Aging Transformation Scenes

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A site about ageshifters, girls outgrowing their clothes, and every other male and female age transformation.
Reminder: our email changed several months ago.

SpongeBob SquarePants
- (anthro AR) S05Ep11 "Goo Goo Gas" 9/29/2007.
Plankton creates a gas that turns adult sea creatures into diapered babies - vid link - info link
- (male anthros OA'd) S05Ep15 "To Save a Squirrel" 11/23/2007.
Heavy rain falls as SpongeBob and Patrick become old with beards and dirty rag-clothes. Old man fish stuck in cave for 40 years was really Sandy the squirrel testing their survival skills all along - info link
- (Isabella)

Mirai no Mirai
- (siblings role reversal, time-slips) Mamoru Hosoda, 7/20/2018 movie, Toho.
"Mirai from the Future" - Spoiled 4y.o. Kun-chan inhabits a small house in a corner of a certain city. When little sister Mirai is born, he feels she has deprived him of their parents' affection while being overwhelmed by a series of first experiences. Amidst his new life, he meets an older version of Mirai from future days. The hidden time garden also leads to his mother as a little girl and great-grandfather as a young man. An adventure of family history.
- Trailer link - (Akira)

Neo Angelique: Abyss
- (adults to old age) Angelique spin-off anime based on Neo Angelique game. Yumeta, 2008.
On Arcadia, life-draining Thanatos plague the villages and the Sacred Capital. Tentacle monsters will suck the youth right out of you.
- Video link - gif - screencaps - (AgingWomen boards)

Shyo Shyo Rika
- (AR OC) Takumi Uesugi, 2003-07.
Near the very end, a villainous mahou shoujo attacks another female. A guy intervenes, and his glowing hand transforms the school shoujo off-panel back into a baby. The good guys will watch over her to raise her anew. The AR is "blink-and-you-miss-it" as she simply screams, her empty clothes flutter to the ground, and the other shoujo then picks up the baby. The aftermath is only properly shown later, when yet another female is shown holding her.
- JP info link - extract - (Azerty47-2)

puberty memes
- (dedicated BE TF) Puberty really happens this fast - gif

Kyou no Cerberus
- (AA TF APed) by Sakurai Ato, 2013-
Vol01: brief TFs with no process, AP only happens onscreen with a fire-like effect.
Vol02: Hinata AA BE age-up forms to v07/08. Other TFs are teased in the omake/afterword pages, including AR, a proper Hinata/Kitsune fusion, and more.
- Code: - extract - (Shadow00000)

Playboy magazine
- (adult playmates FFed) - covers

Girls Aloud
- (pseudo FFed to OA) Girls Aloud Party, Old Kimberley & Cheryl Sketch, c2008. They wonder if they'll be together forever.
Vid link - caps - (ChronoEclipse)

Dokyuu Hentai HxEros
- (furry demon TFs, AA age forms) by Kitada Ryouma, Jump SQ, 2017 ongoing. Ch08-09.
Kitada was assistant of Tosh, I think most of his hentais were serialized on Comic Kairakuten. Chacha briefly changes off-panel in Ch08 by copying Kirara's body with a doppelganger/polymorph-like ability. Contains some loli at the end.
- Code: - extract - (Shadow00000)

Henry's Concepts
- (AA) 2013 Alex Neary. What if shapeshifters were real? - before/after

Lunchables Uploaded
- (excellent sudden growth spurt aftermaths, APed UC photos) 11/2017.
Kids approaching their early teen years can suddenly grow up to one foot taller when they least expect it. The magazine ads also show their astonished friends' reactions to the instant enlargements. Fortunately, the spurts stopped just before any ripping would have begun. They're outgrowing most things; their food doesn't have to be one of them.
  Female nightwear sleepover - Male school uniform classroom - Female band uniform recital
- (male adult teen disguise) 2015 CM.
Malcolm McDowell painfully stands out impersonating a teenager while butchering the slang words he was given. When he reaches into the refrigerator to pull out a snack, he reads the Lunchables box as, "Take-a-Walk-in" when it's "Walking Taco." He then gives off more examples of "taking a walk" while the production crew looks on helplessly - link

