Aging Transformation Scenes

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A site about girls outgrowing their clothes - and every other male and female age transformation.

Legendz: Tale of the Dragon Kings
- (AA TF battle upgrade) Legendz: Yomigaeru Ryuuou Densetsu, Ep05, 2004.
Anna the Harpy is a monster that takes the appearance of a girl to deceive the protagonist and capture his dragon. In battle she assumes her true form. Sadly no process.
Also, the chubby boy underwent some sort of muscle growth transformation if I remember clearly. And sometimes the characters de-chibify when the battle gets kinda serious...
- Direct video link - screencaps - (The Ap Master)

- (dedicated Poser AR strip, AA AP, female age swap, POV, nudity aftermath comparisons) - "Selfie".
- 40 MB download, - (Acca)

- (dedicated AR comic) - "The Potion" The controversial comic is back on sale for a limited time only. BoJay is currently working on a sequel too - (Alec Leamus)

American Dad
- (AP, CB glimpse) "Steve & Snot's Test-Tubular Adventure".
The fast-growing clone girls' growing feet burst through their shoes on 3 occasions. The final growth spurt into teens was not shown.
- Screencaps (APing) - Screencaps (APed, AR dream sequence).

- (dedicated infantilization) - comics
- (pregnancy) - swell
- (ffed) Child dancer Alyson Stoner grew up. Tribute - vid - vid
- (version of Nemo AP) - Chinese puberty
- (AA) - Sakura AA - "gerontokinesis" (no content) AA - story

- (cut-aways, ARed, male ARed, male RNed)
"About a Boy", S10Ep12, 2/3/2015.
- People are disappearing into thin air with only clothes left behind. Hansel (from Hansel and Gretel) is kidnapping them and making them younger to placate the evil witch. Dean Winchester gets turned into a 14-year-old, and spends the episode crabbing about it. He is normally a very macho, tough guy, so it was fun to see him struggling with being small and looking (as he pointed out) like Justin Bieber.
- J.P. was also ARed but did not make it. Sexy MILF-y barfly lady became a baby-faced 14-year-old:
"Dean? It's me, Tina! ... I'm a friggin tween and you look like some One Direction reject."
- Bonus fun: she ends up stuck that way at the end of the episode, and is fine with it! Had she grown back the same instant as Dean, the ropes binding her might have snapped:
"Can you turn me back?"
"The hex bag went up in flames. I'm so sorry Tina."
"I got 3 ex-husbands, 50 grand in debt, and not much else. I was kind of a crappy adult ... Maybe I'll do better this time around."
They don't really go into detail about how she's going to live like that, they give her a bus ticket and we can assume they were sending her home to family to start over as a happy girl. Yay!
- Episode video link - video link - info link
- Episode screencaps - male RN screencaps
- (Vended, Filthymind, Backdrop1234567)

- face FF - (Acca)

Sakuranbo Syndrome
- (slow AR/AP) 2006-. Progressive Rejuvenation Syndrome is an extremely rare disorder. Munenori Agawa's saliva can save Rena Amami from getting younger, but they must kiss everyday for her to survive. This causes immense conflict and drama with his new girlfriend. The triangle relationship tests the capabilities and limitations of human love.
- Full manga link - extract - (Reactant)

old age clipart
- (adult FF memes) c2012 stock images

Yasuragi no Yakata - (male infantilization AR) "Hall of Tranquility". 1974, Fujiko F. Fujio.
Short manga by the creators of Doraemon. A stressed-out CEO is referred to a place where he can be cared for by giant women, and eventually reverts to a child-like state - cover - (SKJAM)

- (AA AP, AA TF, RN AA poof) "Melisserella" segment. First the fairy makes her older, then more beautiful.
Video link - screencaps - (Austin)

Soukyuu no Fafner: Dead Aggressor - Exodus
- (AP) 2015 anime, Ep6. Fafner in the Azure: -EXODUS-
A female age transformation at the end. Miwa Hino grew older after she fell asleep.
- Video link - screencaps - (Carlton)

Ressha Sentai ToQger
- (AA age forms) Station 47, final episode.
5 children were turning into adult forms compulsorily. The enemy's Z emperor was beat. They have returned to their original schoolchild forms, losing all memory of their days as ToQgers.
- caps - (Akira)

Jupiter Ascending
- (adult stasis & adult rejuvenation) 2015. Life on Earth and other planets has been seeded to harvest a type of adult youth serum that allows alien royalty to live forever.
One of the older royal women immerses herself in a large basin. Some lightning effects later, and she emerges with a younger adult body - (CJ)

