Aging Transformation Scenes

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update page

A site about girls outgrowing their clothes - and every other male and female age transformation.

Today's update content was provided by Shadowlord Inc. Higher quality video may be viewed after registration:

Batman: The Brave and the Bold
- (male AR, male old age) "The Golden Age of Justice!"
Professor Zee was ARed, Per Degaton was aged.
- Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

- (male adult OA, female adult rejuv) "City Of Stone", Part III.
Demona and Macbeth swap adult ages in a mystic ceremony.
- Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil
- (adult to old age) "Deathday Cake", 2010- series. High schoolers confront a demonic book.
Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Bobby's World
- (male muscle "AP" effect dream sequences) 1990-1998.
When Bobby Generic gets angry he sometimes hulks out.
- screencaps - screencaps - screencaps

Lilo and Stitch
- (Disney AA, adult couple TFed to OA) Gramma & Mr.Hasigawa - screencaps - (Shadowlord)

Super Hero Squad Show, The
- (adult chibis to OA) "Revenge of the Baby Sat!"
Thor & Ms Marvel are aged - Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Teen Titans
- (male adult age swap, rejuv & OA, RN) "Revolution", Robin & Mad Mod swap adult ages.
Video link - Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light
- (adults to old age) Hasbro.
There were multiple adult age AA TFs after magic returned to the planet.
- "The Overthrow Of Merklyn" - Virulina aged to statue.
Video link - screencaps
- "The Dark Hand Of Treachery" - Man aged by demon.
Video link - screencaps
- "The Power of the Wise", 11/2/1987, 08.
The Knights are afraid of being aged by Darkstorm's Staff and set off to find a rejuvenating spring. Leoric falls victim to Darkstorm's Staff, and the Darkling Lords destroy the spring. The experience teaches Leoric (who is restored to normal) that there is more to old age than being weak and feeble.
- (Stonegate)

Codename: Kids Next Door
- (TF to decrepit) "Operation ZERO", Villains into old zombies.
Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
- (male adult decrep) "The Last Stand", c2002. Marzo was struck down.
Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Moby Dick and Mighty Mightor
Space Ghost
- (male adult maturation poof TF) "The Meeting".
Video link - Video link - screencaps
- (Stonegate)

Ed and Lorraine Warren (paranormal investigators)
- (adult slight decrepitude effect) Inspiration for "The Conjuring" movie, 2013. In 1971, Carolyn Perron moved into a dilapidated farmhouse. Once model beautiful, she "aged" drastically after moving in, and began to dress and speak like someone in the 18th century.

Chronicles of Amber, The (series)
- (AA, accelerated time areas) Roger Zelazny. Corwin fathers a child, who grows to adulthood in Chaos, in what to Corwin is days.

short stories
Unbirthing Center, The
- (dedicated AR & unbirthing stories) "The Unbirthing Center". Groblek, 2014 ebook collection.
AR-themed set that involves unbirth. Only one of the 6 stories appeared online before. I reworked Intensive Care, then wrote 5 more stories.
- c20,000 words - Amazon purchase link - Smashwords purchase link
Feel free to email me at groblek at gmail with any questions - (Groblek)

- (slight) - caps - caps

- (male AR, adult rejuv, TG AR, male AP) c2014, v22, c240.1.
In this chapter, Beel's grandmother uses a device to regress Oga, Hilda, Furuichi, as well as herself. She also uses it to age up a kindergartener in Beel's class.
- Extract - (Mad0charles)

- (male adult to OA) vol2 #11, 11/1987. He faces off against Mr. Mxyzptlk, who shows his power by making Superman old, fat, stupid (Alfred E. Neuman from Mad) and weird looking (huge head) - (Tazz)

Mr. Fix It
- (adults rejuvenated cut-away dream sequence) 2006, "The Way You Look Tonight".
Quick old age to young adult of old men and women. Lance helps his friends serenade the O'Mally widows, and watches how love appears to make them all younger again.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Hitomi no Karte
- (ARed OC cut-away) Nurse hentai by Kenji Umetani.
- Extract - (Coin, Chriskim019)

- (AA AP dress) - poof - (Matt)
- (adult age) - manga candy ad - (Turn White) - oa
- (AA) - daughter's clothes fit
- (male talking) - CM baby
- (dedicated) - change story - Starting Over story
- (AA) - AA - AA - AA - AA
  (ff bus stop toon, male cut, toon "growing" girl, CoA metaphor)

text fragments
Flash, The
- (adult rejuv?) 10/2014. Judge Malcom Foster?

