Aging Transformation Scenes

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2 be young again... A site about ageshifters, girls outgrowing their clothes, and every other male and female age transformation.

music videos
Art vs. Science
- (male adult rejuvenation, face close-up) "Magic Fountain", 2010.
The lyrics speak to the Fountain of Youth. An old man made a sonic device that harvests peoples' dance energy. At the end their vital force is sapped, and the old man is restored to the prime of life.
- Video link - screencaps - (kARth)

fetish films
Deviant Artist: Thetra
- (dedicated CGI AP AA scenes) 2018 short TF test sequences.
Mystical heroine age form upgrade. Got some time off and played around with dynamic clothing... This may not work in all systems due to file sizes and software issues. Contains Nudity.
- TF scene link - screencaps - 55MB SWF "Purple Top".
- TF scene link - screencaps - 80MB SWF "Robe".
- (Thetra)

K3 Love Cruise
- (AR AA poofs, TFs) Flemish, Studio 100, 2017.
The K3 girl band goes on a cruise. A genie seeks to fulfill an old curse. Looks like there is multiple AR in this. Couldn't find the movie in full though.
- Short vid link - screencaps - (lbh, Kupy)

Ore, Maou dakedo Baretenai yo ne?
- (demon AR) Yashio Goyou, 2017, Comic REX (Ichijinsha).
Ch10, Ch11. Angel attacks male protagonist. Female demon takes the bullet, and is transformed into a baby as a result. The AR is unfortunately poof, but adorably leaves it in oversized clothes. The angel cast a weakening spell on him, but it affects demons differently?
- Small extracts - (Azerty47-2, Suning, Godleydemon)

How Avengers Infinity War Should Have Ended
- (male demon AR AA poof) 2018 parody.
"HISHE" cartoon channel about how movies should have ended with funny endings (superhero ones end with Batman and Superman drinking coffee at a cafe, and villains at a pub). Warning contains spoilers:
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

music videos
- (male/female cutaway AA ARed) Century Child, alternative metal, 2002. "Bless The Child".
The story is kind of cryptic. At the very end, after a wedding, the male finds his wife in a field near some trees (could be "paradise"). The video cuts away, and when it returns the couple have regressed to children. They walk off camera together as it ends.
- Video link - screencaps - (kARth)

Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai!
- (demon ARed, RNed) by Konbu Wakame, 2017. Gangan Joker.
A demon queen becomes a shoujo after her magic gem is destroyed. Reverts to being an adult to go to work when using a fragment. She shifts back and forth quite a bit with 0 process, but the amount of misfortunes is funny as hell lol.
- Manga link - small extract - (Godleydemon, Andu22)

Human Growth and Development Education
- (excellent toon AP CB spurt) "Jack and Jill", c2018.
The Health Education Center of Akron, puberty education video series, Red Point Digital.
- Puberty happens without warning. First, fast-growing hair squeezes through her hairbands. The height spurt is so rapid she almost loses her balance. Her shoes briefly survive being stretched beyond reason, until her flexing toes burst through the front. Breasts develop slightly slower under her overstretched dress, but it still only takes seconds. A tightly pinched waist-band breaks off, and is flung to the floor. Then she is ready to assume a more assertive attitude.
- Video link @01:25 - gif - screencaps - (Cassandra Yee)

Happy Salvage
- (APed cut) PS1, 2000, Media Works.
Some sort of 3-stage process of still images. Marine adventure story of harem love to find the unknown treasure. There are different island girls.
- Video link - Game link - screencaps - (Andu22, The AP Ninja)

Beyond: Two Souls
- (FF, CoA) Quantic Dream, 2013, PS3 & 4, drama action-adventure.
Jodie and ghost Aiden grow up under the custody of the Department of Paranormal Activity. Teen Jodie seeks independence despite hostile entities from the Infraworld. Adult Jodie goes on multiple missions, and Zoey is born. Jodie watches from Beyond over the living world, warning now-teenage Zoey of coming dangers.

- (ARed, RN AA AP) #10 - extract

Universal's Islands of Adventure
- (TF CB glimpsed) "The Incredible Hulk Coaster", c2015.
In the queue, government test footage is shown of young adult volunteers being turned into Hulk-like superhumans. Just go with the change. The male's shirt burst off. Fortunately, her sports bra stretched to cover her enlarging torso.
- Vid link - 05:56 male young adult -- link - 06:40 female young adult.

- (male pseudo-"OA'd", no size increase) Ishikawa Yugo, Big Comic Superior, c2015-18. Ch50.
Humans worldwide wake to find themselves and their clothes having been shrunk. Young Alice and her dog Poco struggle to adapt to the changed world. A boy's body degenerated to decrepitude.
- Ch01 start link - Ch50 small extract - (Vended)

Denali legend
- (age form accelerated) Yako set off to find a wife. He stole a little girl which angered the Raven Chief. Sitting in the canoe while her Chief hurls spears that turn waves into mountains, she magically "grew up" into a woman, and makes really good smoked salmon for Yako.

music videos
- (OA face rejuv) "Love is Dead" The song seems to be about a failed relationship. The entire video is process from old to young adult, which is pretty rare - vid link - (kARth)

Magdalena Solis
- (adult stasis) 1963 Mexican death cult. "High Priestess of Blood" Solis, supposedly the reincarnation of Aztec goddess Coatlicue, claimed she needed to drink victims' blood to stay a young adult forever.

TF tropes: trauma-induced transformation
- (sudden AP) See: hulk-out memes. The strain of being too small to deal with a complicated situation may trigger a sudden growth spurt to summon the needed strength - gif

- Mayumi Yamanaka - Roberta -- months Lyuba - months - ff

Backyard Football
- (male AR OC poof, toon ARed) 1999 commercial.
Jerry Rice gets regressed (and animated) by kid scientists in this ad. The game features NFL superstars as kids.
- CM link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

- (AA face FB fades) 2018 beauty filter app, "girl grow", China - caps
Resembles those videos where they smudge-edit paintings older or younger (South Korea, 2014), such as: "Live painting show - Woman's life" by Stonehouse, Yirigun, Painter11. Or: "Diary of a young girl growing" - More caps

Mystic Comics
- (male ARed) #02 "The Forbidden Drink" 1951.
An older stage actor makes a desperate bargain with a diabolical visitor to regain the state of his glory days as a young man.
Full comic - (Thomas)

Magic Warriors Mir and Gaon
- (AA TF AR) 2005 Korean children's show, sequel to "Magic Kid Masuri". Mabeob jeonsa mileu gayeol?
Ep12 scene link - screencaps
- Also F2F TFs in Ep2, 12-13, 17, 65-66, 84, 92-93, 160... and many possessions - (Usnavi, JP)

