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Excalibur: Mojo Mayhem
(juvenile forms looks like ARed) 1989, Arthur Adams graphic novel.
The X-Babies are manufactured beings from another dimension, designed to do battle for Mojo. They were never adults... at least not yet.
ARed X-Babies do appear in Uncanny X-Men Annual #9.
- front cover - expanded cover art, inking stages 2
- group pose
- art stages
- TF aftermath
(Weary Traveler - Hobbs)

(male teen muscle development FF) 2 teen bodybuilders:
- flexforall - TeenHercule - (O')

2009 Cartoon Network commercials. Your childhood is back.
- (dream sequence ARed) Adults shrunk down while watching cartoons they remember from their younger days - reverted
- (male canine dream AR) - toons (AR Group)

short films
back to childhood
(male AR) c2009 - video link - screencaps (AR Group)

Zeit Der Wunder
(male FF AP) male growth

Amazing Spies, The
(male AP AA, RN) 2 boys became men thanks to a device.
- Start of the process - slow male puberty
- The Spiez confront the villain in his bedroom, but he runs off. An older man appears and asks what they are doing out so late - male AP
- Magical costume still fits at adult size - male APed - male RN scene.

Creamy Mami
(AP series)
One of the best AP TF scenes in the history of Japan. Also 2 images of Mami still wearing her child-sized night gown:
- AP - Another view of Mami's first transformation.
- AP paper dolls.
- ages - ages - ages - ages
- ages - ages - ages
- TFs - 35
- dolls - gif - manga 7 TF aftermath scans - hentai
- TF
- 1985, "Long Goodbye" was set several years after the original series. Mami had grown to adult size through normal means, but still has the same hairstyle as her child form.
She begins to transform into her idol form involuntarily - FF
- age forms

(Japanese anime/manga TF boards) Turn White
- AR Board - AP Board - index

Magical Girls
(AP characters) Creamy Mami, Yousei Pelsia, and Magical Emi appeared together in OVA.
- age forms - dance hall scene.
- AR, AP - age changes in secluded lake seen through telephoto lens.
- AP, RN - kimono comparisons.
- cover - art age forms. Also Minky Momo is seen.

(kinda like ARed AA) 2009 Syfy, 2 night event - info link.
There were 2 scenes in the 1st episode. While in Wonderland, adult Alice is dreaming that she is about 10 years old in her old house. In the 2nd scene, her mind is being controlled by Dee and Dum, and they put her back in the house while 10 again. They don't show her getting younger, but it's still nicely done. It's hard to tell if she actually did get younger. It really looks like she is dressed like a 10 year old.
(wynter, Tazz)

(some age TFs) - mental ARed - OA'd - ARed
(FFed AA) Lindsay
(male puberty diagrams) male

(AA APed) Anime/manga heroine.
The cosplay girls wore adult size clothes, instead of Melmo's stretched-out children's clothing, as that would have been just too provocative - cosplayers

(ARed) Character on Deviant Art. Myrcury mentions the ability to appear any age she wants. When she spots a kitty while on a romantic stroll through the park with Luke, her "inner-child" takes off after the cat, leaving Luke perplexed:
- AR scene - info about character: oc

Transformers G1
(ARed) S3 "Forever is a Long Time Coming"
The Quintessons use a time travel device to prevent the Transformers from taking over Cybertron. Earth Defense Force member Marrissa Faireborn was zapped into an infant. Since this was an American late 80's cartoon, there was no process. (ZemusTheMetroid, ArArchive)

(male voice AR, kinda like mental ARed) 2009 commercial.
A bunch of business people go out for lunch, but they have kids' voices. They argue and a bully shows up...
Some guys are sitting around a table, presumably in an office break room, eating their lunches. 2 men are begging this guy for his Subway sandwich with annoying kid voices. It plays up the whole, "I'll trade you your sandwich for my pudding" thing that kids do in school sometimes. Then a big tall guy comes up to be the "bully"...
(shrinkingman13, shrinking board)

Madame Xanadu
(adult growth UC) #16 "Broken House of Cards: Chapter One: Ladies' Harm Journal", Vertigo imprint, DC Comics. Wagner, Hadley, Friend, Major.
Betty Reynold's perfect life as a housewife in 1957 begins to change in a decidedly unsettling, physical way. Her daughter, friends, and husband remain oblivious as Betty grows 5 inches taller, her clothes no longer fit, and she develops dark shiny roots in her hair.

