Aging Transformation Scenes

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A site about ageshifters, girls outgrowing their clothes, and every other male and female age transformation.

fetish films
- (dedicated short CGI TF AR/AP) Over-18 access only.
Tools for more realistic age morphs are still in an early stage. Semi-deformed and realistic styles, baby & continuous morphs, catgirls.
Proportion & posture adjustments, youth & adult heads, cloth draping, age form skins.
- 2016+ Daz animations by randy8823 - caution Nudity.
- - gif
- - gif
- - id=64346857 - id=64213503 - id=64168696

Guardian Brothers, The
- (male) 2016 Chinese CGI animated movie.
Two brother spirit guardians protect those who put up their images in their homes, though in modern times few still believe in spirits. One brother decides to make them believe again by unleashing a demon. However, each time he breaks a seal he loses some youth. At first it's not much, but by the second seal it's very visible. When he breaks the third final seal, he doesn't age that much more. In the end he defeats the demon, and his adult youth is restored - (Tazz)

Kids From Stranger Things Hit Puberty, The
- (male & fem puberty TF AP, some male UC & shoe CB) 2017 "Stranger Things" series parody by AOK.
What happens when Eleven turns 12? Mostly male awkwardness.
- Video link - TF gif - screencaps

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
- (male AA "AP" poof) 2017. Vid link - caps - - (Tazz)

F.E.X (Forced Evolution Experiment)
- (lo-res silhouette AA age forms) 2017 game where you can "age at will". You take control of failed experiment T1M in a DNA aging research facility. T1M not only has a short lifespan, but can alter age forms. You have to find your way out the lab before your time expires, or you get caught by other experiments. Use your age to get through - Trailer link

Care and Keeping of You, The
- (CoA, some FF) "The Body Book for Younger Girls" - Valorie Schaefer, 1998, puberty-ed book - line art

Orville, The
- (OA to death & tree AP) Ep01.
On the crew's first mission, The Orville visits a science station that is working on a device to age things 150 years. A female scientist tries to stop an uprising, but is shoved into the field and quickly OAs to death as she screams in pain. Near the end they are facing the Krill villains, and decide to give them the device along with a redwood tree seed. When the device is activated, the seed ages 150 years (the time it takes to fully grow), and destroys the alien ship - (Tazz)

age illusions
Illusion - Camera angle age change.
Illusion - No change? High school age stasis.

Nightmare Princess
- (AR to death) Hentai by SS-BRAIN, c2012. Fair warning it's pretty dark - Inaccessible link: - extract - (Jeffr_2bya, Karas)

- (adult fast-forward to OA) "Lifetime Love" 2017 CM - Video link - - (Tazz)

- (dedicated AR story commissions) - Totally Transformed tumblr Login required - I mainly do short captions, but some longer commissions.
  While I've dabbled in petplay and ABDL/diaper lover stuff, my real passion (and actual interest) is regression! - Patreon - (ElisaEve1985)
- (FFed movie villains) in their twilight years

- (adult/OA ageshifter was glimpsed in one scene) UK '09. For a while there was hope there might be AP - Nude screencaps no TF.

Illuminati clones
- (implied accelerated growth) c2015 conspiracy exposure videos. The celebrity replacement clones may have been made to grow up fast - thumbnails

- (breast changes) gif

fetish comics
Yard Work
- (dedicated male AR, fem AP) - gif

Philippe Faraut
- (some coming of age themes) French sculptor & wood carver, b1963 - art

- (life stages) The eternal cycle of age and rebirth - art

Snow White (stories)
- (CoA metaphor, some FF, always AA) Many versions. In some she got older during the story - art

fetish comics
furry TF
- (dedicated adult demon growth) c2007 art

childhood nostalgia meme
- (adult aftermath) Used to fit - stuck

back to school meme
- (FFed AA) Celebs revisit their past - big schoolgirl

gymnast growth spurt meme
- (BE only edit) 2012 thread gag

coming of age (documentary memes)
- (FF stages) Some medical ills. Change can be challenging - screencaps & extracts gallery