Sites that can be helpful for searching process-related materials:
- DeviantArt
- Fur Affinity
- E-Hentai
- Shadowlord
- Aryion
- Hentai Foundry
- Sankaku Complex
- Archive of Our Own

We are still looking for photos or videos of girls outgrowing or having outgrown their clothes.

That's Because You're A Robot
- (male age forms) Quantick, Kane, 2014 one-off.
Neither cop knows who is the robot as they try to solve an unclear case. Their informant is a character called The Ager who can age and de-age at will, changing his appearance in the process.

short films
- (male mind transfer to future self) "The Wish", 2014, Vsevolod Plakseev, Russia - Желание
Young Viktor makes a wish to be "older". As soon as he has swapped the candles on his birthday cake he finds himself transported to the future where he watches himself as a 31-year old. How did his priorities change?

- (male AR AA dream cut) "Gym", S01Ep12, 9/7/2010.
Louie dreams he interacts with a female newscaster. She responds why would she have sex with him... he is just a little boy. We then see him as a kid wearing pj's for a moment. She then starts saying "Daddy" a few times, which is just Louie's daughter trying to wake him up. Scene is about 2:20 in. Link is reported to be loaded with adware, pop ups, and spyware:
- screencaps - (Tazz, Entropic)

To Love-Ru Darkness
- (AR) #44.
Young man Rito is forcibly engaged to alien princess Lala and quickly ends up with a bunch of other cute girls who want to marry, sex up or kill him.
It has been established that if a Devilukian uses too much power, they will physically regress. This happened to Lala's father in the backstory and has not worn off yet. In Ch44 Rito and Lala battle their friend Yami, who was brainwashed into wanting to kill. Lala is forced to use her full power, and, you know... - (SKJAM)

Punam Tamang (series)
- (CoA FF) Muntean, Giske.
Over a span of 10 years, we follow the life and hopes of a young girl from Bhaktapur, Nepal. When we first meet her at age 9 in 2005 she has been taking care of her younger siblings while her father works three jobs. As Punam grows up, we watch the challenges and joys she faces as she grows into an outgoing, beautiful woman.

Falling Skies
- (AA unseen spurt) On the season finale we found out Tom's baby daughter has alien DNA. By the end of the season she had aged into a little girl. On the season premiere, 4 months have passed, and we see that she is now in her late teens - (Tazz)

Zephir's Dark Secret
- (dedicated TF AP comic) 2014. Art by Aya Yanagisawa, 26p.
Well, this is my first time doing an Age Progression comic for my store; the story is based on the final chapters of the first season of Magic Knight Rayearth, with the AO process of the Princess Esmeralda.
- Princess Esmeralda, who is Zephir's Pillar, has desperately fallen in love with her servant Zagato. She will do anything to fulfill her love, even if that means abandoning her youth to become an adult!
Comic trailer video link - Comic purchase link
- I am open to suggestions and new ideas for future comics with AP - (Locofuria)

Majocco Shimai no Yoyo to Nene
- (AP UC glimpse, shoe popped glimpse, AP AA dream glimpse) 2014.
After being tossed, one frame of the animation reveals her growing feet have ripped the straps of her sandals, which became too small:
Video link - screencaps
A young girl briefly glimpses her future reflection inside the magic elevator:
Video link - screencaps
- (The Ap Master)

Munsters Today, The
- (male AP) S3Ep13 "Large".
Grandpa changes a young, rich, spoiled brat of a boy into a fully grown and very immature man. At the end, Grandpa agrees to change him back but accidentally turns him into a baby, much to the delight of his mother. TF begins at 9:00.
- Improved video link - (MuscleDrain)

short films
Onesime horloger
- (male AA AP cut glimpses) "Onesime, Clock-maker", 1912, Jean Durand, 8 mins.
Onesime hatches a bright idea to accelerate his inheritance: why not just change the gears of Paris's regulating clock? With the city in overdrive, a "baby" is seen to "grow" into an adult in his father's arms - screencaps

short films
Scene from Big
- (male APed aftermath) - screencaps

Captain America: The Winter Soldier
- (older adult disguise) 2014.
Black Widow removes her holographic face mask. Video link - screencaps

