Aging Transformation Scenes

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A site about girls outgrowing their clothes - and every other male and female age transformation.

- (dedicated BE meme, increased beauty meme, mini-GTS meme) 2014 manga-style comics.
Two sorority sisters beseech an over-endowed succubus to expand their sexual attributes. They become hot ladies who get popular at their university.
- Purchase links: Ch01 - Ch02 - (Witchking00)

UFO Robot Grendizer
- (male disguise ARed, male RN AP TF CB)
Ep29 , 4/18/1976, "Farewell, My Friend In Space!"
AKA "Goldorak". The alien commando was compressed into a boy, but the disguise wears off inopportunely.
- Video link at 14:30 - screencaps - (Akira)

Ran to Hiiro no Sekai
- (AA AP) Double sequence. Ran's magic sure has improved. She can now age up another person along with herself in an intimate scene.
Manga scene - (NightElf37)

- (ARed OC dream sequence, RN)
4/14/2014 - prom dress - (F5)

Hormone - Emails des Korpers II
- (FF AP) 2010, "Thema Pubertat" 3D CGI.
Video link at 01:25 - screencaps

short stories
I was a Billionaire Wereteen (age shifter series)
- (male adult rejuvenation) Scarlett Skyes , 2014. c30p.
38 y.o. billionaire Mitchell Landon gets a big surprise for his birthday. Seems his dad has left him a note. When he finds out he will become a teenager again during the full moon, he gets to have the time of his life - and any girl he wants. The great thing is that his 4 stepdaughters can never find him because he doesn't exist.
- I was a Billionaire Wereteen 1: Taking Lucy (age shifter)
- I was a Billionaire Wereteen 2: Taking Jennifer (age shifter)

time themes
- (FB AA) Back in time fake caps
- (FF AA) Through the years caps

- (dedicated adult rejuv) - scene
- (FF to oa) - anime face
- (male adult) - face - face - face
- (AA) - male adult AA - adult AA
- (dedicated age) - swap - (Chriskim019)
- (face FF) - morph
- (hands FF) - cuts

BE scenes (theme)
- (TF swell) Vid link - caps

short films
AA scenes
- (age-up) - older - maturity makeover - low-qual male

- (AA FF) Raina Telgemeier, 2010.
Comic about a girl’s dental problems as an auto-biographical framework from middle school through high school.

short films
(mental maturity theme) Valerie Massadian, 2013. A 4 y.o. girl returns to an empty house, and must fend for herself. She worked with the child for almost two years, coaxing a performance of remarkable lucidity.

text fragments
- (TF?) 2014.
Scarlett Johansson gains the power to grow her hair and turn back time?
- (small possibility of age disguise?) Mystique spin-off movie? Info link

music videos
Rey de Reyes Kids
- (FF) "Me haces crecer" 2013 caps

music videos
- (kinda like self-image mental FBed, RN) "Brick by Boring Brick", 2009 caps

Cow & Gate
- (male FF AA) c2013 CM caps

- (mentally matured reflection) c2012 caps

- (FF) Vintage CM - future kids caps

Nutcracker, The
- (clothes TF, upgrade) - caps

grow photos
- UC - AKA Tinymodel-Ginger

World God Only Knows, The
- (AR teen form to shoujo, AA RN) Ch222.1 arc.
High school idol Kanon Nakagawa was ARed into a kawaii mahou shoujo by a runaway spirit spell. In Kanon-chan's magical form, she AAs back into a teen idol.
Anime OAV spin-off Magical Star Kanon 100% is loosely based on this arc. Both are recommended.
- Manga Ch. link - ARed RN extract
- ("Tuxedo" Will)

breast development
- (FF) - art stages

Chichi ga Loli na Mono de
- (AR/TG man-to-shoujo, TG M2F teen, TF cockroach-to-kawaii shoujo)
High school protagonist Tanaka is a closet loli lover. His busy father comes home from work as a little shoujo surprising Tanaka. He invented a potion that causes AR/TG. In one chapter, the father clandestinely gives the potion to son Tanaka and his friend. They become female teens with predictable hilarious results. In another chapter, a cockroach is accidentally splashed with the potion and evolves into kawaii shoujo C-ko-chan. I'm sure more AR fun will continue in upcoming chapters.
- Manga page links - (Tuxedo Will)