Kintalen Changeling, The
(male AP TF) James MacDougall, "Folk Tales and Fairy Lore in Gaelic and English", 1910.
A woman in Kintalen had a male-child with neither the growth nor the bloom of other children his age. From morning to evening he would not cease one minute from crying, and he would eat far more food than was natural for the like of him. The tailor told the mistress of the house that her child was nothing but a changeling. He then told her to throw him out into the Loch. As soon as the nasty little elf touched the water, he became a big grey-haired old man, and swam to the other side of the bay. She returned home, and found her own child at the door before her, hale and sound.

Member of the Wedding
(coming of age, AA) Carson McCullers. 1946 novel, adapted into play 4 years later.
Mostly dialogue with little action, the play portrays the development of 12-year-old Frankie Addams from childhood into teenage adolescence. At first she wants to run away to join her older sister's honeymoon. By the close of the play, Frankie has sufficiently outgrown her need for a mother figure. The sheet formerly hung in the arbor is gone, indicating her changing interests and abandonment of childish games. Frankie now views Barney MacKean as a "Greek god." She has also been accepted by the older girl crowd, and no longer feels so isolated.

(AR scans) comics and comic book section - nav
(age TF) old works art

Naruto Shippuden 2: Bonds
(male adult rejuvenation, male muscle burstout) 2008 anime movie.
Male video link - male screencaps

Mahou Shounen Majorian
(male TG AA TF AP scenes, RN) "Magic boy Majorian 1" manga.
Grade-schooler boys receive the power of magic, and transform into adult women. Iori is a timid, feminine boy. Masaru is an aggressive boy who leads the other boys in bullying Iori. Then they encounter a pair of strange extraterrestrial bunnies. After the boys clothes are stripped away they turn into magical girls to fight invading aliens in their hometown.
- TG first TF scene - (Akira)

Primary: Magical Trouble Scramble
(AR) caps

Red Dwarf
- (AR, RN) caps

Fat Spy, The
(ARed) 1966. The youth flowers turn the villains clothes into child-sized diaper pants but their voices are unchanged - caps

(AB caps) Adult baby photocaptions gallery (high)
(FF face close-up) sand animation
(OA'd) 4 pages OA scene - magic pond

Fancy Lala
(the best AP series, RN) Anime.
9 y.o. girl supported by ear-winged dinosaurs receives devices that can bring time forward, making her grow 6 years older in seconds, and that also provide larger clothes that she first changes into. No one must ever witness the transformations.
Anime screencaps:
- AR - Scanned animation cells from the "Land of Toys" episode.
- AP - The first age transformation alone in her room.
- AP - Miho enters enclosed Ferris Wheel cabin as a 9 year old, changes into larger clothes inside, and emerges as a 15 year old. The ride operator was confused. (deleted AgeMagic Group)
- AP - One of Miho's classmates found her transformation pad and suspects part of the truth.
- AP - After an exhausting day, Miho is called to transform into Lala for a performance. Afterwards she secretly reverts and changes back into her normal child sized clothing, but has to be carried home.
- AP - Miho changes ages in the playground.
- AP - 4 age transformations.
Character design sketches:
- ages
Before/After comparisons:
- ages - ages - ages - ages
- fan-art - cosplay - dolls
- In 1 episode the mystery man was seen trying to hand out transformation pens to other children.
The manga:
- covers - scans

short films
Perfect Pushup "Scrawny to Brawny!"
(male AA AP, male muscle) Video link - male screencaps

photo projects
Lillian Birnbaum
(coming of age, FFed) 2009 "Transition" exhibit. Photographer of female adolescence who followed a group of 7 friends between 2001 and 2007 during a traditional time when girls become intensely self aware and suddenly more mature. She respectfully pulls back to let the process unfold, capturing the fleeting moments of their "in-between" worlds.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki
- (OA'd dehydration illusion) anime caps

