Translated text:

Return of the Spirit

Count von Lascive's family has been squabbling with the surrounding wealthy farmers for years. A high wall separates the Estate from the outside world that Louise, the nobleman's daughter has never seen ...
This is fun!
Oh no it bounced too high!
The world ends on the other side! I'll never see it again!
A miracle! My ball returns!
Hello, was that yours?
A boy from the other side!
I'm Jacques, son of farmer Simon! Wanna play?
On the other side of the wall?
Sure! Say, you've never been out here?
These old ruins are my favorite spot!
This is nice Jacques!
I think this place is haunted! We better go back!
But someone is waiting for them ...
Louise! Haven't I forbidden you from leaving the Estate?
Get lost peasant scoundrel!
And on the other side of the wall ...
Jacques you layabout! You shouldn't hang out with that blue blood crowd!
That evening ...
It's Jacques! My only friend!
Must aim carefully ...
A message through the window! When Papa sees this!
Cool! Jacques wants to run away with me!
Come Louise, I've arranged everything! We won't let them break up our friendship!
But in the Manor ...
Curses! This peasant scum is kidnapping my daughter!
The farmers are also chasing the children ...
My folks are after me! We'll hide out in the ruins!
A ghost in chains! I'm scared Jacques!
Come to me children ... I'll help you!
I'll help you! I must pay for my life of sins by performing a good deed!
There are the peasants who took my daughter!
These nobles think they can steal our children!
As long as you remain children, you cannot know happiness!
Count, what ails you? You have become an old man!
I have advanced the time by twenty years! I can already feel my chains falling off!
Thank you so much!
Now Jacques and Louise can be together forever. Only later will they realize the ghost's good deed had a slight downside ...