Aging Transformation Scenes

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A site about ageshifters, girls outgrowing their clothes, and every other male and female age transformation.

Sanjay and Craig
- (ARed AA, RNed) "Diaper Dinks" 6/18/2016 Nick.
The gang sees adult Baby Richard eating baby food. They comment how babies have it made and eat some baby food that expired 3 decades ago, AA-poofing them all into babies. Baby Richard then takes them on an adventure, telling them how great it is to be a baby. He leads them underground to make them slaves. They warn they'll tell their parents, but he has babyfied the town as well. They escape and find Sanjay's mom has already found the baby food...
- Source info link - caps - (Tazz)

- (male zombie/anthro bug old age, RN) 8/22/2016 "Senior's Discount" 10a.
Hoping to benefit from the senior's discount at the Barf Bistro, Ben and Lenny get Priscilla to create a potion that will make them temporarily old. However, they take too much of it - (Deniz)

- (AA TFed, young adult/older adult)
Scenes where a shapeshifter impersonates a mother and tries to play along like she's actually her.
S01Ep19 at 35:55 - S01Ep21 at 09:16.
Heroes Reborn
- 2015 miniseries:
S01Ep09 at 14:10 - S01Ep10 at 16:15 and 24:52 - (A friend in need)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Akuoreo
- (dedicated transformation scenes and sequences)
 Bridezilla: TF and AP giantess.
Parts 01 to 08 start link A haunted wedding ring.
 Alice's Wonderland Puff-Up: AP/BE AA with RN in the last panel.
Parts 01 to 06 start link Down the Rabbit Hole (haunted gloves).
- (NightElf37)

fan characters
Deviant Artist: Chicken-Yuki
- (dedicated transformation scenes and sequences)
 Enchanted Loot: mini Giantess AA sequence - comic link - (NightElf37)

Nejimaki Kagyu
- (AA TF AP) Nakayama Atsushi, 2011.
Kamo Negizawa promised to become a protective teacher though he is weak. He has an unavoidable attraction to girl students who all fall in love with him. Jubei Kagyu came back to fulfill HER promise knowing his weakness. A unique martial art uses the revolutions of her body. Morals Committee chairman Shino Inuzuma looks like a little girl because of her father's uncaring attitude to control the family honor. Once Jubei manages to beat her, her little girl outer shell breaks, and she becomes her true age.
- link - extract - (GreatDragon AD)

AP stories... or legends?
Testimonial, A
- (UC) "A Testimonial" - 2016 reports about an unexplained rapid age change anomaly followed by a wider reality shift.
- Update 01 - Update 02 - Update 03 - Update 04 - Update 05
- Update 06 - Update 07 - Update 08 - Update 09 - Update 10
- Update 11 NEW - (Elisabeth)

fetish comics
Priestess of the Backward Look
- (unbirth) c2015 NSFW link - A comic version of one of my stories commissioned from LadyDrasami.
PDF version link with a link to the original story - (Piper, Groblek)

Nijigen komikku magajin
- (demon nudity TFed forms, adult & flat) Standard hentai porn.
Magazine anthology, 2d comic "defeated heroines end up with energy drain" vol 4. Contains loli warning.
- Heroine is defeated through energy absorption. Big-Bust shoujo gets caught in breast suction machine. Though tagged as breast reduction, she appears slightly smaller and younger after the bust loss. Also her clothes became pretty baggy on her falling body. When full-busted she is almost the same size as the guy, but in flat form she is smaller and less developed. She returned to normal but will regress every time she orgasms.
- Small extract - (Suning)

fetish comics
Deviant Art: Yolanda & Ji-Woo (character forms)
- (FtF transformation with slight BE) Collab comic "Yolanda's Day":
Part 01 link - Part 02 link
By Gearlordex, TF-SquareSting.
- Ji Woo can avoid transforming into abrasive Yolanda as long as she keeps chewing...
Yolanda to Ji Woo - Anonymous: Part 01 link - Part 02 link
- (NightElf37)

Magic Flute, The
- (old adult rejuvenated cut) The Magic Flute - 2006, Kenneth Branagh.
English-language movie version of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart opera "Die Zauberflote". All of Mozart's music was retained in the film.
The old hag Pappagena was reverted from behind into a young adult girl.
- Part02 link 32:00 - young adult Pappagena link - screencaps - (Yoyoeldas)

