Aging Transformation Scenes

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2 be young again... A site about girls outgrowing their clothes, ageshifters, and every other male and female age transformation.

Chisaku tatte dekiru no-tsu!
- (male ARed) "It's a little cold!" light novel by Miyako Kazuki, 2013.
Dahlia mix paperback. Girl Comics boys love fiction. Illus. included.
- Yuki and Hiro work for the perfume company. The rejuvenating compound developed by Hiro was drunk accidentally by Yuki, who became child-like in form!? Yuki was delighted to be pampered in public while waiting to return to his original age. He is entrusted to the in-house day care center, but learns of a conspiracy over the new perfume!
- Purchase link: - (Akira)

Kami-tachi ni hirowa reta otoko
- (male reborn ARed AA) "A man picked up by gods", Roy Cartoon, 4/2019.
Middle-aged office worker Takebayashi Ryoma's cooperation is requested by the 3 pillar gods after death. He is reborn to another world in the form of a boy! Ryoma begins living leisurely in the forest, devoted to the study of slimes which are magically tamed and can be used conveniently unexpectedly!
- Trial reading version - - extract - (Akira)

fetish comics
Baby Babysitter Part One
- (dedicated AR/AP) Dreamtales Comics, art by Bojay. 25+ 14 pages, B&W, 4/2019, $10.99.
Part 1 of 3. Big tease Ava plays a mean trick on her boyfriend Ethan - she uses an Age Ray to turn into a little kid! This backfires when her little nieces Emily and Hannah rebel against their shrunken babysitter. And what happens when little Emily accidentally messes with the Age Ray? The AR is somewhat concealed by Ava's three times too big bikini still "floating" on her body. The AP is a pair of shots of the back of the character, cut above the waist, and one of her chest covered by her arm - Purchase link - (Vended info)

Shota ni tensei shitara hiro-tachi ni dekiai sa rete iru kudan
- (dedicated male reborn ARed) Japanese light novel, Irigasa / Rin Momoki, 2019.
"Being loved by the heroes after being transformed into a Shota" - Shotacon novel.
Bijou; Or netbooks. Boys love fiction. The 27 y.o. "I" is a special effects nerd who is demotivated at the bad end of a day. "One day, I struck my head and fainted ... and was incarnated as Hirota Tsubone, shota character of 'Insect Sentai Mushi Ranger'! I try to inspire the others, but one of the Rangers confesses 'I like you' ... I'm Shota!? This is good!"
- Purchase link: - cover - (Akira)

text fragments
Born to Win
- ("age disguised") Celebration Theatre, L.A. 2019.
AKA Pageant Play, 2008. Stage play about child beauty pageants, mostly cast without actual children. Reportedly, an adult plays an 8 y.o. children's contestant?

- (adult aging effects) AKA: Marchen Awakens Romance, 2003-06.
If the Ghost ARM "Ark Torff" (used by Sarah Band) is countered, it will turn on the user and rapidly age them until they die. The Ghost ARM "Rondo of Time" was implanted onto Alviss to accelerate time-related processes on his body.

Orville, The
- (younger adult form) S02Ep13 "Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow " 4/18/2019.
Due to a temporal anomaly, a 7 year younger version of 35 y.o. commander Kelly Grayson suddenly joins the ship, causing some new conflicts. She was digitally de-aged?

Grandma in the Magical Girl
- (first AR) extract

- (ARed cutaway & aftermath, RN APed cutaway UC?) 4/2019.
Reportedly, at the talent show at the end, little Jordan wore a black sweater/pants set (with "hearts or stars" or other decorations)? Since it was a dance routine, this should be expected to be elastic material? When she wakes up the next morning as an adult again, this outfit was said to have been "stretched" out? There is no further information.
She did NOT wear her form-fitting teen overalls before growing back up. Not in this lifetime...

Golden Years
- (adult rejuvenation) CBS miniseries, 1991. 7 Eps of c35 mins - Trailer link
The movie is on Youtube and begins here. Part 1/7 w. Dutch subs: link - (Derek)

Happy Lesson
- (AA chibi poofs sorta like ARed, AA RNs kinda like "APed" GTS) c2003-04.
Eyecatches shown between commercials feature the shoujos shrinking back into chibis, before enlarging even more. Some Eps repeat eyecatches, and not all include RN, so there are fewer than 13.
- TF gifs - (NightElf37)

short story
Onion, The
- (male ARed) 4/12/2019 satirical 'news' article.
"Christian Bale Loses 40 Years For Upcoming Movie Role" to play young Mozart - Story link - (Derek)

Hanamaru Youchien
- (AP) Remember the Christmas wish AP dream? The Kindergarten manga counterpart - Chapter link
- (FFed) An older Anzu goes on an adventure with her friends to find her missing breasts - Chapter link
- (NightElf37)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Faky3ah
- (dedicated TF AA, young adult to bigger adult) 2019. A fan-made Ace Attorney magical TF sequence.
Ever wonder how the transformation of Maya in her kimono into her late sister would look like in the Ace Attorney games? ...OK, it seems I'm the only weird perve in the room who does. After countless poof TFs through 4 games, 2 anime seasons, and a live action movie (without counting the endless barrage of doujins who ALSO omit the process), I decided I had to change that (heh).
- TF sequence link - link - link - (NightElf37)

