Aging Transformation Scenes

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A site about girls outgrowing their clothes - and every other male and female age transformation.

short films
9 on a monday
- (poof AR glimpsed, OC aftermath, male ARed) 2015 short.
Mock shock doc in which we meet 28-year-old Heidi, whose rare condition means that every Monday from 7am to 7pm she turns into a 9-year-old. The documentary maker has followed her since age 18 in 1988. Her unhappy life eventually finds meaning when she runs into the other sufferer. Their teen daughter has not inherited the strange condition, and remains adult-sized on Mondays. No RN was shown.
- Video link - screencaps - (Super Man)

Mental Diver
- (dream AR OC, dream fusion genderfluid TF AA "APed") Koyama Motoo, 1993.
- Small extract - (Akira)

Chou Tokkyuu Hiyokko
- (AP AA) Rinko Ueda.
She uses a magic ring to "age up" as her mother watches from Heaven. Will he suspect the truth when they meet at the train station?
- Small extract - (Akira)

- (male AR/AP, female AP?) Haritama Hiroki, 2009, Kodansha.
- One can be transformed into their future appearance with the Time Motor. What reality is waiting? A boy dreams, longing for a girl. 2 protagonists cross in a dramatic fashion!
- Intro small extract - (Akira)

short stories
We Got Changed into Kids!
- (dedicated AR) "3 Age Regression Tales". 2015 ebook.
One longer story and two shorter ones, 34 pages. A step-sibling regression, lengthy scenes of breastfeeding, a transgender regression and more. We spend the story with the transformed man and see how he's coping as a schoolgirl.
- "Farm Fed"
Sexy farmgirl Molly is sick of getting bossed around by her older stepbrothers. She uses a magic wishing ring to show the boys what it's like to be treated like a kid. With two hungry babies to care for, how will Molly feed them?
- "The Examination"
Doctor Sherry visits an elementary school to immunize the kids. One of the little girls insists she's really Mr. Lawrence the teacher!
- "Clumsy Clara"
Trophy wife Angie is going to have a few years taken off in one of those new rejuvenation clinics. Bratty and demanding, deep down Angie is terrified of the procedure. Who knows what might happen?
- Purchase link - (Susan Donym)

shrinkage (meme)
- (male unmanning, size reductions)
Cooling gum, c2014 ads
Finansbank, 2007 CM. Video link - caps
- (Process, Wolfrolf)

Sumika Sumire
- (adult rejuvenated) Takanashi Mitsuba, 2014.
The events of a schoolgirl's sixtieth birthday?! Summer Rain, Margaret Comics.
- Kisaragi Sumi continuously took care of her grandmother, father and mother until she turned 60 without ever falling in love. After finishing her mother's funeral services, a cat calling himself Rei appears and grants her wish to "experience her youth again". What happens when Sumi gets a second chance as a 17-year-old high-schooler once more?!
- Small extract - (Akira)

Sumika Sumire
- (adult rejuvenated) TV Asahi starts broadcasting the serial drama from 2016/01.
A fantasy love story about the challenge of redoing life. The elderly heroine of 65 had no boyfriend. She is returned to adult youth for the ultimate first love story. Suddenly, by the mysterious power of shoji cat Lai, Kiritani is reborn to the appearance of a 20 y.o. in University with the new name of Violet, who will redo her youth with inflated expectations.
- "I studied language and culture to prepare the tone of voice for the shooting. I explored favorite phrases of the people of each age and observed older women." - (Akira)

- (male undead AA AP to OA, RNed)
Video link - screencaps

body horror (bad trope)
- (male "puberty" CoA TF) - 1-page gags

- (face "aging") 09/2015 "old person Lens", selfie photo & video wrinkling.

- (unseen, b/a aged-up) "Our Little World", 11/11/2015, S11Ep06.
Profoundly disappointing. Once again they didn't show ANY UC/CB process whatsoever. 12 y.o. Amara (wearing oversize dress?) sucked the soul of a grown teenager who hated her parents, and "aged" off-camera into a teenager. She was barefoot when walking back, but they didn't show her shoes before the age-up, let alone imply that her expanding feet had grown several sizes larger inside them, possibly causing her toes to burst through the front. Apparently, between scenes, she did remove a form-fitting undershirt after the transformation, and she stole the older girl's adult sized coat - screencaps

Alice in Wonderland
- (dedicated TF, AP CB) - fan art

Ben Garrison
- (kinda like giant babies "ARed"?) 11/13/2015, "attack of the crybullies" college students editorial cartoon

