Aging Transformation Scenes

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A site about ageshifters, girls outgrowing their clothes, and every other male and female age transformation.
Reminder: our email changed several months ago.

fetish comics
- (adult rejuvenation) c2017 - stages - (Cool Dude)

- (male AA age form upgrades?) - Toei blocked video, Japan-only link. Kotaro Sakuma - Uchu Sentai Kyuranger hero - (Akira)
- (male AR) - Avengers Assemble - "The Age of Tony Stark" Iron Kid episode - (Akira)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: ApFan101
- (dedicated AA TF AP scenes) 2017/2018. CGI short Flash movies.
Mature Content, breast/butt expansion. A new 3D animator has started. I really must say, his posted works so far are simply amazing. Please check him out and show support if you like his works. He is definitely up there with 3D animators like TheForgottenOne96.
- DeviantArt link - gallery link - (Chriskim019)
Wand of Aging
- link - After having little Jessica put on her mother's dress, the teenage boy couldn't wait any longer as he waved the Wand of Aging. It was said to be a magical artifact that can control both the target's physical and mental ages. What should have been another boring day of babysitting could transform into something much more enticing, if the legends proved true...
Wand of Aging - Part 2
- link - Jessica's babysitter uses the Wand of Aging on her once more, this time alongside her best friend Megan, who was staying over for the night.
Ring of Age
- link - Alternate story path in which Ashley and Jennifer rediscover the Ring of Age by accident.
The Gym
- link - Rebecca's workout proved more potent than she could have ever imagined.
The Babysitter
- link

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Locofuria
- (dedicated TF BE-CB, young to adult maturation, sock tear, mini-GTS)
"Girl AP" - Pablo's first Locofuria animation project. A captive shoujo unfurled into full maturity.
- - - - -
- CAUTION Mature Content - link - (Locofuria)

- (AR AA, babied aftermath scenes, unseen RNed) S01Ep21 "Three Mysticons and a Baby" 1/13/2018.
Nelvana, Playmates, Topps. Hortensia Q. Sparklebottom's sanctuary is clocked by fairy magic. The orphanage's motherly matron is overprotective about the children she takes in. Only pixies and babies are granted entry, so Arkayna has Zarya drink a potion that AA-poofs her into a toddler, much to her disgust and annoyance. Baby Zarya manages to break the antidote vial, and roams the orphanage in tears. Mrs. Sparklebottom shows Arkayna her twin sister as an infant. Her long-lost fraternal twin is none other than: Proxima!
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz, AgeRegressionFan01)

- (face photo morphs, old to young) - I had the idea to try and look into some of those gimmicky photo morphing apps that exist out there and apply some actual before and after AR character photos for a more in-depth transformation. The best looking one was FantaMorph Deluxe, which carries a premium membership.
I tried messing with my favorite childhood AR exposure, the Power Rangers reversion. As I prefer female AR, I just did some of Kimberly, Aisha, and Katherine. Stopping them halfway gives you a good idea about what the older actresses really looked like as kids.
- While AVI export is supported, I don't know how to not make the videos crazy huge (80MB for a four second video!), so I went with the smaller GIF option and uploaded them to Tumblr for anyone interested - Imgur - (AveRage Joe)

Blade & Soul
- (demon ARed AA poof, aftermath) Korean fantasy martial-arts MMORPG. NCSOFT, Team Bloodlust. 2012-.
Main villain Jinsoyun is defeated by your character. Instead of killing her to avenge your martial arts school, you decide to purify her soul. In doing so, she is regressed back into a preteen, and taken to another world to start anew. While offscreen, she continued to regress, and gets sent back in the next chapter as a toddler/baby to be raised again by your character, who became the master of the school.
- Scene link @03:00 - aftermath link - screencaps - (Uverplanet)

Black Cat
- (male AR glimpse) Ep13 "Love Cat" 1/19/2006.
At the very end, main hero Train gets shot by a special nano machine-infused bullet that regresses him into a boy.
- Episode link @20:56 - screencaps - gif
- (male ARed aftermath, RNed AA) Ep14 "The Kitty Cat / A Chibi Cat" 1/26/2006.
He spends the whole next episode trying to adjust to living as a child. It is difficult to use his gun. He regains old memories of his parents, while the two female protagonists that are normally younger than him are excited they get to babysit him for a day as his big sisters, and can raise him again to be well mannered. He returned to normal while coincidentally naked for other reasons.
- Episode link - (Uverplanet)

Green Ontario Fund
- (looks like feet-only ARed aftermath) "Reduce Your Carbon Footprint" 2017 commercials.
People talk about the benefits of reducing their carbon footprints. By doing so, they seem to have gotten kids or toddler-sized feet.
- link - "Tiny Shoes" (similar to "Petits chaussons")
- link - "Petits chaussons" Fonds pour un Ontario vert - Reduisez votre empreinte carbone.
- link - "Little Slippers" - male. Twins?
- link - "Cozy Socks" - male.
- Screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Here comes Puberty
- (CoA FF) 2018, EBSLanguage, Korea.
Toon link - screencaps - gif

World Dream Bank
- (dream of age, AA APed) - Dream 161 page

- (dedicated size reduction tales) - Daring Diane's blog
- (FFed AA) - Photographer Josephine Sittenfield took friend photos in 2000 and in 2017 - then/now
- (male pose FF) - years If you could run it backwards it could look like AR.
- (dedicated AR fics) - Jsdoom was accused of stealing other people's stories? blog - blog

text fragments
short films
Size Matters 2
- (dream sequence) Mike Ryan, 2014.
Gymkhana styled stunt video with close quarters drifting action on the docks of Long Beach. It turns out the heroine was actually a young girl all along - link - caps

AA stories
Age-Shifter, The
- (AA character book) The Age-Shifter - by Reader-Lover-2014, Ashley Tobin. 2014/16 Wattpad novel, 25 chapters.
Ch11 had CB glimpse? My name is Breanna Lawson. I have a secret talent. A talent that no one has ever seen before. I can shift my age to be whatever age I want. I am originally fourteen years old.
- Story page link
- 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05
- 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10
- 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15
- 16 - 17 - 18 - 19 - 20
- 21 - 22 - 23 - 24 - 25
- (Utena)

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AP text fragments 167 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

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