Light in the Forest, A
- (demon TF adult rejuv) 2003 adaptation of Frank Latino children's book, "The Legend of Hollyboy".
Direct link - screencaps - (Guest)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Abimboleb Comics
- (dedicated adult rejuv, mental) Super-Brats c2017 CGI comic.
Harley Quinn's DNA modifier sets a trap for busty versions of Wonder Woman and Supergirl. The gun allows her to pseudo-regress and erase anyone's memories past and present. Unfortunately for Harley, she fires the DNA gun in the air without protection, and the trio zaps back into busty "teenagers" with no memories of who they are - Creator purchase link - (AgeRegressionFan01)

- (adult rejuv) BBC.
Scene link - caps - (Cathy)

Ford Ka
- (old adult rejuvenated from the neck down) "Ethel", c2011.
His elderly wife still has a young adult body.
- Commercial link - screencaps - (Hskfmn)

Mrs Mac's
- (old adult rejuved from the neck down) "Lean Meat Crusty Top", c2010, Australia.
Bimbo washing a classic car in summer clothes has a "crusty top".
- Commercial link - screencaps - (rgt)

- (old adult rejuved from the neck down) 2011 web ad. Joan Rivers is the new GoDaddy Girl. She came up with the hilarious line that "My body's a temple" then slaps her butt "This is the gift shop."
CM link - screencaps - (hh1974)

New 3 Stooges, The
- (adult rejuv) S01Ep118 "Three Wizards of Odds" 1965.
They turn an ugly queen into a beautiful woman. She transformed 3 times. It starts at 7:57 - Ep link - (Morph, TF)

short story
Nikolai Gogol
- (demon adult rejuved) "Viy", 1835.
Old witch comes to Khoma. At first he thinks she is trying to seduce him, but then she leaps on his back, and he finds himself galloping over the countryside with a strength he never knew. The old woman collapses, and he discovers she has turned into a beautiful young woman. Things go badly wrong when he must guard her corpse for three nights.

- (demon adult rejuved, OA) AKA "Spirit of Evil", Vii, 1967 horror, Mosfilm, USSR. Based on the Nikolai Gogol story.
Khoma finds they are flying, and realizes the old woman is a witch. He grabs a stick, beats her violently, and sees she has turned into a beautiful young woman. Horrified, he runs back to the seminary. After the third night of the haunted wake, her corpse turns back into the old woman, and lies down in the coffin which then disintegrates - caps

- (demon adult rejuved effect) "The Power of Fear", The Witch, 2006 Russian "remake" of the Nikolai Gogol-inspired 1967 film "Viy". Reporter is attacked by demon hag that turned back into a woman in the daylight - caps

Viy 3D
- (demon adult rejuved) Forbidden Empire, The Forbidden Kingdom. Dark fantasy inspired by Nikolai Gogol story "Viy". Russia, Ukraine, 2014.
Old hag transformed into young attractive woman. He is protected by a magic circle of chalk.

Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom
- (FF AA, accelerated growth) 2009 anime. Cal Devens, Devensis, Drei:
Phantom assassin for Inferno was kind of annoying as a kid, but much more tolerable after she magically grows up. She was small in stature with a childlike body. Reiji bought her a dress she saved for special occasions. After the 2 1/2 year time skip, Cal had grown tall, with multiple curves and well developed cleavage showing. Her appearance is a sexy motorcycle queen.

Sabrina the Teenage Witch
- (young/old adult swap) #10 "The Crone of Crystal Lake" 1997.
An evil old witch stole Sabrina's body. They switched bodies, and a kiss from Harvey will make the change permanent - (CJ)

Zanki Zero: Last Beginning
- (FF AA accelerated growth, clone rebirths) 2018 survival RPG, Spike Chunsoft, PS. Danganronpa team.
8 clones must find their way out of a dangerous city. They start as kids, then are seen as adults, and then old people who rot away. Kids can't use weapons, but attack faster. A machine "extends" their lives by giving them a new body, or healing them completely by recreating them as kids.
- screencaps - screencaps - screencaps - (TheMan3033)

- (demon-like TF, adult rejuvenation) 1988.
Rich actress who got too old for leading roles employs a scientist working on a formula for eternal youth from certain fluids in the brain. The serum's unforeseen side effects turn her into a murderous monster - cover - (Aras)

- (ARed aftermath, RNed?) #10. The situation was rolled back in a flash. No real RN AP either. Her younger form was well drawn all chapter, though. It does make Abigail look bad. Not only is she acting like a bitch to her so-called best friend, intending to have her stuck forever at age 13, she planned to keep the antidote for herself a few decades later. Why would the goddess give her two AR doses, but only one AP then. You could just drink a few drops to grow a few years closer to full adulthood. It's weird nobody thought of it. Abigail should have pleaded to leave some antidote for her. Fun situation, but damn if this plotline isn't a mess - (Vended)

Ore-tachi no Party wa Machigatteiru
- (male AR) 4 heroes defeat the Demon King. Before disappearing, he curses them. Main character is regressed to a 12-13 y.o. boy, and stuck this way. Another is turned gay, and another into a woman. We still don't know what happened to the last member, a woman. The former womanizer turned gay ends up going after any man, even the boy, as the party's recurring joke. At least the clothes didn't transform with the male AR, even if it was brief.
- Chapter01 link - (Vended)

- (face FB) - reverse caps

my old school uniform
- (UC) Straining - It looks like the excitement caused her to suddenly outgrow her middle school uniform, which was not quite adult-sized.
- (UC) Stretched - They used to fit us, but not anymore.

- months - beach - months - months - slight Uc - Uc - Sparkle Model

- (dedicated AA adult mental) - maturation

Moi a ton age
- (AA movie, adult/younger adult mind swap, mother & daughter) 2012, France.
Adaptation of "Zwei Vom Blitz Getroffen".
- It's not easy being single Mother of a 17 y.o. Daughter in full rebellion. Relations between Caroline and Fanny have reached a point of no return. They are incapable of communicating without shouting, or of putting themselves in each other's shoes. But Fate in the form of a mysterious storm places Caroline in the body of her Daughter and Fanny in her Mother. After legitimate panic, each must live in the skin of the other, while maintaining appearances in high school and with the suitors. They learn to understand each other, and finally regain their bodies after long adventures. In the last half hour, the Daughter in the Mother's body doesn't feel very well. She comes out with a pregnancy test. Based on the reaction, the Mother's body had gotten pregnant before the swap.
- Movie link - (Tuggy24g, Holt, TheDetective)