- (not verified) - face morph ff - 'oa' makeup 1 - 2

Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan
- (fairy age forms) The Eps are only 3 1/2 minutes long.
Hakone-chan is the spirit of the hot spring. She shows up looking about age 6 wearing a miko outfit. We learn her current form is the result of her powers being drained; her normal form is a young adult.
-Ep05: at the start Hakone-chan is suddenly in her beautiful young adult form.
-Ep06: she expends power and ARs back to her chibi state.
- ("Tuxedo" Will)

Dengeki Sentai Changeman
- (AA TF age-up) 1985, 9th series. Ep33, "The End of Giluke!?"
Nana the Rigelian preteen has gone missing. She suddenly emits psychic energy. Ahames is exposed and teleports back. When the Changemen look at Nana again, she has aged into a teenager complete with new clothing because sentai. Typically, Rigel females emit this aura once in their life, when they cast off their short childhoods and become adults. She thanks the Changemen and runs away with sad piano music. Later, Nana's adopted family is still looking for her. She walks by, but they are unable to recognize her, grown up and in a high school uniform. She tries to say something, but cannot bring herself to do so.
- Episode link - screencaps - age forms - (Captain Shark)

short films
- Possibly the best APed UC glimpse ever permitted? We don't know yet - stills

- (boy ap?) new face? (Japan only) Ep05 - (Akira)
- (dedicated AR edits) - animated DeviantArt gifs - (Filthymind)
- (male adult) - FF interview - (Matt) - Ch. 23

- (unseen AP) "The Bad Seed", 11/03/2015.
Little Amara steps to a mirror where a dark cloud transforms her reflection into the adult version of herself. Crowley orders her new nanny to cut back on Amara's feedings. When Crowley notices the dead meatsuit of the nanny outside Amara's door, he enters it to find a now 12-year-old Amara, who gleefully tells Crowley she's hungry. When Crowley attempts to dissuade her from eating, her demeanor becomes more aggressive.

- (creature ARed) "Young Norville" 11/13/2015.
Fantasy show to help kids read involves a kid named Wally, his friends and family, and his pet dragon Norville that acts more like a dog. Norville accidentally bumps into the magic word "younger" and becomes a puppy again - (Tazz)

Sexualidad con todas sus letras
- (exc. toon APed glimpse) Ep04, "Television Educativa", c2014.
Video link - screencaps

Tales To Astonish
- (OA'd) #43, "The Mad Master of Time" - art

Far Side, The
- (male adult OA) "Dick Clark" gag

Soul to Settle (Twisted Souls #4), A
- (unseen accelerated) "A Zombie Paranormal Origins Tale". Cege Smith, 2013. Fantasy curse. Cameron Lowden ... only to point to her accelerated growth as a sign of her uniqueness. She grew from an infant of six months to an eighteen-year-old woman during their interim in the underground bunker. She had abilities ...

Magical Pâtissière Kosaki-chan!!
- (AR AA poofed) 2015, Shonen Jump Plus, Ch21, Tsutsui Taishi, "Nisekoi" spin-off.
AKA Magical Patisserie (Patissier, Pastry) (Kosaki, ShoSaki)-chan!
The comedy features a magical girl version of Kosaki Onodera solving problems through the power of dessert. The rejuvenation cloud removed her standard uniform and replaced it with a smaller one.
- Extract small - (Akira)

V.C. Rouge
- (AA) Paige Schingen, 2013, fantasy.
She grew taller. Her hair got lighter and longer. Her breasts and buttocks grew bigger and firmer, her skin tone got lighter, her nose and lips grew thinner and fuller. Her clothes were replaced with a black corset and short black shorts. Her legs...

Paranormal Witness
- (adult OA AA incident) "The Real Conjuring", Syfy show, 2015 Halloween.
Documentary about a family battling a malevolent force. They did some decent aging makeup on the actress portraying real-life OA victim Carolyn Perron, showing how she had aged prematurely while in the haunted house, even walking with a cane - (Deptx, Agingwomen)

Best Friends Whenever
- (ARed AA, AA RNed) "When Shelby Met Cyd"
Soon to be deleted link - Episode screencaps

My Princess is the Cutest
- (magical beings AR OC poofed, before/after stages)
Suning has posted illustrations of the manga-style heroines in both their age forms - Character Artwork - (Suning)

- (height FF) "The future is the present", 2015 - gif

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats
- (AR OC poofs, RN AA poofed)
1989, parents. Video link - screencaps - Newscaster, arm wrestler male AA AP screencaps
- Pilot, athlete, diner lady:
Video link - screencaps
- Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats Commercial Remake -College Project:
Wise guy CM (at end) & parody remake. Video link - screencaps
- Previously posted:
1986, millionaire etc. Video link - 1995, teacher. Video link

silhouette progression (trope)
- (outline FF AA) - gif

Comet Lucifer
- (unseen AA APed) 2015 - link
Magical entity Felia was physically a child, with the mental capability of a newborn. She had to learn everything from the boy and his friends. In Ep05, Felia is in a giant sphere with Sogo trying to reach her. She decides to use her powers to rescue him, and it causes her to physically and mentally TF offscreen into a young adult.
- Caps - (Cakey)