"Once upon a time", Philippines series.
- (mother/daughter mind swap) - Ep29 "Ina'y Ko Po" 4/2/2011.
  Terry shares all her wishes with her fairy doll. Terry wishes for her mother to change. Linda wishes for her daughter to change.
  The fairy doll grants their wishes by switching their characters. How will they return to their original state?
- (male AR OC) - Ep31 "Bully-Lit" 4/16/2011.
  The strongest bully turns into a child.
  Trailer link - screencaps
- (beautification) - Ep35 "Flores de Mayumi" 5/21/2011.
  Mayumi wants to be beautiful so that she will not be teased. A magical ointment rubbed on her face turns her into beautiful Mylene.
- (time acceleration) - Ep38 "Aurora's Oras" 6/11/2011.
  Aurora always turns in her homework late unless she uses a magical watch to freeze time. It alters her life. Similarity: Clockstoppers.
- (AP) - Ep43 "Cacai Kikay" 7/16/2011.
  Cacai (Mika Dela Cruz) wants to be a lady. She buys herbal medicines from a herbal shop and mixes all four to drink.
  She wakes to find herself a fine lady, and does everything that grown-ups do. Soon she realizes it is not as easy as it looks. She regrets being grown-up and wants to be a child again.
  Trailer link - screencaps
- (male new year/old year meme) - Ep66 "Happy Neo Year!" 12/31/2011.
  Lazy and reckless boy Janus meets mysterious old man "Mang Neo", who is the "Year 2011" personified. Can Janus help Mang Neo reach his destination,
  or will his laziness hinder the ushering in of "Happy New Year"?
- (time acceleration) - Ep87 "Remote Emote" 5/26/2012.
  Lazy child Joy is not always excited to go to school because of her television addiction. TV salesman Mr. Booboo gives her magical remote to fast forward time
  and escape from doing her school works.
- (AR) - Ep103 "Yaya Yaya Puto Maya" 9/15/2012.
  Rude young girl Maya doesn't know how to respect her parents. Because of her bad manners, a mysterious woman brings her parents back to their teenage years and beyond.
  Reverse video link - Short video link - screencaps
- (FB to child self) - Ep117 "Ang Bagong Kampeon sa Bagong Taon" 12/29/2012.
  Angeline is given a magical image of Greek god Janus to show her past and future. Melody goes back to her childhood and changes her fate.

- (male AR AA fade) Brazil variety program, c2016.
"Gustavo Almeida no programa dos Legendarios - Fonte da juventude" Fountain of Youth skit.
- Video link @50sec - screencaps - - (FARfan)

short films
Corujões Loves
- (AR OC poof, RNed) 2016. Two vloggers are regressed.
"Fonte da juventude existe ? Casal de namorados fotõgrafos".
- Video link @2:35 - screencaps - - (FARfan)

- (demon AA age-up) S3Ep3, 2017.
Series has featured a few smoothly animated transformations with well-detailed processes. Our heroes fall in a time trap which AA's them older with each step they take. Sandglove's daughter is imprisoned too; she AA's from a loli into an adult shoujo with a breast expansion shot. Yugo and everyone else age until they're too old to continue to walk.
They really thought out the increase of the feminine curves from her hips, waist and chest, and even took the time to actually do some parts people tend to neglect, like the curves of the legs, feet, size of the eyes, and even the elf-like ears and the hairs! Of course, they left out details like the nipples growing and poking through her tight suit, but since this is a kids show we can see why they didn't do that. No further process, no process for the other girl, and no reversion process sadly. They just seem to get rescued out of the trap by some passing characters, and everything is back to normal as if nothing happened.
- Episode link - link - screencaps - (Gwadahunter2222, Azerty47-2, ChrisKim019)

- (furry/demon AR) Tome 1.09, 2012. The heroes end up turning into children and a baby after drinking from the Fountain of Youth by accident. I could only find one image so can't tell if there's process, but their clothes do appear baggy - art - (Gwadahunter2222, Azerty47-2)

Eternal Ring
- (male TF age form upgrade) 2000.
At the end, the God-child understanding of death due to his sorrow over Lyta's passing causes him to instantly mature into an adult.

- (AA, uneven AR/AP) - Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Star and Marco chasing time @0:40 - (Somnium)
- (mental AR) - Teen Titans S04Ep10 "Mother Mae-Eye" Mom - (Crazyboy4826)
- (adult face FF) - article
- (ff toon ) - characters
- (male face) - FF
- (male slight TF) - Werewolf - (Akira)

- 7 sequences

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: AgeGrowthFictions
- (dedicated CGI-comic, fantasy TF sequence, power-up AP form, CB) 2017.
I just released my first age progression flash animated movie on Deviant Art: Abby First Encounter.
- Scenes of a nocturnal encounter in a world filled with magical legends. A mythical heroine seeking strength for her quest must enter a temple to commune with a mighty spirit. Dialogue text and Daz TF video of their mystical exchange. Multiple angles of rips spreading across her tight battle costume with tearing sounds. This is only the first encounter.
- TF Story link - (Mister AGF)

Jollibee Philippines Sweet-Sarap
- (AR AA poofs) "Jolly Spaghetti Dance" 2017.
Xia & the Jolly Kids do the jolliest dance moves to the newest Sweet-Sarap Jolly Spaghetti jingle. Policeman AR.
  Commercial link - gif - screencaps -
- (AR AA poofs, reflection ARed AA) "Dance Tutorial" 2017.
Do you want to bring out the jolly kid in you? Learn the Sweet-Sarap Jolly Spaghetti dance.
  Commercial link - screencaps -
- (FARfan)