- (fountain of youth) - story - (Matt)
- (life toon) - ff
- (pregnant 10 y.o.) - prank
- (83 y.o.) - model

short films
- (maturity disguise) NoDog Production, 2014, French. Can we ever know someone's true age?
- Video link - screencaps

Sakuranbo Syndrome
- (AP) - cover - (Vended)

- (male AR, old to young to child) 2015 CM, "Fountain of Youth" v. Smartphones.
Video link - screencaps - (JeffR_2BYA)

male AA APed
- (cut-away) Growing Super Fast PRANK, OmarGoshTV, 2013 - Vid link - caps

Mortal Kombat Khristmas, A
- (male AA Ared poof) Dorkly, 2014, fan vid link - caps - (Thomas)

Hero: 108
- (grown toons to OA glimpse) "Pitched Battle of the Great Wall Train", S1Ep19, 3/25/2010.
When the train moves, everyone turns old and Lin Chung falls off. They need to figure out how to turn him back.
- Video link - screencaps - (JA)

short films
male AR
- (poof) 2014 - Video link - caps

short films
- (lo-qual) '15 - vid link - caps

photo projects
Hua Yunqing and Huahua
- (AA FF) 1981 to 2014 annual father/daughter pics - screencaps

- (AP glimpse to OA'd) 2009, R.J. Pena.
Minimal sketch animation. She ages during a strange aerial voyage. In the raw version (see screencaps) it looked like her shoe had slid off her growing foot during the eagle ride. The altered final version was 100% AA. At the end, she must let go of the string.
- Finished video link - raw screencaps - (Gunslinger10)

short films
Viola: The Traveling Rooms of a Little Giant
- (AA AP cuts) 2008. She ages during a strange aerial voyage. 7 y.o. Viola packs a suitcase and climbs a floating staircase into the sky. Her journey will unite her past, present, and future...
- Video link - screencaps

fan characters
Enrica Alvarez
- (AA age forms) 2015, "Family Guy" fan fiction character. She obtains earrings that magically AA her into a fully fledged adult. Her legal guardian treats Enrica like a drudge, never gives her pay for her work, and misappropriates her college funds. She wants to live the life of an adult, going out to dinner, films, drinking, and gambling with total strangers.
- DeviantArt link - (Christopher, ChinchillaChris67)

Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!
- (male AR AA, male ARed OC) Ep4, 2015 anime. LOVE! Binan Koko Chikyu Boei-bu Love! The shonen heroes are reverted twice, falling out of their magical costumes.
- AR starts c12:00 - screencaps
- (Atsuyo, Dawnofmawl, Octavian, Entropic)

Cleveland Show, The
- (FF BE) "All You Can Eat", S3Ep22, 65, 5/20/2012.
Roberta explains how she became popular when she changed her top from the 7th grade to the 8th grade. The gag is that it was really the same top - caps

Marina Experiment, The
- (CoA recollections, slight unintentional FF glimpsed) 2009.
Over 10,000 photographs, almost incestuously intimate super 8 "home movies", and reel to reel audiotape interrogations. Director Marina Lutz's father recorded her evolution during her upper class upbringing in 1960s and 1970s Manhattan. An eerie and fascinating archive that she has privately sorted and reassembled. Her father's transgressive voyeurism is now turned against himself in a family expose about the right to not be seen.
- Video link - screencaps

short films
- (FF, FB, age cuts) Latina CoA celebration.
The theme is that the father watched his daughter grow up, until she becomes a young woman on her 15th birthday.
- Vid link - screencaps - screencaps - screencaps

- (timelines, CoA) - Random unsorted Sex-Ed screencaps

Arata: The Legend
- (male AR) Arata Kangatari, Ep11, 6/2013.
Male teen to boy AR c12:00; boy to baby AR @13:30. Kudos to Vended for uploading the manga to the AR Archive.
- Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

Fountain of Youth, The
- (male adult rejuv, female ARed glimpse) Rappasfilms, 2013, Lafcadio Hearn.
Inspired by Sei Shonagon "The Pillow Book".
- Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

short films
Letting Go
- (FFed) 2013. 17 y.o. Anna has always been able to stop time, but learns that she can't really control it. At the end, she must let go of the string - Vid link - caps

short films
AA scenes
- caps - caps - caps - caps

Weekly World News
- (ARed) 2002. Russian village was reverted to youth - article - (JayTee)

- screencaps

- (face FF) c2014 - caps

Ben 10
- (FF) - Ben & Gwen fan art

short films
male AA
- c2014 vid link - caps - vid link - caps

- (FFed AA cut) 2014, Brown Bag Films. To raise awareness of charity work with orphaned children in Russia. 20 years in the life of an abandoned child as she grows up - link - caps

short films
Juega al Sol
- (age shadow AA) Muna Genoa, 2008 - poster only.

