Aging Transformation Scenes

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2 be young again... A site about girls outgrowing their clothes, ageshifters, and every other male and female age transformation.

Hitomi no Karte
- (AA ARed, AA AP forms) c2006 Hentai.
It's risky to make love to a maid who reverts in age when she puts on her glasses. Previously tagged as unknown (Anim-20061227283318-AR-AP.htm). Well, the folks at The Process Forums found it.
- Full doujinshi link - alternate link - extract - extract - cover - (NightElf37)

Hugtto! PreCure
- (FB ARed) Toei.
Mysterious baby Hugtan is actually future Pretty Cure named Cure Tomorrow. She ended in her younger state after using crystal power to escape to 2018 following her timeline's conquest by Criasu Corporation. While slowly maturing, Hugtan needs the power of 8 Mirai Crystals to restore herself.
- (AA TG) Wakamiya Henri TF scene into female Cure Infini.
- (Akira)

Ryoukan Shinkou
- (AA AP) Miracle Bust Girls. Hentai by Millefeuille, 2001.
"I love Noriko". I think only the first chapter had AP.
- Full manga link - extract - (NightElf37)

Monsters & Pirates
- (AR, RNed) Ep8 "The Island of Eternal Youth" 2009+ Italy.
Pirates into teens and kids.
- Episode link - screen caps - AG6dq8PsDWM - (Tazz)

wish list
- ("woman ar!") Engine Sentai Go-onger Ep24 "First Smile" "Saisho no Egao" 8/3/2008.
  Inaccessible/blocked link - (Akira)
- (male AR) - Odd Squad S1Ep9 "Skip Day/The Great Grinaldi". Men into boys @1:00
  Blocked in your country link - - (Entropic)

Legends of Tomorrow
- (AA ARed cutaway) "Wet Hot American Bummer".
Scene link - screencap - (Tazz)
- (demon AA "TFed") Anything is possible when mAAgic is involved. Charlie the "shapeshifter" was trapped in the form of Amaya.

Orange Empire Railway Museum
- (ARed OC cutaway aftermaths) c2016.
"A Ticket to Youth", David Dibble. Parents into kids. Dad first, then the mother.
- CM link - screencaps - - (FARfan)

Isekai Shihai no Skill Taker: Zero kara Hajimeru Dorei Harem
- (furry ARed dream cuts) Yusura Kankitsu, Tomoe Kasahara, 2016. Suiyoubi no Sirius.
Chapter 25. Kind of a cute manga. MC finds a tree with "Rejuvenation Apples" and "Child Apples" that decrease target ages by 1 and like 5. He has a fantasy about his harem slaves as young girls, and of them older as well. They're technically only 16 in human years. We'll see a TG later. He then says HE'D like to take the child fruit, showing the 2 slaves slightly older. Wish the artist style were a bit different, couldn't make out their adult forms much. It's very ecchi, lol. Too bad it never really happens, still at least we saw AR in imagination.
- Ch. link - small extract - (Godleydemon, Kazumamiyato, Suning)

- (15 to 16 FF split/screen) - musician Billie Eilish: same interview, 1 year apart

- (male age stasis) "Young Looking", 2018.
More like Immortality than anything else. Their boss has remained a young boy. Sipping is believing - CM link - - (FARfan)

H-E-B supermarkets
- (dream "ARed" AA aftermaths, RNed cuts) Holiday Magic 11/2018 commercials.
Do your shopping without leaving your front porch. Get everything delivered and enjoy Friendsgiving & Christmas like a kid again.
- Commercials link - link - link - screen captures - (FARfan)

Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc and the Alchemist Knight
- (demon AA helmet TF APed form) Shinba, Hirafumi. Shueisha, Dash X, 2015+ light novel, 2018 anime.
Yurishizu Jan'nu Daruku to Renkin no Kishi - AKA - Ulysses: Jeanne d'Arc to Hyakunen Senso no Himitsu.
- Ep5: The mahou "Philip" dons a battle helmet that makes her hair grow and breasts seem to expand. She becomes engulfed in dark power and trembles in pain. The last part seemed to show her neck expanding.
Older alter ego will be fighting the main characters. If we are lucky, there will be a shocking reveal with proper TF while admitting it.
- The male protagonist is falling in love with Jeanne, but has serious reservations due to her childlike state... Since the world turns around harem lords, maybe the helmet will grant his wishes.
- Extracts - (Chriskim019, The AP Ninja)

Talking Tom and Friends
- (furry AR) "Kids Again" 2015+ CGI series.
Ep link - caps - 4BkKp07YUa8 - (Tazz)

Tensei Shitara Suraimu Datta Ken
- (demon rejuv, AA APed cut) Light novel, Fuse, 2016.
That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime - AKA - Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken.
- Episode 3. AP-like impression in the goblin evolution, rejuvenation for the elder. There's room for TFs aplenty, mostly offscreen or covered by glowy magic.
- Next Ep we should see MC absorb a human female. Meaning it can transform into human body clones (technically slimes don't have gender). In the manga and light novel, it experiments with making its body older and also female, but then freaks out. Their true ages stay the same, remaining genderless despite their physique. It'll probably be poof TFs though.
- Also pseudo AR of Shizu going back home while adult, then teen, then child, but with clothes changes.
- Small caps - (Andu22, Godleydemon, Suning)

Jigoku Sensei Nube
- (AA age battle form "ARed") "Hell Teacher Nube" - pic

Jessi Model
- (young adult evolution) AKA Busty J-Flo, BTM Florence. I find these transformations fascinating and love creating them! From young woman to "full" maturity - front left - Nude front right - (Maahi)

