Aging Transformation Scenes

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A site about ageshifters, girls outgrowing their clothes, and every other male and female age transformation.

Nice Girls Do--and now you can too!
- (mental ARed dream) Irene Kassorla, 1980, sex therapy.
"Your Beautiful Hidden Room" chapter. Release of repressed erotic childhood fantasies a la Freud - text scan - (Matt)

AR gags
- (fake) '13, mother/daughter comparison meme - AA poses - (F5)

- (dedicated adult baby) - comic preview - (Thrandrall)

- (male furry AA FF AP) S02Ep04 "Rupert in Timeland"
Rupert and Podgy find themselves unaffected by a sudden time freeze. When visiting Father Time, both journey into the future and age with each leap of time.
- Vid link - (Soltiger)

Past Perfect
- (AR) 1996.
Executioners from the future come back to carry out capital punishment on juvenile delinquents who are future serial killers. When the truant officers' molecular coating is breached, they rapidly age backward until they match the local time period - or they disappear altogether.

Further Adventures of Aladdin
- (AR) #03 "A Small Problem", A. R. Plumb, 2004.
Evil sorcerer tricked almost everyone in the palace into drinking enchanted water, causing them to grow younger by the minute. Most people in the kingdom have also drunk youth water. With the Sultan a boy on the throne, and toddlers forming the palace guard, Aladdin and Jasmine must stop him before they have a city of babies.
- (Tazz)

Code Name Phoenix
- (age stasis) 2000, UPN Tv movie.
In 2020, global peace prevails. But there's a sinister threat to world stability: a genetically engineered virus that stops human aging.
A Hong Kong martial arts expert teams with a US Marshal to track the illegal marketer who conspires with a beauty products magnate to auction the virus' rights and ensure worldwide chaos - (Jeff)

Folktales from Northern India (book)
- (male adult rejuv) Crooke, Chaube, Naithani, 2006.
An old man is made young again after eating some black rice - (Jeffr_2bya)

Lost Children, The
- (male AR, age stasis) The Lost Children - Carolyn Cohagan, 2010.
12 y.o. Josephine is lonely until she meets Fargus in her garden shed. Josephine is magically transported to the Higgins Institute. A time-slip fantasy in a world where childhood is threatened yet infinitely prolonged to satisfy hunger for domination.
"The Master's hair turned black once more, the wrinkles disappeared, his body grew smaller, and he quickly became the boy they had all known. But it didn't stop there. He was an eight-year-old boy, then seven, then six.
"Make it stop Seaworthy! I order you to help me!"
Then he became an innocent toddler, sucking his thumb, and then, finally, he became a small baby, curled into a ball, playing with his feet.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

short stories
Jan Stirling
- (male AR, old age) "Yo Baby!" 1999, fantasy.
In the book "Chicks 'N Chained Males", Esther Friesner.
- Warrioress Alzira and husband Velops are hit with a spell by his brother who wants to steal Velops' throne. The spell causes him to grow younger and her to grow older every day. In the end, the brother is turned into an infant by the sorceress who gave him the spell.
- (Dale Ribbons)

Relic Hunter, The
- (male adult OA) S02Ep01 "The Put Back" 9/18/2000.
Instead of hunting down a treasure, they must return one - or unleash a curse on the Kuba people. After Ross 'liberated' an idol from the Temple of Woot, an African god of regeneration, he began degenerating at an alarming clip. Ross morphs back from an old man to a young one.

Young All-Stars, The
- (age change?) #27 "Meanwhile..." 4/1/1989 DC.
Vigilante, Crimson Avenger, Seven Soldiers, Squire are battling the Skull. Retelling of Leading Comics #5 (1942).
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Granny, The
- (adult to OA) 1995.
The Granny - Horror/comedy about undead granny at war with her buxom, bookish granddaughter. The evil granny transforms her granddaughter into an old woman, and they wrestle on the floor. The age makeup is like a cartoon witch, and the granddaughter keeps her sexy figure through the transformation...
- (Zietgiest) - vid link

short stories
Russian Fairy Tales (book)
- (possible rejuv/AR/OA?) Moura Budberg, 1967 - (Jeffr_2bya)

Great Ghost Tales
- (male adult rejuv, mental AR) S01Ep04 "Bye, Bye Baby" 7/27/1961 NBC.
A man gets a tape from a hypnotist that mesmerizes him into thinking he is no longer 38 but 21. He begins acting like he is 21 for longer periods after each listening. His gray hair vanishes, and his face slowly becomes like a younger man's. He also gets more energy. His wife can no longer keep up with him, so he finds a younger woman and wants a divorce. But his wife also visited the hypnotist, and got a tape to mesmerize her husband into thinking he is now 5. She plays him the tape twice a day as "medicine." The man is still adult sized, but his hair and teeth look like a child's, and he is acting like a 5-year-old while playing with blocks on the floor. His wife tests on him the "bye, bye baby" line he used on her when he thought he was 21 - (PixChick)

Uighur stories from along the Silk Road (book)
- (male AR) Wei, Luckert, 1998.
The Silk Road between Europe and China gave birth to many tales.
... Seley and Seide, and all the people, heard that the greedy magistrate had turned into a baby. They all laughed at his greedy act. Because the family of the magistrate could not bear this shock, they strangled the magistrate-baby one night...
... daughter-in-law ceased growing up and, on the contrary, got smaller and smaller till she turned into a baby...
- Jeffr_2bya

Round The Twist
- (mental AR, m/f) S04Ep05 "TV Or Not TV" 2/28/2001.
Pete, Bronson and Linda are sucked into the TV and discover the truth behind their "heroes" - (Unknown Fan)

- (male AR) 2005.
Two brothers play a similar game to "Jumanji", the game that you live through. An astronaut played the game, and wished his own brother was never born. Walter wishes for the astronaut's brother to come back, and it turns out the astronaut is really Walter. They merge into one, the astronaut becoming younger till he is the same age as Walter, and they merge - (Tazz)

From Beyond the Unknown
- (male AR) Super Size #9, 3/1971, National Periodical.
Reprint of The Man Who Aged Backwards. A spaceman lands on a small planet whose radiation causes some fairly good AR.
- (possible male age stasis) #24 "The Man Who Lived Forever" 10/30/1973 Charlton.
AKA Strange Adventures #145.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Night Visions
- (mental AR aspect) S01Ep24 "Switch" 2002.
Sydney, a woman with multiple personality disorder, seeks to uncover a shocking childhood event. After her next session a violent personality takes control. Sydney wanders through the rooms within her head and finally faces her real self: the girl who killed her parents. She gets taken over by the child personality. In the end she talks and acts like the evil little girl - Vid link - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male rebirth) Super Nintendo.
Inverted, one of the villains gains maturity again, and is 'reborn' as the hero destined to defeat Dark Gaia and complete another revolution - (Jeffr_2bya)

La petite bete est morte
- (male AR) 1881. The pseudo saint has an inordinate appetite for youth, empties the elixir vial at a gulp, and is a baby again - when even danseuses cannot make love to you - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (reverse life) Joan Gould, 1980.
Pacific island inhabited by a race of people with a radically different conception of birth, aging, and death.

