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SCP-224 is a wooden grandfather clock, the density and construction make method of function impossible to interpret.

The hands of the clock do not move with any known consistency, chimes occur at non-regular intervals, and the numbers have a tendency to move and shift.

Each chime has an anomalous acoustic signature that causes a drastic localized temporal acceleration. People and objects in range of the sound begin to age, ranging from essentially inconsequential amounts to several years, though the amount aged during any single event is consistent for all objects present.

When first brought home and wound, the anomalous properties were noticed, though not acted upon. Their bodies were discovered in their collapsed house two days later, aged significantly. Agents were unfortunately lost following exposure during transportation.

Agent xxxxxxx was exposed to seven iterations of SCP-224's effect. The first one saw him age into his mid-thirties. Those of you who have seen the video are aware that this wasn't a drastic change. However, by the second exposure, he was now well into his forties. There was significant graying of hair. By the third iteration, he was balding, and we estimate his age reached into the early sixties. By the fourth, his skin had noticeably wrinkled, with liver spots appearing in several places.

By the sixth iteration, he collapsed due to a broken hip, fracturing several ribs and his left arm. It was at this time that he lost control of his bowels and bladder. When the seventh iteration ended, containment had to be manually reestablished. At this time, Agent xxxxxxx is estimated to be over a hundred years old.

Dr. Rasmussen was down the hall and is now a thirty-five year old man in an elderly body. Assistant Researcher Jessup, who was pregnant when she was exposed in the same incident, died when her child was forced through her abdomen. Her son is a forty year old man with the mind of an infant. Dr. Quinn's undiagnosed case of bladder cancer consumed his entire abdomen in a matter of moments.

Question, how does the time shifting work? Where are people getting the energy needed to grow up? How does their extra mass appear? Did I miss something?

If the Foundation knew, it'd be in the article. The random nature of the SCP itself makes study extremely dangerous, and containment is always the primary responsibility.

I could understand the horror of being suddenly and irrevocably aged by itself. One of my phobias is to be in a body that is not my own. Then the secondary effects came up. Sudden advancement without any medicine or treatment beyond what the body should have allowed really upped the body horror. The changing face and rotation at first sound benign, but someone who happens upon it would be fascinated and may stay near or tell their friends...

SCP-411 is a grey haired, blue-eyed, Caucasian male of incredibly advanced age. Estimates of his biological age, based on information divulged in interviews, are in the region of 400 years. Special interview and linguistics training is required.

SCP-411 ages in reverse, growing younger at the same rate that a normal human ages. SCP-411's memory also functions in reverse; SCP-411 has no recollection of past events but can recall the future. Requests for texts and devices that do not yet exist are to be filed until such a time as they can be assessed.

SCP-411 speaks an as-yet-unknown dialect of English that has significant grammatical and vocabulary deviations from Modern English. Individuals who are to be given training in this language will benefit from a background in Spanish, Mandarin and/or Cantonese, and Haskell.

SCP-411's ability to recall future events is hindered by his advanced biological age; events more than a few months into the future are often forgotten and the details of events in the near to immediate future are often vague and unclear.

From the viewpoint of SCP-411, your first meeting is your final meeting; distress or other heightened emotional states are not causes for concern. SCP-411 will reference events in your future as if they were in your past. Do not attempt to act on these events. SCP-411 will answer your questions before you ask them and will not recall any point in the conversation prior to your current question. Do not fail to ask questions SCP-411 has answered. SCP-411's overall memory is poor. For example, SCP-411 often cannot recall what he will have for dinner later that evening.

It is unknown when Dr. Lyetacker will join The Foundation but it has been decided that he is not to be actively sought. Upon his eventual recruitment, a data breach is to be staged and all information regarding SCP-411 is to be wiped to prevent ontological paradoxes regarding SCP-411's abilities.

SCP-483-1 is not to be administered to subjects for whom there exist humans aware of the subject's age. Information recorded from these tests should not be taken from the subject directly, but rather from a clone of the subject created using SCP-222.

SCP-483 is a standard orange prescription bottle filled with up to 50 spherical, gray tablets (SCP-483-1). The label reads "anti-aging". Analysis of the tablets shows that they are chemically identical to placebos.

