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Cinderella Sanyu
- (wardrobe malfunction UC effect) c11/2015 Inspire women concert, Lugogo, Uganda.
Cindy Sanyu's pants didn't fit quite right. "She should admit that she has outgrown that pair of pants - does she think that clothes also grow?" one reveler was heard saying - caps

Mother's Supporter (short)
- (male FB AR AA cut, RN cuts) 2016 Flipbooks of parent-themed comics. Similar to "The Chestnut Tree" and "Father and Daughter". Through a magic closet, he falls all the way back to the beginning.
Animation link - caps
- (FF stages, male adult FF) 2016, "Dad is love" - girl animation link - (Akira)

Dum U Zlateho usvitu
- (male AP CB scene, boy to old man, male AR morph OC, old man to boy)
"Boys Only Law". A young girl helps him brew the grow-up potion and watches the result.
- 2009 Czech Tv film - Full movie link (male AP CB @57:00, RN AR @01:01:00) - screencaps - (SickBoy)

short films
"I Wish..." (age wishes)
- (male AP UC poof)"I wish I were big", Rod Southerland, 2015 - Video link - screencaps
- (male AP AA poof) "I wish I was big", ClevelandConers, 2015 - Video link - screencaps

Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum
Brazil, 90 eps - (data by SickBoy)
- (male AR AA cutaways, male RN AA cutaways) "Sua majestade, o bebe!" c1996.
Boy to baby, male RN AP, baby monster ARed. Dr. Victor, Zequinha and Mau drink youth potions. Victor turns back into a boy, while boy Zeca and monster Mau return to babies. Victor develops a formula to return all to normal - Ep45 link @8:00 - screencaps
- (FB/FF cuts to baby, little boy, boy, man, old) "Gravidez" c1997 - Ep76 link @14:00 - screencaps

O statecnem kovari
- (OA'd adult, rejuvenation turnaway) 1984, Czechoslovakia.
Fantasy movie link @01:01:00 - screencaps - (SickBoy)

- (adult AA TG, F to M age-up) - 2016 Maruchan Seimen ramen noodles CM link - (Akira)
- (male AP/RN boy to man to boy, AR woman to girl) - "Aao Wish Karein" - movie link - (SickBoy)
- (male) - young adult FF
- (OA, AA videos) - new channel pw is jackpotmans.

short films
Le Magicien
- (male ARed poof OC, male AA AP) 1898, Georges Melies.
Magician takes a running jump at a magic box, disappearing before he hits it. The box falls apart and a child dressed as a Pierrot figure jumps out. His clothes are overlong, apparently intended for a grown man. He jumps from the table and suddenly poofs into an adult man!

Panji Manusia Milenium
- (woman to OA) c2000, Indonesia.
Ep51 link @11:00 - screencaps - (SickBoy)

Gili Gili Gappa
- (male AR) India, 2/10/2011. Stern teacher is brought down. Episode link - screencaps
- (male AP, RN?) 2/11/2011 Episode link - link - link - (SickBoy)

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
- (TF AA, young adult to full adult) 2016, Ep11.
Normal shoujos/joseis will age/de-age into mahou shoujos in cheesy poofs - A slightly less ambiguous TF link
- More is expected in Ep12 - (The AP Ninja)

2nd TBS series, live-action with animated character - (SickBoy data)
- (male AR AA to baby) 1979, Ep33 link - screencaps
- (male baby AA'd into adult baby, time reversal RNed) 1979, Ep66 link - screencaps

Ring Wrong Ring
- (male AP/AR, boy to man to boy) India, 6/8/2011 - Episode 77 link - link - (SickBoy)

- (OA/RN, woman to old woman) 1998, Czech.
Tv movie link @35:00 @54:00 - (SickBoy)

Toko Keramat
- (OA woman to old woman) "Gaun Biduan Dangdut", Indonesia, c2013- - Tv movie link @01:04:00 - (SickBoy)

short films
- (male ARed, RN AA AP poof, man to baby to man) - ITV Studios, 2001, UK, 15 mins.
Boy finds magical bicycle bell from molten lamp - link - (SickBoy)

Prenses Perfinya
2008, Fox TV Turkey series.
- (mental AR/clothes) - Ep27 link
- (mental age-up/clothes) - Ep28 link

Space Sheriff Shaider
- (male AP, baby to boy) "Uchuu Keiji Shaider" Tokusatsu.
Ep32 "Our Melody" 11/2/1984 - (SickBoy)

- 10 to 13 - (Acca)

Gia dinh phep thuat
- (AA girl to old woman) - Ep22 link
- (AA girl to old woman to girl RN) - Ep99 link
- (AA girl to old woman) - Ep205 link
- (AA little girl to teenager) - Ep227 link
- (AR AA teenager to little girl) - Ep230 link - (SickBoy)

