Aging Transformation Scenes

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2 be young again... A site about girls outgrowing their clothes, ageshifters, and every other male and female age transformation.

Keystone resort
- (dream AA "ARed" cutaways) "Let Your Inner Kid Out to Play!" 2018.
A man and a woman let out their inner kids as they find fun things to do at a Colorado ski lodge.
- CM link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

fetish stories
Disobedience is Forbidden
- (dedicated AR, AP, multiple) 2018. c20+ pages.
My re-entry in the process fetish story writing world. Top Russian spy Nadya is given a simple task: break into a low security lab to steal "Project Yggdrasil" in a glass bottle. It should be no problem for a beauty like her. Breaking in was easy, but getting back out is the problem. Nadya is captured and learns the true horror. It involves primarily regression and progression, but also other transformations.
- Google Doc link - Mediafire link - (Godleydemon)

Enlightened ice cream
- (male blur, ARed OC) "Feed Your Inner Kid", 2018.
Now in 27 high protein, low sugar flavors. CM link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

- (RN AP CB) "Calendar men" Ch43.
This is when they return to normal. We thought it was Ch44, but it is actually Ch43.
- Dubbed It. Ep link - gif - screencaps - male screencaps - (Andu22)

Robin Hood: Mischief in Sherwood
- (mental "ARed") S02Ep19 "Child's Play" 7/20/2016, CGI.
Girl mentally into toddler. Ep link - - (Tazz)

text fragments
- (10 to 15 FFed) Ep01, 9/24/2018.
It can be very annoying when your 10 y.o. twin sister is suddenly 5 1/2 years older than you. Also, your similarly older former best friend is now dating her. This happened after a plane mysteriously vanished during turbulence, and they arrive 5 1/2 years later still thinking it's the same day - Ep01 Trailer link @01:10

Wild Hypno Town
- (mental) RPG c2019? Game of pet play. A detective is pursuing a serial hypnotist who is making the town act like animals. The author stated they will add a mental regression chapter as a bonus. Not to be confused with Hypno Town - info link - (Utopianfubar)

- (adult to old age poofed) Ecuador, Touche Films, Ecuavisa, web series. Comedic sketch "Audicion X", 2014.
X-Men parody. They are looking for new members. Among many others, a spunky female mutant appears with the ability to grow old at will. She poofed offscreen from about 20 to a chubby, retirement aged woman of about 60-65? But she can not become young again. The OA'd person still wears the same spandex costume as her younger version. I enjoyed the fact that she excitedly says: "I have the ability to grow old at will!"
- Spanish video link @01:45 - - screencaps - (Gibo, Chronoeclipse)

Pokemon- Poke Slut
- (mahou entities AA upgraded) Hentai manga link - extract - (Andu22)

text fragments
Preston Gannaway
- (AA FF) Oakland, 2018. "Remember Me" installments. She documents people over time and their changing life conditions, sometimes from toddler to teen.

text fragments
Sharp Objects
- (FB, FF) HBO, 2018. Past and present events are mentally interwoven in the hunt for a killer. 15 y.o. Camille: Sophia Lillis; adult Camille Preaker: Amy Adams.

Shinsou Mahou Shoujo Howling Moon
- (AA TFed, combat full maturation) Satou, Saitou, 2017+
Corrupted best friend turned dark arch rival?
- Manga link - extract - extract - (Andu22, Gamecritic83)

- (male slight AP) Malaysia etc, c2017.
CM link - gif - caps - caps

fetish comics
Last Tango, The
- (rejuvenation) "The Last Tango", 2018.
A work in progress that tells the story of 75 y.o. Mary Chan Brown, a brilliant Scientist desperate to save her husband from slow death. You will need to request a Process account to view.
- Thread link - (Prinz Eugen)

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, The
- (adults to old age) S1Ep3 "The Trial of Sabrina Spellman" 10/26/2018.
Dark reboot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Sabrina is put on trial for declining to give her soul to the Dark Lord on her 16th birthday (if found guilty she will be burned for 333 years). As punishment for being her Guardians, Aunts Hilda and Zelda become mortal. Throughout the episode they gradually grow older. Sabrina wins the trial on the basis of having already pledged her soul to God when her mother secretly baptized her. The court restores Hilda and Zelda's immortality and adult youth, to which Zelda replies "Praise Satan I am young again". The OA was shown over time. Near the end they appear in their 80s, vs maybe 30s or 40s. Their adult youth is restored in seconds, as grey hair fades and wrinkles disappear - th - (Tazz)

- (face "OA" edits) Formerly known as, 2018. #elderlyme Challenge.
Social media app (AKA Douyin) for sharing videos, musical clips, lip-syncs, and edits with built-in effects and stickers.
- Compilation of uploads with Aging Face filters. Not all the clips are gems, but still worth a look - Video link - - (Youthdrain)

American Horror Story: Apocalypse
- (male demon unseen cutaway APed) #90 S8 Ep6 "Return to Murder House" 10/17/2018.
Anthology series. Constance tells them what it was like raising Michael Langdon through the stages of a serial killer. She woke him for the first day of school to find a strange man in his bed. Her grandson had aged 10 years into a teenager. This explains the timeline as he is an adult in the next season. The scene was filmed in such a way nothing could be seen?
- @26:00 - screencaps - (Tazz)

text fragments
- (CoA issues) "Hair!"
Angelica says that you won't grow if you don't have hair, so Tommy steals Lou's toupee. Lou looks for it as his old navy buddy Roy Davis arrives. Roy has all his hair, and seems in great shape. Roy teases him, but Dil pulls his hair to reveal a toupee, and pulls on his shirt to reveal a corset. When Tommy comes in wearing Lou's toupee, they laugh even more. They decide that bald is beautiful, and Tommy realizes that Angelica was wrong after seeing pictures of his dad and Uncle Drew as babies, so he will turn into a grown up too - (Richard)