When SCP-483-1 is ingested by an organism possessing a stomach capable of digesting medication, its effect takes place: All existing memories, documents, and records regarding the organism's age are altered, decreasing the organism's recorded age by one (1) full year. All numerical values/memories relative to the organism's age are altered correspondingly. The ingesting organism displays no biological change, apart from the aforementioned memory adjustment.

Individuals affected by SCP-483-1 will remember accurately how many years have passed since certain events in their lives, excepting the ingesting subject's date of birth. Affected individuals may be convinced that their interpretation of the subject's age is wrong and revise it; further ingestion of SCP-483-1 will reduce the revised age.

SCP-483 was recovered from the home of xxxx xxxxxx, after wide discrepancies were reported between his medical records and physical condition with regard to his age. Relatives and friends reported that he was 8 years old, though they could recall events involving him over a decade ago. His physical stature and development showed that he was at least 20 years of age, and his growth rate was that of a normal human.

If SCP-483-1 is ingested in a quantity greater than an organism's original age, the organism loses all memory aside from functional memory (skills, language, etc.), all records of the subject vanish, and those who knew the subject lose all memories regarding them.

Note: Unfortunately, I've lost my clearance, seniority, staff, awards, retirement date, and the opportunity to have my aging mother ever recognize me again.

Note: Dr. Blast, please refrain from using official documentation as a medium to voice complaint. That you're 2 weeks old is no excuse.

SCP-559 is a round vanilla birthday cake. However, its powers have been observed to exist in other baked items. Whichever item SCP-559 has subverted is easily identified by the words "Birthday Time!" in green icing.

When lit candles are placed on SCP-559, they cannot be extinguished by anyone not celebrating their birthday. However, they can be put out by people whose birthday falls on that day ("birthdayers"), who will have their age changed to the number of candles on SCP-559. This lasts for twenty-four (24) hours before the subject reverts to their original age.

Tests have been conducted with a number of candles from 1 to above 900. Such a high age surprisingly brings about no directly related health problems, and the effects of existing health conditions (weak heart, asthma, etc.) are reduced when "aged" in this manner. In fact, 87% of those who were aged to above 500 years old survived the full 24 hours, although were physically weakened in their aged state as expected. When the 24 hours are up, the subject immediately reverts to the original age (within a span of 20 microseconds), and retains full memory of the period where the age was altered

An item containing SCP-559 was bought by a family to celebrate an 82-year-old's birthday. 8 big candles and 2 small candles were placed on the cake. The act of blowing out the candles transformed the birthdayer into a 10-year old, and the alarmed family contacted 911 as a first instinct. Routine monitoring of the 911 call centres alerted the Foundation to SCP-559's presence.

Although we appreciate test subjects attempting to gather data for us, seeing as birthdays are only once a year, there should always be at least one failsafe baked item nearby to contain 559 after usage.

SCP-590 is to be supplied with one television, which is to be used only in the broadcasting of children's shows.

SCP-590 appears to be a young male, approximately 16 years of age. The only benefit he receives from his powers is apparent longevity, as he has not aged since his arrival at the Foundation. Although in all aspects a normal teenager, when SCP-590 touches any other human, he heals all injuries and ailments, physical and mental, they may have. SCP-590 receives the injuries upon himself. When healing a cancer patient, the tumors materialize at varying places on his body, usually along his arms or legs. Any mental healing performed is transferred directly, resulting in SCP-590 gaining whatever mental aberration he was healing. Those wounds accumulate.

SCP-590 was put on life support, unable to even breathe on his own. Shortly after, one dose of SCP-500 brought him back to full health. SCP-590 was immediately induced to heal several cases of mental retardation. Due to this action, SCP-590 is permanently at the mental level of a three-year-old child, and is extremely tractable.

SCP-723 is a spiral stone staircase that appears to extend further upwards than the exterior architecture suggests. The site was brought to the Foundation's attention after the unexplained disappearances of several local youths. When ascended, SCP-723 induces rapid aging in the case of living subjects, and decay in the case of non-living materials. This effect seems to initiate after the fourth or fifth step has been climbed, each subsequent step inducing further aging or decay respectively. Subjects ascending the stairs have not indicated any feelings of pain or discomfort, and seem untroubled by their rapid transformation.