18 to 21
- (dedicated adult maturation) 2014, "Of All the Stars".
Access restricted - - TF scene - (NSFWdizzy, The Ap Master)

short films
DJ Gilmour Grows Up
- (male AA AP cut) - caps

- (AA) - AA - AA - AA
  ("grow" ur girlfriend toon, "grow" toon, "11 going on 22")
- (makeup) - oa

links for June/July 2014:
- (male FF) - Richard Linklater's Leading Boy
- (FBed) - Sean Connery - Diana Rigg/Natalie Dormer GOT
- (adult face FF) - Thelma and Louise after 23 years
- (FFed) - Baby Mary From '3 Men And A Baby' Is All Grown Up
- (male adult FF) - actors - Bill Murray 2009-2014 - Fijian taxi driver after 14 years
- (FF) - 21 years - first and last - Band reunion
- (urban FF) - Then and now photos of: Detroit - 20 years later: Shanghai
- (adults) - Vietnam deserters - recreated photo
- (male age disguise) - Mother Dresses Up 4y.o. Fashion Model
- (male face) - comparison - bro/son compare - best look - 67 to 13
- (adult) - Beauty queen's shocking weight loss
- (adult weight loss) - Justin lost 600lbs! - face change 120lbs - 190lbs
- (adult weight loss) - 245-185=60lbs - 7 years - 1yr/83lbs
- (adult weight loss) - Down from 300lbs. - from 341lbs. - Slow and steady comic
- (adult weight loss) - Oh and I also underwent a gender transition: 265lbs>167lbs - reduced - 2011-2013
- (muscle growth) - 19yo-21yo before & after - progress - 240 to 195
- (pets FF) - Walter - 12 years - Winner - changed - Shepherd - 13 years
- (comic character evolutions) - past/future selves Fantastic Four - SPOILERS: The REAL Nick Fury - Nathan Drake
- (male "FFd") - Parody: Adventure Time - Parody thumbnail: In 20 years
- (adult forms) - Bro-1 took a selfish. Dad, Bro-2, & I: poses - Sisters & Mom: poses
(links provided by O'Melissokomos)

Summer Switch
- (male young/old mind transfers, RN) "ABC Afterschool Specials", S13Ep01, 9/19/1984.
Go to 05:15 for the swap scene. The lesser known and hard to find sequel to Mary Rodger's "Freaky Friday". Father Bill Andrews swaps bodies with his young son Ben. They wind up trying to pass themselves off respectively, with disastrous results. Ben gets his father fired, then rehired and promoted, accidentally getting a friend of his father fired. Bill is sent unwillingly to summer camp, where he aggravates the counselors and alienates his new friends as he tries to gain popularity. In the end, father and son swap bodies again, and they have learned a valuable lesson about how hard it is to be a kid or adult.
- Full movie video link - (MuscleDrain)

In Living Color
- (AP AA, male AA AP, TG) S3Ep6, "Vera de Milo" milk commercial parody.
Video link - screencaps

short films
Les Fleurs
- (CoA metaphor) 2014, Saam Farahmand.
A smooth-skinned woman writhes on a surreal bed of blue, as downy hairs appear on her limbs and thick pubic hair suddenly sprouts like in real life.
- Video link - screencaps - caps

Martin De Pasquale
- (male inner child) c2014 - Photoshop Art - (F5)

Just for Laughs Gags
- ("OA" replacement) - Video link - screencaps

Just Kidding Pranks
- ("TF" replacement) "Girl turns into dog", 2014.
Gaby gets people to take her picture. However, almost as if by magic she turns into a well-dressed canine!
- Video link - screencaps

short films
AA scenes
"Nina que crece en 3 anos", 2014.
- Vid link - caps
"Videoclip De Nina A Mujer", c2010.
- Vid link - caps
"Je suis Toi." c2012 intercuts.
- Vid link - caps
"Muneca plastilina", 2014 CoA.
- Vid link - caps

Working Daze
- (ARed AA poof, TFs) 6/08/2014.
Dana has "awesome management powers" to transform her coworkers when it suits her - babied - (MaleKim)

- (male unbirthed poof) "Start Over", 2014.
When father pushes the remote control's button, the apples turn into seeds. A parrot turns into an egg. And his son popped back in the womb! Gala television enables the viewers to rewind their favorite shows.
- Video link - screencaps - (Theregressed)