Kyouryu Sentai Zyuranger
- (male AA GTed) - caps

text fragments
Goblin Slayer
- (FF) 2016+ Ep02 in the first minutes. The shoujo is shown in 2 stages, as a child and then grown up. These seem more like time skips than actual AP. I understand you have to take what you can get in the AP game, but that's just a flashback.
- link - link - (Godleydemon, Matteso586, Mr_DNA, Anonsuper)

- (poofs) - Doraemon head - swaps - (Akira)
- (OA prediction) - I think we probably all do this with most people we see - The Onion article - (Chronoeclipse)
- (TFs) - Okaa-san (10-sai) to Boku translation has begun - (MysteryShadow)
- (cat FF) - feline

- 4 sequences

Powerpuff Girls, The
- (dedicated TF AP) "Bubbles to Sedusa", c2018 fan art - (Toongrowner)

TF tropes: overnight age-up
- (aftermath discovery scene) As seen in "Big", "The Fruit is Swelling", etc - awakening

- (non-canon suggested OA plotline) The CW. Young adult heroine Thea Dearden Queen, AKA Speedy, is imagined as being made much older.
c2018 - fan edits - (Expansion Zone)

AR tropes
- (dedicated AR OC) The change can happen at any time without warning.
"Moving forward in reverse" c2018 jogging sequence - (Everchangings1ayer)

Hitomi-sensei no Hokenshitsu
- (cyclops AR OC, RN AP CB) by Shake O, 2013+ Dr. Hitomi's Infirmary, Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary.
Welcome to the nurse's office! Whether you're dealing with growing pains or shrinking spurts, body parts that won't stay attached, or a pesky invisibility problem, School Nurse Hitomi is happy to help.
She watches over students who start to undergo inhuman changes. In Ch49, a student who can alter sizes gets trapped between her bosom. He later transformed the nurse into a small child, which continued into chapter 50. It is difficult to adapt to. The change suddenly wears off in chapter 53, tearing her clothing as everyone watches.
- Full manga chapters download link - newer link
- AR incomplete extracts - AP RN extracts - (Mystery Shadow)

fetish comics
Pixiv Artist: Morose
- (dedicated UC) I got Ms. Kajiwara to put on clothes that had become smaller. Ms. Toriko had suddenly increased in height at the elementary grade level, so her uniform became short. Still a flat body, but it is growing a bit ...? I tried wearing a standard elementary school uniform, it was cramped. My old clothes that I liked were short because my height increased. Minami-chan before and after growing with suspicious medicine - blocked access caps

- (male AA TFed "APed" form) "Living Room", 2018.
Oita, Japan cramming school. Individual education, Interactive entrance examination.
- Their son looked older. 1:1 Netz CM link - caps - (Akira)

Magical Trans!
- (TFed age forms, AR, TG) Kashii Yutaka, 2015.
It's not cosplay. We actually become magical girls?? A special app lets them change forms for real.
In Ch47-48-49, a new feature allows them to change the age of their mahou age forms.
In Ch54, the guy ups the age in his magical girl form while his childhood friend downs the age in her magical girl form to pass off as parent and child.
- Manga chapters download link - Ch47-48-49 cover - AR extracts - Ch54 extract - (Mystery Shadow)

- (furry AR, adults rejuved) #19 S2Ep6 "For Your Info-Mation" 12/21/1998.
Dr. Vic sells his fountain of youth potion on an infomercial. Dog into puppy, Cat into kitten. Old women became young offscreen.
- Episode segment link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Back to Neverland
- (male toon poof TFed "ARed form") 1989.
Disney California Adventure, Disney-MGM Studios theme parks. Mixed live-action/animation short film shown during the cartoon studio tour.
- Robin Williams into cartoon kid, then cartoon baby, then cartoon adult with big eyes, then long legs, then into Walter Cronkite (host), then into the dwarves Happy, Grumpy and Dopey. Then into Mickey Mouse, back into kid, back to normal... and back to cartoon kid in a Peter Pan sequel as a Lost Boy. The scene where he's animated has an unintentional GTS vibe. This was a few years before we heard Williams playing a genie (and saw him taking the role of Peter Pan somehow).
- Video link - - screencaps - gif - (Tazz)

Dragon Ball Z
- (male expansion TF) Toei Video DVD. CM link - gif - (Akira)

Chhota Bheem
- (male AA cutaway ARed) India, 2008+
Bheem with his friends protects a kingdom from evil.
- Ep185 "Boom Baby Bheem".
Kalia uncorks the potion and a few drops fall into the laddoos. The next day the kids find Bheem turned into a toddler causing mischief - screencaps
- Ep198 "Kyuki Baday Bhi Kabhi Bacchay".
A scientist created a ray gun that makes things young. Bird into egg, tree into sapling, and butterfly into caterpillar. An accident causes the gun to go off (a mad dash for cover), and a dad was turned into a toddler. The kids have to babysit him till the scientist finds a cure.
- No process. The kids only wake to find Bheem (we don't even see him eat the food), and the same with the father (not even seen getting hit) - (Tazz)

Hatsukoi Zombie
- (AA ARed) c2015. Ch144, Shonen Sunday.
link - link - link
- Scene extract - (Andu22, Coin)