7D, The
- (male dwarfs ARed) The 7D - "What Are You, Five?" 7/9/2016, Disney XD.
Hildy was embarrassed to be featured in "Wackiest Witches and Warlocks". She casts a "minus 2" spell on the 7 Dwarfs to make them 5 to take over Jollywood. However, the 7D turned into five-year-olds! Sir Yipsalot digs to the castle and rings the Bing-Bong bell. The little 7D head to her "house", but get distracted by Grim's goofs that appeal to five-year-olds. The episode uses a lot of kiddie humor. If you were five, wouldn't you be distracted by bounce houses and carnivals? At the end the dwarfs put on their literal big boy pants, but still use their 5 y.o. personalities to take down the Glooms, sending a message about having youthful spirit. Not really good on process but includes mental regression since they were easily distracted.
- Be sure to activate ad blocker - caps - (JayTee)

father/daughter tropes
- Time passes by in a blink. Letting go can be the hardest part.
- (kinda looks like male FB "ARed") "Time After Time" 2016 chicken nuggets.
Father helps daughter at the same age separated by decades.
- CM link - screencaps
- (FB/FF recollection) 2017 Subaru Forester "Making Memories".
You can pass it down but you get to keep the memories.
- CM link - screencaps

- (kinda looks like FB "ARed") 2016 vaccination campaign, Merck.
Time rolls back for them until the person is 11-years-old again and asks why didn't you get me the HPV vaccine? Mom?
- CM link - screencaps - (PixChick, Vended)

- (AA demon TF battle upgrade AP form) 2016 MMO.
Izanami was released in the KR Servers when the game went global. Her transformation wielding the scythe of death is subtle.
- Video link - caps - (BassGS, Yuuki)

Imouto Exchange
- (male TF TG ARed) c'15 hentai doujinshi by Mori Airi, TSF no F.
Guy acquired magic stone online to experience a girl's sexual harassment. The stone TG/AR's him to girlhood to make that possible. His little brother enters the room and makes her his imouto now.
TG/ARed followed by Reality Change. Warning contains loli, mind control.
- link - alternate link - small extract - (Suning)

- (AA poof) - "AP"
- (adult) - "daughters into mothers" ages
- (adult) - appearance

- (dog, man, monkey, girl, woman AA-poofed into babies AR, RN) "Big Baby" S8Ep5 AKA S05Ep16b 7/8/2015.
About a 10 1/2 y.o. 5th grade lexical superhero. Mr. Big's latest mind control scheme involves a ray that can turn any creature into an adorable baby version. It's WordGirl to the rescue! But will Mr. Big cause Becky to neglect her plant-sitting duties? - screencaps - (Tazz)

I Was a Sixth Grade Alien!
- (boys only, male AP CB glimpses, male RNed OC) He suddenly has a man's muscular right arm in the classroom. "The impostor forced me to put on his clothes!" - Episode screen caps - (Derek Anthony)

Corner! He is an Alien
- (male AA TF power battle form) - small extract - (Akira)

Elena of Avalor
- (male AR) "Island of Youth" 8/12/2016, Disney CGI series.
Can they escape the magical island containing the legendary Fountain of Youth before it vanishes? Elena must save Esteban when he drinks too much magic water and starts getting younger and younger.
Chancellor Esteban: Christian Lanz - young Esteban: Anthony Avlia - baby Esteban: Desmond Gerber - (Steven, Tazz, Mad0charles)

Touhou Girls
- (ARed anthro OC) c2013 doujin "little girl warning".
It features most Touhou girls having been ARed - Chinese link
- Aya, Ran, Reimu, & various: extract - (Suning)

Freaky Friday
- (mother/daughter mind exchange) 10/4/2016 musical based on Mary Rodgers novel and Disney films.
Signature Theatre, Arlington. Kitt, Yorkey, Carpenter. Pop-rock score.
Heidi Blickenstaff and Emma Hunton will star as the overworked mother and young adult teenage daughter who swap bodies for a day before mom's big wedding - cover

Incredible Story Studios
- (mind transfer daughter/father TG, OC appearance) YTV.
Ep07 The Great Switcheroo "The Great Pizza Disaster" 1997.
They would make episodes based on stories kids sent in. A daughter wishes she were in charge after being treated unfairly. She gets to relive the day in her father's body while his consciousness is on vacation, and has to take care of her own bratty self. When the day's crazy hijinks are done, she decides to double-ground her clone self. The daughter in dad's body is depicted Quantum Leap style but speaks with his voice. Dad's body only appears in mirrors. Mostly a young girl around 11 y.o. wearing his oversized clothes - (DB Cooper)