13-Nengo no Kimi
- (male reincarnated, pseudo "ARed" effect) "13 years after you".
Overview purchase links - Previews of chapters:
Ch01 - - Ch02 -
Ch03 - - Ch04 -
She visits his former body's tomb - (Akira)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Okayokayokok (paid commissions)
- (dedicated ARed, shrunken women effect) Physical and mental.
Power Princess 2: Wet Nurse Leaks Again!
- 11 page comic, 2019 - 1 panel Preview link - Purchase link - (Utopianfubar)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: ThatFreakGivz
- (dedicated TF age-ups, TGs)
Mystical heroine & anime characters. This artist does quite a couple of APs: Gallery link - (NightElf37)

short films
Double Vision
- (adults rejuved VR illusion) Omeleto, 9/2018.
Sci-fi short film explores a future where people have advanced contact lenses to alter the appearance of people they see. A couple "role play" for the husband's birthday, where she appears as a younger blonde woman. Later it is revealed they are much older, but choose to see each others as their younger adult selves.
- Video link RNed @13:10 - (Tal)

- (includes many TFs) - Anime list updated. You can find old and new episodes - (Zubair)

- (dedicated TF APs) - A large list. I think some are notable enough to deserve their own entries.
  Deviant Art Sequences - (NightElf37)

To the Ends of Time
- (accelerated AA FF to OA) 1996 movie starring Ben Stiller's wife Christine Taylor. An evil witch has a magical clock that turns everyone in the land progressively older, at the rate of 1 year per week. Mostly male, but Christine herself started as a preteen, who was later seen as an AA-clothed young woman, and aged into an old lady by the end of the film!
I owned it on VHS back in the day. Some pretty decent make-up and pretty astounding over-acting!
- Full movie link - (Chronoeclipse)

Demo Mahou Shoujo ni Naremasu ka?
- (adult rejuvenated) A granny becomes a magical girl.
XX demo Mahou Shoujo ni Naremasu ka? - Can I become a magical girl even though I'm XX?
Ch01. The town is attacked by a demon who turns shoujos into figures. Granny listens to his tragicomedic backstory, gives advice, and even cooks for him to turn him back - - (NightElf37)

Grow Up!! + After
- (furry TFed, fox demon age forms) by Ooishi Chuuni, c2011.
- Thumbnail pages - Chapter link - (NightElf37)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Nimeyal
- (dedicated old age) The Book of little Helpers - The Comic. 2013+.
2 young women wish to become more intelligent, but their new wisdom ages them up to the hundreds. Some pages edited due to NSFW content.
- Gallery link - (Anonguy)

Happy Ice Cream!
- (male AR, RN) Mika Kawamura, 2003-04. 3 males keep TFing in age. Only love could save them?
15 Ch. Series link - (NightElf37)

Freaky Friday
- (mother/grown daughter soul swap) 2016 AA musical. Kitt, Yorkey, Carpenter. Disney Theatrical Productions.
Based on the 1972 book and 1976 and 2003 Disney films. When an overworked mother and her teenage daughter magically swap bodies, they have just one day to put things right before the mom's wedding.

Freaky Friday (2018)
- (mother/grown daughter soul swap) 2018 Disney musical movie based on the 2016 stage musical, Carr.
Mary Rodgers' 1972 Freaky Friday book has now been adapted to film 4 times: 1976 and 2003 theatrical films, and 1995 and 2018 Tv movies. That's a LOT of AA imagery through the years.
- Mother & daughter swap souls through a magical hourglass - Vid link

Sweet Valley Twins
Big for Christmas

- (excellent overnight young teens to adult women APed glimpses, aftermaths) Jamie Suzanne, Francine Pascal, 1994.
Only a few tiny snippets could be extracted.
She yawned and stretched her arms out wide.
The shoulder seams on either side of her gown tore and left a large gaping hole across the back.
What in the... She jumped out of bed and her...
She wanted to go get help, but she knew she couldn't keep Jessica alone in there. Not with a strange woman who, for some weird reason, seemed to be wearing Jessica's pajamas, the blue ones that Elizabeth had given her for her last...
Jessica straightened her posture and squared her shoulders.
The entire sleeve of Jessica's pajama top tore...
Jessica ran into her room and made a frantic lunge for her bottom drawer, where she kept clothes that were a little too big. She reached for the warm-up suit that Aunt Helen had sent a few months ago. She peeled the torn pajamas off and stepped into the pants. "Ugh!" she said out loud. The pants were way too tight. She felt as if she were being strangled from the waist down.
She tried to pull the top down over her...
...and get everything zipped and buttoned. The hem was a little shorter than she had expected. My gosh, she thought in surprise. We're taller than Mom.
She ran into her bedroom, threw up her win...
...were taller than he was. It would be pretty tough on his dad to have to look up to yell at the twins.

Eden's Bowy
- (age TFs) - Youtube video channel link - (NightElf37)

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
- (adult rejuved, Tfed "OA'd") S2Ep4 "Doctor Cerberus' House of Horrors".
A tarot card reader appears. Aunt Zelda gave a baby to an old witch. In the tarot vision, she dreams the old witch had rejuvenated after eating the baby's marrow. The old tarot lady was really younger adult Mary Wardwell in disguise - (Tazz)

Hana to Akuma
- (some TF APed) Ch. link - (NightElf37)

Lord of the Rushie River, The
- (preteen to somewhat older preteen FFed) Cicely Mary Barker, 1938.
The "Lord" is a swan that a sailor's young daughter used to feed. The swan rescues her from the town where she was taken, and carries her back to the river. As she grows taller, it is mentioned that her dress became unsuitable rags. At the end, the father returned. One of those books that is happy but makes you want to cry - Illustrations
- Original Wish List request:
For years I have been trying to find the name of a children's story involving a teen girl with a crush on a sailor. She says good-bye wearing a pretty yellow dress. He promises to come back someday, and asks her to be wearing that yellow dress when he returns. Every day she goes to the harbor wearing her yellow dress, but he does not come. Then many years later, when her dress is washed thin and no longer fits (because she is now a young woman) her sailor arrives at last.

