Aging Transformation Scenes

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A site about girls outgrowing their clothes - and every other male and female age transformation.

Ressha Sentai ToQger
- (AA age forms) Station 32, "Determination", 20/12/2014.
"Ressya Sentai Tokkyuja". Toei, 38th Super Sentai series.
- The 5 heroes are puzzled. They were sentenced to dissolution by the railroad president. They see figures of themselves young in the mirror, for they remained an all children squadron. In this state they still fight the Eaters of Darkness. It's causing a burden to them. Can their city be restored? The children came back into adulthood. For the parents it would be complicated even if they believed.
- Screencaps - (Akira)

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu
- (AR TG gender bender) 2014 anime, "Gonna be the Twin-Tails!!", "OreTwi".
Ordinary high school shonen Souji Mitsuka has an obsession for twintail hair. One day, monsters feeding off human "attribute power" declare all twintails belong to them. Soji gains imaginary armor initiated by powerful twintail attributes to transform into twintail warrior loli Tail Red.
- Info vid link. The anime is incredibly bizzare - (Herold)

- (TG, boy/woman mind exchanges) - 2014, digital media, manga.
Japanese artist Nappy just did a Pixiv story about a little boy who can swap his mind into an adult body. He did the same for another boy. They ended up in the bodies of two grown women while their own bodies went to sleep with the women's minds inside. In previous chapters the boy who can transfer minds was briefly trapped in his mother's body, and she in his while they remained conscious. Appears to be an ongoing story that cries out for a translation. Hopefully someone will oblige - PIXIV - (Xifan)

Big (television series)
- (male APed aftermath) In pre-production.
Fox, Kevin Beigel, Mike Royce, c2015? From the creators of Enlisted.
- The Tom Hanks comedy classic is being adapted into an event series for the small screen told through 30 minute episodes. A 13-year old male makes a wish on a fortune-telling arcade machine. The next morning his dream to become big has become a reality. The premise "will explore what it means to be an adult and what it means to be a kid, and how in today's world those two things are more confused than ever."
- (Muscledrain, Tazz)

short films
One Wish
- (AA) 2014 age-up wish short film, Maximilian Muench.
Everybody gets one wish. An 8 y.o. wishes she could be a teenager for a day, but she soon finds out it's worse than being 8.
- Video link - gif - screencaps

Question of Magic, A
- (UC TF AP) E.D. Baker, 2013.
Had something in the cottage made her grow overnight? But then why hadn't she noticed it sooner? She was running before, but now she doubted she could even walk very far with her shoes on. Serafina had taken off one of her shoes to...
"Very well," Serafina said, and went rigid when she realized she'd said it in her Baba Yaga voice.
She had felt her clothes tighten just as they had when she first became Baba Yaga. There was no getting away from what had happened to her. Even simple questions made her age. If she went home, people were bound to ask her questions; they would just slip out, unintentionally. She would age then, surrounded by her family and friends. It would be impossible to hide what was happening to her unless she drank the tea every day...They didn't believe in magic, so how could they accept what had happened to her? It was likely that her parents would think that she had some awful aging disease and want to find her a cure...any doctor they called in would probably label her crazy...
And what about Alek? ...once he saw how she aged after answering a question, he wouldn't want to marry her anymore ...her footsteps slow and dragging ...It took her longer to return ...and her footsteps slowed even...
...quickly that she didn't have the chance. Her fingers fumbled as she tried to loosen the strings on her bodice; she was seeing spots in front of her eyes before she could get the strings undone. When she was finally able to breathe again, she took in great gulps of air and sat down until she could stop shaking. Her feet were throbbing when she took off her shoes. Given how tight they had been on her feet, she doubted very much that she'd be able to get them back on.
Twice now someone had spoken to her, and when she was about to reply she had lost control and told them things she didn't know she'd known. Each time she had grown as well. Was she going to lose herself every time she talked to someone, or grow every time she answered a question? What exactly had happened to her in that cottage?...
Serafina's feet hurt. She wished she could put her shoes on again, but her feet had grown too big.
It didn't take long for Baba Yaga to tire of answering questions, especially when she saw how doing so made her grow older and none of her own magic could make her any younger.
...the color returned. Suddenly she could see and hear better. She glanced down at her hands as the soft wrinkles and brown spots disappeared and the skin became taut. Her clothes fit differently; things that had been loose were now tight. She blushed when she glanced down and saw the changes and realized that her father and Dielle were watching her.
"Are you all right?"..."I'm better than all right! I feel wonderful!"