Fortress of Dragons
- (male AR) C. J. Cherryh, 2001.
Fortress cycle. The vile Hasufin plans to use the first-born as his conduit. "Tristen gripped the boy's shoulder, then his hand, and increasingly as he walked the hand he held was smaller and smaller ... He found himself with a newborn baby in his arms, a wizened, bloody creature with tight-clenched eyes..."
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Animal Comics
- (possible AR?) #21 "Albert and Pogo and the Fountain Of Youth" 07/30/1946 Dell.
- (

Creature Of The Walking Dead
- (male adult rejuv, male OA degen) 1963.
Dr. Malthus kidnaps a young woman and transfuses her blood into himself to maintain his youth, however he is hanged for his crime. Grandson Casanova inherits the house and discovers the decomposing remains of young women killed in the experiments. He kidnaps another and brings the old man back to life. The young blood causes his grandfather to become a young man again, but he needs constant blood to maintain this youth. The gradually decomposing grandfather is forced to kidnap another young woman for her blood, and tries to take his grandson's place and marry his fiance.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

short stories
Other Worlds: the fantasy genre (book)
- (male AR) John H. Timmerman, 2007.
"Lord Foul cringed at the sound. He strove to sustain his defiance but could not. With a cry of mingled pain and fury, he covered his face and began to change. The years melted off his frame. His hair darkened, beard grew stiffer; with astonishing speed, he was becoming younger. And at the same time he lost solidity, stature. His body shrank and faded with every undone age. Soon he was a youth again, barely visible. Still the change did not stop. From a youth he became a child, growing steadily younger as he vanished. For an instant, he was a loud infant squalling his ancient frustration. Then he disappeared altogether."
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Angry Beavers
- (male furry AR) S03Ep09 "Act Your Age"
The Beaver Boys fight over who gets the first bite of a rare, ancient oak tree that falls in their dam. Norb outwits Dag and gets the first bite. Irritated at first, Dag calms down when Norm is suddenly transformed into a beaver toddler. Daggett takes a bite and joins Norbert in beaver tot land. The dam becomes a whole new world as the two brothers go from one argument to the next. A very funny take on an AR situation - Baxxter

short story
Outlook, The
- (possible AR?) THE OUTLOOK: An Illustrated Weekly Journal Of Current Life - Vol 148, 1/1928.
Until, instead of growing larger, he began to get smaller and smaller - (Jeffr_2bya)

Turn Back The Clock
- (male adult FB rejuv) 1933, MGM.
Joe and Mary are just scraping by. When Joe is hit by a car, he wakes up 20 years in his past and can rectify his error and marry Elvina and her money. He still remembers his other life, and what happened during those years. In the end he isn't as happy, and his new life catches up with his old one. Everything goes wrong, but he wakes in the hospital returned to normal, and tells Mary he wouldn’t change a thing about their life together - (TBTC)

- (male adult rejuvenated or cloned) 1977, 1982. "The Final Eye".
In the distant future year of 1995, the last private eye investigates Eden Isle, a complex for people who want a perfect life. Interestingly, their boss Korter is found on a beach 20 years younger than before - (TBTC)

Red Dwarf
- (male reversed lifespan) S03Ep01 "Backwards" 11/14/89.
The crew are forced to spend ten years on a reverse planet, waiting for a chance to escape. If he doesn't get off the planet soon, he's going to have to go through puberty again. Backwards. Lister will carry on growing younger until he becomes a baby, then an embryo.
- (male AR & OA) S05Ep02 "The Inquisitor" 2/27/92.
He roams through time, weeding out life's wastrels and deleting the worthless - the Red Dwarf crew are in big, big trouble. Lister gets (de) aged.

- (ARed?) There were babies sitting on the ground in big clothes? There was another sorta commercial where they show babies in a huge fountain swimming, I think it was for Avion? Slogan: "your fountain of youth", which means the babies were once older?

- (OA, AR?) 15 "The Old Hat Home" 1971. Live action, puppets.
The nasty Hoo-Doo AA's the human and fedora-like inhabitants of Lidsville older. They manage to effect a cure, but when Hoo-Doo tries to reverse his spell, they'll all be ARed! - 01 - TBTC

- (younger duplicate versions) Marvel, 1998-200x. The X-men are babies, or actually baby clones.
X-Babies Murderama; X-Babies, Pint-Sized; X-Babies Reborn "Beware The Babymaker!"
- Wiki - (TBTC)

Infinity, Inc
- (age stasis) #18 "Helix Goes To Hollywood" 9/1985 DC.
Baby Boom's back story is explained. Baby Boom stopped growing at 5-years-old.
- (Jeffr_2bya)
Comic Book Cover

Soul Traveler
- (possible AR or AP?) Laurance Pearsongreer, 2002.
An ancient race hid from humanity. A daring trip through time, space, and humanity?
- (Sally G. Laturi)

Eerie, Indiana
- (age stasis, adult youth theft?) "The Fountain of Weird" #6, Sherry Shahan.
Marshall and Simon find themselves at the Old Fogey's Farm, run by Doctor Beelzebug, who has discovered a way to stop people from aging. But he needs hormones from young people to do it - and he plans for the boys to be his next donors.
- (TBTC)

National Enquirer
- (male age stasis) 4/18/1996.
When Huang Kai-quan and his younger sister walk down the street, people think she's his mom, because he's the size of a toddler, even though he's 25 years old! Huang stands just 2 feet 6 inches--less than half his 21-year-old sister Wen-Yi's height, and he weighs a mere 28 pounds.
The little big man is frozen in time, and baffled doctors haven't been able to help him grow. 'He talks like a man, he thinks like a man, but he's trapped inside a baby's body,' says a Chinese source familiar with the case. 'And he's not a dwarf--he's just got the body of a toddler. He doesn't shave, but apart from that, Huang is normal in every way and has average intelligence.'
Huang was born in February 1970 to peasant parents is Szechuan Province, China. Surprisingly he weighed in at a healthy 7 pounds, but at the age of three months, he suddenly stopped growing. He slowly got a bit bigger over the years, but it became obvious he'd never become normal size.
He says he was badly hurt when all his childhood friends began towering over him and went on to full lives, leaving him behind. Huang admits he used to become 'very angry'. 'God finally answered my prayers. My pain went away,' he told the source. 'Now I make the best of my condition. My pleasures are simple--bringing joy to others by telling jokes, watching TV, and playing Ping-Pong. I stand on a crate at one end of the Ping-Pong table and get one of the village boys to play with me.'
Doctors suspect Huang's condition is caused by the failure of the pituitary gland (located in the brain) to produce growth hormone. Although Huang hopes doctors can help, he’s resigned to his fate. 'I know I will never grow up. It’s frustrating. Sometimes it seems the world is a huge party and I have to stand outside and peek in through the doorway'.