Grandma in the Magical Girl
- (TF AA AR) by Timberdoor, c2019. 4+ Ch.
AKA "Baby in the Magic Girl" A shoujo at heart, granny just wanted to look young again. My breasts are so tender...
- Ch01 link - (NightElf37)

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
- (male OA & rejuvenation) Ch05 "Vento Aureo" - S04 "Golden Wind" 2018.
Prosciutto the assassin's Stand, "The Grateful Dead", can physically and mentally age organisms at an accelerated rate. Using this Stand, Prosciutto can also rejuvenate himself.
- Male rejuv gif - Male OA gif

Tangled: The Series
- (AR AA, RNed) S02Ep18 #39 "You're Kidding Me!" 3/31/2019.
Looking to escape the Mystery House, all the gang except Rapunzel and Eugene were turned into little kids due to a magic spinning top. I really loved it when the 2 toddlers asked for a diaper change, but hate it when they give babies beards and facial hair.
- Clip link - caps - caps - (Steven, Mecham, Utopianfubar, Username)
Rapunzel's sun-powered hair could heal wounds, and reverse aging to some degree. The subject must be in contact with her magically glowing hair. Her tears also had some resurrection and healing powers.

- (adults pseudo disguised as teens) Hulu series. Erskine, Konkle. S1 2019.
Sometimes adults play children's roles for absurd effect. Both the 31 y.o. creators portray themselves as uncool 13 y.o's in the year 2000. Surrounded by actual teens, they navigate the treacherous world of middle school.

- (dedicated OA) Yayame has left the internet again, but their art will love on - e-hentai - (Anonguy)

toons (short)
I Was Made Fun Of For Being A Late Bloomer
- (CoA, some puberty AP) Storybooth, 2018.
There's not much happening for Jessica. She remains skinny and flat chested, even as the other girls advance sideways through puberty in real time - Video link & screencaps

Creeped Out
- (mind transfer rejuv/"ARed" effects) CBBC show, UK/Canada.
- Ep2 "Cat Food" 11/7/2017.
Stu cheats to get a sick day from school. In the house across the road, a demon in a creepy old lady's body wants to steal his body. Stu tricks her, but then the demon steals his sister's body.
- Ep5 "A Boy Called Red" 11/28/2017.
Vincent takes a trip back to his father's home, but in the cellar something goes wrong. He travels back in time to when his father was a little kid...
- (Mike)

Sixty-Eight Rooms Adventures Series
The Pirate's Coin

- (preteen size changes) by Marianne Malone, 2013.
...hoping above all else to stay small... "Quick, under!" She felt the neck of her T-shirt beginning to readjust ... her upper body was on the outside now and she yanked her growing legs from under the door. In less than three seconds, they were sitting, full size, at the bottom of an outdoor stairwell. "That was awesome!"
The feeling of growing while falling had become one of Ruthie's favorite sensations ... Her attitude had changed since the first time she had tried it, which had been hair-raising. Weightless, her hair flowed behind her and for a few seconds, while still small, the air passing under her outstretched arms gave her lift ... she had become skillful at landing completely balanced as her full-sized self.
...flicked the key away from the web. She expected to grow in the usual smooth process. But it was as though the web was fighting back, clutching half of her body! She felt her right side rising while the left was being pulled down. She thought she might break in two! Finally - and although it was only seconds, Ruthie saw her life flash before her eyes - she reached the size where her body was stronger than the spider filament. She burst free of it, and in the process the web ripped apart...

Lona, A Fairy Tale
- (some FF & size reduction themes, blurry RN expansion?) by Dare Wright, 1963.
Evil wizard Druth enchanted Princess Lona as a baby. He placed her in an enchanted castle, to be raised by invisible servants. "Lona is mine until she grows old enough." An enchanted toad went to visit child Lona. He left every year to seek magic to defeat Druth. She did not fear him, but grew tall and lovely.
Lona must set out to find a magic shell. In fright, she fled back to her room. Like a child, she scrambled into her nightgown, got into bed, and pulled the covers over her head. Druth spent his spell toward her! She shrank until she was no bigger than a doll. Now her clothes were too large for her to even wear. "Why, I can make a dress out of my handkerchief!"
An enchanted hand arose from the sand, offering the shell that delivered Murlain's freedom. The people of Murlain awoke, but Lona continued to wander for 3 years. Her clothing grew thin as spiders web, and her feet as tough as a peasant girl's.
A crown descended from the swirling mists. Suddenly, Lona felt herself growing taller! Then she was back in her bedroom. Everything was just as she left it, except for three years of dust. The toad faded away, leaving the prince in his place.
- The woman photographed as the adult/human Lona is Dare Wright (the author) herself - Book illustration photos

text fragments
- (UC/growth-related text only) Various books, UC scenes paragraphs

Tending the Fire: An Introspective Guide to Zen Awakening
- (slight AA FF age anomaly) Verkuilen, 2012.
Dream sequence/metaphors - text fragments

- Carolina

Was ist bloss mit meinen Mannern los?
- (male AA, father/son soul exchange & aftermath, RNed) 2002, Germany - "What's up with the men in my life?"
- Based on the novel "Der Tag, an dem ich Papa war" (The day I was Dad), by Hera Lind (1997); ills. by Marie Marcks.
12 y.o. Fridolin seeks to understand his parents' divorce. On the internet he meets CGI character Boschi, who will fulfill his wish. Fridolin wishes to become the father of the family. He exchanges roles with his father Daniel overnight. The body swap scene is interesting because it shows the father and son having an out of body experience, and walking to their new bodies as they sleep. In the morning he thinks he is dreaming, and can now do anything.
The father must go back to school in his son's body, helped by Fridolin's best friend Katja. In his father's body, Fridolin encounters some problems at his job as a judge. He tries to get rid of his father's new lover, and win his ex-wife back to reunite his parents. However, his mother also has a new lover.
After some of their problems have been solved, the wish must be reversed by both father and son within 48 hours.
- Full movie link @16:10 - screencaps - (Derek)

Theatre Bizarre, The
- (adult rejuved) The Theatre Bizarre, 2011 anthology film.
"The Mother of Toads" segment - A couple stumbles across a piece of jewelry and an ancient book. Hubby goes to old woman's home, where she seduces him after "transforming" into a hot chick. Before he knew it, he woke up next to a sexually satisfied old woman. She uses her froggy ways to kill the girl and try to keep the man in her life.