Annabel Brown
- (UC glimpse) ...perched on the table, swinging her legs with the neatest nonchalance... she was a fine well-grown girl of seventeen or so, and indeed showed how fast she had grown taller and broader by her garments, which were rather short, and displayed more leg than was altogether seemly, and also didn't meet in the front as well as they might have done...

short stories
Barrel Fever: Stories and Essays
- (adult CB concept) David Sedaris, 1994.
The editor of Giantess called to say he'd received my letter and thinks I might have potential.
"I liked your story, Dave, but for Giantess you'll need to drop the silly business and get straight to the turn-on, if you know what I mean. Do you understand what I'm talking about here, Dave?" Hank told me his readers are interested in women ranging anywhere from ten to seventy-five feet tall, and take their greatest delight in the physical description of a giantess outgrowing her clothing.
"I need to hear those clothes splitting apart. Do you think you can do that for me?"
It seemed to be something I might be capable of... I took a walk to the grocery store, wondering what might cause a woman to grow to such proportions. I think it must be terribly lonely to stand seventy-five feet tall...

Love Letters to God
- (UC glimpse) Victoria Teran, 2004.
...not noticed how much they've grown until I tried to get the baby dressed ... purple cover alls. She was adorable until she bent or turned a certain way. Then, lo and behold, she began to pop out everywhere. Much to my surprise, she had grown right out of her clothes; arms and legs shooting out everywhere.

Anna Apparent
- (UC glimpse) Nina Bawden, 1972.
She had certainly looked more beautiful... Her outgrown school coat had been exceptionally unbecoming - the straining buttons over that magnificent chest - but she was young enough for this to be quite unimportant ... white, uncreased neck had risen out of the ill-fitting collar...

short stories
Our Boys and Girls
- (AA accelerated time to OA) Volumes 7-8, c1870. Edited by Oliver Optic.
"Grandma's Wrinkles", by Cheeva.
" is your birthday - is it not? old, Rorie?" ... "Twelve"
She found some consolation before the long mirror in the parlor, and a little more changing her into gold in the sunlight ... so taken up was she with her lovely hair...
"I should take you to be my grandmother; you look old enough, I'm sure."
Rorie sprang up, indignantly, but tripped and fell, and rose up, bewildered, to find her dress dragging after her in a long trail, a cradle full of babies in the corner, and herself and the babies growing old, O, so horribly fast.
Days, years, flew by, swiftly as instants.
The roses faded out of her cheeks. Her hair turned gray. The babies grew up. A cradle of her grandchildren took their places.
On she grew, older and older - trying all the while to stop - on, and on, and on, till there was nothing left of her but a shriveled-up mummy with a squeaking voice.
All her grandchildren shrank away from her...asking...if grandma wasn't great-great-grandma's mother, and why didn't she look as pretty as great-great-grandma. With wild, frightened screams, Rorie fled away.
The poor child woke to find herself in...
Grandma is young and beautiful now; for she has gone to live where everyone is young and beautiful - in heaven.

Susan Lenox (Her Fall and Rise)
- (shadow AA FF cuts) 1931. Silhouette baby to Greta Garbo in 4 shots.

fan characters
Isabella Andie
- (age changing ability hinted at) c2014.
Character Info - (Closetmentalpatient)

Tales from the Darkside
- (male preteen mental maturation, role reversal)
"The Bitterest Pill", 10/12/1986, S3Ep3.
- A boy is neglected and verbally abused by his parents. After they win the lottery, an old friend wants them to invest in a smart drug he invented. The boy takes the pills he leaves behind. He becomes so smart that he takes over his parents finances, and for the first time in history is awarded custody of his parents as their legal guardian. At the end it is full "mental AP" and he acts just like a mature adult, whereas his parents react to being scolded by deferring to their young son's new superior role.
- Video link - (Muscledrain)

fetish videos
Sophie Little wants to Play!
- (dedicated Adult Baby, adult mental reversions, adult age play) 2014.
Welcome to my play room!
I love to have fun in my diapers and play make believe. My "little self" ranges in mental age from helpless, little mental "babygirl," to rebellious mental young lady. Feel free to tell me your deepest ABDL fantasies, and watch as I make them come true!
I do camming and fetish modeling to support myself, but the ABDL lifestyle has always been my "first love!"
I have been an Adult Baby girl and into diapers ALL of my life. I have a special understanding of the adult baby lifestyle, because I have LIVED it!
- Video Purchase Links