To Love Ru Darkness 2nd
- (demon AA TF APed, RN) 2015. Improved BD version of the episode is finally out, with the mysterious light of censorship out of the way. In my opinion the actual BE process was too smoothly animated and not as "pumpy" as the manga version.
- Video link - uncensored screencaps - (Chriskim019)

Namaiki Kissuisou e Youkoso
- (entity TF APed) - Ibaraki's age forms Art - (Chriskim019)

fetish films
GTS burstout
- (dedicated adult "CBed" glimpse) - screencaps

- (dedicated CGI AA AP) - new story preview scene - (Areg)
- (male) - TF - Momotaro Densetu - TF - (Akira)

Tanner Stages
- (timelapse FF glimpse) Harpenden study, 1960s. Age 12 to age 13 1/2: female growth stages

- censored nude art model photo poses Tomoe

Brave Beats
- (AA TF AP) - Ep03 caps - (Akira)

- (useless unseen AP) S11Ep02 "Form and Void".
Level 04 AA curse: clothes damaged by rapid age increase, but it happens off-camera between scenes.
- Intensely frustrating. Once again, the baby's rapid growth spurt into a girl happened offscreen, with not even the start of her size increase being depicted at 36:50. There was a sort of stretching sound effect, but only slight face change without expansion. No tearing was heard. In the next darkened scene, the shreds of her burst-off baby coveralls were NOT glimpsed on the small part of her body that could be seen (bare feet and bare right arm and part of shoulder) when she stepped out of the crib and reached in the bin to put on a larger dress at 37:10. The torn remnants were NOT shown lying in the empty crib after she had left the room, and they were NOT shown strewn on the floor. Only her undamaged baby hat was shown lying on the blanket at 39:39. Once again, nothing whatsoever was shown. As deeply horrible as the Isabelle storyline in "the 4400". Similar execution to "Sapphire & Steel".
- screencaps - gif - (Jeffr_2bya)

music videos
Coheed and Cambria
- (female facial AR, AA) "Eraser", 2015 lyric video. It's a previously posted clip-art face morph.
Vid link @02:25 - (Thrandrall)

Best Friends Whenever
- (Disney AA episode, AR stages) 10/25/2015. "When Shelby Met Cyd", S01Ep10.
2 teen girls reverse back to little girls after going back to their kindergarten days. The biochemical reaction causes their bodies and clothes to instantly revert offscreen. First they look about "13", then 9, then they are 5. The show involves two friends who can mentally travel back in time. Usually it's either to the recent past (not far back enough for much physical change), or to before they were born (so no AR, or else they would be unborn). Syd refuses to return to 15 by drinking milk. A life lesson was at the end about growing up. They AA RNed during cutaways.
- trailer link - cap - (Tazz, Iceman, Jeffr_2bya)

Kellogg's Frosted Mini-Wheats
- (AR poofs) 1982 - Video link - screencaps

- "Marvelous Melmo" episode list 01-17 by Tazz:
- Ep 01: Girl to adult, then baby, back to kid. Dog to puppy. Girl to adult, baby to adult then unborn then back to baby. Adult girl to baby, then OA, back to adult, back to kid.
- Ep 02: Hippo into baby. Girl into adult and then back to kid. Elephant into baby, then unborn. Girl into adult. Unborn elephant back into adult. Elephants into elderly.
- Ep 03: Girl into elderly. Caterpillars into butterflies.
- Ep 04: Girl to adult, back to adult, back to kid, adult again. Woman to baby. Woman (originally a kid) unborn and reborn as mouse, back to kid. Dogs to puppies. Men to OA.
- Ep 05: Girl into baby, then unborn to be reborn as a rabbit, then unborn to be reborn back into human adult.
- Ep 06: Girl into middle age woman, then baby and then adult. Duck into egg. Girl into elderly.
- Ep 07: Bird into egg. Boy unborn to be reborn into frog. Reptiles into eggs.
- Ep 09: Girl unborn to be reborn as dog. Puppy into adult dog. Dogs into puppies.
- Ep 10: Scorpion into unborn. Girl into adult.
- Ep 11: Girl into adult, then unborn, then back to adult, then unborn to be reborn as fish, then unborn to be reborn back into human girl.
- Ep 12: Baby swan into adult, then into an egg. Girl into adult. Swan egg into adult swan. Men into kids. Girl into adult.
- Ep 13: Baby into kid. Girl into unborn to be reborn as a cat. Man into elderly. Kid (was a baby originally) back into baby.
- Ep 14: Girl into adult, baby into kid, woman into elderly (offscreen).
- Ep 15: Girl into unborn to be reborn as rabbit and then back to normal. Girl to unborn to be reborn as dog then back to normal.
- Ep 16: Girl to unborn to be reborn as cat.
- Ep 17: Girl into elderly.
(info by Tazz)