Magician, The
- (male slight AP spurts, slight UC) "The Magician", Le Magicien Ep 31 "Junior" 1997, 1999.
On a rainy night, Ace and Cosmo find a howling baby at their door. Cosmo is soon pinned under an artifact by the crawling infant. Mona remonstrates Cosmo for failing at babysitting. Ace decides to name him Junior. Through the night, Mona is shocked to discover the baby grew into a toddler. Angel finds the boy grows older each hour. Junior steals the Magic Rider and starts causing all kinds of trouble. He uses the ejector, and ends up on a high-rise. A strange man picks him up in a turbocopter, but Junior jumps and is rescued by Ace. Aldus Teron goes back to Ingen Laboratories, and learns his nurse Nataschia kidnapped the prototype baby. Teron plans to transfer his mind into Junior's body to live longer, but his plans are foiled by Ace and Cosmo. Junior uses his genius intellect to stop his rapid aging. In the end, Teron is sent to jail, and Nataschia decides to adopt Junior and raise him as her son.
- Episode link - gif - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Poro no Ryuugaku-ki
- (demon AR OC, aftermath) Demon Prince Poro Diaries, by Gondaira Hitsuji, 2017. Ch15.
Poro's male and female friends were accidentally transformed into babies by some magic, and Poro has to take care of them. No process, unfortunately, but it does leave them in oversized clothes and looks adorable.
- Japanese Chapter link - manga extract - (Azerty47-2)

Yume no Crayon Oukoku
- (AR OC, rejuv) The Crayon Kingdom of Dreams, Ep60, 1999.
Princess Silver's retainers (mostly old male anthros) revert into young adults after eating magic fruit. The spell is held on the fruit tree, so Silver must AR herself into a baby to reach it. The rejuv is not worth talking about, but Silver's AR is adorable and leaves her in oversized clothes, though without process; she just glows and bam she's a baby. Still, I found the caps cute enough to share.
- Screencaps - (Azerty47-2)

short comics
Dangerously Chloe
- (demon TF, adult form APed, UC/CB glimpses, RN AR OC) 6/16/2018 webcomic: "little Abby" again.
Some partial links with torn or tight top and shoe glimpses. The continuation of the storyline starts here:
- APed immediate aftermath uc link - uc link - uc link - uc link - uc link - uc link - uc link - uc link - uc link - uc link - AR RN OC link - ARed RNed OC link
At the end, female demon Abby's subconscious desires (when her classmates don't recognize her grown up self) caused her to regress back into a preteen to mixed emotions.
- Partial small extracts - (Shrink-a-dink)

Daimaou no OFF
- (demon ARed) Ch14. Mizuno Madoka, 2016, Leed.
Female Demon Lord wakes as a baby because of anti-aging drugs? No process, but we get decent glimpses of her oversized clothes, and it's pretty darn cute. The AR continues in the following chapters, though I couldn't tell for sure how she RNs. It's implied she gradually but rapidly grows back in AA clothes (a la Hare Guu).
- Info link - Chapter link - extract - 2 - (Azerty-2)

text fragments
Big Hero 6: The Series
- (male FB?) S1Ep4 "Fred's Bro-Tillion" 6/10/2018 - caps - (Isabella)

- (dedicated TF server) - Discord age transformations and roleplaying forum server - (TheFunHero)

- (dedicated shoujo TFs) AKA "KiSS" virtual paper dolls, c2015.
"AA AP" Models info link
- has a strip poker game featuring various characters. I have decided to age up some characters, but there are so many I may need some help.
Model repository link - I have started with Jasmine - (JackpotMans)

- (sudden height increase, slight UC) S7Ep2b "A Little Bigger WordGirl" 8/8/2014.
She suddenly grew taller inside her costume.
- Info link - Transcript link - screencaps

text fragments
Mohawk Girls
- (dream sequence? adults FFed to oa) S5Ep6 "Warriors", c2017 series finale, Canada.
All four leading ladies are seen older link - inf. link

text fragments
Innocents, The
- (AA curse?) "The Innocents", Netflix, 8/2018 UK series.
Young adult "teens" Harry and June run away from their closed-minded, prejudiced, repressive families. Unfortunately, from the trailer, the premise does not look good. During a night-time confrontation with an unidentified man, June discovered her "shape-shifting" ability? It may or may not be an illusion, since Harry sees her normal reflection? Some blurry posture change glimpses? A mysterious professor reveals there is some sort of community of shifters? He promises to cure June while studying her abilities, and reunite her with the mother who deserted her? There might or might not be an age-change shape-shift? - trailer link

- (dedicated OA'd) Commissioned Elderly Teen Angels from "The Creepy Claw Caper" - link by qMargot (link) - (JackpotMans)
- (AA episode) - "So Weird" age "swap" - (adult 25 yr FFed) - Alicia
- (adult/young adult body swap) - Disney "Freaky Friday" musical movie trailer
- (adult face) - FF - (adult age stasis illusion) - Chinese Weather Woman 22 years

not Androxi Effect
- (male shoe CB burstout) Once again we can imagine how incredibly awesome it would be to see a girl's foot grow into a woman's foot right through her shoes. It would take advanced practical effects, and CGI animation and compositing. This scene alone cost more than most people will earn in a lifetime - 2003 Hulkout gif

girl scout meme
- (kinda looks like "APed", pseudo UC?) - pics - pics

- 3 sequences - uc - uc

girl scout uniforms
- (fashion FF) - stages

fetish comics
Forbidden Spells
- (dedicated young adult age increase comic, BE, butt expansion) #1, "Dark Mother", 6/2018, $9.
A mysterious book has appeared in the School of Magic. It is found there by a student, who will soon utter one of its spells without knowing the terrible consequences...
- Purchase link - (Locofuria)

Sket Dance
- (AR OC & aftermath, RN AA AP overshoot) Ep23 "It Feels Great to Be a Little Princess!"
- Video link - RN gif - info link - (NightElf37)

Ben 10
- (male AA TF) - caps

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: AR-Kayn
- (dedicated AR) "The Regular Regress". In May 2018, I did 21 daily AR drawings on my Patreon, and these are now publicly accessible. More to come for June. Updates 3 times weekly rather than daily, with the ability to vote on ideas.
- Patreon link - AR comics link - (Kayn)

- Tomoe - NewStar-Candy

Hum Ne Li Hai Shapath
- (ARed aftermaths, oblivion TF AR) SuperCops vs Supervillains Crime detective/supernatural, Life OK, STAR India.
S9Ep7? #232? A number of adults living in a society have turned back into children. While working the case, a supercop was also reverted to boyhood offscreen. Can his team get him back to normal before it's too late? Some glowing AR past birth @11:00 & @20:10.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