Once an ascent has begun, subjects have no inclination of returning to the base of SCP-723. Due to the spiral structure, direct observation of anything past a single story is impossible. Video and sound recorders undergo a similar aging process to subjects, and transmitted signals typically fail after a single story has been scaled. Cables directly linking observers to the subject allow video contact until the second story, and audio until the fourth.

Subject agreed to ascend the stairs after being forcefully restrained by security. After crossing the fifth step, subject sharply inhaled but continued forwards. The subject raises their hands to examine them in front of the video feed, which now appear to be visibly more calloused. Subject begins to breathe heavily into the microphone, as audio degrades. Subject is directed to stop climbing but doesn't respond. Subject again mumbles something indecipherable. Reeling in copper cable revealed significant degradation in the metal and plastic, progressively more advanced towards the subject's end.

Subjects appear unwilling or unable to respond to overseer requests. The remains of the previous subjects were not observed or described at any point during the ascent.

Subject proved more responsive than previous test subjects, describing the air inside the staircase as 'cold, really cold', and that the stairs were 'covered with dust, thick grainy stuff'. Subject was pulled to the entrance. Although still alive at this point, the subject's physical appearance was significantly altered. Muscle mass had diminished greatly, hair had thinned and skin was extremely dry and discoloured. Although it had become loose and wrinkled in some areas, in other areas it was extremely taut, most notably on the face, atypical of normal human aging. The subject was not observed to blink during the four minute period before expiry, and was in a state of extreme distress.

Though most of what was said during this time is unintelligible, subject refers at one point to what is possibly 'door' or 'the door'. Several broken and fractured bones were determined postmortem, believed to be a result of the subject's forced extraction. Although the subject did not complain of pain during the climb, bones were also shown to have been leached of minerals, joints had calcified into severe arthritis, tumorous growths were found behind the subject's right eyeball and in the prostate, and several ulcers were found in the stomach lining.

SCP-983 is completely safe so long as technicians handling it do so on any day other than their birthday. In the event the birthday individual fails to meet sing-along requirements, their remains are to be disposed of through standard methods.

SCP-983 is a vintage mechanical monkey dressed in what used to be a popular vest design for circus ringmasters. In the monkey's left hand, there is a lightly tarnished brass bell. In the right hand, the monkey holds a small brass striking rod. Once SCP-983 comes into contact with an individual on their birthday, it will spring to life and do a single back flip before raising its bell and singing a simple song.


SCP-983 will sing this song every three to four seconds until the new owner has died or met the sing-along requirements.

Each verse sung by SCP-983 appears to age the 'owner' of the item by what is estimated at one year. By singing along, the 'owner' may deactivate the monkey which results in a triumphant declaration of 'BIRTHDAY!' from SCP-983, at which time it will produce a single gumdrop-style candy.

The candy types restore any age lost by the consumer due to SCP-983's song; however, the luminescent candy may also grant additional time and youth.

Upon the birthday of SCP-983's intended new owner, the gift was unwrapped and the monkey handled, at which point it sprang into song. Attendees state that several persons noted streaks of silver within the recipient's hair. Following an estimated 8 to 10 more verses from SCP-983, the grey was quite pronounced as were signs of wrinkling or stress on the recipient's face. The recipient complained of not having the strength to deal with this nonsense, pleading for someone to turn it off. SCP-983 was able to complete thirty or forty more verses before a containment crew could arrive at the party locale. By this point, the recipient had long since expired due to aging, leaving only a skeletal frame remaining in his chair with the skin clinging to it.

With confusion on how to approach SCP-983 safely, it was allowed to sing for roughly another minute before it ceased of its own accord, at which point nothing remained of the original recipient other than his purely skeletal remains. From the bell fell a single candy resembling a gumdrop pure black in color. This candy was described as being moderately entrancing, drawing a person's gaze into it until an outside source distracted them.

Subject 2 displayed glee and acceptance of SCP-983 as a suitable gift when it was unwrapped, and required no guidance in singing along with the object as it began.

The subject displayed the expected aging process with each verse that passed, but displayed no loss of energy or enthusiasm in continuing the songs till their end. The subject remained completely unaware of her body's physical state.

The candy produced from the bell was recorded as being a vibrant white color with vaguely luminescent properties. Upon finishing the candy, the subject exploded with blinding light.


What if you were born on February 29, and you're given the Birthday Monkey on March 1 and it's not a leap year? Are you safe?

that is *NOT* what I was expecting from the glowing gumdrop!