Gegege no Kitaro
- (furry reborn ARed) Eps 47-49, 2018.
- S01 Finale - The catgirl Neko-Musume was technically immortal, but appeared like an early teenager. Kitaro traveled to the afterlife, and talked King Enma into allowing Neko-Musume to return to the land of the living. However, she now looks and acts like a pre-schooler! I especially liked it when Neko asked for a diaper change.
- S02Ep01 - Clarifies that Neko was depowered; once she regains her youkai energy, she'll return to normal - (SKJAM, Username)

short films
- (male adult to OA'd to skeleton cutaway) 2017 sci-fi comedy short film.
Whenever he sneezes, an office task is completed. However, the skipped time suddenly caught up with him.
- Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

short films
Millennial's Worst Nightmare!
- ("old aged" cutaways, ARed OC cutaway) RT Shorts. Rooster Teeth, 2019.
Feel old yet! Millennial employees feel their ages after conversing with Christina the Gen Z intern. The answer was to affect her the other way.
- Video link - screencaps - (Kiyohime)

UFO Baby
- (male AR, RN) S2 Ep73 "Miyu and kiddy Kanata" NHK - correct date: c.1/2002.
AKA "Daa! Daa! Daa!" - Episode link - (Username, Tazz)

Nanatsu no Taizai
- (male ARed, male RN AP CB) - The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments
Ep24 "So Long As You're Here" 6/30/2018.
- Griamore the Holy Knight served as Veronica Liones's bodyguard since a young age. Training with the Druids, the others came out stronger than before. Griamore came out regressed due to facing his fears of being a weak child. He returned to his normal age in bed with Veronica after being kissed "by the person they loved". Guila enters after hearing Veronica scream, and blasts him out of the castle.
- Scene link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

House with a Clock in Its Walls, The
- (AA "TF" pseudo adult rejuved effect) Witch "TFed" into neighbor and protagonist's mother.
Clip link - caps - (Trifajar)

Worst Witch, The
- (AA series) S1 c2017.
Ep03: - link - gif - Girl into girl bodyswap. Different body types but similar size.
Ep12: - link - gif - Girl into girl AA.
- (Guest, Grenzgaenger)

- ("TFed") - Jumborg Ace 1973 tokusatsu. Boy/girl to "monster" Ep33? - - (Akira)
- (man into monster) - blocked - blocked - (Akira)
- (male adult face) - braces

Robot Chicken
- (blonde mother/goth daughter soul swap) S9Ep4 "Things Look Bad for the Streepster" 1/14/2018.
Sketch: "Switchamaf**k!! The Movie!"
"Freaky Friday" and other AA movies mash-up trailer spoof. They swap through various wishes. Links:
- -

Happy Arcadia
- (swaps TG, pseudo rejuv effect, RNed) Gilbert/Clay musical, 1872.
Astrologos left 4 magic items: Daphne wished to be in Strephon's shoes. Colin turned into Daphne to get away with crimes. Chloe changed into Colin, hoping to be "a grumpy... old bear like papa," to escape 2 suitors. Strephon turned into Chloe.
Everyone is distressed, but if they exchange magic items, each will get another wish.

League of Champions, The - Lady Arcane (character)
- (AR OC) Eclipse Comics, Heroic Publishing.
start: "Champions" #3, 10/1986. 72+ issues up to 1993, 2015+.
- AKA: Donnah Hannah, Miss Arcane, Transpower. Quite possibly Earth's most powerful sorceress. Energy manipulation, "TF", projection, possession, etc.
Granddaughter of the mystic Dr. Arcane, she was kidnapped as an infant. A deal with the devil created rival Black Enchantress. She rejected magic growing up, but was kidnapped by the Demon organization. The Demonmaster took Donnah's form. The League of Champions fought Malice and Demon, and Donnah assumed the role of Lady Arcane. Continued in WitchGirls, Inc.
- Maybe the AR spell below was also used on Olga Gottmann (Sparkplug) in "The League of Champions" #1, "The Gods At War", 12/1990?
- After being raised to peak ability, Olga's sister Teresa (Terri Feran, Flare) was aged from 14 y.o. to full womanhood to battle the League of Champions. Here she seems to have been OA'd maybe?
- Magic battle baby regression - (Hungry Hippo)

Trinity Seven Movie 2: Tenkuu Toshokan to Shinku no Maou
- (demon TF AR, RN) "Heavens Library & Crimson Lord" - 3/29/2019.
Fantasy harem comedy. The 7 sins are represented by the 7 shoujos ruling Biblia Academy. To retake his world, mahou shounen Arata Kasuga must control them.
Near the start, a character regresses. At the end, she increases back to normal - (Carlton)

League of Champions, The
- (demon AA "TF rejuv" glimpsed) P.328-330. Succubus from older brown haired lady into attractive black haired lady. - scene extract - (metamorphose)
- (male FF) - Years extract

- (AR) Ep 2 "Hopping Back to the Future" Alternate link for previously posted video. A woman hops to become a girl again, the same age as her already rejuvenated husband.
- Alternate direct link - (Inkognitolord)

Date A Live
- (demon TF AP & RN AR forms) S03Ep12.
Kurumi uses her power to progress herself into her adult busty form to flirt with Shido. She reverts back when her power suddenly deactivates itself - (Carlton)

