Translated text:


Green: Samantha Fox is weeping at the bedside of her father Humbert. The old man was struck by a terrible malady. His end is visibly approaching.
Samantha: "You can't die, father! I have no-one on this world but you!"
Humbert: "We have to...bear...our fate."

Green: Suddenly, the housekeeper knocks:
Housekeeper: "Ms. Samantha! Come with me, please! Fast!
Samantha: "What is it, Louise? I don't want to leave my father alone."

Green: Louise insists on talking privately with Samantha.
Samantha: "Well? What is it?"
Louise: "Miss...the Grim Reaper is here. He just arrived to get your father."

Louise: "My great-grandmother was a witch! From her I inherited this amulet! Wear it, and you will see him!"
Samantha: "Then give it to me!"

Samantha: "What are you waiting for?"
Louise: "Please be very careful, Miss! It's dangerous to confront the Grim Reaper!"

Green: Just as Samantha puts the necklace on...
Samantha: "It's true! There he is! But he doesn't sense I can see him!"

Samantha: "Oh no! He's already at father's bed! What should I do?"
Reaper: "Humbert Fox, your last hour has come!

Reaper: "Rise, and come along into the realm of oblivion."
Samantha: "Father is getting more and more pale! I must do something before it's too late!"

Reaper: "Don't you hear me, Humbert? Come on!"
Samantha: "He's putting his hourglass down! Maybe..."

Samantha: "Listen carefully, Reaper! If you kill my father, I will destroy your hourglass!"
Reaper: "What...? Hell and pest! [Never heard of this expression]

Reaper: "The hourglass counts the time of the world! If you shatter it, its end will follow! I will lose many of my souls!"
Samantha: "Too bad!"

Samantha: "I will keep the glass, then I can be sure my father stays alive!"
Reaper: "Very have me in your grip! But we will meet again!"

Green: When the Reaper has gone...
Samantha: "Oh father! You are healthy again!"
Humbert: "I haven't felt this good in years! It's a miracle!"

Purple: Samantha places the hourglass in a glass cabinet.
Samantha: "Here it will be safe, and I can keep my eye on it!"

Yellow: But the girl can't remain in the room forever...

Purple: ...and thus doesn't see rats crawl into the cabinet and knock it over...

Samantha: "What the...? It's Winter the middle of June?"

Samantha: "And now we have Fall...but the leaves are falling ON to the trees?"

Samantha: "I look like I'm fourteen! What's happening? As if time is going backwards!"

Samantha: "The time...Heaven! The Grim Reaper's hourglass has fallen off the books! The sand is running back into the upper glass!"

Samantha: "I'm getting younger and younger! I have to turn it around, before I'm too little!"

Samantha: "I...can't...make it."

Samantha: "Goo goo!" "Coooooooo!"
Reaper: "So, little one? You are the girl who tried to outsmart me?"

"In mere moments you won't even exist yet!"

Reaper: "Now I can turn the glass around! Once I take your father, you can never be born again!"

Blue: Many have tried to cheat the Reaper, but none have succeeded. Death is like a law of nature in our world. And even the mightiest men can't break nature's laws...