What would happen if you use this in conjunction with SCP-559?

Transforming someone into an energy-based life form counts as giving them extra energy? Two, the test log doesn't say anything about the subject regaining lost age before going nova.

SCP-1007 appears to be a male of indeterminate ethnicity who undergoes the entire human life cycle within a 75 minute time-frame. The subject ages at a rate of approximately one year per minute. Once 75 minutes have elapsed, the subject will invariably expire of spontaneous cessation of metabolic activity with no evident cause. It reports feeling excruciating pain during the first 16 minutes, when its bones and muscles are changing shape very rapidly. This process violates the First Law of Thermodynamics, as the subject does not seem to require any energy input to fuel the massive amount of cellular growth.

SCP-1007-1 is a key that fits into the subject's back. When SCP-1007-1 is turned, the subject's physical age is reversed by one year for each turn until it has regressed to the form of a neonate. It is not known where the mass that is removed from the subject's body as it shrinking disappears to. If this is done after the subject's 75 minute lifespan has elapsed, the subject will "reactivate." If the subject has been "dead" for long enough to have decayed, any decay (regardless of its extent) will also be reversed.

SCP-1007 was recovered during a raid on the California mansion of [REDACTED], who claimed that at the auction in question there had been at least four other "Misters" for sale.

The words "Mr. Life and Mr. Death, from Little Misters (r) by Dr. Wondertainment" are tattooed on SCP-1007's right calf. The fact that its designation seemingly refers to a pair has been taken by some to mean that SCP-1007 has a counterpart that has yet to be recovered.

That being: What was the customer *using* him for?

A person that can be any variable age, even if only for a short period of time...

So he just... lives out an entire life being trapped in a coffin for 75 minutes. I... I think I'm going to go hug my girlfriend.

Can you turn the key the other way and make him age faster? If you make him age that way right before he dies, can you age him past 75, or would you just kill him several seconds faster? Could you make him decay faster using the key after he's died?

Life and Death

One minute.

He feels himself growing. It hurts, but he can take it. The real pain hasn't even started yet, anyways. He knows this pain all too well, he has felt it every time someone turns that key. He looks around, with glassy young eyes. These doctors, they don't know what pain is. They would leave him alone if they knew what it was like.

Five minutes.

It really hurts now. He can feel bones moving, setting themselves into place. He feels muscles contracting, then expanding again. The growth spurts are definitely the worst part. He struggles to stand, hoping that he can get both legs the same length long enough to prop himself up. Stranger things have happened.

Ten minutes.

The bones are really cracking now, growing at the most accelerated pace of the cycle. The growths spurts happen quickly and randomly. Hair grows on his face, and all around him there are doctors, taking notes. He feels humiliated by their presence, and the pain. It is the worst here. The pain is unbearable. And death is so very far away...

Twenty minutes.

Every bone in his body aches. He can't even think through this pain. He just curls into a ball and whispers to himself that it will be over soon, and that the pain won't last forever. He doesn't believe it. These doctors, with their clipboards, they would never let him be free. They would just keep turning the key, every day, to see if something new could happen. But it never would.

Thirty minutes.

The pain is less now, and the growing has almost stopped. But now came the part he dreaded the most. he watched his body slowly accrue wrinkles, his flesh become soft and round. Getting old was the hardest part, because he had to watch himself die.

Forty minutes.

The decay was happening faster now. He could remember back when he was at the other place, they would laugh at him here. They called him names and sipped scotch while he slowly died in front of them. They were monsters. The doctors were monsters too, but at least they kept their judgements to themselves. He winced as warts started growing in.

Fifty minutes.

He could feel the end coming, it would be over soon. He watched as his hair fell out, followed by his teeth. He had never gotten to wear dentures, so gums were all he got. Didn't matter. Even if he experienced a lifetime of hunger, they wouldn't feed him. All they ever did was watch.

Sixty minutes.

Closer now. He felt death approaching, and he was grateful. Soon he could return to rest, untroubled by this pain. His body was a mass of wrinkles now, with age spots and moles dotting his chest. His eyes were cloudy, and he couldn't hear the scientists now. Not like they had ever spoken a word to him anyways.

Seventy-five minutes.