- (male AA APed) 2

music videos
(FF AA) 10-year old Noodle arrived at the band's doorstep in a shipping crate in 2001. After bursting out, she blasted a facemelting guitar solo, cementing her place in the band in spite of the fact that she doesn't speak English. Aging in real-time, she was 14 when Demon Days came out. Tertiary Sexual Characteristics: she was made more feminine in avoidance to assumptions that she was male. There's a big physical difference between a 10-year old and a 14-year old. By then she was noticeably taller with relatively thinner legs, and her hair was purple with Blinding Bangs. In "Plastic Beach" she is an adult, looks more Japanese, and has breasts. (TvTropes)

- (kinda like AA BE'd) Anime shoujos were obsessed with self inflation - 2 (sdofksdfs9)

(looks like UCed scene) Linus Lohoff photography. You could imagine it's the aftermath of a sudden teen to adult growth spurt even though this is not the case - UC pics
(FF AA) daughter reminiscence FF
(adult height) tall model height comparison

(adult rejuvenated, old age scene) s01 ep02, 11/19/09. UK, E4. OA occurs around 30 mins in.
Nathan's mum won't let him come back home, so he's kipping in the community centre, where he meets Ruth (Amy Beth Hayes), an attractive volunteer. However their midnight drugs-and-boozy-snogging session goes awry. Nathan and Ruth have sex on a sluggish stair-lift on their way upstairs to the bedroom, where Nathan learns the awful truth mid-coitus. Youthful, buxom Ruth is transformed into a climaxing, wrinkled 83-year-old woman! It turns out Ruth was affected by the thunderstorm that rolled across town, and it granted her desire to be young again. Nathan then pegs it out of Ruth's house in a dressing gown.
Nathan: "I shagged someone's gran?!" Ruth: "I haven't got any grandchildren."
Storyboard: http://www.e4.com/misfits/pictures/storyboard-ep2.html
Video link

Kidou Keiji Jiban
(male mind transfer AA) AKA "Mobile Detective Jiban". Japanese tokusatsu, Metal Hero Series by Toei, TV Asahi. 1989-1990, 52 eps.
Ep44: A Suitorunoid (suck up monster) swaps a boy's and a man's souls into each other's bodies.
- Male video link
- Male screencaps

Xmas no Kiseki
(male adult mind transfer AA) 2009 Japan.
A new drama started. The title is "Miracle at Christmas". The 35-year-old man who was the hero's lover gets into a car accident on his way to a Christmas concert. Nao & Hiroshi were set to get married. Hiroshi remains unconscious in the hospital, but his spirit is transported into a 20 year old patient named Ken, being hospitalized in the same hospital. Hiroshi's old body remains sleeping. The 20 year old man then goes to Nao's door but she doesn't believe. The mother and the lover keep silent about his true colors.
- Info links: chart - gallery

(male adult muscle FF) Brian R. Silk Jr. (17 to 44): development
(male adult muscle FF) Now he's helping his son get into bodybuilding too: development

(adult rejuvenation) screencaps

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha
(AA AP TF, AA AR RN) Manga magical forms (dsojourn)

Onegai my Melody
(ARed, RN AA scenes) Anime.
Reverted characters poof back to normal - before/after scenes.

Magical Police
(AA TF teen/adult age forms) Kamitou Masaki hentai manga. cover - sexual agent - (Process)

Yves Lecoq
(kinda like male ARed, OA'd) Photo-manipulations artwork.
- Kinda looks like male AR - kinda like age mirror

Ecstasy Bomber
(AP CB) Matsutoh Tomoki porno manga.
Sexually transmitted virus turns victims into beautiful girls. 3 shoujos are exposed to bodily fluids on the playground and become stuck in a climbing frame after growing to adulthood - AP CB scene (godleydemon)

(maturity magic) Teen girl came of age at unnatural speed - vid cap

(TF AA AP) Anime costume metamorphosis.

Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo
(AA AP TF) Anime.
Grade school shoujo asks to be excused from class and transforms into adult heroine behind curtain, confusing male classmate - age secret.