- (teen face FF morph/fades to OA) #hackUniTO for Ageing, #hu4A, c2016.
Video link - - screencaps - (ChronoEclipse)

demon age forms (theme)
- (AA TF) - vampire caps

New Looney Tunes
- (furry flashback/FF "AR" OA) AKA "Wabbit". S02Ep17A "Quantum Sheep".
Dr. Clovenhoof creates a device that transports himself, Bugs and Squeaks to different stages of their lives. They start off as Babies, then jump to High School, and then to Old Age. At the end Bugs and Squeaks return to their right ages, but Dr. Clovenhoof becomes a Baby again.
- Info link - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Dora the Explorer
- (AA FFed) - unsorted fan art

text fragments
 short films
Devil's Food
- (unmade AA CoA) c'18?
San Diego State University senior thesis film. 16y.o. Sophie receives a gift that metaphorically "transforms" her into a woman, as well as a transcendental being. Vampire satire tackles the myths and misgivings surrounding the transformation each young woman must go through - info link
 short films
Beautiful Dreamer
- (AA FFed to OA) Gaddie, Armeniox, 2017. 26:11.
A dying mother travels at near-light speed to watch her baby grow up. Through relativity, she stretches her final 2 years over her daughter's entire lifetime, but can only visit for 1 night every 7 years. These visits are sometimes sad and sometimes beautiful. The daughter reaches her mother's age and beyond, while the mother barely ages. The characters are torn apart by the technology that briefly unites them over a lifetime - link
- (AA FF) "Become Yourself" 2017. AA cuts throughout a girl's life - CM link

Trident gum
- (adult face to old) - before/after age-makeup pics - (ChronoEclipse)

- (CoA nostalgia) - 2000s starter pack fashion list
- (young adult toons OA'd) - Totally Spies fan art - (JackpotMans)
- (CoA nostalgia) - Animorphs article
- (adult slight ff) - class reunion
- (2-stage OA) - makeup - (ChronoEclipse)

Lilo & Stitch
- (dedicated TF AP scene) 2017 - Lilo video link - fan art caps - (Schinkn)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: SirRender87
- (dedicated CGI TF stages, AA AP, male AR) 2017.
New dedicated AR/AP artist, will have animated transformation scenes up soon. A few of the Forgottenone96's old sequences are up too, he gave me his permission.
- Artist channel link - example: oversized lingerie fitting link
- (Odin)

Jaiden Animations
- (slight AR poofed) "Random Thoughts (Part 2 Edition)" 2017.
She discusses the mechanics of the Fountain of Youth. Toon sketch adults are de-aged into babies, then appear to have AA'd into old people very quickly.
- link - screencaps - (Meticulan23)

- (AA aged-up, CoA theme) 2017 stop-motion, Israel.
Lili refuses to let go of her childhood, fighting a sandstorm that threatens to take it away. Above the clouds, she rediscovers the joy of childhood, but is forced to make a hard choice. After the landing it is revealed that she has been AA'd older.
- Video link - screencaps

- (AA, accelerated growth, some CoA issues) Luke Scott, 2016.
Young girl Morgan has been genetically engineered to embody the best of humanity. She grows a little too fast, and starts to move beyond the capabilities of her human caretakers. "I am something new," Morgan says before violently turning on the scientists.
- Amybeth McNulty: Preteen. Anya Taylor-Joy: Grown - Trailer link - screencaps - 2

breast changes
- nipple gif

Le Voyage imaginaire
- (adult rejuvenated blurry fade/poofs) Rene Clair, 1926 French silent comedy.
He kisses a row of old crones and several other hags, who all become young adults again - Extract link - screencaps - (Grundverkehrt)

Me, Myself & I
- (male teen/adult/old, past & future selves) - Trailer-only caps

Short Vision, A
- (young adult face to old age to doom) "A Short Vision", 1956 UK experimental art animation.
Peter & Joan Foldes. A strange flying object brings death along with it - link @04:29 - gif - screencaps

Family Guy
- (OC kids glimpse, looks like ARed aftermath) S16Ep08 "Crimes and Meg's Demeanor" 12/3/2017. Near the start.