Sorcerer Of Claymorgue Castle
- (AR text?) 1984 Basic computer game.
Solon the Master Wizard has concealed the 13 stars of Power. The Castle contains further spells but beware -- as an apprentice you may find the results unpredictable! - (Jeffr_2bya)

Andy Panda
- (anthro AR?) #32 "The Fountain Of Youth" 01/30/1956 Dell.
Andy Panda discovers the Fountain of Youth.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Oh Boy!
- (male AR) Associated British Picture Corporation, 1938.
Comedy of an elixir discovered by a scientist which first turns him into a virile man but then gradually changes him into a baby. In this form, he foils a plot to steal the Crown Jewels - Jeffr_2bya

short stories
J.B. Miller
- (possible AR or rejuv) "True Fiction" book, 2007, five stories in Vol1.
The fountain of youth story. Decide which parts are true and which are fiction. See if you can figure it out!

Strange Orbit
- (male & female AR) Margaret Simpson, 1995, teen sci-fi.
Spaceship misses its destination and hurtles into deep space for a mysterious voyage that transcends time and the mind itself.
You know how they sometimes show plants growing on television, all speeded up, so that you see them sprouting and flowering and withering all in a few minutes? Well, this was happening to Mikey, only in reverse. Already he had gone from a little boy to a toddler, and now before my eyes he was steadily turning into a fat baby who could hardly sit up.
"My God, darling! This time reversal is ... because, like Mikey, we were getting younger by the second."
"Not my problem, darlings," said Muriel ... Meanwhile Mikey was screaming "Waaagh!" already he was back to being a newborn baby, all purple and wrinkled with no hair.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (adult rejuvenation to OA extremes) AKA "The Rejuvenator", 1988.
Scientist's serum makes a movie queen into a young adult again, but the formula calls for non-stop cadavers. It turns her into a grotesque monster occasionally. The makeup effects look astounding from the photos - (Zietgiest)

Space Firebird
- (male FF, male AR) 1991.
The 2720s: A young'n'terrible kid grows up by himself in a single-room "kindergarten cell" surrounded by high-tech. For one birthday, he receives an android nurse: beautiful woman-transformer, programmed to teach and protect. Eventually the kid grows and enters Space Academy. He searches through the known Universe for the Space Firebird. The creature "enters" the android and falls in love with its master and friend. The youngster trades his life for his planet: reborn from its own ashes - (Chica)

Amazing Adult Fantasy
- (male AR) #11 "The Secret of The Universe!" 04/01/1962.
Mankind discovers the effects of traveling faster than light speed by sending a dying man into space.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Operation: "Sleepover"
- (dedicated AR, AP text) c2000 text game, Quest Player.
Main character uses magic pocket watch to control his age and regress others - Jeffr_2bya

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman
- (AR) S04Ep05 "Brutal Youth" 10/20/96.
A woman invents a machine that steals adult youth to transfer to other adults. She tries to use it on Superman, and the receiver is transformed into an infant.
- (OA) - Tempus ages Lois.

Funny Stuff
- (implied anthro AR only) #38 "The Fountain Of Youth" 10/30/1948 DC.
Fennimore tries to sell Dunbar the Fountain of Youth. Dunbar Dodo and Fennimore Frog are reverted.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

short stories
Chester S. Geier
- (AR) "The Children" p.279.
From "The Random House Book of Science Fiction Stories", 1997.
A group of colonists land on a planet that has an ore that regresses them
- (Brat)

King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones
- (AR, OA) PC game,
Wrong order of gems in the "The Door of Destiny" can make you a baby again or a skeleton. There are also some minor flashbacks, and a look into the king's future as he takes a test (also if you drink the youth potion, it will be a while before you'll be interested in girls again) - (Jeffr_2bya)

King's Quest VII - The Princeless Bride
- (AR) 1994 cartoon game from Sierra. The main weapon at the end is a handheld Rejuvenator. You use it on the main villain, turning her into a baby.

- (AR) Medieval Latin rejuvenescere, to become young again, c1631: a renewal of youthfulness or vigor.

Better Than Life
- (male AR effect) Red Dwarf series, Grant Naylor, p.269.
Rimmer has a series of flash backs - (Brat)

Uncanny Tales
- (male adult age stasis) #51 "I Lived Forever" 01/30/1957 Marvel.
A man during the Crusades receives a boon from a Muslim sorcerer for letting him go, but the gift of immortality turns to a curse as all those he loves grow old and die, and he has to wander from place to place lest people wonder why he does not age.
- (

short stories
Songs of the Dying Earth (anthology)
- (female & male adults to OA) Stories in Honor of Jack Vance - Martin, Dozois, 2001.
Magic spells for aging people are used by wizards.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
- (male AR) PSX, 1998.
There are 2 endings. The villain and time dude go to time jail, and villain N. Cortex and the time guy are turned into babies. The rest of the ending shows them fighting over the mask.
- (Taz)

Sorcerer's Apprentice, The
- (canine AR) Disney, 2010.
Dave is chased by 3 wolves onto a train track summoned by villian Maxim Horvath from a Calender. Right before the wolves attack, Balthazar turns them into puppies. To cover his tracks, he then turns them into pictures of puppies - (Tazz)

- (male & female AR) Takeshi Kunitsu, 2007. A witch's youth potion gets out of hand - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (age stasis) Greek mythology: nymphs of brooks, springs, and fountains. Endowed with youth and beauty, they were gifted in music, dancing, social graces. Also thought to have healing and prophetic powers.