Sam Jinks
(adult ages) face sculptures evoke different age stages - masks

(AP Cbed) Cartoon style anime. Immature cave shoujo is brought to a higher state of being to help her tribe - TF

Il était une fois... la vie
(male AP) France, 1987, Procidis, 26 eps. Male intro

Cosplay Complex
(AA AP BE) TF scene.

short films
Puberty Magma
(male development AA) 2009. A young man wants to become more developed muscularly.
- Video link - male muscle screencaps

Archie's Weird Mysteries
(GTS CBed) Veronica's growth

Sims 2
(AA TF AP) Infant to child - AA

Nestle Crunch
(male adult face) 2009 commercial, Mexico. A young man's face is molded to maturity - male adult head stamping.

music videos
Phibes, The
(male CB TF) Young man transforms into wolf monster - male screencaps (Akira)

(aftermath) BE discovery.

Family Guy
(CB BE) "I Dream of Jesus" 10/5/08.
Jesus causes Lois' breasts to expand suddenly at the dinner table - button pop scene.

(adult TF UC) Anime female muscle strain

Onegai My Melody ~Kuru Kuru Shuffle!~
(AR) Anime ep 34.
- Kakeru wants to correct bad things he did to Uta Yumeno when they were little. The girl gets ARed off screen. Yume got turned into Kodomo and they talk about past things. Kakeru's heart is unrequited but all is resolved by the j'etaime arrow.
- ch24 or 30 may have older sister AR.
AR at about 13:30. - video link
(rsplayer, Bart)

Buso Renkin
(AR banned) Nobuhiro Watsuki manga 2003-. Anime 2006-. According to Watsuki, Chitose Tateyama was supposed to have a dagger-like Buso Renkin which gave her the ability to change her age, but he had to give her a different one.

Negima! Magister Negi Magi
(AR AA TF) Anime.
- Vampire levitation AR TF scene - (AR Group)

Twilight Saga: New Moon, The
(male adult TF CB glimpses) 2009. A group of men can transform into wolves at will, or whenever they are angered. The growth occurs so rapidly their clothes explode into shreds - Also: Dakota Fanning (no TF).
- Male video link - male video link
- Screencaps - male TF CB - male TF CB - male TF CB

(male adult muscle) Armin Scholz physical development over at least 10 years - male FF (O')

Girls Gone Child
(dedicated AR/AP comic) 2009, $10. Updated version of the original Lauren and Betsy tale by PalComix, which was taken off the market due to some concern over content. Several scenes were removed (including anything that could remotely be construed as sexual) and replaced with a new ending by the same artist. The new version combines Part 01 and Part 02 into a single 35-page comic. There is a short AP sequence on 2 pages, plus some minor growth later on. All proceeds will be used to make new comics.
- Info link - (Dreamtales)

- (AR AA) Blink TF (Time)

Juukou B-Fighter
- (male AR) screencaps (Akira)

short films
Banned iPhone app 20 - fountain of youth
- Video link - screencaps (jeff2beyoung)

(adult rejuvenation) AKA "The Bank", Soyuzmultfilm, USSR 1967.
Comic household sketches take place at a lonely bench in the city park.
- screencaps - (Youtube AR Group)

bonheur de la vie, Le
(male AP UC, coming of age) Documentary animation.
Folimage-Valence CFES FR, 1992. AKA "La alegría de la vida".
- male AP UC scene - 2

Ayashi No Ceres
(APed, final AR scene) Anime. Yuuhi carries Kuruma Chidori out of the secret laboratory on his back. She reverts to childhood as her time draws to a close without revealing her true feelings.
- screencaps

Changes from Adult to Baby: 3DCG Morphing
(face close-up AR) Masahiro Ushiyama.
- Video link - screencaps reversion

Super Hero Squad Show
(male AR) - screencaps

To the Ends of Time
(AP, possible UC?) Rapidly grown-up princess sees evidence many years have passed while wandering through palace in blurry scene.
2 frames were enhanced (unsharp masking, quality filters, color correction, retinex, sharpening) for any evidence of clothes tightening, but no results were obtained. No usable images could be extracted from reflective surfaces behind princess.
- From movie trailer - screencaps

photo projects
watch me grow
(blurry FF AP glimpse) Boys and girl were photographed in the same pose every month while growing up for timelapse video.
- screencaps - poses - girl

music videos
Thomas Ian Nicholas
(age forms AA) "Without warning"
- screencaps - age girl (O')