It would be over soon. He could feel his body starting to break away. It was all over. Once more, the ordeal was over. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust

SCP-1080 is a large black rectangular chamber, resembling a sensory deprivation chamber in shape and size; its magnetic locking mechanism activates only when a child is placed in the chamber.

Children who enter the chamber emerge three to five days later, aged to approximately twenty years old. They will have no discernible personality, will not speak under any circumstances, and will respond only to an identification number.

Other objects similar to SCP-1080 are suspected to exist, possibly capable of producing humans with greater degrees of sapience.

How did the Foundation figure out that it works on kids? I'm unaware if there's an "If nothing else works, throw kids into it" protocol in Foundation research, which I would feel is very unlikely (if there is an established precedent for that protocol, I apologize), but assuming there isn't, I would like an explanation of how it was discovered that this object works only on children.

SCP-1094 is a playground, located in [REDACTED]. Standard recreational equipment including see-saws, merry-go-rounds, slides, monkey bars and swing sets.

Human beings near SCP-1094 feel compelled to play within it. This urge is stronger depending on the age of the subject affected, with pre-adolescents reacting the most to exposure. Subjects past puberty can resist the urge with moderate difficulty. Playing within SCP-1094 induces a state of euphoria in the subject.

Repeated and continuous exposure to SCP-1094 via physical contact with any of the recreational equipment available causes the subject interacting with it to disappear while they are already completely absent from sight, such as when they were using the slide or climbing through the tunnel.

Security footage shows that Dr. Rxxxxxx was working on a report in his office when what appeared to be an elderly man entered the room. The camera resumes functioning seven hours later, at which point Dr. Rxxxxxx's office is empty. The report that Dr. Rxxxxxx was writing consisted of a single sentence:

I'll take care of the children.

SCP-1642 is a collection of 500 mg chewable tablets. These tablets vary in colour1 and flavour, however their effect remains the same. SCP-1642 come in packets of 6, and are contained in a sleeve. The packaging reads "Dr. Wondertainment's Insta-teen Tablets(tm)". The backing reads as following:

Hey kids! Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be grown up!? And adults, have you ever wanted to feel young again!? Well now you can get both with Dr. Wondertainment's Insta-teen Tablets(tm)! Just pop one of these chewable tablets into your mouth and begin munching away! Within 20 minutes you'll find you're living the life of a teen once again!!

Warning: Only take one tablet at a time. Do not take if pregnant. Dr. Wondertainment is not responsible for any existential crisis or loss of life that may occur.

When ingested by either a person of age 20 or older, or a child 14 or younger, the subject will undergo a quick transformation into a stage of late pubescence, approximately 18 or 19 years of age. How this process occurs is not understood, however the change is extensive; fat is moved to the lips and buttocks, bones become less brittle, muscles become more toned, and hair is regrown. Analysis of blood samples has shown that hormone levels are typical of a late pubescent. These changes will revert within 12 hours.

Taking more than one tablet results in additional changes to areas of the brain connected with aging and maturity, as well as the hypothalamus and pituitary glands. Typically these will cause anxiety attacks, an uncontrollable libido, mental disorders involving self-image (most commonly Anorexia nervosa), immature or reckless behaviour, and the appearance of other physical diseases associated with puberty such as Acne vulgaris. The severity of these symptoms is directly correlated to the amount of the overdose, with subjects ingesting 4 or more tablets becoming comatose due to extensive brain damage. These changes are irreversible once the subject reverts. Testing has not been conducted over a long enough time period to determine if children who have had these symptoms due to overdose will lose them at the end of natural puberty.

Pregnant women ingesting SCP-1642 will experience its effects. However, the foetus (SCP-1642 will have no effect on an embryo, as a placenta is required for the correct transfer of chemical agents) will also be affected by SCP-1642. This will inevitably cause the death of the mother as the foetus rapidly expands. Once the foetus has become a late-pubescent teen, it will remain alive until it ceases to be affected by SCP-1642, at which point it will die. Note, however, that while in its late teen state, the foetus is not mentally developed, and will behave as such.