Getty Images
- (face FF) c2013, stock art stages - lifetime - older

Cosmetic Aging Simulation
- (adult face FF) c2011.
A morphing illustration to illustrate how our skin changes with age.
- Video link - screencaps - (Hausgross PRO)

- (male FF) - father/son 60 year TL - grow old - (F5)
- (FFed) - sisters
- (male face) - TL
- (rejuved offscreen) - "Leprechaun" scene
- (FFed) - celebs
- (male muscle) - growth
- (1-sentence story ideas only) - "AR" list
- (AR) - "Magical Warfare" anime lipstick - (Master_E1)
- (AA) - AA - AA - AA - AA
  (Swimmer CoA, young women in private rooms, 1950s documentary, "Pupa" toon about boy puberty)
- (dedicated female AR/AP, mother/daughter swap) "The Clothes Make the Woman..."
  2014 illustrated story! - original - Ch01 purchase - (Areg5)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal
- (male OA'd) - screencaps - (Turn White)

music videos
- (AA FF cut) "Crescer (crecer)", c2008 - Vid link - caps

- (male ARed dream) 06/19/2014 - birthday - (Malekim)

short films
male AA
"Crecer (stop motion)", 2011.
- caps - (Wolfrolf)
Bored couch growthspurt, c2013 AP.
- Vid link - caps
"The Science Experiment", 2014 unseen TGed.
- Vid link - caps
Age transformation, 2014 AR poofs.
- Vid link - caps

Mistress of the Night, The
- (AA AP) 2013, magic fantasy dance.
Video link - screencaps - (Suzie Lee)

Schul Filme
- (CoA, puberty info) c2014, German - caps

short stories
Arnaud, petit a petit...
- (dedicated male AR) Nora Aiko, 2014, $8.84, 31 pages.
The first french EBook featuring an AR change. Part01: About a mature man with an 18 y.o. girl who wants to regress him more and more.
- Purchase link - (Aikotgar)

short films
- (adult mental self image reversions, AA OA RNed)
"The young girl", Fabian Giessler, 2006, Finland.
Short film about youth and aging... - Video link - screencaps

Cooking Idol Ai! Mai! Main!
- (Japanese unintentional time-lapse FF age progression project)
2009-2013. "Through the Predictability of Television Watch a Girl Seamlessly Age Four Years in 30 Seconds!"
- Children's program about cooking and nutrition. Haruka Fukuhara played Main-chan for the show's 4-year run as a paragon of kawaii.
One fan responded by uploading a pseudo time-lapse video showing Ms. Fukuhara age from 10 years old to 14 y.o. Normally such a video of a child star would be hard to pull off, except for the fact that Main-chan would make nearly the exact same gesture, and pose framed nearly the same way in every episode.
"Except for specials I compiled 243 episodes into 16 seconds. I didn't have to do any image adjustments or resizing."
Now that's continuity for you! The video was well received by fans who enjoyed the unique retrospective: "Hilarious!" "Well made!" One viewer observed the video was amazing "but (the person who made it) seems scary!" I remember trying to do the same thing with Emmanuel Lewis over the 6-year run of Webster, but it didn't work out as well.
Her costume was enlarged to stay one step ahead of her growth. As the transition takes place in the heart of the "Forbidden Zone" of maximum awkwardness, Japanese broadcaster NHK promptly had the video taken down.
- Reposted video link
- gif - gif - gif - screencaps
- (Capo0161, Tashiro, Rocketnews24)

La Gata
- (FF teen to adult AA AP cut-away, OA'd cut-away) 2014 Mexican telenovela. Esmeralda age 12 to 31 FF.
Video link - caps - caps

La Malquerida
- (FF teen to adult face fade) 2014 Mexican telenovela. Acacia video link - caps

- (AP AA) 04/2014, vol48, P312 - Fashion shoot transformation - (Dex164, Chriskim)

L'age de raison
- (some mental flashback) 2010, Sophie Marceau, France.
"With Love... from the Age of Reason" - 40 y.o. Margaret suddenly receives letters she wrote to herself at age 7, causing her to re-evaluate life.

Sokora Refugees - manga motion comics.
- (teen TF AP?) 2010. I just discovered this was already uploaded full on Hulu and Dailymotion but it's not region free... it is USA exclusive.
It's in many parts with ads. Anyone have caps? - Video - Video - (The Ap Master)

Growing Up And Down
- (adults rejuved) In pre-production, c2015, Laugh Productions, Disney.
Teen brother and sister will try anything to get their parents back together. They figure that wishing is worth a shot, and lo and behold, the parents are back together, just not quite the way they planned. Their parents have been turned into 14 year olds! Now the kids have to figure out a way to get their folks through high school while figuring out how to get everything back to normal.