What if: Secret Invasion
(adult rejuvenation) Marvel, 12/2009.
5 part mini series about alien shapeshifters who invade earth by replacing heroes with skrulls.
What if the skrulls had won? The youth immersion could be a religious hoax to give the impression of eternal youth to gullible humans. (Tazz, ArArchive)

(pregnancy) timelapse
(tall teen) Britain's tallest schoolgirl - size

Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau
(AA AP morphs) "When I'm Big" 2009 commercials.
- female - male

(FF AA) Masahiro Ushiyama. In the future, a robot is found containing digital video memories of girl growing up through the years.
- Video link - screencaps

Big Meg Little Meg
(mother/daughter body swaps) Opening credits - screencaps

short films
Angry kid morphs
(male AP UC) screencaps - male rage growth

puberty of Bethany Pritchard, The
(coming of age, FF UCed) screencaps

Growing Up Skipper
(doll AP) BE

(age pills) Swan AR, Melmo AP - caps (AR Group)

Milk It Does A Body Good
(girl growth spurt) Height comparison AP scene.

Honey we're Killing the Kids
- (face close-up AA FF morphs) This showed how 2 daughters would grow if they changed all their habits - girls


(BE CBed) Japanese commercial button pop - TF

(male FF AA) Commercial - dog year

(kinda like adult rejuvenations) 2009.
11 y.o. girl longs for more attention, so she enters a parallel world in which her parents want to turn her into a ghost child. The movie is filled with sinister and enchanting transformations, as when the 2 portly, retired British music-hall performers burst out of their shells of voluminous bosom and elephantine waist and fly through the air as slender, graceful young maidens.

- 18

Underworld: Evolution
(flashback AA) 2006. Lily Mo Sheen played Young Selene, the child version of her mother Kate Beckinsale. The night of her family's murder, she was made into a vampire by Viktor. Selene grew weaker and weaker, and finally slipped into darkness, awakening as a vampire. Instead of remaining a child, she grew up at a normal rate of speed. Centuries passed, and Selene rose through the ranks of the Death-Dealers.

(lineup TFs) Youtube screencaps art

11 year old Darling, The
(male AR) AKA "My darling is 11 years old". 9/15/2009, NHK, Tensai TV-kun MAX, 35 min.
The drama has started. Maki and Seigo are a newlywed couple. Seigo was rejuvenated from 22 to 11 years old because he felt a magic lamp. Maki is a teacher at the elementary school. Seigo will go to her school. The two do not speak of the secret to anyone. However, the primary school pupils begin to doubt the relationship between them.
- Info link - (Akira)

Black Lilith
(AA AP TFs) Anime/manga henshin series - info link

Christmas Carol, A
(AA FF, shrinking) 2009, AKA "Disney's A Christmas Carol" with Jim Carrey.
Scrooge sees the children Ignorance (male) and Want (female) rapidly appear to progress into adulthood. The Ghost of Christmas continues the scene to old age and death. The sequence is very quick, but the spirit takes a while to change.

Tayutama: Kiss on my Deity
(AP) Based on the novel "Lump of Sugar". High schooler Yuuri Mito releases a Tayutai named Kikurami who takes on the form of a young wolf shoujo. Her human form starts out as a loli, but she ages herself into a teen of Yuuri's age overnight.