- (ARed, RN UC) Roots, Piyo, 2012.
Vol14 Chapter. Female protagonist wakes to find she's been regressed back into a child. Near the end, she APs back to normal on the male foil's lap, and runs off with her toy.
Neither TF has process, since she was already ARed at the start, and she RNs offpanel. The TFs don't change her clothes though: the AR leaves her in an oversized nightgown, while the AP stretches the child-costume she was made to wear. As always the effects on the shoes were not shown.
- Small extract - (Azerty47-2)

Kong: The Animated Series
- (AR AAs, AR aftermaths, RNed AA offscreen) S2Ep8 #28 "Dangerous Melody" 2001.
Our heroes find the fantastic Forgotten City of Burma. Trying to remove the Primal Stone of Time, Tann starts playing a magical instrument and turns the trio back into children. After covering their ears, they also revert the Professor and his henchmen into little boys. Jason and his friends figure out how to reverse the Stone's power, and AA everyone back to normal.
- Episode link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

- (OA to dust glimpse, ARed micro-glimpse) v02, Uasaha, TokyoPop.
A bit creepy, and the AR is infuriatingly short. Villains with time-control powers use them on two women: one is aged to dust, while the other is transformed into a newborn. While the OA is shown in some detail, the AR is, OF COURSE, glimpsed over. The poor OA'd female is shown withering into a crone, then a skeleton, and then dust; but the AR cuts away as we hear the other female scream. Only a tiny panel is shown of her newborn hand, and part of her clothes on the floor (yeah, you can tell I'm salty; I expected much more, but as with almost every single AR I found lately, the content is severely disappointing).
- Manga link - very small extract - (Azerty47-2)

Annabelle: Creation
- (blurry ghost TF kinda looks like AP) 2017.
Flashback scene in which Esther meets the preteen Annabelle apparition at the tea table, only to have her twitch, crack, and stretch into a figure as high as the ceiling. It was very dark and backlit. Maximum enhancement attempted.
- Scene link - screencaps

- (adult to teen AR, RN UC?) 9/2019.
Described as Big in reverse. Stressed-out woman Regina Hall regresses to her teen self, played by Marsai Martin (Blackish). In addition to starring, 13 y.o. Martin apparently had the idea for the film, and will also executive produce. As always there is a tiny possibility of an RN UC scene at the end, but by now we have learned that almost never happens, unfortunately.
- Info link - link - (Filthymind)

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
- (AR AA, OA) "Honey, we're young at heart" - slightly larger screencaps - (JackpotMans)

short films
age disguise (theme)
- (simulated FF) c'15 screencaps

Land of the Lost
- (FF AA)
As in the original "Lost in Space" series, the growing teen's outfit "grew" with her, so it always fit perfectly.
- Holly's future self encounter screencaps - Growing shirt years, unsorted screencaps

music videos
De nina a mujer (theme)
- (FF AA cuts, CoA) - screencaps

short films
AA AR poof
- gif

grow up dolls
- (pseudo "AP") c2015 - gif - gif

fetish films
pseudo APed
- ("aftermath" only scenes) Some Japanese fetish films feature "former" shoujos who claim they woke with more mature bodies and must have sex - caps

dress down day
- (very slight UC?) c'15 - We wore our junior uniforms from 3 years ago - pics

Joukamachi no Dandelion
- (AA APed) She secretly made herself older to become an idol - screencaps

short films
through the years (theme)
- (AA FF CoA) c'16 caps

Kaede Typhoon
- (adult to teen ARed) His accidentally rejuvenated mother temporarily became his classmate while Dad was away on a business trip, causing a range of deeply conflicted emotions - small extract

fetish fiction
- (dedicated AR) Patreon flash fiction - "Bear", etc. Exclusively for $5 tier patrons and up - Purchase link

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Wongsj
- (dedicated TF) 2018. Though he has drawn nudity, please avoid being too direct, as I don't know where his limits on the subject are. I know he doesn't AR characters who are too "chibi" to begin with - Heroine ARs link - (Azerty47-2)

Tavi Gevinson
- (FF) Preteen to adult fashion blogger with many styles - Pose pics - pics - pics

short films
male AA
- ("AP" poof) - caps

- (male forms) - study aids caps

Ani time-lapse
- (FF face, daily photos) - In a few pics you can almost see her elongating arms slide out of her sleeves - screencaps

Himouto Umaru Chan
- (pseudo "age forms") - sister caps

Alice in Wonderland
- (AA) - gif

male time-lapse
- (male slight FF) - gif

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Laprasking
- (dedicated TF) 2018. I tend to dabble in AR from time to time. Mainly TG, Hypno, etc; but very open to ideas - link -

short comics
Lay Lines
- (reverse lifecycle) "Story Minutes", 5/28/2018 reprint. Carol Lay shorts with a bit of a twist. A woman is aging backwards, but no one knows - comic link - (SKJAM)

breast "swelling" trope
- (very rare pseudo "BE") Highly stylized. It is meant to symbolize female excitement - fake? gif - button pop gif

- 3 sequences

Asatte no Hokou
- (age swap) - art

Mummies Alive!
- (adult rejuved to teen, AA RN glow) S01Ep21 "Tempting Offer" 10/20/1997.
Villainess Chontra makes a deal with Scarab to capture Presley in exchange for lifeforce from the Prince. After she made herself into a 12 y.o. called Cheryl offscreen, Chontra bumps into Presley at school, and he promptly falls in love with her. She convinces Presley to check out a closed-down fast food restaurant. When Presley is grabbed by two Shabti, she magically AAs back to her rightful age, and reveals who she really is.
- Episode link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

fetish comics
Big Little Sister One, The
- (dedicated AP) 05/2018. Art by The Pepper Pair.
Justin's cute little girlfriend April has an even cuter little sister Kelly. April likes playing games and dressing as a much younger girl. While they think it's funny that Kelly has a huge crush on Justin, it gets less funny as Kelly grows - and grows and grows!
- Note: not the same plot as my original story "The Big Little Sister" I wrote years ago. Part One is basically an Age Progression / Female Growth comic, while Part Two is a Giantess tale.
47p; 37p color multi-panels, 10p B&W drawings & concept pieces by Bojay. $11.99.
- Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Yuusha no Mago to Maou no Musume
- (demon AR scenes) c'18.
"The grandson of the hero and the daughter of the demon lord" - The 17 y.o. daughter of a demon loses 3 years every time her stomach growls, but she returns to normal when she eats. In her first appearance, she was about 9 when first seen, and by chapter's end she was between 6 or 3. Ch04 had AR to baby while she was sleeping. The hero wakes up to a baby girl kicking her. She must've gone to bed hungry. We do see panels of the transformation while she slept.
- Webcomic link 2306 - extract panel - (Suning, Tazz)

Flexible Kid
- (slight "TG AP", M2F) - small extract - (Akira)

Bring Me Up
- (male FF) c2015, 6 min, Miki Tanaka, Tokyo. Animation link - screencaps

wish list
unknown AR
- (adult to old age, AR to oblivion) c'18, fan manga.
Found this comic scene on Pixiv. Kinda dark and gory as both the AR and the OA are to death, so heads up... Could someone translate this? It's fairly obvious what is happening with the reactions but I am curious now.
- - full manga - (Klatuk4u)

Ghost Busters, The
- (adult rejuved effect disguise) Ep8 "Which Witch Is Which?" 10/25/1975 live-action.
Witch ghost seeks revenge against descendant of Edward Spencer, the spell-dissolver who brought ruin to Salem. The ugly witch transforms herself into a seductive beauty to lure the Ghost Busting Spencer to his doom. Ann Morgan Guilbert, Leigh Christian.