You Can't Do That On Television
- (AR woman to girl, man to boy) "Cosmetics" - Ep27 link
- (AR woman to little girl to baby doll) - Ep95 link - (SickBoy)

Bakuryu Sentai Abaranger
- (OA/rejuv woman to old woman to woman) - Ep06 link
- (AA girl to woman) - Ep37 link
- (AR woman to girl to baby) - Ep47 link - (SickBoy)

Maho Girls PreCure!
- (ARed AA aftermath) "Mahotsukai Purikyua!?" 13th Pretty Cure series, Izumi Todo, Asahi, Toei.
Ep44 "Mufflun's great struggle! Everyone has become a child!" "Mofurun Dai Funto! Minna Kodomo ni Nacchatta!?" 12/11/2016.
- Main mascot wakes to discover the heroines were somehow rejuvenated to pre-puberty status?
Preview video link - teen forms - ARed forms - (Akira)
- As the Cures find more Linkle Stones, pink-haired fairy Haa-chan/Kotoha Hanami/Cure Felice grows older and more intelligent, but never loses her whimsical curiosity of the world.

Note: Unfortunately I have been having some very bad financial problems... May be less time for making collages. Updates will continue, but there may be fewer "screencaps". That shouldn't matter too much if you can still watch the video content - (Timewatch)

2006-2008, Turkey, Sinem Kobal, Serkan Senalp, Gokhan Keser.
- (male AR/AP?RN? - man to baby) - Ep61 link - Ep62 link
- (male AR/RN - man to boy to man, AA cutaway APed, AR, RN - girl to teenager) Ep72.
  His voice remained manly as a boy. Girl wished to be flashed older. Episode link Fem. AA scene starts @21:00 - screencaps
(SickBoy links and data)

Misteri Bando Bertuah
- (adult age swap, old woman/young woman) 2015, Indonesia.
Full movie link @55:00 - screencaps - (SickBoy)

Legenda MD Series
- (adult age swap, old woman/young woman) MD Entertainment series, 2013, Indonesia.
When the rejuvenating witch stole her adult youth particles, the victim poofed into dust.
Episode link @20:20 - screencaps - (SickBoy)

Zulu Lulu swizzle sticks
- (adult profiles, FF sagging) c1960 novelty drink mixing sticks.
"Nifty at 15, Spiffy at 20, Sizzling at 25, Perky at 30, Declining at 35, Droopy at 40" - silhouettes

Kayip Prenses
2008, Turkey.
- (OA woman) - Ep02 link
- (OA/reduced woman) - Ep05 link
- (male TF ARed, man to frog to boy to man) - Ep21 link
(data by SickBoy)

Chiquititas (2013 telenovela)
Brazil, 2013-2015.
- (mental man, pseudo male "ARed") - Ep385, Ep386 link
- ("AR" girl to younger clones) - Ep502 link
(by SickBoy)

Guinevere Jones
- (pseudo OA, RN? probably adult female into oldgirl) Ep01 "Hard Rain" 2002 - (SickBoy)

Alice Bungisngis and her Wonder Walis
- (adults rejuved, old people into younger adults) Philippines, 2012 - Ep88 link - link - (SickBoy)

Incredible Story Studios
YTV Canada, based on script ideas submitted by kids.
- (mental AR) - "The Game", c2000 - S03Ep04 link
- (mind transfer) "Life swap" c2001, S04Ep01 link
(by SickBoy)

Aventuras en el Tiempo
- (OA man/woman) Mexican telenovela, 2001 - Ep38 link - (SickBoy)

Xi You Ji 2
Journey To The West (continuation)
- (OA/rejuv woman) c2000, CCTV - S02Ep11 link - (SickBoy)

Shaka Laka Boom Boom
- (RN ARed, man/woman back into kids) 2004. Like the age-up scene in Ep433, it is presumably AA - Ep439 link - (SickBoy)

Ultra Q
- (boy into oldboy) 1966 - Ep06 link - caps - (SickBoy)

Kyouryu Sentai Zyuranger
- (kids to oldkids to apples) 1992 - Ep13 link - (SickBoy)

Hell Teacher Nube
- (young adult maturity increase) Ep23, "Mystery of the 0 hours, 0 minutes, 0 seconds!? Seven Mysteries: the opposing mirrors", 9/14/1996.
Kyoko and Miki reflect themselves in opposing school mirrors at midnight, showing them older each time. How far can they go?
- The anime adaptation of Chapter 41 - screencaps - (Alexander)