Rick and Morty
- (monster rapid growth AP, male AP) S03Ep06 "Rest and Ricklaxation" 8/27/2017.
A spa machine extracts Rick's egotistic cynicism and Morty's cowardly self-loathing, but both toxins become sentient beings. Toxin Rick and Toxin Morty devise a plan to turn the world into toxic beings. Rick then convinces Toxin Rick to merge with him, and returns to his normal self. Morty, however, begins a new life as a stockbroker until his crush Jessica helps Rick to merge Morty back to normal.
During a fight scene, the two Ricks try to kill each other. Toxin Rick uses a monster grenade to imprint a fast-growing creature to maul his double. After re-cloning themselves, baby versions of Rick emerge from other bodies, aging quickly to old Rick.
- Scene video link - screencaps - screencaps - - (Jeffr_2bya, Tazz)

Boss Baby, The
- (male ARed AA to baby) 2017 - End Fight video link - screencaps -
- (males face FF to oa) - Grow old together video link - screencaps -
- (Tazz)

- (accelerated pregnancy glimpsed) S03Ep10 "Once Upon a Time in the Nest" 8/31/2017.
Clementine's unborn baby almost dies. In order to save it, her pregnancy was accelerated - trailer link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Extreme Ghostbusters
- (AR below the neck only) S01Ep13 "Be Careful What You Wish For" 9/24/1997.
A ghost entity grants people their wishes, but gives it to them in horrible ways. A middle aged woman wished to be younger and was turned into an infant, but with her head remaining the same. The police from Grand Central arrived on scene and took her statement.
- Episode link - (MysteryShadow)

Life is Strange
- (flashback into baby self) Ep4 "Dark Room".
An 18 y.o. female rewinds time back to when she was just 1 y.o. - Video link @50:15 - - (Tazz)

fetish comics
Deviant Artists: Living legends
- (dedicated fantasy TF, AR/AP elements) Mid-2017 update on some of the most established fetish artists:

- Ar-Kayn
- AutumnNatural
- BoaStudio - Famous for TG and mermaid related stuff. Seems normie so watch your language. Eager to do AP/AR.
- DarkerEve and Seonidas - Regular Sephzero artists that are eager to do TF related stuff, specially involving TF or muscle growth.
  Some of the characters are APing teenagers, so it is unknown how "permissive" they are.
- DKTF - Some "uneven AR" - link
- EduartBoudewijn
- GomyuGomyu
- JadenKaiba - Did TG and some teenage AP in the past. Specialized in sequences but done in a special way... check their TFs to see what I am talking about.
- Mr DNA - Eager to do AP and AR. It can be sexy but NOT sexual.
- OkayOkayOkOk - He seems to have no taboos. Seen doing some AR/diapering commissions.
- PariahExileWrath - TG.
- SeptemberSignal
- SinArrow - He has done an AP sequence in the past. Now he is eager to experiment. The terms are unknown, more is needed.
  Although respectful, he doesn't seem very fetishy, so watch your language.
- TfSubmissions - Silvia purchase link - Has done occasional AP sequences, knows how to draw comics. Not into hardcore porn stuff.
  He is not into what he draws but does it for artistic passion and challenging himself, so watch your language.
- TheDangerCat - Danger-Catt - Okay about AP and maybe AR, didn't specify an age limit: more info needed.
- (The AP Ninja, others - all info from Process forum threads)

fetish comics
Deviant Artists: Up and coming
- (dedicated fantasy TF, possible AR/AP elements) Mid-2017 "rising stars" report:
Includes regular and established Sephzero TF artists that may also be eager to do AP/OA/rejuv/AR related stuff. Includes some Age Regular artists that have been seen multiple times doing limited age transformations. Other artists have not ever drawn AP in their life, and their position remains unknown. However, their art-style and maybe ideology make them worth trying out. Age Occasionals are artists that are not AP Regulars (they tend to do TG, breast expansion, and stuff), but they are now known to be eager to try Age Progression or Regression. Some are very flexible, it is worth contacting them for paid commissions. Many artists on this list may consider "default" AP/AR jobs unless otherwise specified. That is: a child or a girl growing into an adult woman, or an adult woman regressing to a child. These definitions do not necessarily include older women, nor toddlers or babies. When referring to Normie, I refer to people that may not like the fact that your commission is satisfying a fetish, so avoid being very straight with them. As I said, there will be exceptions. Marthlord/Dracoknight and Edwartboudewijn are regular forum users, check out their comment threads:

