Isabella Andie

Character created for:
Iconcitythatcareforgot, c2014.

Isabella Andie

21 years old

Sweet toned, heavy southern accent


Brief Physical Appearance:
Tall, 6ft, lanky and long form. Long fingers, slim yet curvy body. Soft blonde hair, average sized breasts. Blue-grey eyes. Often wears baggy clothing, but has a weakness for skinny jeans. Always wearing cowboy boots.

Bella has the power to change her age at will. One moment she can be a twenty something year old, then she can morph into what she looked like when she was a toddler, or what she'll look like when she's an old woman. Mostly she hovers around twenty something.

Weapon of Choice:
She's not actually trained to fight. She finds violence repulsive. Very unladylike. But growing up with three older brothers taught her defensive moves and some sneaky tricks to use an opponent's strength against them.

Bella has a happy disposition. She sees the bright side of everything and always has a smile on her face. She's a chipper person.
Bella is caring. She's kind, she's sensitive. She's always there for her friends and always willing to lend a helping hand.
Being the only smart person in her family, and the only one to complete college, has made Bella into a bit of a know-it-all. She can get quite snooty as she corrects someone or such. Don't get her wrong though, she's a complete and utter nerd. She loves books, especially Harry Potter.
Despite growing up in a testosterone filled environment, Bella is quite ladylike. She'll act and do things very daintily. She wont ever get dirty willingly. And she has perfect manners.
As the only daughter in her family, Bella got used to getting what she wanted when she wanted. So...she's a bit bossy. And selfish and manipulative.
Bella...lets a chatterbox. She loves talking. She loves hearing herself talk. She even made a job out of talking. She can be annoying and loud and talk to much. But usually if someone mentions it, she'll apologize and try not to chatter as much.
Despite putting traits, Isabella is just a sweetheart!

COWBOY BOOTS, Country Music, Farms, Peaches, Jeans, Books, Talking, Being in charge, Shifters, Humans.

Being teased about her height, Getting dirty, Not getting what she wants, Dubstep/House, Dumb people, Demons, Phantoms, Vampires.
The sight of blood makes her sick. Bella does not like getting dirty. At all. She'll avoid it at all costs. Often over exaggerates her accent.

Bella was born on a large ranch in the heart of Georgia. She was born into a family of all males besides her mother. Three older, rough brothers and one strict, gruff, yet loving father. Her childhood was normal. She had no idea she had a power. She grew up as a tomboy, enjoying baggy jeans over flowy dresses. She wanted to play tackle football rather than pretend to be a princess. She was always covered in bruises and dirt, there were always holes in the knees of her jeans.

But her father was never happy to learn about what his only daughter was doing. Bella and him would get into shouting matches not even her three brothers could break up. Soon the shouting got louder, and louder, more intense, till one day her father hit Bella.

Bella ran away that night, even though her brothers tried to stop her. Of course, her fathers called the cops and she was chased out of her chosen hiding place, a friend's house. She ran wildly into town, but she was even more easily spotted there. As the cops chased her down, trying to bring her home, she ducked into a small space behind a dumpster and pleaded, hoped for a way to stay hidden.

To her amazement, warmth crept through her. Her face ached, along with her entire body. When she warmth passed, she touched her face and had to hold back a shriek. When Bella looked at herself in her hand held mirror, she was...old! At least...she looked like she was 40 years old. She looked similar to her normal self, of course, but she had white streaks in her blonde hair. She couldn't be recognized like this.

She stepped out of her hiding place and passed police with no issue. Bella bought a train ticket and wasn't even asked for her ID. Once on the train, she snuck into the bathroom and peered at herself. After half an hour of trying to recreate her transformation, Bella became...Bella again. She looked like she was a teenager again!

With practice as she hopped from train to train from train to bus, she managed to control her power. But she could only go from her forties to her teenage appearance.
She wound up in New Orleans and found she wasn't alone. Soon she was taken in by these exorcists and taught how to use her power.

With help from the Exorcists, Bella made a new life in New Orleans. She got an education, got sober and gained a new role. Researcher. That fit her much better, considering her power wouldn't help at all in combat. Unless someone had honor and wouldn't hit a baby/old lady.

She became a radio personality and works for a country music station, narrating a late afternoon segment with her sweet voice. She got herself a loft apartment and soon settled in to her new life.

Caroline Davis
Kyle Andie
Connor Andie, Jordan Andie, Parker Andie
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