- (adult rejuvenated) "Frog"? c1990s.
First the kids clothes were replaced with more colorful outfits. Then the frog turned the old lady teacher into a young adult wearing Jordache apparel. Recess was declared!
- CM link - screencaps - (Mvz, Smrwilly)

Labatt Blue Light
- (adult rejuved) c2012 beer CM - cap - (

body swap (theme)
- (AA adult soul exchange) Chinese film: a beautiful young adult princess has her body stolen by an evil older witch - link - caps - (Eric)

- (adult mother/daughter soul exchange) 2011 satirical horror. Kahn, Palermo.
Rays from an alien spaceship cause mom and daughter to swap places. Sloan Fisher wakes up in her teenage daughter Ione's body in the present day of 2010, while Ione wakes up in Sloan's body... in 1992, back when Sloan was in high school. This plays havoc with time, and almost causes the end of the world.
- It takes place near the beginning of the movie, but they show the on-screen swap in the form of a flashback around 47:52. The switch stays permanent - (Chandrabhanuto)

Body Swap
- (young/old adult mind exchange) Sylvia McNicoll, 2018.
Self-obsessed phone-addicted 15 y.o. Hallie is spiritually swapped with 82 y.o. Susan after a car accident. Hallie, who never even kissed a boy, now has wrinkled skin and achy joints, while Susan deals with a zit and a crush on a player. Hallie faces life in long-term care while Susan gets caught shoplifting. Can they solve the problem?

short stories
Jack Vance
- (male adult young/older brain swaps) "New Bodies for Old", 1950. Collected as "Chateau d'If", 1982.
Roland's friends are swapped into the bodies of their aged buyers.

New bodies for old
- (male adult brain & animal swap) Maurice Renard, 1923.
"...a life prolonged indefinitely, resuming its course at each new incarnation ... I shall restore to you all your desires, at the same time as your youth."

Hold Up Kids
- The 11 volumes can be downloaded with the links below, thanks to It's all in Japanese, though.
- link - link - link - link
- link - link - link - link
- link - link - link
- (Vended)

Kami-sama x Ore-sama x Danna-sama!?
- (APed cut) At the beginning of Ch02, Shizuka kisses young-looking Amane in an oversized shirt to wake her. She is seen to be 16 again after the kiss.
- Extract - (Nightelfdruid37)

short films
What if Wendy
- (AA FF fade) SF short presented by DUST. James A. Sims, 2017.
In a near future, there will be lifelike holograms. On her deceased daughter's 7th birthday, DNA doc Mara Stevens asks herself, what if she hadn't died? Opening this Pandora's box, Mara is faced with the debilitating grief she suppressed so long. Simulation brought forward to 16 and beyond.
- Video link - caps - (Jeffr_2bya)

fetish stories
Deviant Artist: IncredibleCaptainAsh
- (dedicated fantasy AR replacement) "The Mirror Mistress", 2019. Art by Secretagentmittens.
Enter the ancient realm of Zumbia, an oriental city like in the Arabian Nights. Never meant to be told for its terrible dark magic, one story was almost lost in time. On a fateful day, the Mistress of Zumbia gained possession of a wondrous looking-glass from devious merchant Alrak. A mirror, which grants its owner a second childhood. For some a blessing, for some a curse, such a gift always comes with a price: Whosoever shall walk into the magical mirror, shall emerge a child; and from the other side the adult's reflection is ready to take their place in their former life.
- Story link - (Captain Ash)

fan characters
- (fantasy age forms) "Worm", "The Worm and Ward", etc. Web serial novels by John C. McCrae, 2011+
Ciara, AKA Glaistig Uaine, The Faerie Queen and later Valkyrie, chooses to remain a young maiden in her early teens. Gray Boy had also mastered age appearances. "When she stepped forward, she had to be careful, her longer legs unfamiliar. Staying young had come with benefits. The Crone, Schwarze Tante, had been able to give Ciara some of the time she'd stored away."

text fragments
- (male time reversal) by Todd Mitchell, 2013.
At the moment Dan's life ends, the Rider's begins. Unwillingly, the Rider finds himself moving backwards through Dan's life, each day revealing more of the events that led to Dan's suicide. The Rider revels in the life Dan ignored. Beyond the simple pleasures of a hot shower and the sun on his face, he also notices the people around Dan: his little sister, disappointed by her big brother's rejection, his overwhelmed mom, who can never rely on Dan for help, and Cat - with her purple hair, artistic talent, and misfit beauty.
But Cat doesn't want anything to do with Dan. While the days move in reverse and Halloween looms, it's up to the Rider to find out why Cat is so angry, and what he must do to make things right. He attempts to fix the future by changing the past, and experiences the joys and heartbreak of living backwards.

text fragments
Shapeshifter, The (series)
- ("TFed" appearances) "The Shapeshifter" - series by Ali Sparkes, 2006-2008.
"COLAs" are 111 "Children Of Limitless Ability" with amazing supernatural powers, born of a human father and deceased alien mother. Fox TFs. Another power is "mimicry"? Jacob and Alex Teller possess a telepathic link. They also mimic other people in voice and mannerisms.

text fragments
This Immortal
- (male adult stasis) Roger Zelazny, 1966. Serialized in F&SF as "... And Call Me Conrad", 1965.