Mighty Med
- (boys only AR, AP, OA, RN, Disney AA curse) "Growing Pains", S01Ep15, 4/7/2014, 117.
Oliver accidentally steps in a superhero beam. He goes from 14 to 4, then 30 and older, and back to 4. There is also some animal AR and plant AP.
- Video link - screencaps - screencaps - (Steven, Jeffr_2bya)

Soreike! Anpanman
- (male creatures AR AA) 1988- anime, 1220+ Eps.
The villain uses a spray to turn Anpanman into a baby.
- Video link - screencaps
There is another where a young scientist creates a potion to make Anpanman stronger, but instead turns him into a baby. She creates an antidote and releases it in the air, turning the whole town into babies.
Includes: plant to seedling, villain into baby, hero into baby, villain turns back but his "girlfriend"??? Both turn into babies at the end.
- Video link - It's in chapters. Most AR happens in the 4th video but not for long.
Another episode had a lake where one side turned the person into a baby and the other back to normal.
- (Tazz)

Eliot Kid
- (OA'd dream sequence glimpse) "Revenge of the Seniors", S01Ep20, 3/26/2008, 18, CBBC.
Boy imagines mom getting older when the skin cream runs out.
- Ep. video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Robot Chicken
- (male ARed) "The Skeletorminator", 2014.
Skeletor decides to travel back in time to kill He-Man's mother before he is born. Transformed into his younger self, he realizes the killed woman is his own mother, and he is erased. Baby Skeletor had a skull face.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Os Trapalhoes e a Arvore da Juventude
- (AR, male OA, AA RN)
Men and woman into kids, other two guys into elderly... One side of the pool makes them younger, the other makes them older.
- Video link - screencaps - screencaps - (Entropic)

Hero High
- (male AR AA poof) 1981-82. A high school for superheroes.
Teens into babies @6:50, return to normal @7:20.
- Video link - screencaps
Also shown partially in the opening of each episode: Vid link - (Entropic)

Adventures from the Book of Virtues
- (male FF AA) "Self-Discipline", 9/4/1996, S01Ep06.
Waiting pays off, as shown in "The Magic Thread" where a boy learned that experiencing only the good moments in his life didn't turn out as expected - Video link - (Jeffr_2bya)

Heinz Ketchup
- (AA AP poofs) "Ketchup Man" children's party, 2007. Young girls were slapped into adults. Previously posted, higher-res: Video link - screencaps

Ice Fantillusion 2014: Magical nightmares
- (AA AP dream sequence) 2014.
Amber takes the audience along on her adventures in dreamland. The end of Act 2 leaves Amber spinning in the opening of the decor and transforming from a little girl into a grown up woman - namely Jenna. Then it's time for the royal ball the little girl wished for.

short stories
Rose St. Andrews
- (dedicated adult mental infantilization) 2014.
Several of my stories have been published as eBooks! No real kids in them, as it's adult material.
- "The Jellyfish" - on Amazon as "Reforming Little Anya"
- "Little Woman Big Trouble" - Selena, Arthur and their teleportation machine.
Purchase link - (DrWhoAR)

Daz 3D
- (AA AR) "Genesis" figure platform, c2013 - gif

El Paso Electric
- (UC FFed glimpse) "My, how she's grown!" - Las Cruces Sun-News, 2/16/1947, p2 - ad

- (geographical FF) - Normandy D-Day landing sites: Then & Now - (O')
- (AA) - Fountain of "oa": mental - (Thomas)
- (FF) - face
- (adult FFed) - Christie Brinkley @ 60

Human Growth: Second Edition
- (male AA AP, female CoA) 1962, first version 1947. Animated segment.
The boy suddenly "grows up" through puberty at a school ball. The teen girl also matures, but of course she does not grow.
- Video link @10 mins - screencaps

Robot Chicken
- (male TF ARed, RN poof) "Baby Want More", S6, Ep108, 11/04/2012.
Beast Man and Skeletor were reverted to infiltrate a daycare, but he can't help getting spanked.
- Video link - screencaps

Child of Light
- (CoA) 2014, PS3 RPG. "She's getting bigger?"
12 y.o. Aurora finds herself in a mythical world. She will face her darkest fears in this modern coming-of-age story.