Soul Eater
- (demon chibis fusion into adult combat form) c2008 anime.
The Mizune are a mouse-theme Witch Family. Blair's agility and speed in her Cat Form are a match for the five Mizune. The confrontation provokes the Family into assembling in their Combined Form, a fully grown woman. Blair assumes her Human Form, and the two provocative women face off by groping each other's chests. The pair continue their perverted fondling contest, trading insults while a group of men watch excitedly.
- Scene start link - screencaps - (Andu22)

fetish films
GTS videos
- (dedicated slight adult UC or CB) c2017. As always, this is not what we want but it's all there is. As girl to woman fans, there are moments where we can almost imagine how awesome it would be if it was completely different. The giantesses wear very adult-style clothing. Nothing is more unthinkable than showing an adult woman bursting out of child clothes. Still, a few scenes might be taken out of context to slightly resemble a teen-to-adult AP aftermath glimpse - screencaps

iPhone X
- (AA dream size increase, kinda sorta like shadow AP) "growth spurt", 2018 - CM link - caps - gif

- (anthros "APed") S01Ep30 "Let's Play Grown-Ups" c2010, France.
Kid animals into adults. Kaeloo, Stumpy and Quack Quack use a machine to turn themselves older. Mr. Cat has to return them back to normal.
- Episode link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

Astra Force
- (male AR) S01Ep16 "Bawlin' and Brawlin'" c2016, India.
A super hero has two kid sidekicks. Neal and Tara wake one morning to find Astra as a Baby. They have to take care of him while fighting bad guys who want to make all the humans babies - (Tazz)

Magical Change
- (AA "AP") Homerun Ken, 2010.
Ch6 DL link - extract - (Andu22)

- (demon AA TF upgrade form) AKA "Shinzo", Toei. 2000 Cap26.
Scene link - caps - (Andu22)

Monique Smit
- (FF AA AP) "2 Kleine Kleutertjes Deel 2", 2016 album, "Ik Groei". Netherlands.
Kids documentary song. Vid link - caps - gif

FTD Flowers
- (FF AA) "Growing Up", 2018. CM link - caps

- (FF) - 1st year
- (AR roleplay) - on Wattpad - (TheFunHero)

Lion Super Nanox
- (male demon AA TF morph AP) 2018 stain-devil detergent ad.
Japan-only CM link - screencaps - (Akira)

Yaoguai Mingdan
- (demon AA age forms) 2014+ A misty tree demon appeared.
Anime: Ch04 older form, Ch06 mini form. Manhua/web manga: Ch22, Ch29.
- Extract - (Andu22)

short films
We TURNED Mom into a BABY!!
- (ARed poof, RNed) Adventures in Samland, 2018.
They are supposed to be cleaning their room. She uses magic to turn Mom into a baby! Will they keep her like that FOREVER?!
- Video link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

Vec Makropulos
- (adult age stasis, OA) AKA "The Makropulos Affair"
1922 Czech play by Karel Capek, 1926 Czech opera by Leos Janacek.
- At age 16 in the year 1600, Elina Makropulos acquired an elixir that kept her in the prime of adulthood. After three centuries, the famous singer's life has become meaningless. She stops drinking the elixir to abolish the endless tedium of immortality. The first signs of old age appear. She ages rapidly before the astonished onlookers.

Back to Methuselah
- (adult age stasis, delayed mental maturation, adult face-only aging) "A Metabiological Pentateuch", by George Bernard Shaw, 1921.
In 2170, Englishmen stay immature for centuries. Work is carried out by imported consultants. In the year 31920, children are born as young adults from giant eggs.

short films
Time to Grow Up
- (male cutaway APed, pseudo UC) JPeroyea, 2018.
Time machines can make you look older. Video link - screencaps

- (AA FF, 11 to 26) AKA "Growing Up", "Chéngzhǎng", "成长". China, c2016?
Similar to "Boyhood". Zhong Yu, Kelly Chen, Hailu Qin.
Filmed from 2000 to 2015, when Xiao Xue was starting her journey from an adolescent to a young woman under the influence of family and society.
- Trailer link - screencaps

Kyouai Honey Trap
- (AR to baby) - Nude Hentai. Alternate link - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (furry dream FFed forms, flashed forward) S4Ep4a "The Contest" 10/8/1999.
Fan stories contest. Segment: The Troubled Sister (Dr. Katz). 10 years in the future, 18 y.o. Arthur visits his psychologist. His troubling sister D.W. has bought a girl pony car for Arthur, to which he lets out a horrified scream.
After Arthur's segment, everyone mails in their story. 5 years later, they hear the contest winner was Holly Holland.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Richard)

Nissin Food Group
- (AA TG cutaway) 2018. Monster city attack Power Boost upgrade. CM link - caps - (Akira)

Kamichama Karin Chu
- (AR OC) v01ch03.
A magical watch causes Karin and two guys to turn into toddlers; I think Suzune was also affected, but it's hard to tell since he was so small and young to begin with. It's poof-style but adorable, and does leave them in oversized clothes.
- Chapter link - extract - (Azerty47-2)

S. Drake (graphic artist)
- (flash forward stages) c2015?
Offset lithograph of 'age progression of a young girl'. Line-up of 3 smiling girls wearing the same pink shoes - Print

House with a Clock in Its Walls, The
- (ARed mini-poofs) 2018.
Based on 1973 juvenile novel by John Bellairs that contained no AR?
- The villains want to use a hidden clock to revert humanity from existence. Jack Black is met with an energy blast that regresses his body below the neck into a baby's (his mind was also affected). So an adult male head on a baby's body.
Clocks across town start moving backwards, flashing some adults into children. Each victim was shown for maybe a few seconds. The lighting was off, so hard to see their expressions. Of course when the villains were defeated everyone was restored offscreen. Seemingly had huge potential, yet the writers took every damn turn to make it as unenjoyable for AR/AP fans as possible. :/ - (Tazz, Username, Vended)