Vodafone Italia
- (ARed AA, RN AA transition) Everyone in the phone store was turned back into children. They returned to normal when walking out the door.
Commercial link - screencaps - (Super Man)

Eneng dan Kaos Kaki Ajaib
- (male AR AA, male RN AA, morphs) Indonesia, "Boca-Boca Tua", 2007.
4 men were brought back with magic pills. Only water can reverse the process.
- male AR gif - RN gif - male AR gif - RN gif
- male AR gif - RN gif - male AR gif - RN gif
Full episode link - male AR screencaps - male RN screencaps - (SickBoy list)

Once Upton a Time
- (fairy adult to OA face) S6Ep9, "The Changelings", 11/27/2016.
We see Rumpelstiltskin age one of the adult fairies to elderly to show his plans.
- Video extract link - gif - screencaps - (Tazz, Johnmadixsmith)

Mr. Young
- (male young adults to OA, RN) "Mr. Time" - screencaps - screencaps

Robot Chicken
- (male puppet ARed cut) "Robot Chicken DC Comics Special III: Magical Friendship", 10/18/2015.
Batman stops Ra's al Ghul from leaving his Lazarus pit. He went from man to baby in the vat. Then baby Ra's al Ghul drowns or reverts back into nothing.
- Direct Ep. link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male CoA themes?) - "Evolution" (2016) Trailer - (Akira)
- (young adult) - face

text fragments
Superman: The Animated Series
- (TF) "Mxyzpixilated"
In one of the more comical episodes, Mister Mxyzptlk changes Lois Lane into a horse, Jimmy into a turtle and the remaining staff into other animals. After Superman tricked Mxyzptlk into skywriting his name twice and backwards, everything returns to normal - (Christopher)

Ilha das Bruxas
- (male ARed AA, cutaway into baby) Ep19, 1991.
Episode link - screencaps - (SickBoy)

- (adult FF) You can get a photo from your future self - Comic link

- freckles progression

Deka Kyoushi
- (male AR effects) AKA Deka Kyoshi, Deca Teacher, #3, by Tamio Baba, 2007.
Flex Comix, from Monthly Shonen Blood (suspended). Psycholo Files of a tense hostage situation.
- Small extract - Small extract - (Akira)

Purimasu: A Plot of Nightmare
- (police man AR, AA cut, RN) - Aka Plymouth, by Tsuo Okazaki, HXL Kodansha magazine, 2007.
http://www.mangaz.com/book/detail/130461 - http://www.mangaz.com/book/detail/130462
- (male TF, impersonation removal AR) - Plymouth 2:
- Small extract - Small extract - (Akira)

Social Security
- (adult couple flashback, rejuv fades) "Not just for retirement", c2000?
Commercial link - gif

Boku wa Succubus
- (demon AA TF, young adult to full adult) Kurimochi Chizuru, hentai.
Also has male AR, male TG - https://nhentai.net/g/174244/
- Partially censored extract - (Chriskim019, AdonioGTS)

fetish fiction
- (dedicated AR stories) - Author Site for promoting the regression stories by the creator of "Broderick" (Kindle story "Babysat") and "In the Sandbox" (college boy is regressed to toddlerhood and put in diapers by someone with a vested interest) - (Sarah Baum)

Serene Serendipity
- (life reboot game) c'16 CYOA/Role-Play chart. You were turned into a 10 y.o. kid by a goddess and then allowed to pick aspects of your new life; from your body, to where you live, to your new family - Game link - (Alessi)

The Way of Life
- (male age form perceptions) '14. A business man, an old man and a child find themselves on a road which changes upon their perception. The goal is to explore each point of view. The player will switch from one character to another to interact with the environment.

AP stories... or legends?
Testimonial, A
- (UC) "A Testimonial" - 2016 reports about an unexplained rapid age change anomaly followed by a wider reality shift.
- Update 01 - Update 02 - Update 03 - Update 04 - Update 05
- Update 06 - Update 07 - Update 08 - Update 09 - Update 10
- Update 11 - Update 12 - Update 13 - Update 14   NEW - (Elisabeth)

- (male form) - (Japan only) "Giant Robo" Ep21 Toei "The Terrifying Space Mummy" - (Akira)
- (young adult) - face

short films
male AA
- (cuts) '16 vid link - caps

Gilbert Chevrolet
- (dream forms, mental "ARed" cuts) 02/2016 "Inner Child".
Gilbert Okeechobee Has It. Let our team help bring out the kid in you.
Commercial link - screencaps - (Super man)

Gilbert Ford
- (male dream forms, mental "ARed" cuts) 02/2016 "Inner Child".
Commercial link - screencaps - (Super man)