Olympic Trials Part Two
- (dedicated AP, AR, male AR) 2014, 42p, $8.99.
PalComix, Bojay art. More age-changing fun with Suzy, Marilyn and Frank on the Olympic Gymnastics team! Suzy and her newly nubile teammates plot revenge against Marilyn for putting growth serum in their water - Purchase link

- (adult RN rejuv, adult OA disguise) Clair Conway, 2014.
"The elegant woman standing before them began to undergo a metamorphosis. Long, luxurious auburn hair turned gray with streaks of white, shortening until it was frizzy and barely touching her shoulders. Taut facial skin sagged as though gravity was reclaiming its own, and the once-flawless complexion disappeared, to be replaced with a roadmap of wrinkles liberally dotted with liver spots. The lush and youthful body broadened with additional weight. Pert breasts drooped into shapeless masses, and her fingers became twisted and gnarled with the ravages of arthritis.
And suddenly, she was Marlee's aunt! Older perhaps, but undeniably recognizable as her beloved Fina! A collective gasp went up... "So totally not possible!"
In the twinkling of an eye, Fiona resumed her youthful appearance... I only pretend to grow old with the passage of time..."

- (AA male & female AP) 2014 CMs.
"Model Royal" adjustable backpacks, Seiban Omotesando,
- The boy becomes a knight, the girl a princess. Their original clothes magically transformed with, or were moved for safekeeping.
Video link - screencaps - Male.
Video link - screencaps - Female.
- (Akira)

links for May 2014:
- (AA TG GT TF RN ARed) - Comic: Dr. McNinja
- (male adult to OA) - Comic: Mirrors
- (male adult FF) - Comic: Static through the years Fan art
- (male adult muscle FF) - Comic: Skyrim
- (adult FF silhouettes) - Anniversary Cake
- (body double) - 12yo Jodie & 19yo Connie (Taxi)
- (male adult FB) - De Niro with father - Leno/Letterman: 1979
- (male adult FB) - Simon Pegg: age 19 - Mac (It's Always Sunny): Then
- (FFed) - Gerber baby is 85yo Great-Grandmother
- (FFed) - 'Wonder Years' cast reunited
- (adult FF) - Beverly Hills, 90210: Time
- (male adult) - World Cup 2006 and now: FF
- (FF recursion) - Adam Savage & Silvia: 5 years
- (FF) - Octogenarian triplets
- (male adult FF) - Ron Washington: Time
- (flash forwards) - Time - Time - Time
- (adult FF) - mother is a vampire: 20 years
- (male FF) - 1996 to 2014: Time
- (male AA) - preschool to high school: outfit
- (male adult FF) - 2005 - 2013
- (AA FF) - 15 years later
- (FF) - Twenty years - 20 years
- (male FF) - me and my dad: 20 year later
- (FF) - wife, mother, brother: 1994 and 2014
- (male FF) - Brothers in a bathtub: 20 years apart
- (male FF) - 1 year later
- (male adult) - jay to silent bob FF
- (male recursion) - Culkin-Gosling t-shirts - Parody
- (male adult parody) - 500 cheeseburgers 10 yrs - Info
- (male adult FF parody) - Dr. Dre's homies
- (male parody) - Bran Stark of Winterfell matured
- (male adult comic book makeup) - Before - After
- (male face) - cancer survivor
- (Beards) - Kevin Love - I Shouldn't - Glorious - Animation
- (adult weight loss) - less fat - less fat
- (adult weight loss) - 210 to 142 - 115 to 121 - F/24/5'7"
- (adult weight loss) - -100 lbs - -200 lbs - -300 lbs
- (adult weight loss) - Size 22 to 4 - achievement - Bye bye boobies - 270->140
- (adult weight loss) - 100+ pounds down 4 years - Husband and i -197 lbs - weight loss journey
- (male FF) - Aaron Schwartz into toned and honed hunk
- (male adult) - -200 pounds
- (male adult) - lose 40lbs, gain 6-pack & $50,000
- (male adult muscle) - Robbie Frame: 19yo - 23yo
- (pets FF) - 7 months - 7 years later - 8 years apart - Pup - 8 yrs later
- (pets FF) - K to College - husky-cats - still standing - 2 year turtle
- (dance) - 100 days
- (male AA) - boy to teen to man stop-motion
- (male FF) - Success kid 7 years later
- (stop-motion) - Don't like your hair? male adult - strawberry
- (FFed) - After the Harry Potter books: Fan art
- (adult themes) - Cartoon Character Psycho Killers
- (comics) - Aaron Diaz's Justice, Doom, Batman reboot
- (dog versions) - breed "improvement"
(links were provided by O'Melissokomos)

