. It was these qualities that attracted the attention of Old St. Nick who brought her to the North Pole for a very important task. To be the new keeper of the mantle of the Holiday Devil, Krampus, to help stem the rampant tide of naughtiness that was seizing the world. Though uncertain about her ability to handle the role, she nonetheless agreed to take the fight to the naughty to ensure they learn their lesson:
- HC 16 - Carol Holiday Rooftop 01 - Seonidas
- HC 16 - Carol Holiday Rooftop 02 - Seonidas
- HC 16 - Carol Holiday Rooftop 03 - Seonidas
- HC 16 - Carol Holiday Rooftop 04 - Seonidas
- HC 16 - Carol Holiday Rooftop 05 - Seonidas
- Carol Krampus Sacking TF - Da Fuze
- Carol Krampusnacht Change - Jeimorph 6-step demon TF

Another Jennifer Welch/Gloria Hyde TF:
- Jennifer Letting Loose TF - Kojiro Brushard

Introducing another character, Erika Nelson to Kireena (young adult to full adult maturation TF):
- Erika has always been a dreamer, her mind fascinated by the thoughts of distant horizons and places unseen. Raised by her grandfather in the traditional martial arts of their family, she is unable to bear their family name after the disgraceful actions of her father - until he recognizes her as a master. Dreams of a past life thrill Erika, and she looks forward to exploring the world once again to undo the mistakes of the past. Kirenna too shares Erika enthusiasm, though she hopes to instill in the girl the proper grace and decorum of a noble lady to complement Erika's warrior spirit. Illustrated short story fragment:
- Profile in Change - Erika Nelson

Various more TFs:
- (TF, full adult maturation)
MM 2016 - Jackie Mummy Dance - Kojiro Brushard 5-step TF
- (TF, rejuvenation effect)
MM 2016 - Ryder Candy Mishap - Kojiro Brushard 5-step TF
- (TF, full adult maturation)
MM 2016 - Roland Candy Change - Kojiro Brushard 5-step TF

Another Aeron to Pearl TF:
- MM 2016 - Aeron in Wonderland 01 - Viroveteruscy
- MM 2016 - Aeron in Wonderland 02 - Viroveteruscy
- MM 2016 - Aeron in Wonderland 03 - Viroveteruscy

A collection of TF scenes - Rosalyn White to Big Bad Wolf.
- Rosalyn White found a strange book about the Big Bad Wolf that changed her life. Reading it infused her with the essence that can change her into a beastly wolf man. Now she struggles against the wolf and masculine urges that dwell inside of her.
- (TF TG, female adult to male adult wolf man)
Character Profile - Rosalyn White

TF with full adult maturation and BE. Illustrated short story fragment:
- Untold Origin - Jackie Valentine

Yet another character: Ethan to Elizabeth Grissom, TG BE scenes:
- Profile in Change - Ethan Grissom short story
- Ethan's Naughty Thoughts - Da Fuze multi-step art

- (All data provided by NightElf37)