short stories
Twist of the Knife: Six Stories by Little Trip
- (dedicated AR short story anthology) 05/2014.
"Attarb's Brat T.A."
- Professor Roland's methods are a little unorthodox. For his dissertation, he's going to choose the least successful, self-absorbed prick. Bradley is about to get a comprehensive lesson in minding one's elders, a population that seems to be growing - Dark content, young men, diapers, public humiliation, erotic mind control.
"Last Resort"
- Dr. Simmons runs his therapy sessions like no other professional. When his clients emerge they've been humbled. The social worker witnessed every humiliation... and changed her field of study so that she'd never end up as singularly power-mad as the doctor who knows your every vulnerability - Female and male mental and physical AR, spanking, sexual humiliation.
- Graem's reputation for responsibility has led him to become his neighbor's go-to guy for babysitting her teenage daughter. However, successful, bland-as-beans Graem's secret vice is age regression. "Give me an A... give me an R!!!" - Male mental and physical AR, mind control, diapers, sexual humiliation.
"They're So Cute at That Age"
- In a matriarchal society women rule without restraint. A drug greatly overcompensated for man's new-found impotence, necessitating diapers designed to filter viable ejaculate. As the men lose control of their lives, they have to take their pleasure where they can get it... - Male mental and physical AR, diapers, sexual humiliation.
"13 Hours in the Lives of Rising Children"
- If you've got the cash and you've got the womb, we've got the stash and we've got the room. An experienced midwife guides the willing and the less-than-willing into second gestations. See what happens when the world's best-kept secret risks exposure - Female and male physical AR, unbirthing.
"Meeting of the Minds"
- A magical patron of AR and AB/DL literature proposes LT that, as long as no bodily harm comes to another living thing, Trip will write lush, descriptive passages depicting any scenario he desires. But things soon take a turn... - Female and male mental AR, mind control, diapers, sexual humiliation.
- (Little Trip)

short films
AA scenes
- 2014 "age cuts".
(male teen) - "Is time to #grow" - Vid link - caps
(girl forms) - "age bounces" - Vid link - caps
(male teen) - low-qual caps

- (boys-only puberty AP meme, magic pants meme, shoe AA meme) 2014 parody web video.
"What You Wish Would Happen on the Walking Dead" - Among the scenes that would have been your favorites. It contains a little male AP involving Carl... might spoil a bit of season 4.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Grow Powdered Milk Drink
- (slight FFed UCed) - screencaps

Hawaii Five-0
- (face FF, age progression software) 3x22 - caps

fetish films
Girl to Granny
- (dedicated adult to mental old age zaps) 2014, Miss Missa.
High school adult, 20's, 40's, elderly lady. Masturbation, tub play, and adult aging sensual tease.
- Purchase link - (MissaX, Merlin commission)

Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch
- (adults mentally reverted) 2014 CGI toon, S01Ep17 "A Renewed Sense of Magic".
After losing their magic licenses, Sabrina's aunts Hilda and Zelda mentally regress to their teenage behaviors, leaving Sabrina the responsible one. The episode ended up being female emotional, rather than full-on mental AR. No physical changes, despite the synopsis of the episode indicated - (Ferver)

Red Dress (?)
- (unproduced age disguise or age change movie?) c2009? "The Red Dress"?
Sarah Lambert, Veronica Sive, Jane Ballantyne? - Desperate to dance and escape the realities of home, Ellie "changes her age" to sixteen, dons a pair of fishnets and heads off on tour? Careful what you wish for? All access and info have been destroyed.

- (male) - FF
- (FF AA) - daughter change
- (photo edit) - oa face tutorial
- (FF) - change
- (adult face rejuv) - CGI
- (AA photo) - older & taller edit

fetish films
Your Secretary's Past Comes Back to Fuck You in the Ass
- (dedicated adult rejuvenation) 2014.
Middle-aged secretary revert to young adult, weight loss, eyesight improvement, lips, nails, flats to heels, breast expansion, futa, and a role change.
- Purchase link - (Miss Missa)

Lilo and Stitch
- (AA FF) Future Lilo fan art - (O', DeviantArtists)

- (FF) - Pokemon (left to right) years - years
- (adult recreations) - workers lunch - "The Sandlot" kids - resemblance - "Bogtrotter" reenactment
- (FF) - "Matilda" cast - sister
- (male & adult FF) - Oscar selves
- (adult FF) - "The Sopranos" cast - "Angel" cast - "Princess Bride" cast
- (male adult face) - The Walking Dead Rick - AR beard - Bill Murray - Haley Joel Osment parody
- (adult FF) - Olene 100 y.o. - BFFs gif - Brent Rambo meme
- (adult FB) - Sofia Vergara - Matthew McConaughey - Ozzy Osbourne - Ben & Jerry S. c1978 - Bob Odenkirk
- (adult make-up) - Johnny Depp - M2F Transition
- (adult weight loss) - couple - -100lbs. wife - -90lbs. - fat loss

short films
Physics #1. Time dilation.
- (old age) Andrzej Dragan, 2013.
Video link - screencaps

- (male adult weight loss) - -150 lbs - -74 lbs. - 2 years - ~80 days - -200 lbs.
- (male adult FF) - JHallComics years
- (male adult FF) - 2 years before and after - Santiago Aragon - "Wolverine" Hugh Jackman
- (animal kingdom) - 18 years - grown up! - armful
- (male adult FF) - "Starlight" comic info
- (male adult FF) - "Adventures of Superman" #46 "Strange Visitor" lifetime info - info
- (future selves?) - "The Bunker" comic info
- (male adult muscle) - "The Strange Talent of Luther Strode" A bodybuilding course works better than imagined - comic info
- (adult clones) - Image Comics "Clone". Can Luke survive against his younger adult selves? info
- (adult FF) - "X-Men: Days of Future Past" fan poster
- (male FF) - "The Life of Alfred" comic

- (height comparison) 2012 charity campaign.
For every item purchased they will donate an item of clothing to the organization "Room To Grow".
- poster - ages

short films
Magie: petite fille se transforme en bebe
- (AR AA cut) 2014.
Video link - screencaps

- (FF) 2012, Pablo Berger, B&W silent cinema.
"Snow White" adaptation. Young Carmen practises her toreador moves while dancing with laundry, using pegs like banderillas, suddenly moving from girl to grown woman.

