Translated text:


For centuries, Tibetan Monks have investigated the secret forces of nature. For many years, the Great Bodjul has worked on a most remarkable elixir ...
The hour has come, Blo! You will witness my first attempt!
I can hardly wait, Master!
Behold this ancient mutt! he can barely walk! Now to drink the elixir!
A moment for the ages, great Master!
Moments later ...
Success! The animal has survived, and frolics like a one-year-old!
Amazing! I wish to take a big swig of this potion myself!
Before the bottle reaches Blo's lips ...
Have you lost your mind? The compound was never tested on humans! It could be deadly!
Vanish from my sight! You know you wish to defy me!
But ... Master Bodjul ... I ...
Angrily, the young monk flees the lonely mountain monastery ...
I'll make him pay for this! I sacrificed years of my life, and he casts me out like a rat!
After a long journey, Blo reaches the home of the English Tibetologist James ...
Bon appetit Sir!
Hmm! Delicious! I can't resist!
Moments later ...
Ahhh! My stomach! I knew it!
Idiots! When will you learn to serve me light fare! Are you trying to kill me?
Run! Mister James has erupted in terrible wrath!
Blo, adept in the healing powers of nature, intervenes ...
Drink this, my lord! It will lessen your ails!
It worked! You are a clever lad! Will you enter my employ?
I would be honored, lord!
Blo accompanies the Englishman to the nearby town Lha-Pa ...
I must find a doctor to cure my terrible affliction!
None of these local quacks can help me! The Temple of the Great Lama is my last hope!
There he learns the terrible truth ...
There is no hope for you, stranger! Your malady will consume you! Prepare for your demise!
Blo's hour has come ...
I know how you may be instantly cured, lord!
Speak! Reveal your secret! I don't want to die yet!
Later ...
Once you've drunk Bodjul's elixir, you will become young again! Your infirmities will evaporate like the morning dew!
I still find it hard to believe what you told me, Blo!
At the monastery ...
We'll use this rope ladder to sneak inside the Master's chambers!
Up here, lord!
This exertion is taxing my elderly joints!
We're almost there!
Bodjul will be beside himself when his potion has gone missing! He'll be sorry for kicking me out!
Then ...
There it is! Time to get out! I must hurry!
Damn! I dropped a flask!
Blo's clumsiness has doomed him ...
The fumes! I'm ... paralyzed!
James was watching from the ledge. When Bodjul suddenly appears, he employs a clever trick ...
Didn't see that coming, did you old boy?
Return the bottle, stranger! It contains only your doom!
Stop! - Thief!
Go to hell you wretched riffraff!
You can't catch this old man!
Damn! Ever more baldies on my tail!
There he is! - Get him! Don't let him get away!
James strains to keep ahead of his pursuers ...
Bastards! They cut me off!
Over here, Master Bodjul! We have pinned down the intruder!
Quick! A big gulp before the mob rips away the elixir!
The transformation begins ...
Magnificent! I'm feeling as vigorous as in the bloom of my youth!
Good luck, you pious brothers, I owe your Master a debt of gratitude!
But then ...
What's this? I'm turning ever younger and younger!
Master Bodjul! Master Bodjul! Help me! Stop this terrible thing, I beg you!
Too late fool! You are beyond help!
Nothing can stop the rejuvenation process ...
Moments later it is done. Only the bottle with the elixir and a pile of empty clothes testify mutely to the former existence of a man named James ...