No Game No Life
- (demon ARs) c'18. - Vol.10: BE, oppai loli get. - Vol.11: seems like Jibril & the entire cast will get ARed? Also trap Sora. - art - (Suning)

Hotarubi no Mori e
- (male ghost age stasis, FF, CoA) "Into the Forest of Fireflies' Light" - Yuki Midorikawa, 2002, LaLa DX.
Tankobon collection, 4 romantic one-shots. Re. Natsume's Book of Friends.
- At age 6, Hotaru meets Gin, a strange young man wearing a mask in a mountain forest. Touching Gin will cause him to disappear forever. Their relationship advances each summer, as they deal with its limitations. Hotaru physically matures to Gin's apparent age. Upon reaching adolescence, she struggles with their budding romance and uncertain future, while Gin wishes he could touch and hold the young woman that Hotaru has become. In high school, Gin takes her on a date to a spirit festival in the forest. The night ends tragically when Gin mistakenly touches a boy who snuck in as well. Before Gin disappears, he and Hotaru embrace, and confess their love for one another. It ends with Hotaru accepting her pain and moving on with her life.
- The 2011 anime adds some additional scenes.

Uncanny X-Men
- (ARed) 1st series. The villain Nanny sealed Psylocke, Dazzler, and Havok in battle suits, and mentally regressed them to childlike behavior. #265: Nanny has physically regressed Storm, who was then referred to as prepubescent. #270, 11/1990: Storm tries to come to terms with having been de-aged. When rejoining the team she looked younger than the New Mutants, who were 16 or so. They said they could find no biological advancement in Storm, yet she looked older from her reappearance issue to just before they were abducted, not to mention her hair grew longer. Claremont wanted to develop the idea of a kid team-leader, but the editors forced him to reset to 1980s status. I believe he got a chance to revisit it with X-Men Forever in the late 2000s? - (Heat, Piper)

Nanatsu no Taizai
- (AA demon ARed, RN APed cutaway) Seven Deadly Sins, Ch266.
The host of angel Sariel (in exchange for being cured) was actually a young woman. Angel vessels can change in order to contain the power. And change she did, going from a young child to a (very) adult woman. Unfortunately (as is usual with these rare gems) there was no process, but the comparison was awesome. I really hope someone commissions an AP of her.
- - Art extract - (Ninja Jay)

- (adult mind transfer into old body) 06/2010. DeConnick, Stegman. Self-titled, Women of Marvel one-shot.
Loki forced her consciousness into the frame of a dying elderly woman. The story of how she deals with that, cowed at first - for a woman as fierce and proud as Sif, that's insult added to injury. She comes to own that fury, and rises to full stature once again.

music videos
Freaky Friday (parody)
- (young/older bodyswaps, ARed effects) 2018 parody of the Lil Dicky video.
- A father and his teen daughter magically swap bodies. We spend a little time with each as they run around enjoying each other's lives. SPOILER: In the end the daughter swaps bodies with her younger sister, and her mom, and then apparently ends up stuck as her baby sister!
- Clip link - screencaps - (Filthymind, Reina Watt)

short films
- "When your kids grow up too fast", 2018 Vid link - caps

short films
- (age effect) c'18 meme caps

hulkout (meme)
- (male adult muscle CB) A hint of what a girl-to-woman AP scene might look like, something we may never see in a cartoon. Unlike the Hulk, she wouldn't end up topless, but in real life Marvel's "magic pants" effect won't apply either, so she could end up in her panties. Obviously they won't show that - gif - screencaps

adult progression
- (body) - FF

wish list
- (male AR) Every time a guy gets sexual pleasure with a female (maybe being breast fed) he gets younger. He ends up as a baby in her arms. I wish I could recall the name of it. It's buried deep in my collection somewhere - (Jeffr_2bya)

For Eyes
- (BE cut) Figure improves with your eyesight - caps

- 3 sequences

UC: a bit too small
- (FF) - teen then/now - kid then/now

TF tropes: sudden transition
- (male cutaway ARed) Common trick to avoid showing a transformation. The person is revealed to have changed while hidden from view, passing behind obstacle - CM caps

TF tropes: clothes grow with
- (AA) - gif

TF tropes: aftermath only (nude)
- (implied but unseen CBed during cutaway) - The growth is complete, leaving nothing behind of her clothes - example only nude cap

TF tropes: aftermath bust-out
- (dedicated adult UC) See: 14 Going On 30. The basis of various fan-clips related to the "Replica" book series. The AP growth has just ended, but her clothes haven't completely burst open yet.
Simulated teen to adult gif

TF tropes: progression sequence
- (dedicated CB) It happens in stages, and may be uneven.
Standardized manga tropes, focusing on the different parts of the body in turn - caps

AR scenes
- (AA TFs) - caps - caps

trying on old clothes (video meme)
- (slight UC) - caps high school outfits still fit sort of - link - caps 1 year change - caps old shirt - caps - caps - (Paul)

18 to 21
- (young adult FFed, CoA) - Caution Nude art photos

breast arousal
- nude gif

Olliver's Adventures
- (male AR AA baby & AA OA poofs, d/evolution poofs) Ep08 "Time Out" 2002.
Olliver and his imaginary lizard visit the Land of Time to end schooltime. A cuckoo-clock bird zaps Olliver into an old man and the lizard into an egg baby. Then it zaps them into a super intelligent lizard, and Oliver into a baby. Another zap turns Olliver into a caveman and the lizard into a dinosaur.
- Episode link @03:22 - screencaps - (Tazz)

short films
Aging Spray Commercial
- (adult rejuv morph) 2017 assignment.
CM link - screencaps - (Izzy Oppenheim)