- Amateur-Unleaded - Will ONLY do teen-adult AP, bonus if it involves muscle growth. Nudity can only be displayed if the aged character is 18+
  Physical underdevelopment is admitted. The TF mentality must be empowerment: won't do anything humiliating or degrading for the character.
- Alcione - AP ONLY, he finds it difficult to draw flat childish characters. Cheap commissions.
- Ar-Kayn - AR only, babies included: consult rules.
- AutumnNatural - Eager to do AP/AR, further noting is needed to know his limits. Bonus points if it involves TG.
- Aya-Yanagisawa - She has drawn an entire AP hentai comic featuring a child-adult TF. Frequent hentai artist, may be eager to do more TF related stuff.
- Da-Fuze - Eager to do AP and AR, seen doing diapering commissions, so it seems like he has no taboos.
- Dizzyornot - Irregular availability. Eager to do Teen-Adult AP & AR.
- GomyuGomyu - Eager to do AP/AR, further noting is needed to determine his limits.
- JeiMorph - Seen doing TF related stuff, GTS and BE. I have asked them and they seem to be okay with AP. Their limits are still unclear.
- H-Panda - I've not seen any AP or AR from them, but... they seem to draw pretty much anything you commission.
- Herretik - Eager to do AP and AR. Since he hasn't drawn much it may need some direction, AR must not be too sexualized.
- Kaiza-TG - Despite doing TGs, he is an AP fan. Unknown AR rules, limited availability at the moment.
- Kojiro Highwind/Kojiro Brushard - Eager to do AP and AR as far as it is non-sexual, and the transformee does not go below 10 or being a loli.
- Kyo-DomesticFucker - Specialized in comics. Eager to do AP and AR of all sorts. If you are a regular client, Kyo can discount your pieces or even give you the final pages free.
- MaxMam - AP only. Specific rules: the underaged characters must grow in height off-screen, their assets may be developed afterwards onscreen.
- MentalCrash - Posted already, AR -only- of all sorts and kinds, even diapers.
- MikoToWolfSkin - AR (can reach diaper levels), AP can be commissioned, but the clothes of the character will change, and they must have long-sleeves in the end:
  think of these ARs in reverse as progressions: link
- Night/n647 - Eager to do AR and AP, although their women can get quite busty.
- Nathan123qwe - Ok this guy is special: the intermediary of a wide group of artists with very different art styles and rules.
  It is recommended you discuss with him what would you like. Seen doing TF related stuff.
- Shadako26 - She has done TG, GTS and masking comics, although she seems permissive enough to try AP/AR out.
- SutibaruArt - Unknown age limit, but at least willing to do teen-adult AP. Unknown AR rules, notes are needed.
- Teto-Kasane04 - Very cheap commissions, specialized in sequences, eager with both AP and AR. Watch your language, he seems a bit normie.
- VoidStrata - Eager to do AP and AR. Underage characters must -not- display genitalia.
- (The AP Ninja, others - all info from Process forum threads)

- (mental ages) "Zombie knows best".
To keep her craving for brains in check, she works in the morgue and eats the brains of the recently dead. A side effect is that she temporarily gets their personalities and tendencies, no matter their age, gender or preferences. In this episode she eats the brains of a middle-aged man, while her ex (also a zombie) eats the brains of the 15 y.o. old daughter.
- Video link - - (Tazz)

- (dedicated old age/rejuv) - The Great Age Shift stories at the new OA forum.
- (dedicated ABDL) - Wattpad story
- (anthro ages) Lego Marvel's Avengers 2 - Baby/Adult Groot - - (Tazz)

Replica series
- (some slight AP) "Perfect" teen clone Annie Perrault is highly charismatic, but ultimately evil and self-serving. She is disgusted by all average "inferior" people.
- Return of the Perfect Girls
Annie befriended Amy Number Five and Amy Number Eleven. She tried hard to convince the other clones to support the Organization's goal of taking over the world. When most Amys escaped the island, Annie chose to stay behind and was artificially age-progressed from teen to adult by the Organization.
- War of the Clones
Unfortunately, the process had damaging effects on her health, and ended up killing her near the end of the book.
- "They're waiting for us to grow up more," Amy told her. "But if they've got this acceleration thing happening, that's only going to take a day or two."

fetish comics
TF Artist: Aogami
- (dedicated furry AR art) Seen doing GTS and animal TFs, doesn't seem to have problems about AP. Further noting of his preferences is needed. Eager to do animations, commissions are paid for hours of work, not characters drawn. Extra charges if the contents are NSFW - InkBunny link - (Process)

- slight changes only can be seen, sorry - months 14 to 15 - months - months - months

fetish comics
TF Artist: Phinci
- (dedicated AR art) Extensive collection of TF fetish works. There's also a lot that isn't AR though, and definitely a lot of NSFW content, so beware of that - Tumblr Pages - (EduartBoudewijn)

previous page

AP text fragments 165 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

Your info and submissions are welcome! Send 'em here.