Gift of Time, A
- (male transfer into past young self) Jerry Merritt, 2016.
Micajah Fenton discovers a crater in his front yard with a broken time glider and a naked virtual woman, so he delays his plans to kill himself. He realizes he can return to his past to correct a horrible mistake. As payment for his help, the virtual creature sends Cager back as his 10 y.o. self, knowing everything he knew at age 80, with access to advanced space/time equations - (Jeffr_2bya)

Ore to Hero to Mahou Shoujo
- (adult rejuvenated TF, TG TFs) by Sogou, Ch07 "Nostalgic hero" c2013+.
Web manga about grown man who reluctantly transforms into a mahou shoujo to fight monsters. The legendary hero returns: Granny's magical form turns out to be a woman in her physical prime who saves granddaughter from gummy monster.
- Full manga chapter link - small extract - (Mysteryshadow)

UQ Holder!
- (TF AA AR) S1Ep9 "Love, Baths, and Vigorous Exercise" 11/28/2017.
Near the end of the episode, Yukihime de-ages back into her true loli form to tell Tota a secret about his age form - (Carlton)

- (pseudo age-disguised AR form, inanimate) AKA "Isuka", 10 Eps, 2015. Ep07:
The female lead's Grandmother speaks through a doll that looked like her when she was 10. This fact isn't revealed until Ep09.
- Info link - series link - (Mysteryshadow)

Tensai Tribe Kun (series)
Heavenly drama
- (AR OC cutaway poofed) Ten tere dorama (Genius Tribe Kun, Tensai TV-kun?).
NHK Educational Television. Ep "Beware of rewind light!?" Maki modoshi raito ni goyoushin!? 05/2007.
- It's in three parts, but only the third has AR. A kid gets a weird camera-like device, which can rewind everything it shines on. At one point, he uses it on his mother who was annoying him, and accidentally transforms her into a baby. No process, sadly, but she does end up in oversized clothes.
- Full Ep (150MB): - screencaps - (Azerty47)
- (dog into puppy) - link - - (Tazz)

Super Planet Dolan
- (toon poof "ARed") 2017. Dolan Life Mysteries: What If Earth Fell Into A Black Hole?
Man into elderly, then to infant then newborn (@4:00) - Episode link - - caps - (Tazz)

fetish fiction
- (mostly TG, but some female to female TFs) - search link
- Emma Finn: "The Golden Gloom: Slag", "The Golden Gloom: Whore", "Turning Around", "Criminal Record 1 and 2", "Maureen", "Class", "Give anything"
- Dale: "State of the Union"
- Eric: "Another Girl's Life", "Finishing School", "The Trickster Plays Musical Bodies", "Wonder Woman and Catwoman Mix it Up" (with Steve Zink), "Merry Go Round" (with Dale),"Dealing With Aunt Delilah", "Test 4"
- Morpheus: "Auntie Em 2"
- Raven, Caleb Jones, Eric: "To Cheat Fate"
- Zapper: "The Nature of Evil"
(Metamorphose boards)

- (FF) Unclothed shoujo ages - ages - (Process Boards)

fan characters
Teenage Shapeshifter (online novel)
- (some age form TFs) By hvk6589. Listed in fan section because it stopped updating in 2015.
A normal teenage girl has discovered she can transform her body into anyone else. Oh yes, it turns out to do this she must have perfect memory, not to mention incredible strength and healing power. Shapeshifters basically live forever. Before changing from teen into sexy adult, she must change into larger clothes - intro link - Ch01 link

- (AR) - Salon Madam - Suntik Botox. An age treatment goes too far - Episode - (Sickboy)
- (father ARed, cutaway) - Lactel, "Matin Leger", 2002. At the breakfast table. French Commercial - (Ricky)

- (face AR, zoom-in effect) Germany NGO, 2017.
Third World anti-cataract and similar charity programs. Old woman face getting younger to small child as her voice-over reminisces in rejuvenating German about the good things she has seen in her lifetime.
- Ad link - gif - similar style link - (Joe)