Realm of Magic
- (rejuv or AR) Viagara is a quest item that temporarily reverses the aging process 10 years or so... port 4000 - (BloodLust)

Toopy and Binoo
- (male anthro AR) S01Ep10 "Baby Toopy" 11/03/2005.
Toopy (a large, talking rat) wants to play baby with Binoo (Toopy's living plush cat), with Toopy being the mommy, and Binoo being the baby. But Binoo wants to be the mommy, so he puts a pacifier in Toopy's mouth, turning him into a baby. He remains a baby until the end, when he drinks a bottle of milk and changes back to normal. Then Binoo puts the pacifier in his own mouth, and turns into a baby.
- Video link - (Metamorphose)

Golden Voyage, The
- (male adult rejuv) Atari, 1981, 8 bit text adv.
The king lies near death in the royal palace. You have 3 days to bring back the elixir to rejuvenate him. For experienced Adventurers only - (Jeffr_2bya)

Folk literature of the Chamacoco Indians (book)
- (male AR) Wilbert, Simoneau, Canedo, 1987.
Collection of Indian stories from the Chamacoco.
... and finally he went as well. He passed very near the tree, rubbing hard against it. He ended up looking like a baby, with the legs of a baby. But as time passed he began to grow again, and the others began to age.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (reverse lifespan) The teenagers Melly and Anny Beth have lived over 150 years each. Once residents of a nursing home, they agreed to be part of an experiment on "unaging." The plan was for senior citizens to age backwards, eventually remaining 25-30 years old indefinitely, but it didn't go as planned. Melly and Anny Beth find problems in getting younger, especially during the teenage years when they are trying to live independently. Searching for a family to adopt them before they become too young to care for themselves at all, they discover someone is searching for them...

Tales of Horror
- (female adult to old age) #5 "Sisters of The Witch" 04/01/1954 Toby.
One woman is magically aged into a old woman.
- (goldenagecomics)

Tales of Horror
- (male adult stasis or OA) #12 "Fate of Alberto" 08/01/1954 Toby.
A man gets his wish for immortallity.
- (goldenagecomics)

Space Adventures
- (fake AR) #27 "Elixir of Youth" 02/30/1959 Charlton.
A Con-man gets tricked into thinking his Youth Elixir works.
- (

fan characters
temporal healing
- (time acceleration or reversal) RPGs etc. Superpower that heals through temporal manipulation. Combination of Time Manipulation and Healing - Jeffr_2bya

fan characters
temporal rewind
- (time reversal) RPGs etc. Superpower invoking the ability to rewind time. Sub-power of Time Manipulation. Opposite power of Time Acceleration - (Jeffr_2bya)

Ngereklianged's Fountain of Youth
- (adult rejuvenation) Palau.
Legend of Ngereklianged: a story telling how the fountain of youth came to be and how it was lost.
- Ngerechokl (The gift of everlasting life): Two brothers were unusually faithful to their father. The father learned from a magician the magic of everlasting life as the reward for his sons. He planted magically treated plants near a lake, intending to bring his sons there the following day. But before they got there an old woman happened to bathe in the lake and became a young woman. To the father's disappointment this used up the magical faculty of the lake.
- (JeffR)

- (male adult to old age) S03Epi13 "Panacea" 2/12/02.
Max Evans, at gunpoint, is forced to try to 'heal' a dying old man. But Max is the one who ages - apparently beyond his physical limit.
- (male adult rejuv) S03Ep14 "Chant Down Babylon" 2/26/02.
Clayton Wheeler, the recipient of Max's energies in the episode above, undergoes a startling change, and develops a crush on young Liz.

Space: 1999
- (adults to old age?) Travel through a space warp affects the crew in differing ways until normal space is restored.

- (female old age, male AR) #29?
On Earth-2, all women are aging. Golden-age Atom travels to Earth-1, where all the men are getting younger, including the Silver-age Atom, Ray Palmer.
Also in #36 "The Duel Between the Dual Atoms!" 4/1968 DC.
- (TBTC)

FullMetal Alchemist
- (male dream AR to baby) S04Ep11 "Homunculus Seal".
FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood
- (male adult rejuved, male AR into fetus) S01Ep61 "The One Who Devoured God" 06/13/2010.
INFO PAGE - (Jeffr_2bya)

Fairly OddParents, The
- (male AA AP) S01Ep01 "The Big Problem!" 3/30/2001.
- (male AR) S01Ep04 "Apartnership".
- (OA) S02Ep04 "Action Packed".
- (male adult age-up) S02Ep18 "Knighty Knight" 9/6/2002.
- (AR) S02Ep17 "The Switch Glitch" 7/12/2002.
- (male slight AR/AP) S03Ep17 "Chip Off the Old Chip" 11/21/2003.
- (male AR to baby) S04Ep06 "Baby Face".
- (male AP) S05Ep01 "Love at First Height" 2004.
- (male ARed) S05Ep02 "Go Young, West Man" 2004.
- (AA age-up) S05Ep04 "Teeth for Two".
- (fairy rejuvenation) "Wishy Washy".
- (fairy AR to babies) "Poof's Playdate" 8/14/2008.
- (male AP, male AR, male FFed) 3rd Movie "Channel Chasers" 2004.
(Tazz, Cobe, Jeffr_2bya, Furvect, Stonegate, Dragoniade, RomeGirl8696)

Uncanny X-Men, The
The Uncanny X-Men:
- (male RN AP) #104.
- (AA FFed) #160. Illyana AA AP in New Mutants #14, AR RN in #73.
- (AR) #248.
- (ARed) #265 "The Return of Storm" 10/1985.
- (reverse lifespan) #347-#350.
- (old age, AR) #452 "Chasing Hellfire" 2004.
- (AR) #461 "MOJO Rising" 06/05/2005.
The Uncanny X-Men Annual:
- (group AR, RN AP) #10.
- (baby forms) #12.
(Anonymous Guest, Lillian, JeffR_2bya)

- (male AR) #53 "Build Me A Machine!" 09/30/1956 Marvel.
- (male age stasis problem) #63 "The Secret beyond Belief!" 08/30/1957.

fetish comics
Flu Shots Part Two
- (dedicated AR/AP comic) 28 + 11 pages, $10.99, artwork by Yuan & Bojay.
Older sister Madison continues to shrink while younger sis Zoe grows. Humiliated at being reduced to an adolescent, Madison has to wear her little sister's clothes, and disguise herself to keep her friends from recognizing her. As the family goes to dinner, she watches in horror as little sister Zoe starts to outgrow her.
In the epilogue, cute teen Zoe challenges skinny little Madison to see who can pick up two teenage guys. Poor Madison tries her best while sexy Zoe looks on in amusement.
- Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Ghoulies III: Ghoulies Go to College
- (UCed glimpse) 1991.
About 20 minutes in a college girl strips to her lingerie and complains that her bra clasp broke because her boobs are still growing - (Bill)

Dragons and Dreamsellers: The Fourth Ouroboros Anthology
- (AR, AP) Krista Joy, 2014.
...took up her Ouroboros and pointed it at Letisha, who felt the floor becoming further away and her clothes tighten. Her boots fit her once more. She patted her body, and realised that she was once again eleven-year-old Letisha...