Hold up Kids
- (female & male adults to young teen AR, aftermath ARed stories, some RN AP) Shueisha version 1.
Two male & 1 female police investigators drank Dr. Yukawa's "young sake". A slightly horny action comedy drawn by Kenichi Odani.
You can read the preview of each book only. There are many age TFs we haven't seen yet.
  The initial group AR happens in the first Book that you can read in full (Japanese only):
- Extracts Book 01
  In Book 03, she took a pill to grow back up to defeat the hijackers:
- Extracts Book 02 to 03
  They wore many silly disguises. In Book 07, they had to disguise genders:
- Extracts Book 04 to 07
  In Book 08, they went back to grade school age. In Book 11, her body begins to wrinkle and sag in stages. The preview ended before her face ages:
- Extracts Book 08 to 11
- (Akira)

Kami-sama x Ore-sama x Danna-sama!?
- (age stasis looks like ARed, RN AP poofs, AR poofs)
When Amane was 7, she wished to save her grandfather. The god Shizuka offered to help if Amane promised to become his wife at age 16. He then cast a spell to prevent her growth! Amane desperately wants him to change her back to normal permanently, and get him out of her life. This good looking yet perverted god still wants to make her his bride and consummate the marriage!
There was one previously posted RN AP scene, where her slippers fell off during the growth. We checked up to Ch10, but there wasn't much clear process.
- Ch01-04 translation link - extracts
- Ch04+ raw link - extracts
- (Nightelfdruid37)

Date A Live
- (demon age battle forms) S03Ep11.
The mighty spirit Kurumi Tokisaki uses her powers to increase in stature to aid Shido Itsuki in combat. The RN reversion happened off screen - (Carlton)

Tenshi no Tamago
- (AA APed transition) - Angel's Egg - OVA by Tokuma Shoten, 1985. Amano, Oshii.
When he breaks the egg, the girl screams and starts running. She falls into the water, where she meets her older reflection and was replaced by a grown woman. Her last breath creates many new eggs. Among the thousands of statues is a new feature: a figure of the girl caressing the egg in her lap. This TF scene is a complex combined Level 04, 05, 06, 08, 13 & 16 AA curse.
- Anime art film full link @61mins - screencaps

Bio Hazard (Resident Evil)
- (APed cutaway) 60-part Hong Kong manhua series, 1999. King's Foundation continuity.
AKA "Biohazard". Preteen Sherry Birkin was infected with the supernatural G-virus, the product of an ancient civilization which the Umbrella Group redeveloped. This caused her to "grow up" off-panel. As a Patron Saint, she could control zombies in Raccoon City. After she had "rapidly aged" into a grown woman, she demonstrated the ability to heal wounds.
- Bio Hazard 2 Vol05: first appearance.
- Bio Hazard 2 Vol58: behind Dehne, a naked, red-haired, adult Sherry stands by - Small extracts

Resident Evil (series)
- (FF age forms)
- Resident Evil 2 -
1998. Preteen Sherry Birkin first appears.
- Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles -
2009. Home alone due to her parents obsessive work schedule, Sherry is instructed to seek shelter in the T-virus outbreak.
- Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City -
2012 appearance link
- Resident Evil 6 -
2012. 27 y.o. Sherry returns as an experienced agent to retrieve a mercenary's blood.
"Mercenaries" minigame: her alternate unlockable outfit "attempts to fit" grown Sherry in her Resident Evil 2 attire for the sake of sex appeal.
- Art/caps - character - sailor uniform - then/now - cosplay

Codename: Kids Next Door
- (age forms) DC Comics.
Numbuh 362 - KND Supreme Leader, Best Spy. Rachel T. Uno, AKA "Ray Tennyson", is her fully adult version. In the "Nextgen" series, Rachel is a tall, slim woman. She wears a bellybutton T-shirt that shows her cleavage.
- 53 issues. First Appearance: "Cartoon Cartoons" #14.
"Codename Kids Next Door" #51? Reportedly, Numbuh 362 accidentally turned herself into an adult? Reportedly, she wore her 2nd outfit, with sandals instead of her cowgirl boots?
"Cartoon Network Action Pack"? (2006-2011).

Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
- (puppet OA) Online surreal horror comedy series. 6 eps, 2011-2016. Sloan, Pelling. UK.
Tony the Talking Clock teaches 3 puppets about time before decaying them alive. He interrupted their debate by screaming "Meh!" louder and louder (an alarm can be heard in the background).

Olivia Kidney and the Secret Beneath the City
- (height increase wish, stasis) Ellen Potter, 2007.
The 3rd book in the Olivia Kidney series. Frannie is trying to make herself grow so that people will stop mistaking her for a 7 y.o.? A mysterious jungle plant might do the trick? "Although Frannie was the size of a seven-year-old child, she was nearly fifteen - two years older than Olivia."

- (age forms) - "Ran and the Gray World" magic shoes transl. manga - AKA "Ran to Haiiro no Sekai".
- ("face stasis" FF) - child stars - (FF) - first day of school vids 12 yrs - (y.a. FF) - photo every day high school - (AA ff amnesia) - Don't wish to be older... time skip

Bakugan: Battle Planet
- (ARed cutaway, AA RNed) S01Ep15a #29 "All Jungled Up" 3/2/2019.
Japanese/American anime series. The 4 main characters were TFed offscreen back into children. After going through the gate to the next world, they AA "progressed" back to normal.
- (Carlton)

short films
Kopiya Verna
- (TF cutaway ARed OC, cutaway AA'd replacement) "Copy Right", Russian. Director: Olga Belova, 2016 (18+).
When Igor interacts with others, a strange transformation takes place: he turns into the person with whom he has contact. Each time the intervals between replacements is reduced. During a road trip, the hero changes from a young man to a woman to a little girl to a middle-aged man... and this is not the limit.
- Film link @5:25 - screencaps - (Gender Bender)

text fragments
Dream Soldier Wing-Man
- (boy body change?) AKA "Dream Warrior Wingman", "Yume Senshi Uinguman" anime.
Ep2 "Stick on Hip" 1984. Blocked link - First dream "bikini daughter from the sky". Blocked link
- (Akira)

Middle-earth: Shadow of War
- (male adult flashbacks from old) Action RPG video game, Monolith, 2017.
"Not today Brian." An orc protected him at crucial moments in his life. Nothing will be forgotten - CM link