- In these dark times, as a celebration of life, I wanted to post some of my old and new photos together to show life does go on & growth is a beautiful thing :) had to take off my top to make some room (Don't worry I made sure I was 18!) - Oxi

- (CGI AA OA, some male AA AP) c'17 short stock footage of Sims aging.
- Clip link - gif - Clip link - gif - Clip link - gif
- Clip link - gif - Clip link - gif

Tomodachi Life
- (creatures accelerated) Baby Miis age up 1 year a day. Once fully grown, you can have them stay on the island and age like a normal Mii. The game sets them as children by default, but you can make them even older than their parents.

Final Fantasy XV
- (dream ARed) Noctis is knocked out and his fiancee Lunafreya is killed. A dream sequence happens with her spirit saying farewell, but since they'd known each other since childhood, their dream selves start out as kids, with Luna switching to an adult via a fade, and Noctis following suit with a rapid cut mid-action.
- Video link - (AveRage Joe)

- (slight unintentional FF) - months (6 sequences)

The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue
- (male anthro mice FF) 1998. DTV, MGM Animation.
The rodent brothers Timothy "Timmy" Brisby (10, 13, 17) and Martin Brisby (young, corrupted, redeemed) are depicted at various ages - (Isabella)

Tom Turbo (series)
"Die heisse Spur", later "Tom Turbo" AKA "Tom Turbo Detektivclub".
Austrian kids show featuring haunted-looking bicycle solving supernatural crimes from Schonbrunn Zoo.
  Die heisse Spur
- (kinda sorta like mental regression) Ep166 "Der Plem-Plem Saft" 1999.
The evil professors Go-Nuts-Juice turns you stupid.
  Ep link - Ep link
- (male doll TF threat) Ep179 "Die Nacht der Puppen" 1999 "The night of the dolls".
Benni shouldn't have visited the creepy doll museum. He must steal a stone from Mars, or the evil dolls will turn him into a baby doll "IN FRONT OF ALL OF HIS FRIENDS AT SCHOOL!" "Oh no, they will bully me!" is his reaction. Yeah, that's the worst thing about baby doll transformations.
Their clothes are replaced with baby doll clothes, and it's all male.
  Ep direct link (boy) - Ep direct link - (dude & boy).
- (AR & male OA) Ep181 "Die unheimliche Uhr" 1999 "The creepy clock".
A mysterious clockmaker and a strange clock; you know what's coming... It turns out they were circus magicians who used the old "turn a woman into a girl" trick to distract the museum visitors so he could steal the clock.
  Ep link - Ep link - gif - screencaps
  Tom Turbo
- (TG ARed offscreen) Ep "Pony Paula bitte melden" 5/5/2012.
Male adult villain turned into a young girl with not so young female voice.
  Ep link - screencaps
- (old age) "Das Kleid aus dem Geisterschrank" 5/26/2012 "The dress from the ghost wardrobe".
Wearing a cursed dress may cause age-altering effects, as supermodel Heidi Himmlich has to find out. First the dress feels tight. Then... Fortunately everything was resolved before the fashion show.
  Ep link - screencaps
- (Sickboy, xAlen13x, fatc 2020)

National Association of Commercial Broadcasters in Japan
- (FF OA) "YES STOP" What you do now may affect the year 20xx.
CM link - screencaps - (Yoshihiro21, little trip)

Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2
- (male block AR) 11/2017, Lego action-adventure game.
After the final boss fight, Kang the Conqueror (a time traveling villain) turns into a baby when his henchwoman uses his time weapon against him.
Scene link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Parallelogram, A
- (age forms) "A Parallelogram", 2010.
4 characters or 6, depending on your interpretation. 30-something Bee meets Bee 2, a much older version who has the power to rewind and fast-forward time via a battery-powered remote control. Bee 3 and Bee 4 also reveal their identities.

