That's So Raven

AP cosplay fan morphs

Actress Raven Symone grew up and out before our very eyes, her limbs and body stretching, elongating, and expanding from a cute tyke's to a voluptuous pin-up in a few years.
Of course Disney's wardrobe department made every effort to hide her burgeoning curves, and her growth could never be mentioned in the show.
What if, instead of an unseen cow transformation scene, there had been an age progression episode?
Best of all, what if it had been filmed using the same actresses at different ages, wearing the same clothes?
We may never know.

- Imaginary cosplay fan projects as if they were photographed several years apart:

lakeshore - pop-out!

door growth - starting to tear!

photo studio - that was my favorite dress!

vending machine - loss of age control!

We urgently need more timelapse/outgrown clothes sequences! Send em here!