Yu Yu Hakusho
- (anthro TFs, ARed form, AA RN) Ep47, 1993.
AR happens @06:29 - RN happens @09:54.
- Clip link - Ep link - Ep link - RN screencaps - (Andu22)

Boss Baby: Back in Business, The
- (toon slight accelerated development, RN) S1Ep4 "Formula for Menace: A Dekker Moonboots Mystery" 4/6/2018.
CGI series. Ted discovers the babies are showing signs of growing up. The formula meant to keep them babies forever was tainted with a vanilla milkshake by an abandoned baby, in an attempt to win her place at Baby Corp. Jimbo grows slightly larger, and voices change - (Jeffr_2bya)

short films
Anella Miller
- (AA rejuved/ARed cutaways) 2018.
Instagram influencer makeover parody ad. I usually don't like such clips but this one is cute and funny. Anella (b.1986) is starting to become concerned about age issues. If you had a chance to get back in time, to which age would you return? With my Foreo Luna 2 silicone face brush w/sonic power I become younger every time??
- Video link - screencaps - (Blabla260)

wish list page
- Note for NightElf37:
So far, all attempts to upload the Mahou Sensou anime videos have been blocked on all video sites by Kadokawa Corporation. We are working to reduce the gifs sizes.
- Japan-only Toei video links:
We are unable to view any of the following videos despite proxy attempts. They have all been completely blocked:
- ("boy girl AP") - Space-time warrior Spirvan Ep 02 link
- ("boy girl AP") - Space-time warrior Spirvan Ep 14 link
- ("man AP") - Special Relief Order Solbrain 05 story link
- ("man woman AP") - link
(Akira data)

short films
Young Again
- (male ARs, RN) Happyvalleyband, 11/2018.
A stoner AR "comedy" drug PSA? Genre mash-ups are getting quite specific these days. Caution, adult themes, language, and drug use: Elijah and Chandler smoke a rare strain of grass called "Time Warp". They say it makes you feel young again! The dealer was also affected.
- Video link - screencaps - - (FARfan)

Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch
- (mental rejuvenation) Ep17 "A Renewed Sense of Magic" 4/5/2014.
Sabrina must be the responsible one when her physically unchanged aunts become mental "teenagers" all over again.
- Video link - - (Tazz)

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel
- (male AA AR, ARed aftermath, AA RN) Haim Saban, Toei. 25th Power Rangers season, S2 of Power Rangers Ninja Steel.
Ep17 "Happy To Be Me" 10/13/2018.
- Tynamon used the Ninja Power Star to steal the voice of Ranger Levi Weston. Young man to boy @05:50; RN @14:10.
- Full episode link - gif - screencaps - - (Entropic)

short films
Lele Pons: Freaky Friday
- (adult mother/daughter mind swap parody) 11/9/2018.
Lele switches bodies with her mom. At the end it went wrong again - Vid link - caps - (m2mpossession22)

Total DramaRama
- ("FBed" forms, "FF OA'd") Ep14 "Tiger Fail" 10/27/2018.
Alternate reality where the more popular Total Drama Island contestants, and Jude from 6Teen, are 4 y.o's at a daycare run by Chef. @01:40 time goes a flowing?
Personally, I think their "elderly" figures are a tad too youthful. The voices were entertaining, especially since Gwen's original actor took the role. But the wrinkles??
- Clip link - screencaps - (Kappa, Agingwomen)

John Lewis & Partners
- (male FB) "The Boy and The Piano", Christmas Ad 2018.
The film begins in present day and works backwards through Elton's life to the tune of "Your Song" until the Christmas morning when he received the special gift that changed his life.
- CM link - - (FARfan)

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
- (AA furry TF poof) - extr. - (Andu22)

Doctor Slump
- (demon TF or TG AA age-up form) Gatchan is genderless - link - link - screencaps - (Andu22, CinderBH)

Bunsen Is a Beast
- (AA AR poofs) S1Ep8 "Mikey Is a Beast" 2/22/2017.
Kid and creature into babies and man into kid (then back); at the end it happens again.
- Episode link - screencaps - - (Tazz)

- ("OA'd" face glimpse, AA "TFed" glimpse) S4Ep5 "Parasite Lost" 11/11/2018.
Clip link - screencaps
- Also, the villain stole the "shapeshifter's" ability and AA'd into the form of a little girl to escape from DEO.
- (Gnosis, Guest2, Elizabeth Ann Hawkings)

Shougakusei ga Mama demo Ii desu ka?
- (reincarnated into younger body) "Is It Okay for Mama to be a Primary School Student?" 2018.
Similar to "Mama wa Shougaku Yonnensei" (Mama is a 4th Grade Student), "Mama wa Shougaku 30 Nensei", etc.
- Young adult man having love problems is approached by elementary schoolgirl as the reincarnation of his deceased Mother. It's a secret. Can this count as regression if said person retains their previous life memories? With that premise, only if the manga has side by side comparisons of the shoujo doing something that reminds him of Mom, then you could argue poof AR.
I have enough of a headache labeling breast expansion, progression, growth, and ass expansion on Sad Panda, then dipshits start thinking inflation belongs... Reincarnation (with memories intact) arguably counts as body transfer, not AR. Kyoukai no Rinne had it from Rinne's mother, and she retained her memories as a shinigami (she is a 5yo kid but still treats Rinne who is 15 as her son)... There was also Kurama Youko reincarnated as Minamino Shuichi from YuYu Hakusho, but the only AR was Juri in the Ura Urashima vs Kurama episode.
- Ch1-3 translated link - Ch1-8 Raw available link - (MysteryShadow, Dex164)

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AP text fragments 167 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

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