Big X
- (male TF GT AP, some male CB) A similar size giant appears in "Ambassador Magma" (Maguma Taishi).
Manga art - (Akira)

Ssshhhh...Koi Hai
- (AR AA flashes, RN AA) Ep60, 2002, India, STAR One.
After passing through the mysterious golden door they were flashed younger. It's not so bad being short. He pushed the hero through with him to avenge his loss. Only one remains unaffected.
- Full episode link - Female AR screencaps - Mixed AR screencaps
- Male AR screencaps - Male AR screencaps - RN AA TF AP screencaps - (SickBoy)

short films
Inner Child, The
- (mental AA, age forms reconciliation) "The Inner Child", Bright Lux, Malina Sebastian, 2015.
Can you find your inner child again?
- Video link - screencaps - (Super man)

short films
Double Jump
- (male out of bounds, rebirth AR cut) 2016.
Warning: if you double jump in real life, you will respawn upon leaving the game area.
- Video link - screencaps - (Case Scenario, Nukazooka)

- (AA TF age forms) - "Muteking, The Dashing Warrior" anime episode - (Akira)
- (male face morph) - b&w years
- (male ARed, male APed) - "Dospelaci muzou vsechno" full movie - (SickBoy)

text fragments
Once Upon a Time
- (accelerated pregnancy) S6Ep1 2016.
Rumplestiltskin and Belle are married and expecting a baby. Because of a visit from future son Morpheus, she leaves him. He speeds up her pregnancy to the point she is about to give birth - (Tazz)

Big X
- (male TF giant/AP form) 1964, Osamu Tezuka anime.
Legendary comic artist/animator drew almost a million panels until he died. Most episodes of this series were lost.
- Ep01 link - screencaps - Ep11 link - gif - (Akira)

En Iyi Arkadasim
2004 series, Turkey.
- (AR woman to girl, AA flash) Ep04 link - screencaps
- (AR man/woman to boy/girl, AA flashes, OA man to old, RN) Ep08 link - gif - gif - screencaps
- (man/boy bodyswap) Ep22 link
(Sickboy data)

- (woman AA "ARed" to pseudo "baby", RN AA'd to pseudo "adult baby") Ep 10 "Minty Freshman" 2009.
Episode link - screencaps - (Sickboy)

Devilman Grimoire
- (demon TF AP) Devilman series, AKA "Devilman G", c2013.
Supposed to be a human vessel for demoness "Sirene", Tsubasa's conciousness was resisting. After Tsubasa was rescued, a minion kills an old scientist close to Tsubasa, weakens her conciousness, and injects Sirene's essence by force, allowing Sirene to finally take over.
- Extract - (Chriskim019)

Ben 10 (reboot)
- (AA ARed) Ben and Gwen ended up turning into toddler "babies" (I guess so they could still walk and talk, since fully babyfied people can't do either).
Video link - link - caps - (JayTee, Tazz)

Baal Veer
India, SAB TV, 2012-2016, 1111 eps.
- (mental AA, kids act older) Ep223 link
- (mental RN, oldkids to kids) Ep230 link
- (adult rejuv, elderly to woman) Ep712 link
- (male AA cuts, pseudo old man) Ep752 link
- (male RN cut, pseudo "rejuved") Ep755 link
Male AA, pseudo "age forms" 752-755 screencaps - (Sickboy)

breast swelling
- (nipple erecting process) This kind of thing is not usually filmed - gif - gif

Badi Door Se Aaye Hain
India, SAB TV, 2014-2016.
- (mental ARed) Ep162.
- (male AA TF APed, boy to man) Ep237 link
- (male AA OA to oldman, male ARed AA to baby, RN AA to man) Ep405, 406, 407 link - link - link
  Male AA ARed morph caps - (Sickboy)

photo projects
brace faces
- (before/after) orthodontics FF

- (OA, woman to old fade) 1979 India.
Full movie link @24:00 - screencaps - (Sickboy)

- 10 to 12 FF

short films
male AA
- (poof) "Growing up fast", 2016 sneeze link - screencaps

Castelo Ra Tim Bum
- (male ARed cut-away) caps - (Entropic)

Rincon de Luz
- (male AA, boy/man) 2003, Argentina, Canal 9 telenovela. Ep124 link - caps - (Sickboy)

short films
- (cut-away) c'16 caps

BE scenes
- (dedicated before/after) From 2ch.net forums, c2014 edits - (Process Forum)

male years
- (male face FF) celeb changes - (Acca)

- (face FF) female celeb changes - (Acca)

Black Cat OVA?
- (adult to aged) caps - (Turn White)