I like the idea of a mewling, toddling teenager... I'm hesitant to ask - what happens if a teenager takes one of these tablets? [DATA EXPUNGED]? "No apparent effect upon teenagers Individuals between the ages of 14 and 20 cease to mentally or physiologically progress. In effect, they remain teenagers forever, with attendant social maturity." The libido shouldn't be "uncontrollable" (that's not a clinical term, anyway) but "enhanced". Likewise, anorexia nervosa really isn't that common; the highest known rate of incidence is 1% in women, 0.1% in men. It might be more common as a symptom of these sweets than naturally occurring in adolescents.

This idea (pills that age up or age down the person that takes them) is a common one in children's fantasy and an object that is very suitable as something from Dr. Wondertainment. There is also some very potent Fridge Horror that can be brought to the fore by including something like this:

SCP-1642 was brought to the Foundations attention after an incident in suburban xxxxxxxxx,xxxxxxxxx where 3 unidentified individuals, 2 males (teenage) and 1 female (teenage, deceased), were found in a backyard treehouse by Mr. xxxxxxxxxx. One of the unidentified males later reverted and was identified as xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx(age 11), Mr xxxxxxxxxx son. The deceased female was genetically identified as xxxxx xxxxxxxxx(age 9), a child resident of the neighborhood that went missing around the time of the incident. The male reverted to a foetus and was determined by genetic testing to be the child of xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx and xxxxx xxxxxxxxx.

Why 14 as a cutoff? Shouldn't it be 12 or younger? The image of a teenager bursting from another teenager gives some of that hook. How this process occurs is not understood, however the change is extensive; fat is moved to the lips and buttocks, bones become less brittle, muscles become more toned, and hair is regrown.

And the unintended implications of this is why I upvoted. Hell, even with normal weight men or women, their fat moving to lips and buttocks ... never mind overweight or obese. The results of taking one of these must be grotesque. Colourful foetuses are my favourite centre of horrouor

SCP-1716 is a set of two wooden chairs. The apparent intent is to transfer "life energy" from a donor to a recipient, making the recipient healthier at the expense of weakening the donor. SCP-1716 violates most known physical and biological principles; apparently operating on the theory that life force is a transmissible form of energy similar to electricity.

Life energy transfer operates at approximately 10% efficiency i.e. a donor would be aged the equivalent of 10 years to make a recipient one year younger (with regard to cellular health - note that SCP-1716 does not literally transform test subjects into younger versions of themselves).

Transfer of life energy also transfers portions of the memories and knowledge of the donor to the recipient. Notes found with the device indicate this was not an intended function, but the developers were unable to eliminate it. Memory transfer occurs randomly; extensive use of SCP-1716 will leave the donor mentally incapacitated, while transferring primarily incomplete/useless knowledge to the recipient. Recipients are generally disoriented and confused while attempting to integrate the acquired information, which frequently conflicts with their own memories and experiences.


6/9/42 Met again with Dark. The man is a complete crackpot as far as I can tell, going on about "etheric transfer," "luminescent vapor generation" and other such nonsense. His project is life extension; "it's time to bring it out of the Dark Ages" he says.

It's an abomination - transfer life force from one person to another? Where would he ever get donors? Dark laughed and said everything is a commodity, even life. Especially life. "What would an extra year of life be worth to you? What would one less be worth to a 20-year-old?"

9/5/42 Testing in two hours. I don't know where Dark found such a disreputable class of people for his test subjects, or what he told them.

Success, of a sort. The recipient does look a good bit better, but seems totally confused and disoriented. The donor... Oh, God. Not only was he dead at the end of the process, but was crumbling to dust as we tried to move him.

The Institute appears to obtain donors from the general public via advertisements for "paid clinical trials."

Dark laughed and said everything is a commodity, even life. Especially life. "What would an extra year of life be worth to you? What would one less be worth to a 20-year-old?"

I'm reminded of the Twilight Zone episode where the main character has the ability to make a deal with anyone for just about anything... in it, he makes a deal with a rich old man to take all his years of age in exchange for cash... he then pays others cash in exchange for adding 2-3 years to their age...

SCP-2647 is a company or entity which publicly goes by the name "Omega Life Insurance". 800 numbers given by the advertisements invariably differ and are not traceable to any addresses.

If any sapient being calls the provided number, an automated voice on the other end will give the options of enacting, changing, or canceling an insurance policy. Policies range from a price of $1000 to $3000 per year, depending on the number of individuals covered, though all include an additional charge simply labeled "expenses".