Perfection: A Space Opera in One Act
- (male accelerated age) 1995, "Arts Are Magic" Festival. 10 days from baby to schoolboy.

- (male AA FF/FB comparison) - Same pose calender - (Acca)
- (TG AA rejuved) - Snickers Brady Bunch commercial
- (male older teen face) - ff
- (male 12 to 19) - ff
- (mental age only) - machine
- (mental) - not oa
- (baby tl) - trend
- (male slight ff) - height cm
- (clay figure CoA) - metamorphosis
- (not AP) - you could sorta imagine it's an aftermath scene. torn shorts
- story

short films
D-Aging Cream
- (AR AA poofed) - caps - vid link - (Matt)

Sorceress Quest
- (AR) 2013, classical Click & Point Adventure game, Rm2k. There is an AR right at the beginning of the intro.
Video link - screencaps
- A playable demo is available - Info link - (Inkognitolord)

- Evie-Model - (Brian)

Avengers Assemble
- (male AR) "The Age of Tony Stark", S2Ep7, 33, 11/16/2014.
Based on the comic focusing on the Infinity Stones arc. The Time Stone can cause the wearer to control time, including ages. It goes into Iron Man's chest reactor, turning him into a boy.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz, Jeffr_2bya)

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid
- (AR OC, AA TF APed) 2014, recently translated chapters 49 & 50.
- Full manga link c49 AR at page 06 - extract
- Full manga link c50 AA at page 16 - extract
- (10th_man_down, BassGS, Raath)

Rekkit Rabbit
- (AR OC) "Baby makes four", S2Ep23, c2010. French anime-style cartoon series.
12-year-old Jay Shmufton had an ordinary life until he met Rekkit, a friendly eccentric rabbit who ran away from his job as a magician's assistant. The mother is reverted to babyhood by door-to-door salesperson. Can they hide the truth from grandma before finding a cure?
- Dubbed video link @ 3:30 - screencaps - (Entropic)

Ressha Sentai ToQger
- (boy & girl AR reported) 45th station, "home you were gone", 1/25/2015. Subaru kehama has returned to the original. There is a way to get back to the child.
46th station - - caps - (Akira)

short films
fonte da juventude
- (male only AR OC TF cut meme)
"Agua da fonte da juventude", 2014.
- Video link - screencaps - boy into little boy.
"Fonte da Juventude", 2014.
- Video link - screencaps - man into young boy.
- (Entropic)

Subaru XV Crosstrek
- (AR dream) "Fountain - Extended Version", 2015.
A couple going on vacation keeps getting younger before reappearing as adults at the end. Sometimes getting away from it all means returning to who you've been. You are only young once, unless you own a Subaru Crosstek.
Video link - screencaps - (Tazz, Piper, Steven)

Steven Universe
- (TG merger, AA age upgrade) "Alone Together", 2015. Steven fuses with friend Connie, turning into a teenage girl with attributes from both. They do not appear to mind - (Swiftner)

- (male AA age forms, TG, in pre-production) c2016? Forthcoming movie based on Robert Heinlein story "All You Zombies." Male time loop, some serious physical alterations. How much of it will the movie incorporate?

short stories
Nelson S. Bond
- (male AR) "The Fountain", 6/1941, novella in "Unknown".
Another pulp story with mental and physical rejuvenation. Old man drinks from fountain and gradually ages backwards. He eventually turns into a newborn and gets absorbed by the fountain.
- link - (Time2, Entropic)

- (male AR) Sunday color strip, 10/1947 to 02/1948.
From "The Golden Age Superman: Sunday Pages 1946-1949" collection. Maybe the earliest Superman AR tale.
A strange atomic radiation turns him into a baby. He appears in oversize costume and can only say "Goo." He eventually gets his voice, but after tripping over his adult-size costume says he needs clothes more his age. Lois has a suggestion. The following Sunday we get three panels of the regressed Superman in diapers. He eventually settles on a kiddie costume, suffers humiliations for being a baby, and creates a fake Clark Kent to fill in for him - (PixChick)