La Pandilla de los 7
- (male AP CB cutaway, male RN AR cutaway) Ep25, Venezuela, RCTV, 1991.
"Boys only law". His clothes were ripped after he drank the serum that turned him into a man. His sister finally forced him to drink the antidote. He returned to normal behind the bed when the police entered.
Episode link - screencaps - (Sickboy)
- (adults to old age) Ep45.
Episode link - (Sickboy)

Burger King
- (male adults flashback) 2008, Original Chicken Sandwich.
They say your adult life flashes before your eyes. Video link - screencaps - (Richard)

- (male AP muscle) Bioskop Indonesia FILM TV FTV Terbaru 2015 - Lampu Ajaib
The genie made him older and stronger to carry his load - Movie link @24:00 - screencaps - (Sickboy)

age disguise
- (instant "ARed" disguise) c'16 vid link - gif

Haatim Tai
- (adult OA'd, RN rejuved flash) AKA "HaatimTai - The Pious One", "Hatim Tai", 1990 Bollywood.
He breaks a curse by completing seven quests.
- Movie link @02:06:00 - screencaps - (Sickboy)

- (mental ARed effect) French, 2016.
Adults eat candy while speaking with kids' voices in the train - (Ricky)
- Tagada, 2016 CM link
- Starmix, 2016 CM link

- (male AA ARed flash) 2012, India, Tamil mythological soap, Ep145.
Episode link @19:30 - screencaps - (Sickboy)

Popeye the Sailor
- (adult AA TF disguise, adult age forms) "Popeye's Double Trouble" 1961 #410.
The Sea Hag turns into Popeye's girlfriend to steal back a lucky coin.
- Video link - screencaps - (Metamorphose)

Ala... Dina!
Spain, TVE series about a genie housemaid.
- (woman OA to old, back to woman) S02Ep18 "La Boda" 2001.
Episode link
- (baby girl AA'd into little girl, boy ARed to baby to boy, to babyman) S03Ep01 #50 "El sindrome de Dinita" 2002.
Episode link - screencaps - (Sickboy)

Ben 10 reboot
- (ARed AA) - more caps - (JeffR_2bya)

Maharakshak: Aryan
India, superhero series, 2015 - (Sickboy info)
- (male adult OA, man into old man) - Ep23 link
- (male adult rejuv, old man into man, adult OA, fairy into old woman) - Ep24 link

- (FF age 14 height) +2cm caps

- (adult appearance TF into old) S07Ep14 "The Mother-in-Law of the Year" 1/14/1971.
Grown daughter Samantha AA poofed into her mother - Ep link - alt. Ep link - (Metamorphose)

- (mostly AA TF AP) Higher resolution scenes from previously posted live-action content - Apple pen Channel
- (adult fake BE) - enlargement

text fragments
Love Live! Sunshine!!
- (age forms?) Ep12, 2016. Is loli Kousaka Honoka her younger form?

- (dream AR OC scenes) Ep4 "Wandering Kouhai" 10/29/2016.
A really cute AR scene as Schubert's music transforms a crowd of listeners into babies. Males and females were both regressed, but males sadly got the main focus (including a group of policemen), with only two females briefly glimpsed, but it's adorable nonetheless! At 17:10 the camera shows up, and it seems like it was just an illusion, only mental AR. The same people were merely acting like babies, though their faces were blurred on the news. I can only hope he'll play more of that music later on.
- Video link @16:46 - gif - gif - screencaps - (Suning, Azerty47)

Suske en Wiske
- (males AR AA poofed) "De 7 schaken", 1995.
When they were flashed back to Antwerp in 1925, Lambik and Jerom turned back into boys.
- (adult aboriginal stasis, 1 year AR) "De blinkende boemerang", 1977.
At the end everyone feels a tingling sensation and becomes a year younger, but even the 2 child characters weren't drawn very differently. In the final panels Aunt Sidonia is seen throwing her Crow's Feet medications out the window.
- (Louise)

Ben 10 reboot
- (AR hinted at) Ep30 "Growing Pains" 2016 preview trailer.
The 5th iteration of the Ben 10 franchise. Max puts Gwen and Ben in the superstore's daycare where they meet Nanny Nightmare. She will turn all people into babies to re-raise them "properly".
- Caps - (Steven)