Richie Rich
- (male AR OC twice, RN AA) v1 #62, 10/1967, Harvey.
Cadbury the Perfect Butler: "The Butler Of Youth", "Oh, Baby!", 10p.
- Part 1 - Part 2

Toshi Densetsu series
- (demon AR AA poof) 5/27/2016 sequel to "Toire no Hanako-san".
UNREAL ghost-themed sex hentai compilation by the same author. The new character appears based on Sadako, a Japanese ghost with long black hair popular for crawling out of your Tv. She seems to be an online porn star who emerges from a computer porn the protagonist is watching, and shifts her appearance from a high-schooler to a younger loli (around the age Hanako was in the beginning of Ep01) to match his fetish while filming it for her own.
Only one AR and no RN AP. The appearance of the adult form is too short, she doesn't even get to have sex at that age. The anime may offer more detailed process.
- Info link - link
- Art - censored Art - (by Chriskim019, The AP Ninja, Meticulan23)

Mr. Peabody & Sherman Show, The
- (male AR, male OA, male RN, TF) "Ponce de Leon", Ep08, 3/18/2016, Netflix.
They help Ponce de Leon find the fountain of youth, but he bathes in the Fountain of Old instead. Turns out the fountains cancel out. Through trial and error they become old themselves, but Ponce is now a little boy. He can't explain how he got young at the old folks home.
They notice 2 old people walking into a room marked Private, and they come out young. The Sauna of Youth restores them back to normal. Ponce's crew won't let him aboard since he is a little kid (must be this tall to sail). Peabody uses enough of the Fountain of Age to restore Ponce - (Tazz)

All-New, All-Different Avengers
- (minor adult rejuv) #6, 2015.
The Avengers take on the time traveling villain Kang the Conqueror who can manipulate time a bit. He uses an attack to make the Avengers marginally younger. Past and present selves are blended with current and original outfits - (Tazz)

Magicians, The
- (AA APed or OA'd?) "The Magicians" fantasy trilogy? Lev Grossman, 2009?
In the Tv series they were cast as fully grown adults from the start, so NO AP.
- (The Watcherwoman?) Fictional books "The Wandering Dune"? "The Secret Sea"? At age 13, Jane Chatwin returns to Fillory? After destroying the time traveling stopwatch, she rapidly ages? Posing as a paramedic, she... - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (unseen AA SORAS) 2016. At the start of Season 3, Poison Ivy is revealed to have become an adult from a 13 year old because of exposure to toxins?

To Bear an Iron Key
- (adult to OA) Jackie Morse Kessler, 2014, juvenile.
The magic, unsettled on the mirror, leeched onto and into her mother, and Bromwyn had watched in horror as Jessamin's body began to age - slowly, at first...

Peabody's Improbable History
- (male AR) "Ponce de Leon" Ep24? 9/25/1960, S2Ep4 of The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.

Alarming Tales
- (reptile AP) #5, 9/1/1958. He finds the Fountain of Age. WARNING: this contains an unclothed age increase depiction, may be shocking - cap

- (morph) - faces
- (male adult) - hunk
- (adult) - Brie Larson talks about aging - (stankylecartman)
- (adult age) - Woman reflects on losing her youthful face - (stankyleandcartman)
- (14 to 20 meme) - post-growth female
- (adult aging) - The special aging of Liz Hurley, 51 (photoshoot).
It's a rare and special treat to watch the gradual deflation of her breasts. Watch her boobs in the first three photos. On the inside of her cleavage we can actually see her skin growing less smooth and capable of containing their beautiful pert shape. It's amazing to watch, a true turn on - (Agingwomen)

Tetsujin Ganriser Neo
- (male AA TF AP) "Iron Hero Ganriser NEO" - c'16 battle form cap - (Akira)

fetish comics
SSJ Girls
- (dedicated AP, FMG, Super Saiyajin) #1, "Bra", 06/2016, Locofuria & Dante Mondego.
You can find the comic on my Deviant account and my E-junkie store.
- Purchase link - link - (Loco Furia)

My Princess is the Cutest
- (AR poofed) '16 mobile game.
Princess Wedding AR - Princess Cat maid AR:
- There were two new events with AR. Too bad there was no before image, just the AR aftermath. They still show the baggy clothes though.
Even with different baggy clothes and artists you can see it's still the same mahou shoujo in a reduced state.
- Amelly, Anna, Cindy, Emma, Gabriela, Hanasaki, Justy, Koishikawa, Lina, Magi, Stella, Viviane, Yuuna:
Heroines - Heroines - (Suning)

Myriad Colors Phantom World
- (AR) Musaigen no Phantom World.
Ep11. Ep06: before the opening the female leads appear as infants, while the male lead explains the episode theme to us.
- screencaps - screencaps - (MysteryShadow)

male timelines
- (FF) - growth

- (male ARed glimpse) "When the Sea Dies", 37, 2/1/1968 - scan

old age
- (face) - c'15 edit

No Mercy
- (unintentional CoA "UC") #9, de Campi & McNeil, '16.
The awkward fit of her shirt symbolizes her uncertain identity - cover

Giganta (character)
- (adult GTS CB glimpse) DC. She stole the body of a circus strongwoman with size changing abilities. VERY rarely shown. The expansion is so fast her clothes have already exploded into flying shreds before you realize what's happening - CBed scan - AA 2

coming of age
- (BE) c'15. The changes can happen fast. Growing up is very awkward - toon gif

fan characters
ghost girls
- (age forms) - art

Twits, The
- (adult FF degeneration sketch) "The Twits", Roald Dahl, 1980, ills.
Page Art - (Matt)

Anita Elder
- (adult face partially rejuved, large image edit) c2015, Fountain of Youth found!
The older woman is already mostly submerged - Changing

AP stories... or legends?
Testimonial, A
- (UC) "A Testimonial" - 2016 reports about an age change event followed by a wider reality shift.
- Update 01 - Update 02 - Update 03 - Update 04 - Update 05
- Update 06 - Update 07 - Update 08 - Update 09 NEW - (Elisabeth)