Secrets of Women
- (adult TG kinda looks like) - 여자의 비밀 - 2016, South Korea, 104 Eps. KBS2 Melodrama.
The 1st second kinda looks like start of BE AP below the neck. Other parts kinda look like start of male AR into sleeves and slight OC aftermath close-ups.
- Clip link - gif

Gomen ne mama~tsu!
- (AA age replacement upgrade) by Tira, c2017? "Sorry Mom!"
Full hentai Uncensored link - Censored extract - (Andu22)

Yarima Queen
- (demon AA TF, older appearance) "Sex Demon Queen" 2000 OVA. AIC, Green Bunny.
Clip link - screencaps - (Andu22)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Agegrowthfictions
- (magical stasis, gynoid TF AP) "Nirvelly" by Navetsea, 2018 adult nudity.
A fantasy curse has its effects until the spell is released...
- Trailer link - - preview - (Mister AGF)

Jana Brike
- (coming of age metaphors) b.1980, Riga.
Mostly art of young girls frozen in transitional moments of time as they evolve toward womanhood, but also some boys. Her art includes younger self portraits. Limited AA therianthropy (girl/tree TFed) - Paintings

- (age/weight forms) Ralf Romgens, 2018. DAZ studio, Iray, Hydrogen.
"Shapeshifter" - Vid link - caps

trying on old clothes (meme)
- (slightly outgrown outfits from a year or more ago)
We are continuing our research project on the subject of outgrown clothing. In most cases, everything gets slightly too short as the growth begins. Visually you might not notice many changes at first. However, the outfit will feel a LOT tighter all over. Loose hanging oversized clothes become form-fitting. Wrinkles suddenly vanish. Shorts will dig into your thighs. This can happen at any age, there is no single age where clothes are immune from being outgrown. As the growth continues, new strain lines may suddenly appear, with the biggest pressures when the breasts develop. This often causes gaps between the buttons to appear, which can no longer be closed or may pop. When it comes to old costumes, it's a bigger struggle to take them off than it was to put them on.
- Examples:
I was either 12 or 13 (Going into 7th grade) when I made the original video omg. I'm still 15 now. These aren't even the same jeans, those were too small the moment I was wearing them. This shirt is just too tight on my arm you know. Now this dress fits me the best, it's just a little shorter, but then it was like down to my knees. It just was so big (Now it pinches in at the waist). This one is not bad, I'm just a little too big for it now. (Denim shorts are much too tight) I swear my zipper was down that whole time.
- Video link - screencaps
"Attempting to Squeeze Myself in my Old Dresses" Dianosaurus Knee-ana, 2017.
It's gonna rip. They won't even freaking go over my knees. It wouldn't go over my big arms ... or over my LARGE hips.
- Video link - screencaps
"Trying on old dresses" Jenny Skittles, 2017.
Can't close the buttons anymore.
- Video link - screencaps - (F5)
"Trying on some new and old dresses" Candy Boonie, 2017.
Pretty much just me trying on all the dresses I own (some much too small and tight now).
- Video link - screencaps - (Informateur)
"Trying On My Old Dance Outfits! (WARNING-CRINGE!)" Cal Gal21, 2018.
- Video link - screencaps - (F5)
Outgrown clothes try-ons:
- 7 attempts - (various contributors)

Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger
- (AR) 42nd Super Sentai franchise. Ep33, 9/23/2018.
"Phantom Thief Squadron Lupinranger VS Police Squadron Patranger". Lupine did not know Envy's unique ability. A gust of wind made them all children. The international police seized the transformation gun.
- Info link - Clip link - screencaps - (Akira)

- (male/fem ARs OC, male APs, RNs, "magic pants" effects) Classic issue #19, Bud Sagendorf, c1948.
Dell/Gold Key/King/Charlton. 2000 reissue: IDW Publishing.
On an uncharted island, Olive Oyl and Popeye find a fountain that regresses them. It ages Sweetpea, who then becomes an abusive adult. Popeye returns to normal to win the match.
- Full issue link - Age scenes extract pages - (Thomas2)

Erotic Tales Vol. III
- (slight adult rejuvenation, below the neck, AR aftermath, poof to nothing) Erotic short films anthology, Regina Ziegler.
Caramelle - 29mins, by Cinzia Torrini, Italy, 1995.
A woman uses magic candies from a sorcerer to become somewhat younger, eventually overdosing into a child and then nothing.
Anna is not so young anymore, but still a voluptuous woman full of desire. Her husband prefers to watch television over making love. Diets and aerobics fail to revive his interest, so Anna turns to a fortune-teller: each candy will make Anna 7 years younger.
It seems Anna has a "sweet tooth". The candies have a slightly delayed effect. Her husband takes nude photos of her in their apartment. She seems to look younger by the use of make up, or removal of the earlier age make up (no CGI here). We can't see her face, but it's obviously the body of a much younger and sexier woman. We glimpse her in the shower, eating the remaining candies. She still appears to have big breasts. The concierge finishes repairing her faulty faucet, and leers at her youthful nudity behind the shower door before leaving.
Next shot, the feet of a little girl are seen leaving the stall. She looks up and discovers she's regressed down to a child, her hand going to her face in horror. We see her going down the stairs in her oversized red dress and iconic heels. The concierge, upon seeing the little girl in tears, offers her the last candy. She hesitates, visibly torn, then relents and eats it. After a few more steps, she turns back with a laugh, as weird colors fill the room. Under his shocked gaze, the magic regresses her into nothingness with a "poof", leaving only her red heels and the candy wrapper tumbling down. The End.
- (Russian voice over) Episode link (rejuv @25:00) - screencaps - (Vended)