- (male adult anthro arthros into OA, anthro bugs poof rejuved/ARed AA) Ep50 "Youth Juice" 6/12/2004.
They visit the nursing home. Roach brothers youth extraction into elderly. Elderly insects into young, then kids and then baby grubs. RNed offscreen.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Bibi Blocksberg
- (male AA, babies poofed to toddlers then boys) Ep03 "Bibi Blocksberg als Babysitter" 7/26/1999.
The mayor thinks they are Martians. He agrees to convert his spaceport into a playground.
Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid
- (AA TF scene, young adult to full adult) Ep03, 2016.
Rival character Rinne's first transformation sequence. She already had decent cleavage to begin with, making the process vague and hard to notice. The main heroine had little cleavage to begin with, and it remains barely noticeable afterward. It makes me wonder why they made their transformation concept AP-based. Vivio, Einhart, and Rio were unmistakably upgraded.
- Age forms - screencaps - (Chriskim019)

music videos
Livy Jeanne
- ("OA'd") "We are the Young", 2014. The 19 year old country singers get done up as 65 year old versions of themselves. Seems the group thinks "acting young" means "throwing things at strangers". Video link - caps - (MySpecialFX, Agingwomen)

Little Flying Bears, The
- (male furry adult OA'd, RN) "Fountain of Youth", 1990, Canadian/Croatian co-production.
Middle age bear aged to elderly when the fountain of youth dried up due to oil exploration.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (FB) c2016 caps

text fragments
This Is Us
- (adult FFed) Ep1, 2016.
Mandy Moore portrayed Rebecca as a 66 y.o. At the end of the episode we realize she and Jack are experiencing their storyline 30 years in the past, and they're the parents of the other 3 characters. Rebecca is still alive in the present day, and... she's got a lot of old-lady makeup on her face - caps - (Fan2000, Agingwomen)

- (CoA, AA AP) 2016 animated shorts.
"Boobs and More" link
"Top Signs Girls are in Puberty" link The secret journey to womanhood.
"Top Signs Boys are in Puberty" link
- Extract page

- Year or so older. May be difficult to see the changes - Eva - NewStar Alexandra

- (male fusion TF AA, slight male APed height effect) c2013? Bon Bon Bum, Mega Ying-Yang candy.
They are flung together, maturing sufficiently to be with the girl as one - video link - gif - caps - (Super Man)

Memorial Hermann
- (adult FF morph to old) 2001 CM block.
Video link @12:20 - gif - caps - (Super Man)

Sitio do Picapau Amarelo
- (AR AA flash, old woman/man to girl/boy)
Ep01 "Festa Do Faz De Conta", Brazil, 2012. They drink strange water near end? - Video link
- (ARed aftermath, AA RN flashes, girl/boy to old woman/man)
Ep02. A genie restores them - Video link - screencaps
- (unseen ARed AA, old woman to little girl)
Ep13/14 "A Dama dos Pes de Cabra". Cutaways only - Video link - screencaps
- (AR TFed, AA AP)
- (all by Sickboy)

- (male creatures AR AA poof, baby infiltration, RN AA poof) S01Ep11 "Baby-Sitter Ben".
Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Lab Rats: Elite Force
- (Disney AA curses) S01Ep15, #160, "They Grow Up So Fast", 10/15/2016.
A baby being babysat was accidentally AA'd into a somewhat talking teenager (or replaced by a teenager wearing larger overalls of the same style) when playing with an "aging device". They try to fix this but end up with her shrunken teenage head still on her baby body. "My neck hurts." At the end, they finally AA her back when mom arrives. No process since they used a light to cover her body, a very common method to hide an AA "replacement TF".
This is the third time an AA "aging device" was used. Twice in Mighty Med, and once in Lab Rats when Donald Davenport was OA'd.
- Video link - screencaps - (Mad0charles)

India, 2004-2009, Star Plus.
- (male AA baby to man, RN AA, glow morphs)
Ep011. Male baby being babysat was AA'd into a man wearing larger overalls of the same style - Episode link - AA gif - RN gif - screencaps
- (AR, old woman to little girl, AA to old woman)
Ep069 - Episode link
- (adult rejuvenation effect, RNed OA)
Ep085 - Episode link
Old lady transforms into teen granddaughter to do her chores at mean neighbors home. The teen didn't know and also went, causing confusions - (Metamorphose)
- (AR AA woman to little girl)
Ep096 - Episode link
- (AR AA woman to little girl, AA RN)
Ep133 - Episode link
- (AR AA woman to little girl, AA to old woman, RN to woman)
Ep179 - Episode link
- (by Sickboy)

Vir: The Robot Boy
- (male AR AA poof, TFs) Ep27 "Baby Gintu" c2013, Hindi.
Djinn into baby. Imli was showing her childhood photos to Vir. Gintu says he does not have any childhood photos.
- Episode link - screencaps - part02 episode link - (Tazz)

Sihirli Annem 1
- (AR AA TFed, woman to little girl) Ep41, c2003. Episode link
- (AA adults to old, reality change) Ep70. Episode link
Sihirli Annem 2
- (woman to OA, rejuv to woman) Ep30, c2011. Episode link
- (AR AA women to girls, AA to women) Ep102-103. There seem to be many magical AA flashes between situations.
Episodes link - link - caps
- (all by Sickboy)