Ice Age: Collision Course
- (furry APed or OAed, ARed) 2016 CG.
Several animal transformations, first from young to old, then old to young. Not very good but reasonably cool. Sid removes a stone, inadvertently aging all Geotopian animals to their true ages. An asteroid piece rejuvenates a hot spring, restoring the Geotopians', Sid's grandmother's, and Brooke's sloth youth. - (JayTee)

software or games
Jammy's Game
- (AR?) In pre-production, c2017?
ABDL theme card game. The person making the game says they will include regression of some kind - info link - (SSJTyler)

short stories
- (male AR) "The Fountain of Youth". I found some minor AR/AP on this site so far. On the right side of the website's screen you can view a list of all titles.
JPG short story link - link - (Jeffr_2bya)

all grown up (media trope)
- (FFed AA photos) Occasional news stories about former child stars. You won't believe what they look like now - cover

I Was a Sixth Grade Alien!
- (male AP) AKA My Best Friend is an Alien! - "Gro-Gro-Grown-Up Dementia!" S01Ep18.
A teen boy uses a ray gun to age himself into an adult with the help of his space-alien friend. He gets mistaken for a teacher and wacky hijinks ensue!
- Episode link - (Derek Anthony)

Corner! He is an Alien
- (man AP) Akihiko Miyamoto, 2000s. Ikkaku, Kodansha shonen. - (Akira)

Big City
- (children acting like adults) 2007 French film.
In a town in the Old West, the townspeople go to fight Indians. Many are killed, and the remaining adults hide in a fort.
Though it seems unlikely they would abandon all the children (even the women go to fight), the movie explains some kind of powerful magic causes the Indians to avoid the town.
After the adults leave, the children decide each kid will take up his father's or mother's profession. The main character takes over his father's role as sheriff. The mayor's evil son takes over as mayor. All the children begin to dress as adults and behave like them as well.
The movie takes a dark turn when the evil mayor's son and his cohorts don KKK robes to terrorize the black children of the town, but the good boy sheriff puts a stop to it. Scenes also include a girl crush talking to him about marriage prospects, kids drinking milk at the saloon (and smoking cigars), girls of the saloon exchanging money for kisses, and a great deal of children fighting, as well as taking over more ordinary roles of shopkeepers, farmers, miners, etc.
For me, a good French movie! "The Western where kids lay down the law" in the 1880s, in the Far West...
- Video link Part 01 - (Derek Anthony)

Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
- (demon OA TF & rejuv) "Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan" Ep01.
Main character takes the halo away from Dokuro, causing her to become old and wrinkled (though not really shown in process). When she snatches the halo back from him she reverts to her younger adult self. There is quick plumping up of both her legs and her breasts (animated very nicely for how fast they go by). Of course she immediately kills him again.
- Video link 10:41 - screencaps - gif - (Meticulan23)

music videos
Jessie J ft. B.O.B.
- (implied AA AP) "Price Tag", 2011.
It happens when she walks around the bear at the start. Multiple size shots.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thrandrall)

Chisana Rugaru
- (furry TF ARed) Hentai touhou comic "Small Rugaru, little little girl". Another translation would be "small loup garou". The AR happens when Kagerou Imaizumi accidentally opens a cursed box. Warning contains loli. ---
- Extract - (Suning)

Fate/stay night
- (male AR to embryo) It's probably a doujin (or somehow related to the Fate franchise), originally released as an adult PC game.
Unknown Extract sequence - (Jeffr_2bya, Alessi)

Bureau of Alien Detectors (B.A.D)
- (males AA ARed & rejuved) S01Ep04 "Freezer Burn" 9/29/1996.
Intergalactic aliens move among us. A male team member saved her life, at the cost of being abducted by tentacles. Exposure to alien ice had regressed him into a baby a few years later. Frozen male adults became a few years younger after brief immersion. The existence of the ice had to be covered up. Sadly no process was shown.
- Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

I am a succubus
- (male AR, TG, AA TF APed) H-comic. Kurimochi Chizuru, TSF no F.
Boy complains to magician that his older brother is annoying. Magician gives him a collar that turns him into a young succubus. Every time she has sex with her older brother, she AP's further, while the brother gets ARed until he becomes the young one. When her older brother has become a little boy, he drinks from her breast, and turns into a little girl.
- English version: Buy
Scenes: Boy to young succubus TG. Sex 1: succubus AP, guy AR. Sex 2: more AP, more male AR. Sex 3: boy into little boy AR. Little boy ARed into little girl TG.
- Hentai extract - (Suning)

Doug Henning's World of Magic
- (ARed AA cut-aways) screencaps

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AP text fragments 164 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too. we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

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