Wakfu: The Animated Series
- (male adult OA AA, male AR AA)
France, 2008-2010 anime-style cartoons, based on the video game.
"Kriss la Krass".
- (male AR glimpse, male enhancement) Men video link - screencaps
"L'Enfer du Boufbowl, Pt3".
- (male adult OA'd) Kriss la Krass OA video link - screencaps
"Yugo l'Eliatrope", "Calme bleu".
- (male adult face OA & RN) Alibert OA & revert video link - link - screencaps

Nina A Mujer - Quinceanera
- (AA age-up) 2014 magic illusion.
Video link - screencaps

- (adult rejuv & OA body swap TF, RN) "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm".
Video link - screencaps
Video link - screencaps
- (Dragoniade)

- (male card avatar upgrades)
"The Dark One Cometh", Pt 3. Silent Swordman & Silent Magician age forms.
- Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

- (adult OA'd, adult rejuv revert) "Shriek of the Vulture", Debra RN scene.
Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Super Hero Squad Show, The
- (chibi adult OA'd & AR AA'd RN scenes) "Revenge of the Baby Sat!"
Ironman, Falcon, Scarlet Witch, Thor, Ms Marvel reversions.
- Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!, The
- (male adult face OA glimpse) "Beware the Widow's Bite!", 19, 10/15/2010.
Hawkeye becomes suspicious of the Black Widow.
- Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Batman: The Brave and the Bold
- (male adults OA'd, male RNed) "The Golden Age of Justice!"
Soldiers OA glimpse:
- Video link - screencaps
Batman, Flash, Hawkman OA & reversion:
- Video link - link - screencaps
- (Dragoniade)

Am I Normal? (Girls and Puberty)
- (AA FF) - 2014 animated caps

Face Off
- (adult face OA morphs) Syfy, c2011-.
Face disguises & prosthetics: "Switched and Hitched", "Triple Threat", "The Ultimate Spotlight Challenge".
- Video link - link - link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Alice in Wonderland
- (AA size increased) - David Hall house confinement illustrations - (Process Forum)

Witch Hunter Robin
- (male adult OA'd) "Dancing in Darkness", 7/17/2002, Ep3.
When the bodies of mummified witches begin to turn up left and right, the STN-J team faces a serial murderer who's only active every 40 years.
- Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

Ben 10: Alien Force
- (male adult OA) "Paradox". Kevin becomes an older man.
Video link - screencaps - (Dragoniade)

breast expansion
- Deleted 2014 Vine video. She makes her nipples erect but it's hard to see through the thick shirt - Some Nudity screencaps

Codename: Kids Next Door
- ("preteen" AA zombie "oa'd") Operation: Z.E.R.O.
Video link - caps - (Dragoniade)

Once Upon a Time
- (FF AA) c2013 Snow White Ages

- (AA ghost age-up) 2014.
Trailer jump scare. The evil "Conjuring" doll returns. The ghostly little girl AA'd into a screaming grown-up specter.
- Video link - screencaps

- (AA FF to OA) Celia Bullwinkel, 2013.
It's not easy being female. She walks through her life, confronts her changing body, and learns to love herself.
- Video link - screencaps

Your Future's Not Pretty
- (adult face OA'd dream glimpse) Queensland Government, c2014 CM, ALT VFX.
Communicating the physically damaging and aging effects that smoking has on the female body.
Video link - screencaps

Gray Mirror
- (adult face aging morph) c2014 interactive display concept? IDEO "Designs On" Aging.
Can we encourage young adults to take actions that will only benefit them in the distant future? Imagine seeing yourself as you must one day be.
- Video link - screencaps

- (adult aged face rejuv) "Expression" (Making Of) CM, c2014. Bird's nest skin care products, Astatica CGI - Vid link - caps

short stories
Ruskin Bond
- (preteen TF size increase) "The Haunted Bicycle", c2009 ghost story. Children shed their sweet selves and become something else altogether.
"I noticed that the boy's hands, which were resting on the handlebar, had grown long and black and hairy..."Look where you're going!"...Their tone now was menacing and far from childlike. I took a quick glance...The girl's face was huge and bloated. Her legs, black and hairy, were trailing along the ground."