- (dedicated TF/age change art) - Wyattx is open for commissions! - example - example - (Mechaghost2003)
- (adult FFed) - "Girl from Ipanema" song 17 to 71 - (Myspecialfx)
- (male AA TF APed) - classic Kiba Ranger episode extr. Japan only link - (Akira)
- (male accelerated maturation) - children - (F5)
- (adult TGed) - Maru-chan noodles chef commercial - (Akira)
- ("AR" edits) - Adults Photoshopped into Kids Cristian Girotto photo project - (Piper)

fetish films
Alyssa's Grown Up Orgasm
- (dedicated adult pseudo APed "aftermath") 09/2016, 11 mins.
Alyssa Reece is frustrated her parents treat her "like a baby". She sits on her bed talking about how she wishes she was older, that she could just be an adult. She starts to feel strange, and realizes she is "GROWING". Her T-shirt becomes "very tight" and starts to rip, she notices her breasts are "growing", they are becoming full and her nipples are sensitive and perky. Her hips "widen" and the skirt is being "ripped apart", she looks down to see ripped panties underneath and pubic hair. She feels something unfamiliar, it makes her gently caress herself. It feels better than anything she's ever experienced and she needs a release.
- $11.99 Purchase link

Sitio do Picapau Amarelo
- (AA TF, age?) 23 fantasy novels by Monteiro Lobato, 1920-1940, Brazil.

Kill 6 Billion Demons
- (adult rejuved/stasis, AR OC, RN AP glimpse) 2016 webcomic. Book 2: Wielder of Names - Ch04 to Ch05.
Fantasy curse. Grad student Allison was hauled off by demons and inflicted with a forehead gem in a fantasy world gone mad. Unspeakably old Throne ruler uses immortality fruit to give herself a youthful appearance and personality. Allison takes a bite and turns into a 12 y.o. again, regaining the hair color she had at that age. Her aides quickly adjust her dress to fit. A few pages later the effect wears off, but Allison doesn't get her hair dye back. Apparently her dress was adjusted again off-panel. The catch with immortality fruit is you have to keep eating it - and much much worse.
- Full webcomic link - AR/after extract - ARed/AP extract - (SKJAM)

Takuan and Batsu's Daily Demon Diary
- (AR, some teen/adult AP) - Takuan to Batsu no Nichijou Enmachou, Ch14, 2016.
Shounen jump manga. They enter a time house that keeps reverting and sometimes aging the group.
- Full manga link
p04-05 - female AP 13 to 28.
p07-08 - male AR/AP 13 to 0, 0 to 20, group AR to 0.
p09-09 - group AP/AR 0 to 3 and reverse.
p14-16 - shoujo gets aged 1247 years, but since she is immortal only minor growth.
p17-18 - old woman AR to baby.
- Male ARed extract - 13 to 28 extract - Group AR extract - Old to baby extract - (Suning)

Figaro Pho
- (male ARed effect) "J is for Jellophobia (Fear of Jelly)"
It is implied after the credits. Before, his head only fit halfway in. Then his nude body is fully inside the jelly, sucking his thumb in a fetal position. So my guess is ARed into unborn.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Betty Boop
- (male old/baby AA pseudo age swap, male baby head AP) "Betty Boop, M.D.".
Geezer/sprog switch without size change gif - Baby bonnet to Afro Samurai gif

Kizumonogatari II: Nekketsu-hen
- (demon ARed form, RN AP AA spurt) 2016, "Monogatari" series 2nd movie.
Loli vampire Oshino Shinobu AKA "Kiss-Shot" is actually adult but takes a younger appearance due to circumstances. She turned from a buxom princess into a child offscreen, by biting the protagonist and transferring power to him.
The movie features 2 AP events. She transforms offscreen from her child form to her preteen form, and another scene features her transforming from preteen to mature teen form. She grows up rapidly while sleeping. It shows AP process for the upper body and her lower body from the side point of view. Since this happens in a loose dress without underwear, we can see her breasts expand and fill the looseness of the dress, while her legs expand out of the bottom of the dress. It's done in a gag-like fashion with funny sound effects, but the process was excellently detailed.
- Caps - gif - (Chriskim019)

Kids Foot Locker
- (male adult/teen fan head swap) "Swap" feat. Kyrie Irving, 2016.
World Champion is used to young fans wanting to be like him. Just not permanently. They use an app to switch heads in real life. Unfortunately, the phone is then dropped.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