Godzilla vs. Destoroyah
- (monster APed) 1995.
Precambrian organisms slumber in Tokyo Bay. The crab creature evolves beyond the military's containment abilities. Godzilla witnesses the now fully mature Destoroyah kill Junior. The freeze weapons prevent Earth's destruction, but massive fallout renders Tokyo uninhabitable. Suddenly, the radiation levels plummet, and a familiar roar is heard. Godzilla Junior, having absorbed the energy from his father's death, has regenerated into his adult form - (Isabella)

Feng Qi Cang Lan
- (AR OC) Chinese manhua, Ch.71.2, c2016.
Villainess has committed acts warranting punishment, which could have exiled her grandfather. The heroine gives him a pill to feed his granddaughter, transforming her into a baby so they might have another chance. Relatively quick, with limited process; we see a glimpse of her head becoming smaller, and her hand shrinking into her sleeve, leaving only a baby in oversized clothes. It's confusing without context, but very cute.
- Chapter link - extract - (Azerty47-2)

Average Joe
- (male age stasis, male AP/AR) Julia Cook, Anita DuFalla (Ills.), 2011.
Meet Average Joe, a not so average 12 y.o.. His dad invented the top secret anti-aging serum "Flawless Forever", that keeps grown-ups young indefinitely. 9 y.o. Joe's curiosity got the best of him, and he snuck into his dad's lab. Unfortunately, the serum had the opposite effect on him: "Within a few seconds, I exploded into a 22-year-old man. I even had facial hair!"
Luckily, it wore off after 2 hours, with one side effect: since being exposed to the serum, Joe has not grown. Now he is a 12 y.o. stuck inside a 9 y.o. body FOREVER! He's already taken the 4th grade 3 times.
"Turtle used to be five years younger than me, but now she is seven and I am stuck at nine. If my dad doesn't figure out a way to fix me, Turtle is going to become my big sister. She'll start to think that she's the boss of me, and that will be a total disaster!"
But Joe can still take the serum. A kid who can turn into a grown up for 2 hours any time he wants... imagine how much fun he could have!

fetish films
Transformations as a discipline. Cruel training of the annoying (but sexy) lil sister
- (dedicated pseudo "OA'd") Liza K fetishes, POV, 2016.
We will see how you like being a granny! Ha! Old, gray and toothless... well, sister, it's not sexy, but cruel enough for me to like it! Teaching you to be nice! A sweet Teddy bear? So how do you feel being plush? Sucks, doesn't it? - link

Luang Pu Suang
- (male OA stasis, male rejuv/ARed form) 1582-1682? Thailand, 2000 reappearance.
400 y.o. ascetic (Siddha). Able to change from an 80 y.o. hermit to about age 13/15, he was fond of playing kites with other children in the nearby villages, where he delighted in this hobby - (Wizard Wong)

Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari
- (AA apparent age swaps) - Tales of the Unusual - 2006 JDrama, Fuji TV series.
Funny strange story. He wakes up as an adult man in enlarged pajamas. His parents (wearing slightly oversized outfits), the commuters, and a teacher all appear as children. The others noticed nothing wrong. Can he return to normal?
- Episode link (first 15 minutes) - Male screencaps - Before/After comparison screencaps - (Akira)

text fragments
- (male shrunken adult baby effect) S1Ep5 "Faster, Princess! Kill! Kill!" 8/17/2018. Matt Groening, Netflix.
Elfo the elf is mistaken for a baby by a housewife due to him being baby-sized. She diapers him, feeds him, and gives him baby clothes (which he wears for most of the episode). Because of Elfo's naiveness it's easy to see why he was mistaken for a baby - cap - (Tazz)

short comics
Arthur, King of Time and Space
- (AA FFed) webcomic. Nimue is about 6 in July 2004 and waist high. She shot up to slightly shorter than Ector by April 2005, and Adult Nimue is actually one of the tallest characters - art

- (male adult rejuvenation & age stasis, adults to old age, male/female AR) - X元素 - Singapore Chinese drama, 2012-13.
20 Eps, MediaCorp Channel 8 - "Youth Stealer" storyline (Eps.05-08):
- Ye Rongguang's immortality secret makes other adults age rapidly so he can look younger. He can appear to be 31 y.o, but is actually 176. Aged when Dayu first saw him, he died as a 70+ y.o. in Ep05 after revealing the secret. Dayu's colleague who learned the secret died in Ep07. The executive passed out due to rapid ageing. Jay's 27 y.o. girlfriend looked 40 years older when Zhiqing saw her. After stealing Jay's youth, Dayu found himself turned into a boy. A mental asylum patient wanted to avenge his wife after Ye Rongguang stole her youth. The perpetrator was caught in Ep08.
- Chen Dayu transfers youth to a middle-aged woman (characters switched ages):
Ep07 full link 41:17-41:54 (offscreen).
- We see that woman as a child (kid) in the same clothes:
Ep08 full link 38:25-38:45.
- Mediacorp Private Limited video streaming service - Toggle link - Episodes summaries link
- (Dmitriy)