Johnny Test
(AR) 11/9/2009, "Johnny's New Baby Sisters".
Susan & Mary Test accidentally age regress themselves into baby twins thanks to an experiment gone haywire. Johnny, Dooky & Bling Bling must cure Susan & Mary, keep them safe from the irresponsible baby sitter, hide their predicament from their parents, and have adventures in the mean time.
There is no process. Basically, they go in a pod, and poof, they are babies in a cloud of smoke, identified by moon and star hair clips.
- "Papa Johnny" is a "Freaky Friday" homage, in which Johnny, his Dad and then Susan and her Mother swap brains. (akhter13)

Macross Frontier
(male AR) Rewritten version of "Dancing Skull" doujin. Klan and Michael end up having sex, first with Michael in Zentron form and later with Klan in Micron form.
- male humiliation scene - (Crash Ichimonji)

(age forms AA) Before/after TF forms

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
(male canine AR) CGI. Goofy is turned into a baby. The machine resembles a scene from a certain Bojay pic.
- Video link - (johndee)

White House demon cat
(feline AP) The animal can sometimes be seen prowling in the building’s basement. Years go by without a sighting, but when it does appear, national disaster is said to be imminent. Some witnesses claim the demon cat first appears as a helpless-looking kitten, which grows in size and menace the closer one gets to it.

(growth CB) Teen girl has medical condition causing her to rapidly grow to giant size when sexually stimulated in any way. This complicates her attempts to have relationships. When further stimulated, she grows even more, severely damaging her surroundings. After orgasm she immediately shrinks back to normal.
- part01 - part02 - (Process)

Replica series
(AP) A number of teen girls have been genetically engineered with extreme strength, perception, and reflexes as part of a world domination plot. To reduce the wait, some clones have a rapid-grow-up feature automatically triggered at the onset of puberty - covers

(adult rejuvenation) Xbox 360 - Magic power TF scene
(Process Forum)

Human Instinct
(AP puberty growth morphing)
"Deepest Desires" screencaps - 4 young girls demonstrate the puberty process by lining up and simultaneously growing older.
- Girl to woman body growth scenes.
- line-up progression height growth.
- before and after comparisons.

(AR aftermaths)
This content was collected over a period of many months at various Japanese boards, and then reposted at the Process Forum and the Ar Archive Board.
- 01 - 02
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
(ARed) 2006 anime - scene (Shrinkmaster22)
- 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 -
- 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 -

(puberty AP growth) CGI animations.
- abdomen - detailed line-up - full body line-up

(adult rejuvenation) anime TF scene (jadetrutru)

Caminhos do Coração
(male APed UC) Hospital discovery scene - suddenly grown boy

(pregancy progression) belly

Yousei Pelsia
(AA AP, RN) Anime secret identity age alterations - TF - TF

(AP AA) Anime short - trick

AP scene
(BE AP CB) - sudden growth spurt

busting out
(BE scene) - 12

Pauline P series
(coming of age) Sanja Polak book series, Croatia - cover

Sonic X
(AA TF AP scene) anime TF

(male adult FF) Daily funnies - 10 years later - 2

Jump Start
(FF AA dream sequence) Sunday funnies - 10

age mirror
(FFed AA dream sequence) - mirror

fan characters
PowerPuff Girls
(AA AP) Interactive Flash screencap - toon (Process)

According to Jim
(teen girls BE'd) - daughters (Process)

photo projects
Korean Stars
(FF AA, mostly face close-ups) Short films - years

photo projects
watch my teeth grow
(FF AA mostly face close-ups) Teeth growth over about 2 years.
- line-up - before/after

Cancer Research UK
(adult OA morphed) PSA awareness - aged

Embarrassing Teenage Bodies
(adult OA morphed) - aged

short story
Antioch Review, The
(adult rejuvenation) John Donald Kingsley? 1959, v.19, p99.
"...arthritis had started in her damaged bones.
"I want my looks back," she said to the mirror. The mutilated nerves and muscles of her face made a bitter uneven smile. No, she had never been good-looking. An ugly duckling, a poor little rich...
...her mouth, and looked at her beautiful even teeth. She had grown taller and straighter, her waist smaller, her bosom high and full. She raised her fingers to the clear bright skin of her face and throat.
"That can't be me," she said with a gasp...
"My clothes don't fit."
"And I will get you new clothes, and everything else you want."
In the mirror she saw him walk close behind her and pull off his gloves. She looked down in horror at the hands which wrapped..."