To Love-Ru Darkness
- (TF AP toddler to teen, AR back) Ch36.5.
Space plant Celine who earlier became a kawaii toddler suddenly shows up as a naked teen, surprising Rito and his sister Mikan. Later Celine reverts back to her normal toddler form. The process was not shown, but her clothes flew off and later became too big.
- Manga chapter link (page 11+ & 16+)
Extracts: - AP scene - AR scene
- (Tuxedo Will)

- (silhouette AP... possible incoming AP?) - Sokora Refugees Motion Comic #2 - "The Elf in the Shower"
The new chapter cuts just where the transformation was supposed to begin... Next week probably it will be shown.
- Episode - (The Ap Master)

Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The
- ("ARed" dream glimpse) Blu-ray Extra deleted scene.
Around the 30 sec mark, Walter briefly sees sister Odessa as a little girl.
- Vid link - caps - (FARfan)

- (male ARed AA revert, serpent AR) "Spring of Canathus" - Video link - caps - (Stonegate)

- (age forms) Finishing Move. B.B.Hood first appears in Vampire Savior. Also in Capcom's Cannon Spike and Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - caps - (Midnight Pleasure)

Question of Magic, A
- (age increase TFs to OA, RN) E. D. Baker, 2013.
"A Question of Magic" - Serafina is living the normal life of a village girl, when she gets her first letter ever from a great aunt she's never heard of. Little does Serafina know, her aunt is actually a Baba Yaga, a magical witch who truthfully answers the first question. Serafina's life takes an amazing turn as she finds herself becoming the new Baba Yaga. Telling the future doesn't always mean knowing the right answers...
"She had felt her clothes tighten just as they had when she first became Baba Yaga ... Even simple questions made her age. If she went home, people were bound to ask her questions..."

Kraft Recipe Makers
- (adult heads on kids bodies) 2013. "Get your chef together". Basically, these kids are appreciating food with the temperament of adult age. "Three Cheese Florentine? Ambitious for a Thursday night!" and such. Vid link - screencaps - (Wackywildtvads)

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad
- (adult rejuvenated) 2006. Old hag into young adult.

aftermath scenes
- (kinda looks like slight APed) - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12

text fragments
Whispers, The
- (possible mind transfer?) "The Whispers", 2014.
Aliens have invaded Earth by using our most unlikely resource to achieve world domination: our children. As the kids unwittingly help these unseen enemies, the clock counts down in this suspenseful race to save humanity.

grow photos
- singer - Lolly

Twilight Zone, The
- (TF AA, age form disguises, FFed) A shape shifting Alien Prince ran off to an obscure little planet called Earth disguised as a cheerful old man. He bonds with a young tomboy. In the end, officials from his home world catch up with orders to return him. As a parting gift he heals the girl's leg and is about to leave when she says she'd like to come with him. When the Aliens return they find two identical girls, one of whom happens to be their prince. Having no way of knowing, they are forced to take the girl along. Rod Serling gives a brief epilogue with two photographs, one of the girl all grown up, and one of the handsome prince who married her - (Neverlander)

Simpsons, The
- (adult rejuv illusion) "Days of Future Future", S25Ep18, 548, SABF13.
Homer keeps dying and is re-cloned. After 30 years Marge is relieved when the last clone dies, since she is tired of having funerals for hundreds of Homers. Frink instead uploads Homer's mind into a hard drive. Eventually Marge commits suicide to upload her mind with Homer. Before that she was around 65, but in the virtual world she is 35 again - (Tazz)

grow photos
- very slight uc only sandra - sandra

- (AA FF AP?) I recall watching a video that featured age progression that I'd love to find again. Through a series of subtle "morphs", a young girl grows up over one long tracking shot of her walking through her community, crossing streets, and so forth like in the AIDES toon ad. I believe it's a short film and it's all live action. Anyone know what I'm talking about? - (Danielsangeo)

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AP text fragments 152 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too or were removed
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash forward in time
TF: transformation

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