Legends of Tomorrow
- (male adult mind swap) 2017, Arrowverse. Prof. Martin Stein (1950) and Jefferson Jackson (1993) merge to become Firestorm. Trying to go their separate ways, they accidentally swap bodies. So Jackson is in an older body and Stein is younger. Jackson in Stein's body complains of arthritis, having to go to the bathroom constantly, etc; while Jackson's actor acts much older since Stein is in his body - (Tazz)

Once Upon a Time
- (adult rejuv disguise) Captain Hook was told a witch is holding Rapunzel captive in her tower. A flower spell will release the force field. However, Rapunzel was really the witch Gothel in disguise.
- (male adult rejuv) In an earlier episode Captain Hook was an old man, and wished for the life of younger Hook in the main realm. He asks Lady Tremaine (Cinderella's step mother) to use the fairy godmother's wand to make him a young man again, and she does so.
- (Tazz)

- (dream ARed, cutaway RNed AA) 2017 "December to Remember" campaign.
CM link - - screencaps - "Whispers"
CM link - - screencaps - "Stunned"
CM link - - screencaps - "Dancer"
- (FARFan)

Mercedes Benz
- (male FF) 2017 Winter Event "One Wish".
Wishes can take a while to come true. CM link - screencaps

Samsung Galaxy
- (male young adult FF) "Growing Up" 2007-2017 makes fun of the iPhone - CM link

Europe in the Year 2030
- (face ff) 2017. The most chilling "second a day" video shows a young girl enduring a civil war erupting in her country - link - (Vick)

text fragments
Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time, The
- (male adult age forms) Presto Studios, 1995. Gage Blackwood recruits his 10 year younger adult self.

- (slight teen FF) during & just after my braces - months - months

Rabbids Invasion
French/US CGI series about 2' tall maniacal anthro rabbits from the Rayman Raving Rabbids games.
- (anthro size-up) S01Ep23a "Vampire Rabbid" 10/18/2014.
The rabbids experiment with instant growth tonic.
- (anthro mental) S02Ep11 37c "Rabbid Babysitting" 12/11/2015.
A rabbid accidentally switches places with a baby.
- (anthro male AR) S02Ep14 40b "Mini-Rabbid" 1/10/2016.
After another failed attempt to reach the moon, a rabbid falls in a clothes dryer and is shrunk to baby size. Mini-Rabbid has an innocent child-like behavior, with low self-esteem due to his size and everyone treating him like a baby. He often gets frustrated when nobody listens, and works hard to prove himself. Eventually, Mini-Rabbid manages to become more confident - Vid link
- (anthro ARed) S02Ep15 41c "Mini Rabbids vs. Giant Chicken" 1/17/2016.
To cheer him up, the other rabbids decide to shrink themselves to the same size, and Mini-Rabbid plays with them.
- (anthro size-up) S03Ep4 56c "Gorilla Rabbid" 7/12/2016.
Prof. Mad Rabbid creates an enlarging machine but his assistant gets stuck inside. He turns into a gorilla-like giant monster.
- (Isabella)

age illusion
- (looks like very slight FF) very slight "age increase" photo experiment - swimsuit

- (adult face roughening) 2017. In the tradition of Snapchat filters and FaceApp, this app digitally removes a woman's makeup, giving her face a less smooth, wrinklier and blotchier appearance, and making her appear more mature.