Tanner Stages
- (puberty FF timelapse) Medical research photos - developing

Out of the Shadows
- (male adult age or AR) "Fountain Of Fear", #11, 01/01/1954, Standard.
An escaped convict forces an Indian chief to reveal a secret in return for his daughter's safety.
- (goldenagecomics)

Clone, The
- (male AP) "The Clone", Ricardo Barreiro, 09/24/2002, erotic comic book.
A woman brings back her dead husband by cloning him.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male AR) "L'Elixir de jeunesse", #12, Cauvin/Berck, 1977.
An elderly and irritable millionaire believes the elixir of youth is in a sunken galleon in the Caribbean and gets Sammy and Jack to accompany him to find it. As if dealing with a bad-tempered and demanding old man was not enough, there is also his ambitious nephew and his henchmen who intend to get their hands on his wealth.
- (male ARed, mental AP) "Les Bebes flingueurs", #17, 1983.
A group of gangsters turned into babies by the elixir of youth set off to settle their scores with their enemy. Jack and Sammy find that armed toddlers can be just as dangerous as fully-grown adults.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Kingdom: Son Of The Bat, The
- (male AR) Vol 1, 1999.
The greatest superheroes go to war, and Lex Luthor gets turned into a baby.
- (Jeffr_2bya) - panel

- (male mind transfer into past self) "Time and Again"? Terry Carr?
P175: A bomb goes off that causes a man to wake up in his past when he was thirteen.

Teenagers From Outer Space
- (AR) 1987 comedy tabletop game. The rule book includes an "AR scenario" - (TBTC)

Zula Patrol
- (alien AR, RN) "Young at Heart", 2008 CGI.
When Dark Truder's latest scheme turns Bula, Multo and Gorga into toddlers, the rest of the Zula Patrol does double-duty. They must resort to babysitting, while searching the different planets of the Solar System for an age-appropriate cure.

Time Machine, The
- (male adult OA) 2002. The villain is turned old by the effect of getting outside of the time machine.
- (Tazz)

short stories
Clorinda Walks in Heaven: Tales
- (AR) Alfred Edgar Coppard book, 1922.
"The Elixir of Youth" - A man asks for the elixir of youth. But an acquaintance, to whom he had offered a sip, drinks it all up and disappears - (JeffR)

Phantom of Death
- (male adult OA) A famous piano player contracts a genetic disease that causes him to age into a rotting zombie. Good aging effects, but they lean more toward monster makeup.
- (Zietgiest)

Gemini Lost
- (male/female AR/AP) 2011 PC game.
While exploring an ancient astrological site, you were teleported to a new world! Lead your people to get them safely home. Manage your community and resources, build structures, and conduct research. Grow your population by match-making happy couples according to their astrological signs. Potions can change people's ages.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Inside Out
- (male adults body swap, old adults to young adults) 1991-92, vol 01, vol 03, Playboy Videos.
A collection of "Twilight Zone"-like segments.
An older prisoner in for life switches places with a younger man who is being released - while the younger man is trapped in the older man's body (and jail).
In Volume #3 there's a story (done without dialog) concerning an elderly gardener who spies other elderly men and women going into but not returning from a location. When he dives in, it leads to an underwater grotto where one emerges younger. It ends badly and abruptly - (Time)

King Dodo
- (male AR, RN)
Opera: the King accidentally drinks from the magical fountain and regresses to a child. The queen rejects him as a child and he drinks from the fountain to return to normal, at which point the queen falls in love with him.
Musical comedy play, 1901: a king is ARed into a child.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Krypto the Superdog
- (canine AR) "Puppy Problems", S01Ep20, 4/29/2005.
The Dog Star Patrol are turned into Puppies.
- (Tazz)

Richie Rich
- (AR) "The New Youngsters" Part 1, 5p, Ernie Colon? c1976-
Fountain of Youth story. Richie's parents are missing and when he finds them, he learns that they, and his aunt and uncle, have been turned into children.
- (AR?) "Not the Fountain of Youth (The New Youngsters Part 2)"
Richie calls Professor Keenbean to help solve the mystery of the Fountain of Youth, which turns out to be a prank pulled by Reggie.

Time Twister: Journal #3 of a Cardboard Genius
- (male AR) Frank Asch, 2008.
Alex, genius creator of the first cardboard-box spaceship, has hit a snag. Due to Relativity, space travel will return them to Earth 50 years older than their friends and relatives. Alex creates a time machine to compensate, but accidentally transforms his pesky younger brother into a baby.
- (Entropic)

Richie Rich Show, The
- (male AR, RN) "Youth Maker", 10/26/82.
Professor Komoto invents a Youth Maker. Bad guy Dragon-man uses it on several people including the Professor in order to steal treasures. Richie gets the device back and returns ARed Komoto to normal.

- (possible old age, RN, male adult OA) DC.
"The Aging Blackhawks", #172, 05/30/1957; #178.
"The Outcasts of Blackhawk Island", #202 (1st series), 11/1964.
The Blackhawks Stanislaus, Hendrickson & Andre get v-e-r-y old.
- (Jeffr_2bya,

Unusual Tales
- (male AR) "Prof. Carlin's Invention", #17, 07/01/1959, Charlton.
A man makes a fountain of youth machine by accident.
- (JeffR, goldenagecomics)

2000 AD
- (male AR series) - INFO PAGE
"Zenith Phase IV", #01-15, 2004 series.
- Peyne started as an old man who looked a bit younger each issue. And at the end...

Ah! Megami-sama
- (age forms) - INFO PAGE

Marvel comics series
Classic superhero storylines - INFO PAGE
Marvel Family:
- (OA) #69 "The Menace of Old Age" 04/1952 Fawcett.
Marvel Masterworks: Atlas Era Tales of Suspense:
- (male adult frozen) #2 "I Lived A Million Years!" 06/30/2008.
Marvel Mystery Comics:
- (possible old age) #1 "The Aging Plague" 12/30/1999.
Marvel Science Stories:
- (AR or so it seems) "A Mechanical Fountain of Youth" 4-5/1939.
Marvel Spotlight:
- (male adult stasis) #31 "Death Hunt" 12/01/1976.
Marvel Super Hero Squad:
- (AR) v2 #01 "Baby on Board" 03/01/2010.
Marvel Tales:
- (age stasis) v1 #118 "When A World Went Mad" 1956 Atlas.
- (male AP and/or old age) #128 "The Man Who Meddled!" 1956.
- (male AR) #137 "King of the World" 08/30/1955.
- (male adult age stasis) #149 "The Thief" 08/30/1956.
- (male adult to old age) #151 "A Phantom In The Sky" 1956.
Marvel Team-up:
- (male reverse life) #31 "For A Few Fists More!" 05/1975.
- (Jeffr_2bya,