- (AA) - McDonald's ff AA - adult oa toon AA

breast expansion
- (nipple) - screencaps

Unhappily Ever After
- (dream sequence ARed cutaways, AR AA morph, zoom-out effect, AA RN morphs)
"Daddy's Little Girl", Ep11, 5/3/1995.
Jack sees his daughter (Nikki Cox) as a little girl, until he's forced to notice she has grown up. AA RN & AR morphs. She angrily AA's herself older again. The wardrobe department provided oversized shirts so we don't see her large breasts developing. "Will you stop doing that!"
- Video link @ 2 mins.
- ARed, AA RN screencaps - AR AA screencaps - AA RN screencaps
- (Johnson)

Woman's Life
- (FF AA face portrait painting FF animation)
Live painting show, 2014, Stonehouse, Yirigun.
- Info link - info link - video link - screencaps
- (Acca)

Pet Squad
- (AR, anthro AR, RNed) "Be My Baby", 10/25/2011.
A villain gets a youth ray gun that will turn anyone zapped into a baby. The henchmen, the mayor, police chief, two of the furry heroes and the avian villain get turned into babies. It starts at the halfway mark but has a lot of ads.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (FF AA cuts) 2014, 4Ever 4-in-1 child car seats CM. 10 years with 1 seat - Vid link - caps

No Time to Die
- (teen age stasis) Kira Peikoff, 2014 thriller.
20 y.o. Zoe Kincaid has a problem. Her body stopped aging when she was 14, and she will remain a young teenager forever. A gene makes it impossible for her to get older. She finds herself at the center of a dangerous battle for her DNA. "I decided to freeze my college-age protagonist at an age that would maximize her frustration. Writers have to be tough on our characters after all, so she is stuck for good at 14."

Time is Art
- (face FF morph to aged) Thomas Randolph, 2012.
Video link - screencaps

Banoo Main Teri Dulhann
- (male adult mental infancy) S1Ep175, 9/7/12, India. Male adult Sagar will be operated upon to turn to mental adulthood. He will become a mental "big boy" after the operation.

Sexy Baby
- (mental FF AA) 2012. The documentary follows an adolescent from age 12 to 15 as she mentally "grows up" fast.

Uncanny X-Men
- (male adult ARed illusion) Vol3, #25, 2014. "The Last Will and Testament of Charles Xavier".
Prof X found a young boy with a very dangerous power. He makes the boy see him as someone his own age to make friends. Prof X manages to put the power in hibernation. He spends several years checking on the boy, aging his image as the time passes - (Tazz)

- (male adult) - face
- (male face ar) - poof
- (male face) - swap - (Douglas Greene)
- (kinda sorta like "ared") - modern woman

music videos
Belles & Whistles
- (dream AR fade, dream ARed age form) "Princess", 2014.
Video link - screencaps - screencaps

short films
- (AR AA dream cut) c2012, Jake Weisz. Dreams are brought to life in a nostalgic Wonderland. At the end the ballerina poofed younger.
Video link - screencaps

puberdade (feminina)
- (BE FF) CGI vid link - caps

short films
Sueno de Carnaval
- (AA age-up cut-away) c2013, Yeison Granda, A little girl finds a mask in the forest that AA's her into a young woman. I stopped watching when it turned out her clothes were also enlarged, but this should be of interest to those who like AA scenes.
- Video link - screencaps

TiTa Tovenaar
- (AR or rejuv possibility?) 2008 series.
"De verjonger", Netherlands, 1/8/2009, S1Ep13, Part2.5.
- He invented a pill to make people younger? Since Grandpa doesn't trust his son's work, they trick Grobelia into trying the pill? - (Louise)

Star Trek: Voyager
- (adult FFed to OA, adult rejuv) S6 "Fury".
7 y.o. alien Kes returns 3 years after she left the show. She now appears much older due to her race's aging process. Using her psychic ability she transports herself into the past, 56 days after Voyager got lost in the delta quadrant. To fit in, she turns herself back to when she was less than 2 y.o. (or about 30 in her race's years). She of course subdues her younger self to avoid confusion.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Abertura de Castelo Ra-Tim-Bum
- (male AR cut) Master System, 1990s. Boy into baby around 1:50.
Video link - caps - (Entropic)