- (looks like mid to late teen AP cutaway) Dark Horse, 2007+.
Theresa is traumatized by attending a high school where all the girls are buxom blondes. Making a deal to unlock the power of her feminine essence, she assumes the role of fully grown heroine Sistah Spooky. Empowered's super costume is easily torn and ripped in combat.
- TF upgrade extract - TF upgrade extract - ARed RN extract - "ripped" costume extract

short films
BODY SWITCH UP Kids vs Parents!
- (parents / preteen daughters, body swap TFs, kinda looks like ARed/APed, very slight UCed glimpse, OC) 2018.
Body Swap #2 Learning video for family. Kids swapped bodies with parents because of constant quarrels. Older daughter with Mom's body: we can see part of the top of her now snug-fitting pajamas. Younger daughter with Dad's body: her pajamas were AA-draped during the transformation. Parents with kids bodies: adult pajamas are now oversized. This should teach children and parents not to quarrel and find common solutions.
- Video link - TFed screencaps - RNed screencaps - (AnnaStories)

Tick, The
- (males ARed illusions, male adult baby effect) The Tick Ep31 "Devil in Diapers" 10/6/1996.
Mr. Mental hypnotized others to see him as a baby so that he could hide out in the Tick and Arthur's apartment, which is the safest location in The City.
- Episode link - Male AR illusion gif - Male baby AR illusions screencaps - (Username)

text fragments
Tick, The
- (male caging) Ep17 "Coach Fussell's Lament" 9/30/1995.
Boy supervillain Brainchild used his baby-sitter The Mad Nanny to capture The Tick, who is disempowered into a two-headed bird who lays a chocolate egg.
- (adults FFed to old) Ep26 "Grandpa Wore Tights" 2/17/1996.
An aging Terror tries to recover his Desire-O-Vac from the aging Decency Squad - link

Nate Is Late
- (male AA upgrade muscle TF, male AA ARed) S01Ep10 "The Genie" 4/25/2018.
Every morning something goes wrong on the way to school. Tween boy muscle development; tween boy to baby boy ARed.
- Clips link - - screencaps - (Entropic, Apuleius)
- (male/fem preteens OA'd) S01Ep12 "Grandpa".
An elderly witch turned Nate and Malika old simply because they bumped into her while racing (they even apologized for it) - (JackpotMans)

La formula del Dr. Funes
- (AR OC) An older scientist turned himself into a boy with a formula. Quick morph of an older woman into a kid. Elderly into kids aftermath in a nursing home.
- Trailer link - - screencaps - (FARfan)

Home: Adventures with Tip & Oh
- (AA mother/daughter AP/AR) S04Ep15. Some creative abstract age animation on Tip (would've liked to see her hips grow, given how she looks as an adult). At the end, the age bubbles are used as ending gags, and Tip, her mother, and Oh are aged/de-aged with less process.
- AA AP screencaps - AR/OA poofs screencaps - (Meticulan23)

Fuzzy and Nutz
- (adult furries FFed to OA) "What if you stopped showering?" 4/2018 short toon documentary.
Time moves faster in the shower. Bear & Squirrel to old people.
- Ep link - - caps - (Tazz)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Wongsj
- (dedicated age TF sequences, AP/AR) c2018 line art.
Includes age stages. Restricted Gallery link

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Mporci
- (dedicated age TF sequences, AP/AR) c2018 line art.
Includes age stages. Restricted Gallery link

Last of Us, The
- (face FF) - Ellie 14 to 18 gif

breast arousal
- (nipple expansion) - gif

Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san
- (dream AA TF AP sequence) - Clip link - (NightElf37)

fetish comics
Pixiv Artist: Morose
- (dedicated growth spurt aftermath related manga sketches) - もる - c2016+
He draws Japanese schoolgirls whose clothes and uniforms suddenly don't fit anymore. Japanese text sometimes explains what happened to them.
- Restricted Access Gallery link More to come - (F5)

fetish videos
Male Morph Artist: Anthony
- (dedicated male adult rejuvenation & muscle aging) 2018 morph channels.
I have started making adult progression and rejuvenation morphs. For examples, visit my Tumblr page (won't allow me to post all content) and my YouTube channel:
- Tumblr Page link - YouTube Channel link
For samples, a morph of an old white man becoming a young black man, and an adult progression morph:
- Male link - Male link
I will do morphs for free for other people. I can morph any two images of people in similar poses, as long as they are legal. If they want a morph, have them contact me on my YouTube channel. I will not post them if they don't want me to - (Tony)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: SabraeTrash
- (dedicated TF AR, furry) 2018 artist who has just gotten into the scene.
This is her first ever AR piece. Censored version link
- Main Deviant Gallery link - (Natasha)

Innocents, The
- (adult TF TG, possibility of UC?) 8/2018 UK.
It's not as bad as we first thought, despite shapeshifters appearing as their "real selves" in the mirror. We thought that meant it was all an illusion, but apparently there's a real physical transformation. That means their clothes don't change with them, but the person who they copied falls unconscious. The "teen" runaway involuntarily turned into a larger man. Still no child to adult transformations.

Pepsi Max "Uncle Drew" (spinoff movie)
- (adult "OA'd" disguise) 2017. "Uncle Drew" behind the scenes.
WNBA Legend Lisa Leslie in age make up for the 2018 movie "Uncle Drew" twerking.
- Clip link - - (Kingfaraday, AgingWomen)

text fragments
Eight Grade
- (slight CoA themes) 7/2018 trailer link - Elsie Fisher plays a 13 y.o. finding her identity at the end of 8th Grade.

text fragments
Spurt: A Balls and All Story
- (male CoA, slight age disguise) by Chris Miles, 2017.
At the end of 8th Grade, Jack Sprigley's puberty is still a total no-show. Jack is in serious danger of being left behind by his friends. But all he has to do is fake puberty...