AA curse (theme)
- (male) When children "grow up" in commercials their clothes usually grow with - caps

- (dedicated AR story) - sub
- (arm) - growth - (FF) - Ivanka
Did not verify following links:
- (face) - aging - (male) - muscle - (male) - 15 to adult

Night at the Opera, A - Part Two
- (dedicated female AR, male AR) 44p, $10.99.
Frank continues his humiliating regression, turning into an infant in front of the well-dressed sexy ladies at the Opera. He's taken home by Suzy and Marilyn, who try to outdo each other in playing Mommy for him (17 p. Palcomix art).
- Plus 27 pages of detailed AR by Bojay:
Brent shrinks to a baby and gets spanked (7 p.).
Marilyn regresses to a toddler (6 p.).
- Purchase link - Selz store link - credit card link - (Dreamtales)

- (AP) 2015, Che Grayson, Sharon De La Cruz.
Black girl comics, rapid sketch style, multimedia?
- In the midst of family loss, 6 y.o. Kera Moore discovers that her goldfish has died. As she cries, her tears fall in the fishbowl. The next day the fish is revived, but her ability to restore life is in direct correlation to years off her own life. Kera wakes to find herself 9 years old. A hasty sketch glimpse of her foot no longer fitting her shoe was found.
Kera must make a choice: should she use her power for the greater good? Saving Aunt Carolyn takes her to 16 y.o, that much closer to her own death. Kera does not hesitate to save the life of Troy, a 16 y.o. boy that she just met. It ages her tremendously to 65, and this is just the back story - Cover

short films
- (AP film, UC possibility?) 2016, 12 minutes. Based on Che Grayson comic.
Kera age 06: Skyy Blue.
Kera age 09: Akira Golz.
Kera age 14: Olivia Roberts Payne.
- About young girl whose tears bring the dead back to life, but at the cost of aging her - Minimal imdb link

Kung Fu Dragon: Pleakley
- (male creatures AA ARed) Disney short cartoons attached to "Stitch" anime. "Babyfier": aliens into babies and then elderly - Vid link - caps - (Thomas)

- (face reversal) - female caps - male caps - (Super)

AP stories
Class Project
- (dedicated AP series)
An experimental serum has been developed by Prescott Industries that will rapidly double the ages of children into young adults, but only for one week. The following are reports of the effects of the serum on a group of 11-year-old children who volunteered for the experiment to live as adults. It was conducted in secret as part of the drug approval process.
- Chapter 01 - Natalie  - Chapter 02 - Miranda - Chapter 03 - Paige
- Chapter 04 - Brianna - Chapter 05 - Anabelle - Chapter 06 - Carol
- Chapter 07 - Carol II - (The Planet of the AP)

- (CoA, FF)
2013 art photo exposition. Meyrin, Switserland. 11 photographers, child to adult themes.
-Sabrina Biro - Nothing Can Stop Me Now.
-Martin Bogren - Tractor Boys, teen Swedes CoA.
-Laure Donze - Interdit aux pschtt!
-Claudine Doury - Sasha & Artek adolescence.
  "Sacha" took 3 years (Little girl to bigger, magic realism). "Artek" took 9 years (USSR metamorphoses).
-Nicolas Faure - Heavenwards.
-Paul Graham - End of an Age.
-Steeve Iuncker - Rites de Passage.
-Laura Pannack - Young Love.
-Alessandra Sanguinetti - Guille & Belinda.
-Nicolas Savary - L'age Critique.
-Alena Zhandarova - Cornflower Tea and Concealing Chocolate.
-Anne Linsel & Rainer Hoffmann - dancing dreams film: "Les Reves Dansants, Sur les pas de Pina Bausch".
  About "Recreation de Kontakthof", 1978 film about adolescents. 40 former adolescents were reunited.

Cybele AKA
Les Dimanches de Ville d'Avray
- 1962, Serge Bourguignon.
Rapture AKA
La fleur de l'age
- 1965, John Guillermin.
 (coming of age, unintentional FF comparison) - French.
Both B&W films feature the same story with the same actress (only bigger).
Patricia Gozzi (age 12 in the first and age 15 in the other) depicts the impossible love between a young girl and an older man - caps

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AP text fragments 158 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too or were removed
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

Your info and submissions are welcome! Send 'em here.