Yu Gi Oh!
- (AA age forms, OA) - INFO PAGE

Keroro Gunsou
- (AR, AP) Sgt. Frog - INFO PAGE
- (Dracoknight, JeffR)

Out of This World
Tales of the bizarre - INFO PAGE
- (male AR) #1 "Crom The Barbarian" Charlton.
- (AR) #6 "The Secret Room" 11/01/1957.
- (age stasis) #7 "Lifetime" 05/01/1958.
- (male adult age stasis & male AR or rejuv) #8 "At Last My Eyes Have Opened" & "Phantom Cargo" 05/01/1958.
- (male adult AS) #10 "To Live Forever" 10/01/1958.
- (male old age) #11 "The Time Chamber".
- (Goldenagecomics, JeffR)

Proud Family
- (AA, rejuv, pseudo AR/AP) Black family comedy INFO PAGE

Power Rangers series
They did have a good wardrobe department. Adult/child clothes were well matched.

X-Files, The
- (adult to OA, TF) - INFO PAGE

Smurfs Adventures
Syndicated version with male/anthro AR/AP scenes - INFO PAGE
- (male TF AR) S01Ep20 "Baby Smurf" 11/07/81.
- (male anthro AR) S01Ep25 "The Fountain of Smurf" 11/07/81.
- (anthro AR) S02Ep35 "Smurf Van Winkle" 11/13/82.
- (anthro AR) S05Ep04 "The Smurflings" 09/21/85.
- (male AR, AP) S07Ep67 "Gargamel's Second Childhood" 12/05/87.
- (male anthro AR) S09Ep27 "Grandpa's Fountain of Youth" 12/05/87.
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Twilight Zone, The
Quite a bit of male AR/rejuv/OA, and some female adult changes in the 1st series - INFO PAGE
- (male ARed) S01Ep05 "Walking Distance" 10/30/59.
- ("ARed" image) S01Ep29 "Nightmare As A Child".
- (AR) S03Ep21 "Kick the can" 2/9/62.
- (rejuv body swap) S03Ep31 "The Trade-ins" 4/20/62.
- (male AR) S03Ep34 "A Young Man's Fancy" 5/11/62.
- (male FB "AR") S04Ep14 "Of Late I Think Of Cliffordville" 4/18/63.
- (male AR) S04Ep15 "The Incredible World Of Horace Ford" 04/18/63.
- (male AR) S05Ep11 "A Short Drink From A Certain Fountain" 12/13/63 Ep131.
- (male adult FF) S05Ep15 "The Long Morrow" 01/10/64.
- (male adult age-up, male old age, male rejuv or AR?) S05Ep16 "The Self Improvement of Salvadore Ross" 01/17/1964.
- (Lady Sekhmet, JeffR)

Twilight Zone, The
The 1985 series also had no AP, but one AA FF episode.
- (ungranted adult rejuv wish) S01Ep10 "Wish Bank".
- (m/f adults to OA) S02Ep04 "Aqua Vida".
- (male adult rejuved) S03Ep30 "Father And Son Game".
- (adult rejuv, adult OA) S03Ep08 "Our Selyna Is Dying".
- (Louder, Time, JeffR)

Twilight Zone, The
Beyond the unknown - INFO PAGE
- (male adult rejuv or AR) #1173 "Specter of Youth" 3-5/1961 Dell Publishing.
- (male adult rejuv?) "Beyond The Window" 5-7/1962.
- (adult rejuv?) #87 "Cover Artist" 10/1978, Western (Gold Key).
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Outer Limits, The
Adult-to-adult age changes of various types - INFO PAGE
1st series:
- (small time skips/blurs) S01Ep16 "Controlled Experiment" 1/13/1964 - (TBTC)
- (adult FF to OA) S01Ep17 "Don't Open Till Doomsday" 1/20/64.
- (age stasis) S01Ep26 "The Guests" 03/23/64.
- (entity FF) S02Ep08 "Wolf 359" 11/7/64.
2nd series:
- (age stasis) S01Ep04 "Blood Brothers" 04/07/1995.
- (adults to OA) S02Ep17 "Paradise" 06/16/96.
- (FFed to OA) S02Ep21 "Vanishing Act".
- (adult age stasis) S03Ep04 "The Last Supper".
- (male adult to OA) S04Ep05 "In The Zone" 2/20/98.
- (adult rejuv) S04Ep22 "Balance of Nature".

Urusei Yatsura
- (AA age forms) - INFO PAGE

Fantasy Island
- (adults made younger) - INFO PAGE
Original series:
- (adult rejuv) S02Ep21 "Fountain Of Youth/Yesterday's Love" 3/17/79.
- (adult rejuv) S04Ep13 "The Man From Yesterday/World's Most Desirable Woman" 1/31/81 - (Time)
- (adult rejuv) S06Ep16 "Eternal Flame/A Date with Burt" 3/5/83.
1998 Series:
- (male ARed) S01Ep08 "Handymen" 12/12/98 - (ARthur)

Captain Marvel
He was often involuntarily transformed - INFO PAGE
Captain Marvel Adventures:
- (male rejuv or AR) #127 "The Man Who Grew Young" 12/1951 DC, Fawcett.
- (possible AR or rejuv or OA) #131 "Mr. Tawny's Quest For Youth" 04/1952.
Capt. Marvel, Jr.:
- (male AR, RN) #3, 01/1943.
- (male AR) #5 "Captain Marvel, Jr. and the Fountain of Youth" 03/19/1943.
- (TBTC, Jeffr_2bya)

Ray Bradbury Theater, The
Wistful tales with an AA twist - INFO PAGE
- (male teen age stasis) S04Ep10 "Hail and Farewell" 9/29/89.
- (male AR, RNed) S05Ep04 "The Black Ferris" 08/10/90.
- (age stasis) S05Ep11 "The Long Years" 11/16/90.