- (baby hero) - "Iron Baby" parody
- (adult face edits) - 102 Y.O. lady & Hindu GRANNY! rejuv - by PhotoshopSurgeon - rejuv
- (some UCed) - Confined females: Mollycoddles forum
- (adult to OA) - live makeup - (Yayame)
- (male disguised) - kinda like "ARed". 4 y.o. Ryker AKA Mini Style Hacker - (Douglas Greene)
- (AA) - ff size theme AA - ff face AA - puberty circus toon AA - FF CM AA

Walking Dead, The
- (mind travel into younger self) "The Walking Dead", S2Ep5, 2012.
In the final S2 Ep, Clementine gets shot in the shoulder. As she lies bleeding, she mentally time travels to when she was 8, halfway through S1 (2 years earlier). One of the choices relates to why she is there. She eventually wakes back in the present - (Tazz)

Tomodachi Life
- (AA poof AR/AP) 3DS game for your Nintendo Mii avatar. Age-o-Matic sprays.
One reward is the Kid-o-Matic. You can make yourself a kid (really shrink). A cutscene will play with you playing games wearing kiddy clothes. To turn back you use the Adult-o-Matic. It can make kid avatars into adults (they "grow"). A cutscene shows them doing adult stuff. To turn them back you use Kid-o-Matic. Sadly, if the avatar has facial hair and turns into a kid, they still have it.
- Video link - (Tazz)

short stories
John Varley
- (AR) "Beatnik Bayou", 1970s, Eight Worlds series.
Teachers are contracted for years of one-on-one teaching of children, with a twist - they regress to match the child's age and remain so for several years, growing with the pupil.
- link - HTML link - (Piper)

Space Dandy
- (adult to OA, male OA, RN, male AR OC)
"We're All Fools, So Let's All Dance, Baby", 8/30/2014, Ep22. Bones anime series.
- Dandy plays a dimensional record that causes all dancers to age into old people. To counter this, Dandy then spins the record backwards, but ends up going too far and they are turned into infants. The cat DJ was reverted to spermhood dancing on the record.
Video link (no audio) - screencaps - screencaps
- (Lucid King)

Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit
- (male adults aged to OA) 2014, South Korea, tvN comedy, 12 eps, "Kkothalbae Susadae".
Genius detective encounters a mystery he cannot solve when he suddenly ages into a 70-something grandfather. Fortunately he is not alone. Three detectives suddenly became grandfathers, and form a new Investigation Unit. Can they reclaim their lost adult youth?

Captain Barbell Ang Pagbabalik
- (AA age-up) Sam Pinto (AKA Sammy) is a femme fatale in a Pia Gladys Perey gown. She has the power to AA from an innocent little girl to a beautiful grown woman.
Info link - Video link - screencaps
- (Jeffr_2bya)

How To Tell Your Child
- (slight female height growth glimpse, male furry CB AP)
2014 animated puberty clips.
- "Puberty In Girls - Knick Knack Knock":
Video link - screencaps
- "Puberty In Boys":
Video link - screencaps

One Piece
- (old to young adult rejuv TF, RN OA poof)
15th anniversary episode "3D2Y", 2014.
Luffy faces a new group of villains. Old lady in labcoat takes herb that makes her young and beautiful through a flash sequence involving slight BE & Hip Expansion. They also show her poofed back to old.
- Video link Rejuv (10:18-10:41) - RN (13:50-13:56)
- Screencaps - Screencaps
- Alternate Rejuv link - (Chriskim019, Saixhinata)

Tall Moll
- (height increase) Maddern, Fusco, c2011.
We meet Molly, who is just like all the other boys and girls until she encounters a growth spurt and becomes a foot and a half taller than the other kids - including the boys. How does she feel about it and how does she find her empowerment? - Cover

- (AA TF age form upgrade) 4th DLC, Wii, 2009. AKA "Muramasa: The Demon Blade".
You play a little demon shoujo with the power to transform. She can AA from child to teenage form, and finally muscle-up to her demon form.
- link - screencaps - (RoteTapete)

Night Gallery
- (adult AA mind transfers)
- "Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay", 9/29/1971.
Based on "The Witch" by A. E. van Vogt. Did the witch succeed in stealing the young wife's body, and did she pretend to be her or run away?
- "The Housekeeper", 12/16/1970.
Man swaps the bodies of his rich wife & ugly old housekeeper.
- (Jay)