Johnson's Baby Oil
- (face FB dream AR) 1991. I love these reverse aging commercials.
CM link - screencaps

- (male mental rejuvenation/"ARed" aftermath captions) - Tumblr blog with over 130 caption stories.
They're all-male, about 95% mental AR, 5% human-puppy. Some of the captions are 5,000 words or more.
- Mind-Wiper - Tumblr registration required - (Bfboy)

Johnson's Baby Shampoo
- (face "FB dream") No more tears. 1st "comparison" CM from early 80's - link - cap - The 1991 face dream "AR" - link

- (age stasis, AR OC cutaway, adult to 13) #6-9, 2017. Marvel.
Prepubescent Junior High student Molly Hayes learns her best friend is actually 100 years old. Abigail ate a magical cupcake offered by a witch to stay 13 forever. Now she tries to make Molly do the same. But instead, Julie Power "suffers a fate worse than death" which could affect her lesbian relation with Karolina Dean.
- Julie comes over dressed in a short-pants, short-sleeves outfit that ends up fitting her pretty well. She also signed the poster of herself at 13 with "don't grow up too fast". What I find interesting is that she stayed in that chair for at least half a Lord of the Rings movie, apparently crying. Or maybe the transformation took that long? Too bad we missed it for dramatic reveal purposes. I'm not looking forward to her continued waterworks drama, but do want to see how old she acts.
- Page scans link - - end panel - (Shlalom_Masters)

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
- (ARed AA aftermath on cover only) #27, 5/16/2018, BOOM! Studios.
Alternate cover features aftermath glimpse of the 90's storyline where they were kids again. You see all 6 kid versions of the Rangers looking up at their adult Ranger selves - cover - (Tazz)

text fragments
- (male toon AA FF lifecycle) S01Ep18 "A-A-R-Pot" 1/12/2018, Netflix. Sperm/egg to fetus to baby to adult.
"The truth" animated scene link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

text fragments
- (adult FFed) Stephen Baxter, "Arthur C. Clarke", 2005. 2nd book in "A Time Odyssey". The time spent on alternate Earth means that Bisesa Dutt's adult body has aged 5 years since yesterday, which may eventually confirm her story.

- (dedicated AR?) - 5 minute teaser trailer with my upcoming projects - (TaintedSins)
- (first 4 years) - FF pose
- (adult hair) - growth - (male) - uc

14 Going On 30
- (male foot AP CB glimpse) - gif

foot growth (scenes)
The rest of their bodies is growing too. A girl-to-woman sudden AP close-up could also look like this:
- (shoe UC audio, CB start) The Incredible Shrinking Woman 1981, ending scene - gif - caps
- (male sock bursting) Hulk 2003 - gif

fetish films
foot growth (scenes)
- (dedicated shoe CB) Female growth experiments - tearing leather caps - toe breakout caps

* - shoe popping - "she keeps wearing her shoes as her aging body demolishes them"

- Chaiana - Jenny - Marina 11 to 13 - Sabrina - early to mid teens.

Satsujin Purgatorium
- (male adult rejuvenated) by Yua Kotegawa, 4/2018, Comic Tatan.
"Murderer's Purgatorium" shonen. Suspense and regeneration opening! A 46 y.o. hitman dies with regret in a hospital after killing his adopted father. He awakens as a 16 y.o. again for some reason.
Ch01 comic link: - Alternate Ch01 link:
- Small extract - (Akira)

Worst Witch, The
- (AA series, ARed to baby cutaway poof, RNed poof) S2Ep8 "Miss Cackle's Birthday" 2/26/2018.
Episode link @07:23 - - screencaps - info link - (Tazz)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: PariahExileWrath
- (dedicated AR to unbirth) - "In the Waiting Room" - 2018 short commission - AR comic -
- (dedicated AR to unbirth) - "Reversal in the Delivery Room" 2018 AR comic link - I liked it so much that I wrote a prequel: link - (Groblek)

Island In The Mist, The
- (male adult rejuvenation) by C.G. Mosley, 2017.
Millionaire Angus Wedgeworth discovers an island in the Bermuda Triangle. The Fountain of Youth is real! However, there is a slight problem: the island is inhabited by savage dinosaurs. The secret kept the prehistoric beasts from extinction. Angus tricks a paleontologist and his girlfriend to join the expedition, but he will not be able to claim the prize without a fight!
- Monsters In The Mist (The Island In The Mist Book 2) - Lucy's pregnancy complication forces Jonathon to seek the fountain again.
- Terror In The Mist (The Island In The Mist Book 3).
- (Jeffr_2bya)

fetish fiction
He Was a Daddy... Now He's a Little Girl: A Novella of Transgender Age Regression
- (dedicated TG AR) by Susan Donym, 2018 ebook.
Divorced dad Larry desperately wants to be closer to bratty 5 y.o. daughter Madison. He buys a magic ring to transform into Madison's identical twin. Larry and Madison have lots of fun playing together, but things go horribly wrong when Madison gets a hold of the ring, turns herself into grown-up Larry, and refuses to give it back. Now Larry's daughter is his daddy... and he's her little girl!
With every passing moment Larry finds himself acting more like a child, his manhood slipping away, while Madison is acting more and more grown-up. He keeps begging to change them back, but she's having too much fun teasing him and making him go to ballet class. Will Larry have to start over as a pretty little 5 y.o. girl? Darkly comic fantasy by the author of He Became a Farmgirl.
- Purchase link - (Susan Donym)

Deadpool 2 (trailer)
- (male AA "ARed" cut) "Bigger Is Better" 2018 movie CM.
Deadpool gets "reverted" into a child demonstrating his appearance on a regular screen and on IMAX. I hope they do more like this. We already know his limbs appear child-sized when regenerating.
- Trailer link - caps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Gakuen K
- (AR poofed) K Project spin-off, 2014- comic manga. Ch06.
Some quick but cute male & female AR. When a dude gets kneed in the gut by a teacher, friends Kuro (guy) and Neko (girl) rush in to help. Some black thing comes in and transforms them into a child and a baby, respectively. They're not shown RNed at the end, but it's safe to say they did return offscreen.
There's no process since it's a gag manga; we only see the characters gasping as they glow, then it cuts to another character finding them regressed. Still, it's adorable and leaves them in oversized clothes.
- Manga link - small extract - (Azerty47)

fetish comics
Regression Rattle
- (dedicated furry AR) by BabyStar, 2017. 3 page comic commission for Candymane. I guess he's trying to teach me that magic really does exist...
- P1 link - P2 link - P3 link

How Varinka Grew Up in a Single Night
- (male AP) Leo Tolstoy, transl., Dobson, 1967.
Access restricted - " to grow up all at once ... pull out one of your hairs and wind it round your neck ... ran straight to Sasha's house ... Sasha woke up and began stretching and stretching and growing and growing till the bedstead cracked. His arms and legs got thick and soon he had a proper moustache. He..."