Umbrella Academy, The
- (AR) Season finale.
When Number 5 was in the future, he saw a destroyed world with no survivors. He arrives back 8 days before the disaster. They find that Number 7 will be responsible. She unleashes a wave that destroys part of the moon, sending a huge chunk hurtling towards earth (causing the foreseen destruction).
To stop this, they have to go back in time together. They turned back into 13 year-olds while holding hands in a circle, vanishing just before the destruction hit their location.
A bit of a letdown IMO. While Number 5 returned in baggy adult clothes, they all ended up in their school uniforms for some reason. :/ I heard next season they'll be adults again, the shot of them being kids was symbolic.
- (Tazz, Username)

Umbrella Academy, The
- (male RN "ARed" aftermath) Dark Horse.
#1 "The Day The Eiffel Tower Went Berserk" 9/2007.
- The comic the 2019 Netflix series was based on had no on-page AR. Number 5 was introduced sometime after he dropped in the present, already having been ARed back to age 10. The time travel didn't happen, as Number 7 begins a new arc - (Tazz)

Kim Possible
- (male AR back to early teen) Disney Channel original movie, 2/15/2019.
Live action adaptation of the cartoon. Athena is part of Drakken and Shego's plan to steal Kim's motivational essence, and is revealed to be a gynoid. Kim short-circuits the essence transferring machine, turning Dr. Drakken back into a 12 y.o. boy as a side-effect.
During the end credits, young Dr. Drakken enrolls at Kim's high school posing as a gifted student, with Shego posing as his mom. He begins his final plan to defeat her once and for all.
- Maxwell Simkins (b. 10/17/2006): young Drakken - Todd Stashwick: mad scientist Drakken, Kim's archenemy - (Steven)

HUGtto! Pretty Cure Futari wa Pretty Cure: All Stars Memories
- (AR AA) 25th anime movie, 10/27/2018.
Every hero from the PreCure animes joins forces. The villain Miden turned most of them into babies! Will they forget everything they've been through?
- Some clips: - link - link - link - (Tazz)

Big Mouth
- (CoA) 2017+, Netflix.
S02: Gina Alvarez is very physically developed for her age. Her unseen "sudden puberty spurt" caused a ruckus at the boys and girls soccer practice.

- (FFed) 1993+
9 y.o. evacuee Eva was said to "suddenly grow up into a woman" in one scene, but was merely AA-replaced?

short stories
Ethel Watts Mumford
- (male adult mental rejuv effect) "When Time Turned", Black Cat, 1901.
Focuses on the experience of living in reverse, but it may be a delusion. "I don't want to be a baby." - Text link - (Jeffr, SfEnc.)

same background
- 2-21 years

- Newstar Diana model.

Ojamajo Doremi Naisho
- (body swap looks like ARed and mentally ARed) OAV Ep5 "Someone Who Knows the Sorrow: Pop and Hana's Secret" 8/21/2004.
Pop (Harukaze Poppu) is envious of how Hana is treated as an infant. Noticing her wish, Hana uses magic to swap bodies with Pop. Now Pop is trapped in the body of a baby and unable to speak! When Hanna goes to Pop's school, she will inevitably lose control of her bladder... Can the worst humiliation be averted?
- Episode link - screen caps - (Mysteryshadow)

Addie Bell's Shortcut to Growing Up
- (AA amnesia FFed, time skip magic) Jessica Brody, 2017.
By the author of "A Week of Mondays" (time loop novel). Being newly 12 and in 7th grade stinks. Addie Bell is so over this - she wonders how much more she can possibly take. She seems to be a sixteen year old stuck in a twelve year old's body.
It doesn't help that her best friend Grace is still somewhat "childish" - wanting to have tea parties and do their school assignments on fairy tales at a slumber party. If only Addie could fast-forward to being 16 like older sister Rory, and wear makeup, have a cellphone, drive a car, and stop dressing in the babyish clothes that line her closet.
For her birthday, elderly neighbor Mrs. Toodles gives her a jewelry box that has the power to magically grant wishes. There's no way right? So she writes "I wish I was sixteen" and locks it in the box.
When she wakes up, the whole world has changed. Addie is no longer twelve, in the same babyish bedroom with the little kid clothes and zero curves. She wakes to find she's actually sixteen years old, in a room full of awesome furniture, cute clothes, makeup, and a dog - something she wasn't allowed to have. At first she thinks it's a belated birthday present. It's funny when she first encounters her newly developed body. Her mother enters just as she's holding her new boobs (prominent but not gigantic), and tells her to hurry up.
"This is the glamorous, uninhibited, greatly improved life of sixteen-year-old Adeline. It's like someone has unlocked the door and let me out of my prison cell. Someone has finally set me free. And I have a feeling it's going to be amazing."
So Addie, who now likes to be called Adeline, is tossed into this world. 4 years have passed, meaning that Addie missed growing up, seeing her sister off to college, and even getting her puppy. Sure, there are photos of Addie during all these times, but she wasn't actually there for any of it. She has to learn to navigate life as a teenager, with no memory of the intervening 4 years!
Suddenly being in high school seems harder than she'd thought. For starters, she still has the driving skills of a 12-year-old, doesn't know how to find her locker, can't speak a word of French, or even knows how to pronounce trigonometry. Her first attempts at flirting are pretty hilarious. And for some reason she is no longer on speaking terms with best friend Grace...
However, Addie has become besties with shallow mean girl Clementine, and is now one of the most popular girls in school. They have a successful makeup/hair/nails vlog that they run together, and this Addie has plenty of guys after her - seven of them asked her to the school dance, and she turned down every one of them. But is her friendship with Clementine all it's cracked up to be?
Addie struggles to make sense of the world she is living in now, and figure out exactly how to fix things that got all messed up in the past years - not an easy feat! Big changes can come from small choices thoughtlessly made. Being yourself with your equally uncool best friend is a lot better than being popular all by yourself. Also revealed: dorky seventh grade boys can actually grow up to be date-worthy! A really cute book, definitely light and fluffy. There's a strong underlying message about friendship being worth more than anything. Younger readers shouldn't be in such a hurry to grow up, but instead enjoy every moment of their lives as they go along.