Should a policy be chosen and purchased, said individual and anyone he or she chooses to include (typically the individual's immediate family) will become an instance of SCP-2647-B:

A lack of biological aging beyond thirty years old. Instances above the age of thirty who enact a policy will age in reverse over the specific amount of time between their current age and thirty. People who regularly interact with SCP-2647-B will suffer mild to severe premature aging in proportion to the average amount of time spent interacting with SCP-2647-B.

Immunity to life-threatening diseases, both infectious and noninfectious. Otherwise healthy individuals who regularly interact with SCP-2647-B will occasionally suffer fatal diseases associated with the age, genetics, or health practices of SCP-2647-B.

Probability-defying luck in avoiding or surviving potentially fatal events, such as vehicular crashes, shootouts, and similar occurrences. In all cases, certain people who regularly interact with SCP-2647-B instances will experience fatal accidents at roughly the same time as those avoided or survived by SCP-2647-B.

SCP-2647 will occasionally mail SCP-2647-B false documents such as new Social Security numbers, birth and marriage certificates, and the like for public use. This occasionally results in SCP-2647-B undergoing name changes.

Ending a policy will result in the dramatic, and often fatal, cancellation of the anomalous effects listed above.

Attempts at isolating SCP-2647-B instances has resulted in their anomalous properties being effected on any available security personnel in disproportionate levels. All instances must be forced to cancel their policies by necessity.

Subject: Morton Reginald, policy holder since 1972, enacted at age 35. Reginald had since married and divorced twice, with two children from each marriage. None of his resulting family were covered by SCP-2647.

Results: Upon canceling, Reginald collapsed and went into a fifteen-minute coma. While unconscious, Reginald's skin became wrinkled and liver spotted, most of his hair fell out, and his heart briefly stopped, requiring the assistance of a defibrillator.

Notes: Afterward, a barmaid that Reginald was known to romance recovered from liver cancer, and Reginald's second wife survived a mugging.

Subject: Madeline Webb, policy holder since 1958, enacted at age 62. Webb was unmarried throughout the entirety of her time as an SCP-2647-B instance, and living under an assumed name provided by SCP-2647 to hide her age from others.

Results: Webb shrieked before dropping the phone and collapsed to the floor instantly. Over the course of the next two minutes, Webb convulsed as her teeth fell out, her hair turned from blonde to gray to white, and her skin became increasingly thinner. Eventually, Webb gasped "help" before finally dying. Forensic testing revealed that she had died of a heart attack at the biological age of 87, but had been dead for twenty-two years.

Notes: Webb's lawyer, the fifth in her lifetime, missed a flight which later crashed, sparing no survivors.

Subject: Dominick and Heather Maxwell, family policy holders since 1976, enacted at respective ages of 50 and 47. The Maxwells had two adolescent children, Robert and Janice, respectively aged 17 and 14 at the time the policy was enacted.

Results: Heather Maxwell went comatose and aged by twenty-nine years. Dominick Maxwell underwent a similar process. Both of the Maxwells' children claimed to feel "woozy" when the policy was ended, but suffered no ill effects.

Notes: Heather Maxwell's sister, described by her doctors as "hours" from death by ovarian cancer, fully recovered after the policy was ended. An elderly friend of Dominick Maxwell later claimed to feel especially rejuvenated, and was described by others as looking and acting "decades" younger.

Subject: Robert and Vivian Gomez, policy holders since 1974, enacted at respective ages of 65 and 60. Vincent Gomez, a son, was born in 1990.

Results: Both Gomezes collapsed and aged as in previous cases, but neither survived. Vincent Gomez panicked as he slowly aged in reverse, shrinking first into an infant, then into a fetus, then an embryo, before vanishing entirely.

Notes: The next-door neighbors of the Gomezes, a couple who were unable to conceive over the past seven years of their marriage, had twins nine months after the policy was ended.

Effects pertaining to eating habits, such as obesity or emaciation, will still occur, but death will never result.

Possible idea for humanoid SCP

by MrCobalt, 2012

A human male SCP that mentally is a 6- or 8-year old kid, but is able to change his physical age at will to whatever is most expedient at the moment. He's the kind of kid that would turn into an adult to get into R-rated movies and other "big boy" things, but would change into a kid to avoid responsibilities and accountability for his actions or the need to get a job and stuff.

The end for now.