Street Fighter 5
- (accelerated FF AP) 4/24/2018.
Downloadable character Falke is, like Ed, an artificial human clone. Since Ed grew up much faster than average, Falke went through the same process. Not really a fan of the 'animu' art style, but that's not related to the TF at hand. Despite how kinda bland and dumb it is, she technically does have a "progression" moment.
- Scene art link - screencaps - (TheMan3033)

fetish fiction
Werechild: The Man Who Became a Little Girl
- (dedicated TG AR/RNs) by Susan Donym, 2015. +22,000 words.
Veronica and Al are in love, but the men of his family are cursed: every night at sunset, Al turns into pretty little girl Alice. What will Veronica do, when she finds out the man of her dreams is also a girl young enough to be her daughter? A bizarre yet sweet fantasy romance that explores a relationship like no other. No matter how much Al wants to be a man, when the sun sets, Veronica stops being his babe and becomes his babysitter - Purchase link

- (very slight ff) - months - months - months - months - (Brian)

main links
- (dedicated AR CGI video stories) - Areg5 Productions
My resurrected YouTube was permanently shut down for "violating terms of service". My ass it did... I finally bit the bullet and launched my own video site & forum, starting with: "Evil Girlfriend", "Intro to Archeology", "Altered Fates: Fait Accompli", and "FunSized". Also, some videos posted on MetaCafe - (Areg5)

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom
- (dream AR AA cuts) "Feel Like a Kid Again", 2018.
Similar to the Orlando commercials. Parents into kids (and back again) as they pass behind objects. They spend the day as kids at the park, still somewhat older than their own children.
- CM link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

text fragments
- (male TF, pseudo puberty metaphor?) "Ego", 2018 manga. Weekly Shonen Jump, by Sano Rokuro and Hidano Kentaro.
Ko spends his days with childhood friend Seira. The adolescent scholar with a bright and fulfilling life is troubled by devastating nightmares of being crushed by a monster. One day, dubious scientist Manano appears, and warns he is fated to fight what is not a dream. His form will unconsciously transforms into a massive combat creature.
- Ch01 (before TF) - - (Akira)

- (FF) - 3 sequences

Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku
- (male adult rejuvenation illusion) 2018 anime, 12 Eps.
A 29 y.o. programmer for an online RPG wakes in an alternate world with many similarities to his game. He also discovers that he now has the body of a 15 year old.
- Info link - (Gilamon)

AR stories
Youth Fall
- (dedicated AR, unbirth, OA scenes) by Reina Watt, 4/2018.
A young woman, upon reaching the age of 25, begins having unusual dreams that aren't actually dreams. At the same time, she is offered a job by a longtime friend known since infancy. She finds herself tasked with erasing 10 people: their erasure will help her understand what the 'dreams' are in full - but time is running out. Not a fetish story or sexual in any way, since I don't care about such things. It's more science fiction with a hint of mystery.
The entirety of Youth Fall:
- Intro link - Part 1 link - Part 2 link - Part 3 link - Part 4 link - Part 5 link - (Reina)

- (more FF) - 3 sequences

Bojack Horseman
- (equine FB dream AR, FF RN cuts) S04Ep11 "Time's Arrow" 9/8/2017.
The episode begins with Bojack driving his mother Beatrice to the nursing home. He angrily tries to convince her he is not Henrietta, saying they are going to a "magical place" where she will be locked up so she can never hurt anyone again. She tells him to speed up, repeating her father's saying "time's arrow neither stands still nor reverses, it merely marches forward". She asks "Isn't that right Henrietta?", and in place of Bojack is Henrietta. When it zooms out, Beatrice is a young adult horse again. Henrietta stops the car and tells Beatrice they're here. When she looks in the rear view mirror, she sees her present-day elderly self. Disgusted, she pushes the mirror away. When Beatrice steps out of the car, she appears as a little girl in her school outfit. Beatrice's memories take us from her wealthy childhood through her rebellious marriage to a would-be Beat novelist, and their eventual divorce. Time has erased or scratched out many past people.
- Episode link - link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)
- (FB) S04Ep02 "The Old Sugarman Place".
A despondent Bojack holes up in his mother's dilapidated childhood home, and finds himself transported into her past.

fetish comics
Maternity Ward, The
- (dedicated male AR) 3/2018, art by Bojay.
B&W, 31p, multi-panel, plus another 3 sketch pages. $9.99.
- Visiting medial salesman Roger uses a baby hormone treatment to shrink to baby size and join a unique maternity ward. The ward is filled with sexy, topless nurses that fawn over him. All the nurses breastfeed the babies. But trouble arises when Nurse Helga finds out what he's up to! Great detailed ARtwork by Bojay.
- Purchase link

Star vs the Forces of Evil
- (demon TFed AR AA) S03Ep21 #56 "Conquer (Part 2)" 4/7/2018.
The Season Finale ending had a demon age regression back to demon baby. It happened in a flash.
- Just as Star is about to be defeated at the castle, Eclipsa takes her wand and regresses Meteora into a baby. As everyone's souls return, Star allows Eclipsa to keep her wand, thinking it should be hers. However, Eclipsa then flees with baby Meteora to monster-husband Globgor's crystal prison - screencaps - (JayTee)

fetish fiction
- (dedicated AR) 4/2018 Sebtomato photo story.
Part 1 of 8, exclusively for my Patreon supporters (Baby and up) - Purchase link - (Sebtomato)

software or games
Unstable Unicorns
- (equine ARed storyline) 2017 card game.
There is a card called "Unicorn Shrink Ray", which replaces all unicorns an opponent has in play with baby unicorn cards, forcing them to start over building up their field. While the Unicorn cards affected by the Shrink card go to the discard pile, the idea is that your opponent has to "raise" them again - that is if you don't destroy them first - (Ghost909)

fetish comics
Little Joker Part One, The
- (dedicated AR) Written by Heidegger, 9/2017, 40p.
Jackie is a Little Joker; she loves playing tricks on her little sister Serena, who she drives crazy with her silly practical jokes. But one big trick backfires, making Jackie regress into a child. Part One has a great unaware sequence, plus an appearance by the Puberty Fairies. And the comic features one of the best looking Moms ever!
- $11.99 - Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

fetish comics
Little Joker Part Two, The
- (dedicated AR & AP) 10/2017, 41p, art by Yuan.
The fun conclusion to a classic Female AR/AP comic! With Jackie shrunk to a little girl, sister Serena finally gets to turn the tables on her. Serena uses her own tricks to humiliate her once-dominant sister - but does she go too far?
- $11.99 - Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Beyond Skyline
- (accelerated growth) 2017 sequel to 2010 film "Skyline".
Pregnant girlfriend Elaine is still alive. At the end of the first film she was barely pregnant, but now she's about to give birth due to something the aliens did. She delivers the baby with help from the new hero, but dies during childbirth. He protects the baby, but the survivors start noticing she is aging fast from a newborn, to an infant, to a toddler, to a 3 y.o. in just one day. At the end Rose (Lindsey Morgan) is 10 but looks 20 - (Tazz)