short stories
Earl Godwin
- (AA story, life cycle to old age, rebirth APed) "Daddy", 1984, "Shadows" anthology #7.
Also in "The Anthology of Fantasy & The Supernatural", Jones, Sutton, c1994. Man meets extremely beautiful but rapidly aging woman in a bar. After sex, she gives birth to herself and dies. The baby rapidly grows back up to herself in less than a day.
- Partial extracts:
She came in with a man, and they threaded their way through the crowd ... Worry traced its path across her darkly beautiful features.
... "You're not pregnant." ... "I am now and you're the father." ... Rolling her over onto her back, I couldn't help notice that she looked even older ... what was happening here was as unique as it was awful ... I watched in helpless horror as the woman's belly began to swell - a little at first, then faster, as if someone were blowing her up with an air pump ... her hair was graying like flickers of light in the dark mass of it. Sagging, wrinkled skin and brittle bones, long past the ability to stretch ... sixty years old, the sound of her breathing like a saw in wood ... The woman was actually shrinking now, falling in on herself, seventy-five, eighty years old. She'd stopped moving by now, gone stiff, gone beyond that ... the smell emanating from the decaying mess of her was almost too much to bear ... the thing on the bed had been dead a very long time.
I yawned and looked down at the baby. She was happily pulling away on her bottle - she'd grown ... I fell asleep ... behind me I heard faintly the soft tread of tiny feet ... she was wrapped in a sheet that trailed behind her ... "I'm hungry, Daddy." ... disposed of the remains of that thing I had made love to ... Her eyes weren't that young anymore ... We talked together about nothing ... we both drifted off to sleep ...
"You want something to eat Dad?" A pretty adolescent girl carried a plate of eggs ... rapidly becoming the woman I had been with the night before ... couldn't help admire the beauty budding, blooming in front of me ... She was full-bodied now, the woman I'd loved ... She stood up and stretched, her breasts straining against the sheet that fitted her a lot better now. "Like what you see? ... I've been a lot of men's daughters."
- (Theperv584, Lurker)

Teen Titans Go!
- (AR) #23 "Misadventures in Babysitting" 08/2017.
Superman has been turned into Superbaby by red Kryptonite again. The Justice League drafts the Titans as babysitters. Since they are the "Go" versions, it doesn't work too well. The story is about the difficulties of caring for a pre-verbal infant with Superman's powers.
- - ArArchive link - (SKJAM)

Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond
- (preteen/adult AA age forms) Ep14: The character Luciana Estevez is introduced, a female doctor with the ability to divide herself, allowing her to treat multiple patients at once. Her split clones appear like young versions of herself in oversized-looking lab coats. Blood Technique "Phantom Surgery": Luciana and her clones slice victims with her scalpel into pieces. The clones can recombine into one Luciana, with long hair and a mature physique - (Mad0charles)

UQ Holder! Magister Negi Magi! 2
- (demon age forms) Ken Akamatsu manga set generations later in the Negima! world.
10/2017 anime series: Main female protagonist Yukihime, AKA Evangeline A.K. McDowell, is a 700 y.o. vampire with the ability to switch from her busty mature adult disguise-form into her true loli-form body, and back again. A teacher in the village school, she goes with Touta on their adventures in the city. Eps 2 & 5 have Yukihime transforming back and forth between her younger and older forms.
- Art - (Carlton)

fetish stories
Deviant Artist: AgeGrowthFictions
- (dedicated TF AP/AR story) "Moonlight Secret (Part Three)" 2017. Magic can be most powerful.
- Part Three story link, or the PDF Version link - (Mister AGF)

Best Buy
- ("ARed" dream aftermath, RN cutaway AA) "Holiday", Canada, 2016 CM.
A Mom shopping for the perfect gift has turned back into a little girl before the ad begins. It starts with her dragging gifts home and trying to hide them from her son. She AAs back into an adult as the camera passes behind her son's head when he opens his gift on Christmas day.
- CM link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

I Hate Fairyland
- (RN "OA" deformation) - An 8 y.o. trapped in Fairyland briefly returns to her "true age" of 37, but has been blown up by too much sugar over the years - ArArchive Gallery link

Castle Town Dandelion
- (age TFs) 4-panel comic manga, Ayumu Kasuga, 2012-
Hikari Sakurada's (age: 10-13) Royalty Superpower can temporarily manipulate any living organism's biological age up and down. When she matures herself, Hikari develops a curvaceous figure and large chest like Kanade. She becomes taller and can fit in Akane's clothes. Hikari also stars in Joukamachi no Dandelion.