- (AA to old age) c2008 "The Curse of Old Age"?
Elspeth is aged after an argument with a witch, but still has to rescue Xiao.
- Video link @ about 5 minutes - screencaps - (April)

Sunset Beach
- (FFed degeneration) Vanessa dreams she suffers from Martin's Syndrome.
Video link - screencaps

short films
Puberty Transformation
- (male AP OC poof) Boys-only trope, 2012.
Video link - screencaps

Angel Blade
- (kinda looks like APed) Anime.
Video link - screencaps - (MiachelAngelo2)

- (dedicated male adult aftermath) - caption story
- (adult age makeup) - info
- (face FF) - daily photo
- (pregnancy) - swelling
- (male AA) - low qual

short films
male AA (theme)
- (male young adult upgrade) Low-qual caps

Quantum Leap
- (AA mental FB/FF) - screencaps - screencaps

dance of age (theme)
- (AA "FF") c2010 documentary trope.
"Stretch-out" video edit - screencaps

- (AA FF/AP, age forms) c2013.
Posable & morphable CGI bodies - screencaps

dance of age
- (AA age-up) c2013 fan video - screencaps

music videos
Sapnal Denise
- (AA FF glimpse) 2013 "The Bread Tree" - screencaps

- (ARed, TF power-up) #109. In another dimension, Monster Girl appears to have regressed back into a baby due to her transformation curse - (Jeffr_2bya)

Mahou Sensou
- (BE maturation UC) The shoujo accidentally manifests the magical power of transformation.
Video link - screencaps - (The Ap Master)

- (voices ARed) - Warner Bros. Studio Tour London - The Making of Harry Potter. 2014 CM - (Alagatery)
- (TF age forms) - Fukumen Mania preview - (Akira)
- (AA) - dressing style Jennifer
- (AA FF) - photos
- (male face) - FF
- (male) - age-up story
- (face FF) - morph

short films
Doug Dupin and the Fountain of Youth
- (male adults to teens AR, male & female teens to kids AR, poofs & cutaways)
2012, 48 hr film festival NH.
- Video link - screencaps - screencaps - screencaps - (Entropic)

- (TF "ARed") 2013, Catastrophic/Sideshow.
Shape-shifting prostitute Dawn changes into Sparks' ex-girlfriend and Lady Angelic to have sex with him and other people. Dawn also disguises herself as a young girl - (DaveS)

short films
Fountain, The
- (elderly couple rejuvenated to young adults, cutaways) "The Fountain", c2010, Thomas Moser.
An elderly man discovers a fountain of youth in his backyard greenhouse. How will he use his new-found, supernatural powers?
- Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

Jake and the Never Land Pirates
- (poof AR AA, AA RN) "Pirate-Sitting Pirates", S3Ep6, 64B, 2/7/2014.
Disney AA. Kids, captain, and crocodile into babies.
- While fleeing Tick-Tock Croc they fall into the Pirate Pool of Youth, which has the ability to turn anyone into wee pirates. Captain Hook, Jake, his friends and Croc were turned into babies. Now Smee and the other pirates must take them to a flower that will turn them back.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (male FF AA AP, adult FF) - family photos - (Matt)
- (male adult face) - 24 years - (Matt)
- (FFed aftermath) - old uniform
- (adult face degeneration) - Meth Morph video
- (out of continuity FFed) - "Raiders" film remake proposal

Sofia the First
- (male poof AR AA, AA RN) "Two Princesses and a Baby", 3/7/2014, S2Ep1.
Disney AA. Boy poofed into toddler around 5:00, AA RN around 16:20.
- Video link - screencaps - (JeffR_2bya, Entropic)

Steven Universe
- (TF AA cut-away ARed) ARound the 5:00 mark. Instant change from adult female to toddler - caps - (JeffR)

Scooby-Doo Team-Up
- (poof ARed AA) #3, 2013.
A magical imp is causing havoc in Gotham City, and Batman and Robin look for help from Scooby and the gang. As one of many transformations, the cast is changed into "baby" forms.
- Gag - (SKJAM)

- (CoA, FF) 2007-2012, Miranda Cosgrove & Jennette McCurdy (1993, 1992).
Carly's "flat-chestedness" during early (S01) and middle (S02, S03) puberty was humorously referenced.
- "iSaw Him First":
Sam: Why won't you ask your new helping bra?
Carly: (looks down and gasps) There's nothing wrong with a little help.
- "iFight Shelby Marx":
Carly: I'm not a twig. I'm getting curvier every day.
Freddie: I know.
Carly: Eyes up, dude.

previous page

AP text fragments 152 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too or were removed
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash forward in time
TF: transformation

Your info and submissions are welcome! Send 'em here.