- (FF face 0 to 5) - Timelapse Kid Ada 2013-17 - (adult face OA) - FF morph

- Candy

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Fap2000
- (dedicated CGI AA TF, short age-spell clips) 2018 DAZ AArtist.
Magical changes can happen quite fast. Now some experiments with loose/oversized clothing growth spurts.
- Restricted log-in - Gallery link - (Sam15)

Life and Times of Juniper Lee, The
- (adult rejuvenated poof) S3Ep9 "Little Big Mah" 11/10/2006.
Images of the 20-something y.o. Jasmine Lee - screencaps - (Alexander)

Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!
- (excellent unseen growth spurt glimpsed) c2018 Tv talk show.
John & Janet Proodian were at a Dr. James Maloney revival. A little girl and her mother came to the front. The girl was actually around 12, but looked more like a 5- or 6 y.o. child. Dr. Maloney declared that God would restore her stature "right now". He asked the congregation to begin worshiping the Lord. The little girl grew taller right while the congregation watched! Her shirt and pants became too short. The video is a cutaway reconstruction of what happened.
- Video link - screencaps

fetish comics
Court Adjourned
- (dedicated CGI AR) 2018.
F1ction Zer0's first fetish motion comic is a wild ride of humiliation: 6 months after a former man underwent a forcible sex change for his crimes against women, he pleads his case before the Supreme Court of Magical Affairs, the highest, most powerful court in the world. The Chief Justice amuses herself by playing judge, jury and transformer - casting a series of chaotic transgender, stereotype, class downgrade, age regression and humiliation spells, before the court case finally comes to a close.
- Story link - Alternate link - - (TaintedSins)

Eden's Bowy
- (demon AA TF age forms) - Link
The character Elisiss AA-transforms in Episodes 02, 03, 07, 09 (demon ARed) and 13. When she turned into her adult version, she was called Sieda.
- Anime opening screencaps - Ch02 extract - Ch07 extract - Ch09 extract - (Andu22)

Loli-ka Shichatta Okaa-san
- (AR) by Mikezoutei, c2018.
Doujinshi, mosaic censorship, 77p. The effect was unintentional.
- Manga link - Alternate link - screencaps - (Andu22, ZodiacX)

Summer Camp Island
- (furry and anthro ARed poofs) S1Ep2 "Monster Babies" 7/7/2018.
Things and creatures are poofed cute... and a monster into a baby.
- link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (adult rejuvenation) c1998.
92 y.o. Chiya Minakami lived the life of a saint. The Prince of Hades sentences her to Pleasure Hell. On the way down, her elderly body is rejuvenated for sexual purposes.
- Vol01 link - extract - (Andu22)

Sunohara-sou no Kanrinin-san
- (dream sequence pseudo-TF, AA accelerated growth) "Miss Caretaker of Sunohara-sou" 7/2018.
She wishes her breasts were fuller, then realizes it may still happen.
- Ep04 full link @12:20 - clip link - screencaps - screencaps - (The Vanishing Boy, ZantetsukenX)

short films
Twin Toys (YouTube channel)
- (male mind swap) "Nerf War: Shrink Ray" 3/23/2018.
Family videos. @270s, dad & son swap bodies. Son in dad's body calls his mother mom, and dad in son's body calls his wife hon. Dad in 6 y.o. body: "You know your mother. Let's calm her down".
- Clip link - screencaps - (Kidsized)

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
- (furry AP AA) "Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs" - by Tadahiro Miura, Weekly Shonen Jump, 2016.
Ch122: A demon possesses a tanuki character, causing age-up effects - screencaps - (Andu22)

Allstate Insurance
- (male adult acting like younger persons) 2010 -
Mayhem as a 4 y.o. ring bearer at a wedding swallowing the ring, as a distracted teenage driver who crashed her car, and as a wild toddler strapped in the back seat. Clothing damage and injuries carry over between commercials.
- CM link - - CM link - - CM link - - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (furry cutaway unseen APed aftermath)
There is also progression in Ch32. Vol03 link - screencaps - (Andu22)

Zero no Tsukaima: Princesses no Rondo
- (AA cutaway TFed, older forms, TG) Ep07, 2008.
The mirror makes them into their ideal characters - screencaps - screencaps - (Andu22)

Ant-Man and the Wasp
- (shrunken man, adult male disguised as boy toddler) 2018.
Mistaken for a kid moment: Scott, shrunk to 3 ft tall, goes into his daughter's school to retrieve a valuable part hidden in a trophy. A teacher thinks he's a boy (he wears a tiny kid-sized hoodie outfit that still looks oversized). When he gets back to the van, still 3 ft tall, Hank jokes, "How was school today, champ? Would you like a juice box and some string cheese?" "You really have that?" They missed an opportunity to have him burst back to normal size.
- Lo-res clip link - caps - (Kidsized)

fetish films
Giantess GG1
- (dedicated CGI clips, AA TF, AP to adult to GTS) 2015, Vale Serg.
His wife starts as a little girl who slowly AA-"grows" to a gigantic size and raises her husband's arm.
- Clip link - Clip link - screencaps - screencaps - (Unread)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Toongrowner
- (dedicated TG TFs, some age changes) c2017 - Gallery
More traditional TG than AR, but some gems here. My personal favorite being his Batman series:
- "Harley's little girl" link - link - link
He's also done a couple of toon AA AP gifs:
- Timmy to Vicky link - Steven to Pink link - (Wise288)

Ossan ga Shogakusei
- (male TG ARed) "The old man is an elementary school student" - 2018 Pixiv manga story by Ocha San.
Former office worker living in detached house must return to grade school.
- Extract - (Akira)