- (adult rejuvenation) 2013 manga, 2016 anime. A male must go through high school again.
27 y.o. Arata Kaizaki finds it difficult to gain employment. A mysterious man offers him the opportunity to become a tester for a 10-year rejuvenation experiment. Apparently, the experiment is a chance to fix whatever is wrong with the subject's life by experiencing youth again. He is currently Project #002 from Kanto prefecture. Awkward classmate Chizuru Hishiro is actually Project #001, while stalkerish transfer student An Onoya supervises the experiment - (Jacky W)

- (adult rejuvenation) 4/15/2017, Japan.
A 27 y.o. male loser is rejuvenated by 10 years for a scientific experiment, and returned to high school. Two of his female schoolmates may be similarly rejuvenated - link @08:40 - (Jacky W)

fetish fiction
Going Out
- (dedicated AA CoA adaptation themes) 11/2017. She's tired of being a "little girl". Female progression is not something Parkdale tends to do. But this isn't a Parkdale-approved adventure...
Main story page link
- (Sebtomato)

- (AR cutaways, slight OC) 319 "Siebenstein plotzlich klein" 10/2017 German kids show.
After finding her first gray hair, when a fountain of youth potion is accidentally dropped in Siebenstein's bathtub, she turns into a child... but don't expect many special effects from that low budget show.
- Video link - screencaps - (Sickboy)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: SuperSpoe
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation)
Gloriosa Youthening, from One Piece, 2017. Maybe Jewelry Bonnie did this idk - link
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation, BE firming)
Magic potion - link
- (Cool Dude)

- slight ff mostly months

Lange Wapper
- (male AA size TF, male ARed) Antwerp, Belgium. Similar to Japanese Youkai growing ghost baby; Ubume, Konaki-jiji; Scandinavian Utburd Myling.
Male demon comes out at night to chase drunkards, first appearing as a small male figure who "grows" bigger and bigger, until he towers over the houses. When the drunkard stumbles home, he sees Wapper looking in through the upstairs window. Sometimes, he appears as a small baby or a boy hoping to drink mother's milk like a Toyol. When the mother takes him home to put in the crib, Wapper "grows" so big he won't fit in the room anymore - (Louise)

Oz the Great and Powerful
- (adult stasis, cutaway TFed to OA) 2013.
Evanora aging during her confrontation with Glinda at the end - Video link - screencaps - (Fan2000)

Fuller House
- (AA, girls FFed into women) Fuller blouse is more like it? - Changes

text fragments
- (male adult stasis) S1Ep5 "The Machine" 11/5/2017.
Someone has been turning caddies into piles of dust. Campbell is suspected of being over 150 years old with an immortality-granting Cronos machine.

Gabriel Summers (Marvel)
- (male accelerated) Earth-616, X-Men Deadly Genesis Vol1.6 001 - art

fetish films
Shoe Growth Fantasy HD
- (dedicated adult GTS CB) Media Impact Customs. GTS, $14.99, 12 mins, 2017.
Foot growth video focuses on breaking out of shoes. Custom with Keri Spectrum that focuses on slow growth, but also has clothes rip, button popping and bra snapping off. The video really focuses on the shoe aspect - Purchase link

Deviant Artist: Dr. Transformo
- (dedicated adult face edits) - - Scarlett

Coup de jeune
- (male AR) French movie link
Post-AR discovery @12:30. Some good following scenes with the 4 y.o. boy driving a car, using an ATM, and so on, interacting with dumbfounded adults. Post-AP to young man @01:15:30, male OA process @01:20:20, some last post-AR twist @01:25:30. It's a very B-movie. Some characters like the maid are purposefully overstupid, and the thick-glasses one is a very goofy spy - (Vended)

Okaa-san (10-sai) to Boku
- (ARed) 2017. For a reason unknown to readers, the mother was aged down to a 10 y.o. shoujo... the same age as her son! Info link - (MysteryShadow)

- (slight kid growth) 2017 Philippines - "Pinata" girl link - gif - boy gif - caps

old school uniforms
- (very slight UC) They used to fit us.
Dress Down Day club - last year's - too small

- (adult flashback) - Winona - (F5)
- (slight UCed) - cereal CM
- (dedicated AP) - shoujo
Did not watch the following reported AA content:
- (FF?) - CM - (TF replacements) - MISC Woman disguised as other Woman, Boy, Man 05 shifter?
- (male) - FF

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AP text fragments 166 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

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