- male face FF

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, The
- (male adult aging morph) c2011.
Video link - screencaps

- (male adult to older poof) Time Machine CM, 2013, UK.
Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

- (AA) - magic mirror AA - face AA - FF toon AA - obesity AA - male "aging" AA
- (puberty) - toon
- (male adult to old effect) - face

- (height increase wish) Lucia Puenzo, 2013.
Based on the director's novel "The German Doctor". About a teenage girl's difficult coming of age. In 1960, 12 y.o. Lilith lives with her parents beneath the Andes. Shorter than average, she looks only 9 and is bullied at school. Lilith strikes up an unlikely friendship. Doctor Mengele plans to use experimental techniques to induce a growth spurt. Dad is against the idea but mum eventually acquiesces. "It's about the spirit of life that you have when you're becoming an adult." - caps

Hitchhiker, The
- (adult mind transfer?) The Hitchhiker - "Spinning Wheel", 8/5/1989.
The tale of a viper-tongued performance artist and the demons who plague her on and off the stage, and in her nightmares - Vid link - (Jay)

Touhou Project
- (FF) Doujin game Nude character

I Want To Be Tall
- (height wish) Tony Ross, Little Princess series, 2008.
The Princess wants to grow - Cover

text fragments
Jacqueline Ess: Her Will And Testament
- (some adult TF ability?) In pre-production. Based on story in Barker's "Books of Blood".
Woman discovers she can change a person's physical shape using only her mind. Jacqueline becomes a prostitute with the power to give men the ultimate sexual experience, albeit one that always proves fatal. She has to be watched while sleeping in case she unconsciously mutilates her own body. The man obsessed with her eventually makes love, and they willingly die by Jacqueline's powers.

AR morph
- (face edit) - 13 to 4 Shrunk - (ScreamEmotion)

- (AA shadow age forms) 2013, 2D/3D mystery game. The heroine of a surreal world inspired by Film Noir.

Just Around the Corner
- (FF) "For Girls", c2014 puberty animation - caps

Mating Wars Part Two, The
- (dedicated AR, AP) 8/2014, 32p, B&W, $8.99.
Art by Bojay. Carol and Gail continue their slow descent from hot babes to little babes. Reduced to skinny adolescents, they attempt to fight back, but their efforts prove futile as they learn their sexy rivals have developed powerful biological weapons! Can Carol and Gail survive the showdown with sexy Denise and Sam?
- Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

La formation des nuages
- (AA scene glimpsed, CoA metaphor) Turcotte short animation, 2010, 10 mins.
Visual poem without words. At the end she was AA'd into an adult lying on the grass.
- Video link - screencaps

Mummies Alive!
- (male AA ARed poof)
"Kid Scarab", 23, 10/22/1997.
- Scarab turns himself into a boy while Heka hides in his backpack to infiltrate opponents @02:20.
Video link - screencaps
- (AA to OA, no size increase, male OA'd)
"Tree O'Clock Rock", 31, 11/5/1997.
- Scarab believes the Tree of Life can make him young again. Bes moves the Tree, but never said anything about delivering it. With the Tree of Life removed, every living thing gets old.
Video link - screencaps
- (Thomas)

Jimmy Two-Shoes
- (male AA poof AP, male to OA, male TF AR AA)
"Good Old Jimmy", S02Ep26, 7/15/2011, 226.
Rabbit into adult and elderly. Boy into adult, then middle age, then elderly. Man into teen, then kid, then small kid.
- Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Yuer Marn
- (adult rejuv body theft) Thai Tv show, 2006.
Old lady wants young adult female body. It happens at the end of Ep07. She has sex with the boyfriend in Ep08 with her new young sexy body. The old lady is enjoying herself while the young lady is a ghost stuck in a jar. It is not bodyswap but female possession - (Metamorphose)

Child of Light
- (AA poof TF, age form upgrade)
Princess Aurora is transported to the magical land of Lemuria. About halfway through, she recovers the moon from her stepsister and is AA'd into a teenager:
- Video link (the TF begins at 20:39)
The only other transformation is a clothes change. The TF artist Flashpinup made a Child of Light animation:
- Video link - combined screencaps
- (Dylan)

- (some limited age disguise themes) 2011 Oz-themed webcomic.
Start of the scene: comic link

- (AA) - Wordgirl toon AA - male mental (no change) AA

- (CoA, "ff") Curiosity Collective, dance/physical theatre, 2014. 3 performers.
Symbolic representation of a "girl" maturing into womanhood - from birth to young adult. She doesn't fit in as a child, and turns to popular culture, which pushes beauty products and "reality" television. As a teenager she faces backlash after a drunken party tryst.