- (male ARed AA cutaway & aftermath, AR AA poofs, adult AA size & weight gain) S02Ep13 "Baby Questers" 2008.
Princess was shrunk by evil wizard. Young girl tried to undo the spell, but the male knight broke the crystal, so she bounces between tiny and giant sizes. They find fruit which AAs the princess into a fat giantess. The knight AA'd into a baby for most of the episode. The 3 kids seek a witch to restore everyone, but the kids eat the fruit and AA-poof into babies at the end.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

fetish comics
- (dedicated AR CGI tale) Based on the story by Sumner, one of my all time favorites! 8/2018.
My best works IMHO are my adaptations of some of the fine authors at this site. I've done Louder's Poolside, and had the privilege of doing 3 stories by the great Dark Oni.
Part 1 & comic excerpts released on my Patreon to supporters $10 and up - link
- Source story link - Art link - (Areg5)

Witchcraft Works
- (AR) by Ryu Mizunagi, 2010-
Ch30. Kagari is attacked, and becomes a shoujo for only 1 chapter.
- Extract - (Andu22)

Myuu and I
- (furry AR, APs) by Kitada Ryouma. "mu & i", "μ & i", vol05, Jump SQ, c2015.
No process, before/after VR immersion with protagonists switching POVs, Iku AR and the rest AP (Mu/Tau/Lambda/Epsilon). Vol03 & 04 have two Charm-like chapters as well. Series contains lolicon but not hentai.
It's meant to kind of overload you with cuteness, but in the background there is a story unfolding with good action. The world's reproductive rates have dropped to 0, and multiple organizations are vying before time runs out. Terrorists are constantly trying to steal Myuu, "the last child". The "test subjects" (other children created by the protag's father) all have some kind of ability.
- Code link - link
- Extract - Extract - (Shadow00000, Godleydemon)

Parallel Paradise
- (AP) by Okamoto Lynn, c2017.
Shuukan Young Magazine, Ch051. Ecchi, Fantasy, Harem, Seinen.
- Extract - (Shadow00000)

Isekai Nonbiri Nouka
- (demon AR AP) by Tsurugi Yasuyuki & Naitou Kinosuke. Vol01, c2017.
Gekkan Dragon Age. Machio Hiraku has died from overwork. God allowed him to be reincarnated, and he gets 4 wishes as a reward.
Ch08: A vampire appears, presented as AP but it's AR/RN I imagine.
Ch20: AR when her younger sister shows up, and the protag's dog attacks her.
- Code link - extract - (Shadow00000, Godleydemon)

SF Bishoujo H Virus
- (demon AA AP) by Watanabe Yoshimasa, 1994- France Shoin.
Street Fighter Sakura Bishoujo, 10&15.
- link - extract - extract - (Andu22)

short comics
- (AA poofs, "AR/AP") 7/30/2018-.
AA-plot week that has rarely been done before: toddlers into little babies. Brainiac toddler Warren slips a youth juice in Marvin's and 2 other's juice boxes, turning them into 6-month olds. The final day of the arc reveals a side effect that AA-poofs them old.
- No process was shown - Gallery link - (Tazz)

Nil no Koi Mahoujin
- (AA TFed maturity form upgrade) by Ikemi Runa, c2013.
Nil's Magic Circle of Love. 5th grade mahou shoujo in Magic Academy loves scary-looking upperclassman Kowloon. "Why am I so tiny, even though all the other girls my age look so grown up. My face has the freckled, nerd glasses look, and I have almost no chest." To pluck up the courage to ask him to the dance, she might need magic. No process, she simply goes from nerdy to sexy. The magic wears off when she runs out of stamina, and reverts back poof-style. A cute little one shot romance manga.
- Ch link - extract - (Andu22, Godleydemon)

Kanojo wa Sora ni Inoranai - quantum girlfriend
- (demon age forms) Murata Sakuhito, Mizunezumi, Satofuji Masato, c2011.
Amaterasu has differing age appearances?
- Game info link - Image link
- Extract - (Andu22)

Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
- (furry age form poofs) by Tadahiro Miura, 2016- shonen manga.
"Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs". Ch023.5 - Ch077 - Ch112.5. Koyuzu the tanuki can become an adult with a magic leaf.
- Extract - (Andu22)

Room 401
- (OA) S1Ep3 "Beauty Is Only Skin Deep" 7/31/2007. Short-lived MTV hidden camera prank series.
Young bikini-clad woman is dunked underwater in a hot tub. When she emerges, she is a wrinkled old lady, much to the shock of the other pool-goers.
- (male adult baby) "Return to Sender" A man in a diaper comes out of a small box - (MeanMark)

Mary and The Witch's Flower
- (animal AR, rejuv FB) "Meari to Majo no Hana". 2017, Studio Ponoc.
There's a school for witches in the sky. Mary and Peter find a room with animal experiments. Mary undoes all the spells in the area, turning the creatures back to normal. Some AR to younger before reverting. Salamander creature to tadpole to cat. Monster to giant egg to ostrich. Creatures to younger versions to animal. Each TF is very quick. Mary's great aunt appears in a vision as a much younger witch - (Tazz)

Kami-sama x Ore-sama x Danna-sama!?
- (AP cut, UC glimpse) by Sakano Keiko, c2016.
Amane Ninomiya stopped growing at age 7. She comes across a weird but handsome god man at her grandfather's shrine. "I'll grant your wish," he says, kissing her, and for some reason her body grew...!?
- Ch link - extract - (Andu22)

- (OA) - Foolish-Water Deviant Gallery - (Fan2000)
- (dedicated OA edits) - Fountains of Age - (Addwulf)
- (AR cuts) - Evian Baby Double campaign - (Reina Watt)
- (AR) - Daughter of the Demon Lord - webcomic baby AR full Ch04 - (Suning)
- (shift ARed/RN) - Fantasy curse fan story

- 3 sequences - months - Tomoe

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Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

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