My Life as a Teenage Robot
- (male FFed to OA, male AR, RNed) S3Ep7b #64 "Good Old Sheldon" 11/9/2008.
He got sent up to space by mistake. Next episode, they comment on how Sheldon hasn't been to school. They then run into the character aged by 50 or so years. He explains that when he was in space, he didn't speak the language and went through a whole bunch of shit, including being kidnapped by space pirates before he could return home. Since Sheldon was in space, he aged 50 years in a few days. Something fucky happens, they de-age him too much, and he is a baby again. They stick him on a rocket and send him back to space so he can age into a teenager again. Sheldon returns at the end pissed off, because he has essentially looped his whole life in the span of a week, and remembers everything.
- (android puberty metaphor) S1Ep9a #17 "Hostile Makeover" 10/24/2003.
When Jenny starts to develop face-bolts, voice changes, and excess wires growing out of her body, Brad chalks it up to puberty. However, it is actually the doing of Queen Vexus, who has infected Jenny to warp her into a Cluster-controlled monster.

Maurizio Cattelan
- (kinda like ARed below neck) Italian sculptor. Superdeformed (oversize heads etc) lifelike & self-portrait statues resemble chibi adults. "La rivoluzione siamo noi", 2000. "Charlie", 2003.

Wacky Races
- (AR AA, male adult mental AR, unseen RN) Ep21 "Formula Racing" 12/21/2017.
Reboot series. IQ's newest invention poofed most of the racers including himself back into babies. The owner and announcer must retrieve a button from hostile robots that will restore them. Dastardly and Muttley are stuck babysitting the infant racers.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Nissin Food Group
- (anthro male AA, TF APed form) 2018, chicken noodle "Akuma Kimura Hen".
Yes, it's really that spicy. Toon chick to adult hero. Ramen CM link - screencaps - (Akira)

Chuck E. Cheese's
- (male AA, pseudo FF to OA, no size increase) 1994. A commercial many of us remember seeing on the Black Beauty VHS.
He has to wait so long for his dinner that he grows a long beard and wrinkles. Time finally runs out, and he must take a nap.
- CM link - gif - screencaps - (Richard)

Linus & Boom
- (male AP) S01Ep34 "Le prix de l'age" 4/6/2009.
French, AKA "My Giant Friend". 12 y.o. Linus McLoon is a hero in secret. Trying to rescue an alien chased by Special Agents, he is exposed to a strange aging compound. The next day he finds himself in an adult skin! They must hurry as Linus continues to age.
- Unknown ep. scene extract link - screencaps

Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger
- (pseudo adult TG M2F) Ep11. Toei tokusatsu, 42nd Super Sentai series, following Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, 2018.
Japan-only link - info link - (Akira)

- (FB looks like AR) "In Our Life" c2018. "A cute way to propose" marriage animation.
Adult flashback, AA unbirthed. Video link - screencaps - info link - (F5)

fetish comics
Wayward Girls
- (dedicated AR) 2018 Areg/Oni collaboration.
A sequel to our 1st collaboration from 2016, "Wayward Girl", because, well, there are more girls. So if you wondered what happened later with Lucy, Mari and Candice, or you just like female AR, come and join the fun. Embarrassment and humiliation, yup. Spanking, certainly. Accidents, yes. Also a good amount of mind games, and AR into child and baby. Oh, and there will be women in diapers and a little male AR thrown in too...
- Available for viewing on his Patreon link. Each part released for sale once it's done - (Oni)

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199
- (AR to fetus dream) AKA "Space Battleship Yamato 2199", "Star Blazers", 2012-2013-
Maybe-real-maybe-not? The Yamato passes through a portal, causing female crew member Makoto to quickly regress into a baby and a floating fetus. The weird effects stop and Makoto returned to normal. It's pretty quick and doesn't have oversized clothes, but is pretty well drawn anyway, showing her (tastefully) naked, even though she's supposed to be wearing her space suit.
- Manga chapter link - extract - (Azerty47-2)

Are You Alice?
- (male ARed poof to baby) "Anata wa Arisudesu ka?" by Ninomiya Ai, 2012. Ch25.5.
No freaking clue what the plot is, but Alice (who's a dude BTW) transformed into a baby after eating a piece of mushroom from the human Cheshire Cat. It happened off-panel, but leaves him in oversized clothes. There's also a much weirder male AR cutaway at the end; an anthro fish butler eats part of the same mushroom, and in a bit of dark comedy turned into a flopping tiny fish before perishing. A female character briefly discussed eating that mushroom, but to my annoyance nothing came of it, and it merely adds to the confusion. Still, the first AR is pretty cute, though I'm a little annoyed it's male; the name made me think "Ooh, FINALLY found some female AR!" but nope, it's still male because the name Alice belongs to a guy.
- Chapter link - Info link - Small extract - (Azerty47)

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma
- (FF) 2016.
We catch a glimpse of a main character's past. The flashback and present scenes look somehow AP-ish - caps - (Anonsuper)

fetish comics
- (dedicated magic TF AP CB) 4/2018, CGI comic. In a world of magic, the younger daughter of a witch can't wait to grow up. The shoes come off before it begins, but her glasses break from the growth. Something I've been working on for quite awhile... cheers!
By multiple request we are temporarily rehosting smaller versions of the 23 images. For the full size story: link - CAUTION: contains adult themes and content - Image Story - (Prinz Eugen)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
- (continuity error, BE FF) 2004. Her bosom grew during the 6-month filming - caps

text fragments
Story of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers in 3 Minutes!, The
- (AA shrink "AR" & RN) 2018. It's very informative. Toon teens to kids (though really just shrinking but it's ar since that's what was being described). Vid link - - caps - (Tazz)

- (male AA "TFed") - MORPH: Ranger Kid, Power Up
- (male face) - 14 to 19 - (FF) - face

text fragments
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha: Reflection
- (TFed form?) Around 1:29:30 , the loli hologram consumes organic matter to "grow" a fully grown body. Brief, weird and disappointing - Full movie link - cap - (The AP Ninja)

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AP text fragments 167 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

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