Kamala Khan
- (AA character) "Shape-shifting" Muslim teen becomes the newest Ms. Marvel.
Kamala is a polymorph after being exposed to the Terrigen Mist. Dream avatar Captain Marvel asked her: "Who do you want to be?" She burst from the cocoon looking exactly like Carol in her black unitard. She eventually changed back and took on the identity of the all-new Ms. Marvel. This gives her the ability to stretch her body in almost any way imaginable. Kamala can also increase or decrease from gigantic to tiny sizes. She has "grown" large enough to handle a car and shrunk to the size of a cockroach. She prefers to increase her fists, or her legs to travel great distances. In theory she could look like anyone she wants. She cannot transform again until the healing process is complete - AA scenes

Teen Titans Go!
- (young adults AA OA'd) "Salty Codgers" aftermath gag, 2014.
Video link - screencaps - (Jim Beam)

music videos
- (AA age upgrade cutaways) "Key Key Karimba", 1987.
The video features a class of schoolchildren looking bored, before Jimmy McShane arrives. By the second verse, one highlighted young girl has apparently been AA'd into a woman who dances with McShane, and by the second chorus the remaining schoolchildren have AA'd offscreen into dancing adults too - Video link

Konya wa Kokoro Dake Daite
- (mother/adult daughter body exchange) 2014 NHK drama.
The story of a mom who never met her daughter in 12 years. When they finally meet again they accidentally swap bodies. Physical aftermath glimpse on poster? If they exchanged cellphones it may have been mental TF only?
- Poster - Japanese search link - (

fetish films
Reprogrammed: Wife to Horny Babysitter
- (dedicated adult mental reversion) 2014, Miss Missa soft porn.
Cranky wife gets reprogrammed by techie husband into slutty baby sitter.
- Purchase info link - link

Cat-Man Comics
- (FF) 1941. Cat-Man encountered 11 y.o. circus acrobat Katie Conn, whose unscrupulous uncle forced her to steal things for him. Cat-Man intervened and adopted Katie. She tried to help him fight crime, sewing a matching red and yellow costume and calling herself the Kitten. As the series continued, Katie matured from pre-teen to young woman.

Threads That Bind (Havoc Chronicles #1)
- (YA maturation and beautification TF) Brant Williams.
At 16, smart and witty Madison is overweight with thick glasses and the social life of a Tibetan monk. The summer before her junior year her eyesight inexplicably corrects itself, and she begins to rapidly lose weight. However, her first kiss with the boy she has had a crush on for years triggers powers she can't control, almost killing him. She discovers she is a Berserker, chosen to guard the world from the Havocs.

- (CoA & aging perception) Finland, 1997. Kiti Luostarinen interviews, 52 mins. AKA "Gracious Curves".
Some limited meditations on female physical identity and the mental aspects of coming of age and maturation through various life stages.

- (first 10 years only) - poses
- (GTS) - comics
- (age stasis wish) - cry
- (AA) - reflection AA - voice ff AA - male face ff AA

Mating Wars, The
- (dedicated AR/AP comic) "The Mating Wars", 2014, by Bojay. 31p, B&W, $8.99.
Part 1 of 2. Did you know that jealous high school girls could make their rivals younger? Or that girls can grow sexier to attract boys? And what do pheromones do?
Carol and Gail are sexy, popular girls at the top of the social ladder - and heading towards the bottom. Meanwhile their once-skinny rivals are looming ever larger. Will they survive the transformations and get boyfriends before it's too late?
- Part One purchase link - (Dreamtales)

- (male POV flashback to babyhood) "Rewind the Future" 2013 CM, Children's Healthcare of Atlanta.
AKA "Your Nutrition Spot". Meet Jim: 5'9", 32 y.o., and he just had his last heart attack. As he relives the events that brought him here in reverse, you might be thinking "I've done some of those things!" The good news: it's not 2030 and it's not too late to rewind your child's future.
- Video link - (Matt)