(virtual AA AP, virtual AA AR) Seven Days episode "Parker.com", S02, Ep03 - Full video - clicking repeatedly can sometimes bypass sign-up screen - (blarg142)

short films
fast growing boy
(male AP UC) Serum causes rapid muscle development - male AP scene

(AR stories) Nomdreserv's stories can now be found at forever changing.org (arfan5890)
(FF AA) Celebs then and now

Virtual Mom
(AP, ARed, cut-aways only)
A mother turns young after using a computer program, and befriends her daughter. Reportedly, there is a scene where the program malfunctions, the young girl returns partially to normal, and she rapidly develops breasts. The scene happens in the second part, when they are at the Luna Park. When the young boy kisses her, it was claimed that she visibly grows for a moment, and the red dress strains under the pressure. After the kissing scene when her daughter walked away, she barges into the three other girls, and it can be seen that she has more breasts than before. The Tudou video link may be an edited version suited for international release.
- Part 01:
18:40: Initial AR scene, she doesn't notice the change.
21:25: AR scene, this time with a reaction.
24:15: AR with limited exploration, just jumping on the bed, and a few scenes of trying on a dress, and then off to school. Later, there are a few bonding moments, etc.
- Part 02:
19:10: AR with haircut (she cut her hair before inserting the CD).
21:15: AR & AP back and forth (caused by a mouse jumping on the keyboard and the CD tray).
21:45: Adult voice on a teen body (the mouse did it again).
23:45: A bigger body.
24:25: Uh oh, stuck as a teenager. Fading dress color.
- Video links - the entire movie, about 30 minutes each:
- http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/Sxa8nqycuMs - Part 01
- http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/WXEW-Mfatxo - Part 02
- before/during the AP scene - figure profile, 1 second face close-up.
- frame by frame - breast development aftermath.
(SabreX, uhanche, theperv584)

(AR AA) Side by side comparisons - before/after the change.
- AR - AR - AR
(Process Forum)

Lois Lane
(AR) Make your own AR story!
Collage made of various original low-quality scans that were found online.
Edited, rearranged, colorized, and enhanced blank template suitable for captioning.
(WT - Hobbs)

Adventure Comics
- (AR) "The Menace Of Dream Girl!" #317, 02/64.
Dream Girl Nura Nal Naltor shows up to save the Legion of Super-Heroes from a spaceship explosion she has seen in one of her futuristic visions.
- cover - the AR scene
(WT - Hobbs)

Adventure Comics
- (ARed) "The Menace of the Sinister Super-Babies!" #338, 11/1965. - "The Time-Trapper's Invincible Infant-ry".
The Time Trapper has the Legionnaires turned into children and tricks the group of super-babies into carrying out several crimes. But the child Legionnaires cause such havoc, that when Brainiac 5 and Superboy cross the Time Trapper's barrier, he agrees to reverse the process if they will go away and leave him alone.
- The RN scene.
(WT - Hobbs)

Adventure Comics
(AR) "The Five Legion Orphans!" #356, 05/1967.
The Legion orphans (Superboy, Mon-El, Brainiac 5, Element Lad, and Dream Girl) are reverted while investigating a stolen power crystal. Authorities take the Legion children to the Interstellar Orphanage, where various couples adopt them. Brainiac 5 eventually develops pills and gives them to the Legionnaires, who quickly revert to normal. Their "parents" explain that they came upon the scheme of causing the Legion orphans to become children and adopting them as their own, knowing they would be immune to the planet's fallout.
- cover
- The AR scene - kids
(WT - Hobbs)

(male adult rejuvenations to early teenhood, adult to teen rejuvenations)
"Think young and die!" 11/76 - 12/76, Issues #465, #466.
Clark Kent can't explain why he's turned back into a teenager.
- (male AR) - cover - cover
Batman and The Flash were rejuvenated first:
- preview intro page.
- male discovery scene.
- office party male embarrassment.
- group AR scene.
(Weary Traveler - Hobbs)

(male growth spurt CB, muscle development dream sequence) Clothes shopping for growing boys can be costly.
Least I Could Do web comic - "Beginnings" - Hulk Out (O')

Captain Carrot and his Amazing Zoo Crew
(male furry adult OA'd, multiple furry ARs) #8.
- cover
- AR panels
(WT - Hobbs)