Justice League
The animated series - INFO PAGE
- (male AR) S01Ep20 "A Knight of Shadows".
- (AR) S03Ep06 2004.
Justice League Unlimited:
- (age increase) S04Ep07 "Clash".
- (Jeffr_2bya, Quadhouse, Stonegate, Dragoniade)

Justice League
The comics series - INFO PAGE
Justice League Unlimited:
- (mind transfer, male AR) #33 "Dead Man's Party" 07/01/2007 - (Metamorphose)
Justice League Dark:
- (adult to OA) #16 "The Death of Magic, Part 2: Night of the Hunter" 03/30/2013 DC.
Justice League: Cry for Justice:
- (male mental AR) #03 02/28/2003 - (Jeffr_2bya)

Sabrina series
AA show about a teen witch for kids - INFO PAGE

Star Trek series
- (some AR & OA episodes, AA APed poof) - INFO PAGE

CBS Radio Mystery Theater
Adults getting older and younger in the strangest of ways - INFO PAGE
- (male AR/reborn) #25 "Mother Love" 01/30/1974.
- (minor male AR) #26 "The Man Who Asked for Yesterday" 01/31/1974.
- (male AR) #55 "A Sacrifice in Blood" 03/12/1974 - (JohnDee)
- (male adult mind transfer, rejuvenated/old aged) #92 "Forever Man" 05/15/1974.
- (male adult immortality) #129 "The Picture of Dorian Gray" 08/07/1974.
- (AR) #187 "Stephanie's Room" 12/16/1974.
- (male adult immortality) #324 "Age Cannot Wither Her" 04/11/1975.
- (male AR) #355 "You're Only Young Twice" 09/29/1975.
- (female AR) #543 "The Unborn" 10/29/1976.
- (male/female adult rejuv) #778 "Dr. Heiddegger's Experiment" (sp.) 02/07/1978 - (AP Scout)
- (baby age stasis) #804 "Wise Child" 03/24/1978.
- (minor female AR or rejuv) #1150 "The Fountain Of Truth" 01/20/1981.
- (male AR) #1216 "A Second Chance" 07/03/1981.
- (JeffR)

House of Anubis
- (adult OA, male AR) - INFO PAGE

Darker Than Black
- (young adult/OA age forms) - INFO PAGE

Fantastic Journey
Be very careful what you wish for - INFO PAGE
- (adult mental rejuv & OA) S01Ep09 "Riddles" 04/21/1977 - (ARthur)
- (male AR scene) S01Ep10 "Innocent Prey" 06/16/1977.

Green Lantern
Classic hero storylines - INFO PAGE

Letajici Cestmir
- (male AR, male swaps) - INFO PAGE
AP? What's that?? This is one of those programs where you hope there might be something good, but of course there never is... However; there IS a little bit of good male AR, and also some indirect male TFed AP scenes.

Jackie Chan Adventures
- (AR, OA, TF) Jade Chan - INFO PAGE

Case Closed (AKA Detective Conan)
- (male ARed shows, some RN) - INFO PAGE

House of Mystery, The
Strange and uncanny events - INFO PAGE
- (AR cover only) #36 "The Fearsome Fountain of Youth!" 03/1955 National Periodical, DC.
- (male adult age-up to OA, AR, RN) #113 "The Man Who Was Doomed By Time!" 08/1961.
- (male AR, RN) #159.
- (male APs) #197 "Ghost Ship" 12/
- (male AR or rejuv) #201 "Million-Dollar Magic" 04/
- (male adult to old age) #221 "He Who Laughs Last..." 12/30/1973.
- (male adult age stasis) #223 "Upon Reflection" 03/74.
- (female & male adult age increases) #224 "House Of Endless Years" 05/74.
- (Young woman to Old Woman) #239 "Day Of The Witch" 03/
- (adult to OA) #275 "Bugaboo" 12/79.
- (male AR or rejuv) #283 "One Last Beautiful Swindle" 08/80.
- (female AR or rejuv) #287 "Forever Young" 12/30/1980.
- (multiple male AR or rejuv & old age) #302 "House Odds!" 03/1982.
- (TBTC, Jeffr_2bya)

Blonde, The
- (adult rejuv) "The Blonde" fetish comics (bondage) - INFO PAGE

Young Justice
Reverted heroes storyline - INFO PAGE

Narnia series
- (AA FF, AA RN ARed, some AA age morphs) - INFO PAGE

Unexpected, The
Supernatural shock twists - INFO PAGE
The Unexpected:
- (female old age) #106 "The Doorway Into Time" May 1968 DC.
- (male accelerated) #111 The Baby Who Had But... "One Year To Die"... 03/30/1969.
- (male old age) #115 "Abracadabra..You're Dead"11/30/1969.
- (male AR/RN) #124 "The Incredible Rebirth of Martin Phipps" 05/30/1971.
- (male AR or rejuv & male old age) #132 "Death Watch" 02/30/1972.
- (fake female AR or rejuv) #158 "The Fearsome Fountain Of Youth" 08/30/1974.
- (male adult Soul Transfer) #183 "Golden Grave" 02/30/1978.
- (male adult to old age) #188 "Murder Can Be Fatal" 12/30/1978.
- (female reborn ST) #199 "Project Eternity" 06/30/1980.
- (female adult mental infantilization) #204 "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" 11/30/1980.
- (male adult to old age) #209 "The Curse of the Pharaoh Ras Kama!"04/30/1981.
- (female & male adults to old age) #212 "Quarantine" 07/30/1981.
- (male AR) #213 "Bring Me Back To Life" 08/30/1981.
- (female/male unseen AA APed) #221 "The Day After Doomsday" 04/30/1982.
- (, Jeffr_2bya)

- (CoA) Young girls in the transition to womanhood are most sensitive to triggering restless spirits.

Poltergeist: The Legacy
- (AA, old age) - INFO PAGE

Looney Tunes
- (AA anthro poofs) - INFO PAGE
Looney Tunes:
- (adult rejuvenation) "Broom-Stick Bunny" 1956.
- (male superhero AR) "Goofy Groceries" 1941.
- (male adult rejuvenation)
- (monster AR) "The Impatient Patient" 1942.
- (bear AR) "Injun Trouble" 1938.
- (avian AR) "Porky's Garden" 1937 Warner.
Looney Tunes Show, The:
- (male anthro duck AR) s1ep7 "Casa de Calma" 06/14/2011.
- (Babyrc, PixChick)

Looney Tunes
- (adult rejuvenation attempt) #7 "There's A Hare In My Stew" 10/01/1994 DC.
- (Ar?) #96 "Oh, Baby".
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Picture of Dorian Gray (storyline)
- (male adult stasis & picture OA) - INFO PAGE

Young Men
- (male AR) #25 "The Return Of...The Human Torch" 02/01/54 - INFO PAGE

V (various miniseries)
- (2 extremely rare "real AP" glimpses) Tv, comics, books.
We may never see its like again - INFO PAGE

Out of This World
- (2 age change episodes) - INFO PAGE Caution Nudity.

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AP text fragments 163 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow. we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

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