Lucy Hilmer
- (adult female FF to OA photos) For 40 adult years, I've photographed myself on my birthday wearing nothing but my white Lollipop underpants, shoes and socks. I made my first Birthday Suit self-portrait in Death Valley in 1974 at 29. Without fail, I've faced my camera every April 22nd to create a coded history of one woman's journey through time. I wanted to buck the stereotypes that branded me a pretty girl, thin enough to be a fashion model and not much more. Armed with my camera and tripod, I found a way to define myself on my own terms in the most open, vulnerable way. In 2015, I turn 70. My long-term project will continue for as long as I live.
- I'm currently working on a book "Birthday & Other Suits" and a companion film - Caution Nude partial timeline (not to scale)

Archie's Weird Mysteries
- (adults rejuvenated AA, RN AA) "Twisted Youth", S01Ep13, 12/25/99.
A dog becomes a puppy and the teachers and Riverdale's adult figures become teenagers again after drinking a special water. Their mental faculties are also reverted. They are given the antidote at the dance and during a street race.
- Video link - screencaps - (Reina Watt)

- (face ages) - Side-by-side, inter-generational comparisons in the same family - (BeetleCrumb, Agingwomen)
- (male adult FFed) - Potter - (Matt)
- (FFed BE) - Jinsei development anime scene
- (male adult CM) - infantile
- ("ff") - some puberty BE info
- (ages) - character - celebs
- (mental coa, silhouette, "ar") - AA - AA - AA

Stephane Bouillet
- (TF with some AP-like elements) "metamorphose adolescence", c2013. 1-page surreal art comic

Orphans of Chaos
- (accelerated age form ability) John C. Wright.
"You obviously wanted to be older, bigger, stronger when you were still a very young child. Many young children have this wish. Most do not have the power to make their wishes come true. You had the body of a five- or six-year-old when you were three ... when Miss Fair began to develop her ah... rather generous signs of puberty, you also wanted to be older, and quickly, like most girls. Most girls, however, are not shape-changers. Despite our efforts, your powers are still influenced by your subconscious desires. In a few months, you had the body and glandular reactions of a fully mature woman of twenty or so; and, like all girls your age, you wanted to look like a fashion model ... the perfect wasp-waisted hourglass figure..."

short stories
Norman W. Mcguire
- (OA glimpse) "Recipes and Short Stories for the Single Man".
...When he turned her around he got a shock. Instead of a young lady he saw ... a change that was coming over her. Her hair began to turn white and wrinkles appeared on her face. She began to stoop over, and her voice had changed to a coarse whisper. Her clothes ... began to fade and hung on her like rags. She took a last breath...

digital daredevils, The
- (ghost AA TF) Staff, Cooke.
...the frail girl shied away and started to giggle in a cruel mocking way ... Fox took another step towards the sniggering child ... the features on her face began to rearrange themselves. The young body of the girl began to stretch and grow and her clothes began to take on a different form and fashion ... staring into the face of an evil-looking witch.

Sentinel, The
- (TF AR glimpse) "The Sentinel", Dan Tuttle.
A wrinkled hand reached up ... the body began to change. A young girl's face stared back at him as her clothes began to sag around her shrinking form, those two molten eyes never changing even as the rest of her did. What was left was perhaps a girl of eleven or twelve...

stock photos
- (slight UC) c2013. Kids wearing old clothes - outgrown

Patrone, The
- (OA glimpse) "The Patrone", Toni Silk.
Traci went to screaming, before everyone's eyes she began to age, in sixty seconds she was an old hag, she went white-headed and she was aging so fast ... Tracy fell to the floor and was a skeleton in ninety seconds.

Lindy: A Fantasy
- (age forms, time cycle) Jeremy Luke Hill.
...a much older woman ... There was much about the older woman that reminded her of Amena, and she was wearing the same clothes ... but she was easily old enough to be Amena's mother ... her smile was the same open smile ...
"I'm just a little older now, and I will be older still by the time you go sleep tonight ... It's just the way I am. Each day I grow older. From daughter, to mother, to grandmother, and each morning, at the very first hour, I become a girl again..."
"There was a beautiful girl standing at the door of the cottage. And that was you?"
"...I will be the same again .... when the last hour of night turns to the first hour of morning ... The way I've always been..."
...she could see a very young girl, young enough to be Amena's daughter...

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AP text fragments 152 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too or were removed
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash forward in time
TF: transformation

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