Lotte no Omocha!
- (furry & demon AA APed poofs, RN poofed) AKA "Rotte no Omocha!". Vol06 Ch40 "Grow-up girls" 2007+.
7 y.o. Varkanina rabbit genius Ingrid Sorveig Sorgrims creates a machine that can temporally age up an anthro's body. After showing off her teen body, she ages up the succubi Lotte Ygvar and Asuha Tohara, in which they show off to Naoya.
- Chapter link - extract - (Mysteryshadow)

Ferin Chronicles, The (1-3)
- (male adult demon rejuvenated) Daniel Pierce, 2018.
Book 1, "Forever Young": Recently divorced Jason Richards is in his 40s and hates his job, but everything changes when he's attacked by a redheaded vampire. He wakes up in a mansion surrounded by beautiful women, and is told he can never go home again. More importantly, his bones no longer ache, he feels amazing, and looks like a 20 year old man again! That's because he's a Ferin, a Forever Young, gifted with immortality and special abilities. With his gorgeous haremettes, Jason must defeat the vampire who created him and uncover the dark truth - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (mind transfer) Light novel series by Akira & Hidari. 2009-13.
Anime Ep08 "Strategic Solitude" 3/1/2013. Ep09.
- For some reason, Sasami Tsukuyomi decided to seclude herself behind a magic barrier. Tsurugi instructs Tama to eat her way into Sasami's bedroom. Sasami has suddenly gotten fat overnight!
Her spirit is taken to the past. She possesses her mother while confronting an evil spectre - screencaps - (Mysteryshadow)

- (adult rejuv illusions, TG) Comedy Central, 2012 to 2015.
Ep7 "Hello Dottie" 11/13/2012? The three fired rangers find new work. Turning off the lights in a strip club will have a de-aging effect. But it wears off when the lights are turned on again.
- Clip link - gif - caps
- Clip link - gif - caps
- (Kingfaraday, Jayden, Blogerlady)

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
- (mind transfer, teen to future adult self) Ch145, at the end.
A magic ritual gone wrong sends the mind of 16 y.o. Chisaki Miyazaki 10 years into the future, possessing her 26 y.o. body. She is able to return to the present at the end of chapter 148 - (Mysteryshadow)

age disguise
- (instant "ARed" disguise) c'18.
How to transform yourself into a little girl 101: Clip link - gif - caps

Doc McStuffins
- (AR AA) S5Ep5 #125 "Adventures in Baby Land" 3/1/2019.
BABY DOC!!! When Doc's little sister can't find her favorite toy, it's up to Doc and the toys to find CeCe in Baby Land, and the only way in is to be a baby.
Despite all the singing it was a cute regression, but nothing really changed about Doc's behavior. I thought she would be acting more like a baby, but she was just herself in a baby's body.
- Clip link - screencaps - (Soltiger, Cakipopo)

short films
grow up meme
- (pseudo slight "APed") 2018, 17 sec clip. He told his daughter to "grow up" so she became slightly more mature - caps

Yesterday's Gone (S1-6)
- (male AP, AR report?) by Sean Platt, David Wright, 2011+.
Humanity has gone missing. Scattered survivors wake to find the world almost empty. But a new threat emerges. Their only hope is to unite, and face the oncoming darkness.
Season 2: 8 y.o. Luca Harding discovered that he could heal people, but he aged each time he did this, becoming a mental boy in a man's body:
"...pulled out a black hoodie and some dark blue jeans. Both looked like they belonged to a college kid. They looked too large and baggy, but it was better than a shirt that made him look like the Incredible Hulk without the big green muscles. He stripped from the shredded apparel and couldn't help notice that among the areas to grow - both size and hair - was downstairs. Luca felt a flush of embarrassment..."
- c12 y.o. Paola Olson reportedly also became a healer and aged? - (Jeffr_2bya)

music videos
Eurovision Song Contest
- (some adult face FFed) - Anastasia Prikhodko - "Mamo", 2009, Moscow live Tv.
The graphics on the stage screens show the Russian performer's face somewhat "aging" throughout the course of her song, while singing the lyrics in sync with the actual performance - link

Hercules Against the Moon Men
- (adult OA'd) 1964, dubbed from Italian.
Hercules is summoned to oppose evil Queen Samara, who has allied herself with aliens. When Hercules stops the resurrection of the Moon Queen near the end, her body rapidly ages and decays into dust.
Joel: This film has aged me...
Crow: I know how she feels!

text fragments
Legend of Drizzt, The (series)
- (demon entity upgrade, fantasy curse) R.A. Salvatore.
"Homecoming" (3 books): Archmage (2015), Maestro (2016), Hero (2016):
The reborn Yvonnel Baenre starts to dictate events in the City of Spiders. Born a powerful priestess and mage, she was infused with the memories of the original Matron Mother. Yvonnel II grew weary of her infanthood quickly, and used a Haste spell with the side-effect of aging the caster one year with each use to become a beautiful young woman.

Powerpuff Girls, The
- (pseudo oa'd) c'18 link - caps

Black Mirror
- (adults rejuved simulation) S3Ep4 "San Junipero" 10/21/2016.
It was revealed to be a simulated reality where the deceased can live and the elderly can visit, inhabiting their younger adult selves' bodies.

- (male adult alien OA) Ep1 "Identified" 9/16/1970, UK.
Anti-alien defense organisation SHADO officially goes into operation. A UFO pilot is captured and discovered to have transplanted human organs within him. After being exposed to Earth's atmosphere he starts aging rapidly and quickly dies.

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AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

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