9 Chickweed Lane
(adult FFed to OA) "Time well spent" daily funnies - years

Wonder Woman
(flashback scene AA) Sub-aquatic encounter - 1
(WT - Hobbs)

short films
Dream, A
(APed dream sequence glimpse) Little girl wakes up in her room and finds she's grown into an adult. Her adult form can barely be glimpsed as a reflection at the edge of the doorknob.
- Wakeup scene

Penny Arcade
(male FF AA) 04/06/2009 - Male training years (O')

Ah! Megami Sama
(APed, RNed scene) Skuld was turned into an adult, and seeks out her mature destiny.
- APed/RN screencaps.

(AR glimpse) Fountain of Youth - 1

photo projects
Rineke Dijkstra
(FF AA progression) "Almerisa" - years

music videos
(AA AP morph) "Blindfold"
- Age walk

Sabrina the Teenage Witch
(ARed AA aftermath) Aunt Zelda has turned herself into a little girl before the start of the new season to save Sabrina - after
(ArArchive, AR Group)

short films
Hulk Junior Transformation
(male CB hulk AP) When boys are angered sudden growth spurts may occur.
- Clip01 - Clip02

photo projects
(FF face close-ups) - B&W timelapse video. years

Rei no Mono Fuuka Taisen
(AA poof AR) Reverting move - TF

(male ARed AA) shrunk (TBTC)

Neverending Story
(FFed AA) actress

For Better or For Worse
(coming of age) April - 9

Sex Files, The
(toon puberty FF AP) - growth spurt scene.

Puyo Puyo 7
(AA age forms) Rivals can power up and down through the ages - TFs

All About Children
(FF AA) years

Sims 2
(AA AP) Teen to woman TF

(shapeshifting abilities) Scott Westerfeld.
- Gifted with the ability to change her physical form at will, a young woman moves anonymously through a futuristic New York City society. She thinks she's unique until she happens upon another of her kind, one who is all-too willing to use his abilities for his own sinister ends. Now she must stop this renegade shapeshifter out to seize control of the entire post-industrial world!
Only a few tiny fragments could be extracted:
"She readjusted the velcro on her pants, which had grown too tight.
She looked down at the Mylar dress, afraid to speak. She had made no changes to her voice.
...perhaps it was easier to fit a body to clothing than vice versa, or perhaps it was that any suit would look good on this thin model's body...
Sometimes, someone would come home with her (or him) and would be amazed at the closet. It was the..."

(adult weight gain) Comic series about 2 women playing a dice game that causes them to gain weight. Access restricted, must join Yahoo group to view. (Myspecialfx)

short story
Weekly World News
(accelerated growth) Bog man's daughter ages much faster than normal children - report

(adult rejuvenation) A voodoo crone's true form emerges.
- Scene01 - Scene02 (from deleted TBTC comics scans)

(old age) Musical perfomance goes wrong.
- aging - aged (TBTC comics scans recovered from archive)

photo projects
Diego Goldberg
(face close-ups, male FF AA, adult aging) family photography - line-up years

(adult OA'd, male adult rejuvenation, RN) Adults lose their memories as they revisit their younger selves.
- cover - adult OA'd female aftermaths - male adult rejuvenation - male rejuvenation, RN (TBTC comics scans)

(male adult OA) 3 men are suddenly made old beyond their years.
- cover - male OA (recovered TBTC comics scans)

(AA AR) The teachers are made young again, but their behavior doesn't change.
- p01 - p02 - p03 (ArArchive scans)

(male AA FF APed) c2008 commercial. A father is surprised his son turned into a man while he glanced away for a few moments. He realizes he needs high-yield investments to pay the bills.
- male

Flossie Teacake
(AA AP) Book illustrations - art

photo projects
Watch My Teeth Grow
(teeth FF) months

PowerPuff Girls
(AA APed) Erotic fan art

(AA flashback/flash forward) 3 age forms were brought together - ages

Unfortunately Japanese AR/AP content is text-only.
(AP/AR boards) board - board

photo projects
Fee Schlapper
(AA FF) male

(FF) years

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
RN: return to normal