TG scenes: low-calorie chewing gums.
- (adult TG) 2016. Female student infiltrates male athletics.
commercial - (Akira)
- (adult TG) "Morph" c2014. Adult men/women morph into each other at lakeside.
commercial - (ChangerxD)

father/daughter trope
- (FF) Values.com - "Birthday Wish", 2016.
Scenes of a girl's birthdays. Each year she gets a new cake with a numbered candle on top. Finally, she comes home all grown up. Now she can pass on the parenting learned from her family.
- Video link - screencaps

Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid
- (AA TF AP forms, UC AP scene) "Vivid Strike" - 2016, Ep02.
New AA AP TFs for Vivio, Einhart, and Rio, demonstrating their transformation ability to the main heroine. As supporting characters, their new transformations have fewer details and skip process.
The new heroine also seems to age a bit when transforming. Her actual sequence wasn't revealed, but as she attempted it for the first time, she turned out to have grown to the point where her training suit's zipper pops off. She doesn't gain much cleavage, unlike Vivio and Einhart, making the change hardly noticeable. Her former childhood friend who is now her rival also seems to have an AP TF in store.
- Classic heroines screencaps - New heroine screencaps - (Chriskim019)

- (male young adult insect/corpse to old age poofs) S01Ep10a "Senior's Discount" 8/22/2016.
Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (pseudo-ARed AA illusion) "Magenta Eins - Madchen", 2016.
Father/daughter trope. Preteen daughter announces she'll be moving out of the house, and her father helps set her up in her own place. After the final hug, it's revealed that she actually was grown up all along, the father just imagined her still as a child.
- Video link - screencaps - (Sickboy)

Nanatsu no Taizai
- (male ARed) Ch136.
Characters have been training in pairs in Istar, land of the Druids. Griamore has somehow turned back into a toddler off-panel. He's remained younger for 30 chapters so far - art - (Mad0charles)

fetish films
Side Effects!
- (dedicated pseudo APed aftermath) 2016, 30 mins, $28.99.
Taboo role playing. Maturity for Kayla and POV regression for you; school girl, bikini, skimpy dress; bratty to powerful woman.
Your younger step-sister is super freaking annoying and whiny. While Mom and Dad are on vacation, you are left in charge, instructed to cater to her every need. All this moaning and whining and nagging has REALLY got to end; you've finally gotten her something to battle this cold of hers. She gulps down the gross fluid and falls fast asleep! Upon waking, things seem strangely different! Has her bed gotten "smaller"... or has she gotten "bigger"? And what happened to her pajamas? She is now wearing her school uniform, and it's like "way-too-small"! You are pleasantly surprised her squeaky, whiny voice has been replaced with a voice that matches her more curvy and voluptuous body! You encourage her to down more magical cough syrup! Gulp, gulp. Her boobs "grow" huge! Gulp. Her hair grows long. Gulp. Makeup, a big, round ass, and long legs "appear" before you! Your step-sister is super sexy and wearing only a tiny bikini! At the height of ecstasy, she finishes you off... "You think I'd satisfy you, after how you EXPERIMENTED with me? I wish you were young and sick!" And oddly enough you "become" younger... smaller... and sick with a cold! Now she is not only the most gorgeous girl in town, but also the most POWERFUL! She wishes herself into a smoking hot club dress!
- Purchase link - link

Simpsons, The
- (ghost AA TF AP) Ep 600, 1 second scene.

Sims 2, The
- (AA AP face poofs) - '04 age caps

- (adult rejuvenation, face fade) - caps - gif

- (male baby stasis) 2000. I would think that embodying a winged baby would be not completely unlike being ARed at times. Game link - cover - (Piper)

lifetime/shadow meme
- (FF AA) - '16 gif

fan characters
If I'm Still Growing Up meme
- (furry FF) 2016 Flipaclip meme by The Elisa Doctor.
Short animations. Draw your character at increasing ages.
Track: Macklemore - "Growing Up (Sloane's Song)" - If I'm still growing up, up, up, up. I'm still growing up - caps

Adventure Time
- (FF) - Marceline the Vampire Queen. Voices:
Ava Acres: child - Olivia Olson: grown-up - Cloris Leachman: old - fan gif

Mundo Nosotras
- (pseudo UCed) - c'16 coming of age/puberty documentary starts with a "magic overalls" fake growth spurt AA-aftermath scene - screencaps

puberty documentaries
- (CoA, some FF) Common tropes to discuss such a sensitive subject. Growth stages typically animated using sanitized line-art.
Pubertat was ist das?
P&G - Always, Crest, Tampax.
Understanding Ourselves - Human Growth.
- Caution contains some medical nudity - gif page

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash forward in time
TF: transformation