- (FF) - Ariel Winter 2010-2015 - (Acca)
- (AR) - Told in the 2nd person so you can imagine yourself in the story
- (male) - ap
- (TG) - cut
- (pregnancy) - swell
- (age forms) - anime previously posted - (Reebok)
- (adult face) - toon

short stories
Changed into a little girl: Two strange tales of transgender age regression
- (dedicated male AR & TG) Mindi Flyth, 2014, 8,300 words.
Could anything be more humiliating for a man than being transformed into a little girl? To lose his power, prestige, and very manhood? To start over as a tiny, helpless girl young enough to be his own daughter? 2 dark fantasy tales take us inside the minds of men who refuse to accept the cute little girls in the mirror. We know their frustration as the world refuses to treat them like the adult men they feel inside. And we know their desperation as the truth begins to sink in that they may never be men again.
- "Big Words":
Ethan was changed into a 6 y.o. blonde by a lab accident and struggles to cope with his changing role in his family and increasingly childish behavior.
- "Sugarplum":
Arrogant man Vern learns that if you cheat on your witch of a wife, she may do something far worse than divorce you. She may just transform you into the daughter she's always wanted.
- Purchase link $2.99.

short stories
writing prompts
- (APed) - Standard prompts for student essays include "What if you woke up as an adult?". Handwritten story

Stepford Cuckoos, The
- Clones of Emma Frost who were aged-up from birth to their teens to infiltrate the X-Men. They're only a few years old chronologically.

short stories
Unbirthed: A prisoner in her belly
- (dedicated male AR & TG, unbirthing, vore) Mindi Flyth, c2014. Erotic horror, 10,425 words.
Do you fantasize about becoming a baby again and getting cuddled and kissed by a beautiful, loving mommy? If so, I'm just the woman you've been looking for...
Martin is an arrogant writer running a popular blog making fun of weird sex fetishes. When he sees Abbie's ad seeking a guy who wants to get treated like a baby, he thinks this will be his most hilarious article yet. Martin is about to get babied in ways he never imagined were possible. He begins a new life he never asked for. Abbie wants a new baby to love... and she will not be denied - Purchase link

short films
Funny Or Die
- (AA curse) "Big with Evan Rachel Wood and Darren Criss", 2014.
Remember the Tom Hanks movie Big? It's "like" that ... but with a girl! - Video link

photo projects
Time-lapse of growing up over 14 years
- (excellent AA height increase glimpses) 2014 Ava/Zoe sequel - Video link

Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.
- (male AR OC) "Future Shock", 31, S2Ep6, 11/9/2014.
The Hulks are transported 1000 years into the future where the High Evolutionary has de-evolved everyone into lizard-like creatures. In the final battle he remarked if his minions didn't stop the Hulks, he would de-evolve them back into hatchlings ... hm maybe we will see AR. In the end, Skaar hits High Evolutionary's de-evolution staff, and he is engulfed into a baby. "Hope they don't eat him!" Good level of detail they put in.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

- (adult mind transfer into past adult body) 2015 VH1 dramedy series. It's 1995 again! 40-something Becca, while wrestling with doubts on the eve of her second wedding, finds that she has traveled back to the day of her first wedding.

Himekishi Olivia
- (pseudo 21 to 16 rejuv) Ep02, c2013. At 16 mins there is a rejuv and an RN near the end. Make sure you have adblocker before clicking.
- Video link - screencaps - (Kira)

Gravity Falls
- (male AR) "Blendin's Game" S2Ep8, 28, 11/10/2014.
During a time-based gladiatorial fight, one man is aged while another is regressed into a baby. They continue fighting.
- Video link @05:50 - screencaps - (Nerdulon5)

Medical Aid Films
- (FF toon pub. AP) c2012, French version of "Understanding your body: How Babies are made"
Video link - screencaps

He's stuck as a schoolgirl
- (dedicated TG ARed) A Novel of Transgender Sugar and Spice. 2015 eBook novel by Mindi Flyth.
What would it really be like for an average guy to suddenly find himself stuck as a pretty 8 y.o. girl with pigtails?
Wanna-be warlock Joe Withers loses his job and decides to transform his boss into a cute little redheaded schoolgirl. Unfortunately Joe turns himself into a girl instead... and now he's the one who's going back to school. The other girls bully him, the boys have crushes on him, his big brother treats him like a kid, and he even has to take sex ed class again! If Joe doesn't figure out how to change back soon, he'll be stuck as Josie forever.
A twisted comedy, a drama, a supernatural tale and a transgender adventure, capturing all the confusion, terror, frustration and fun of Joe's regression TF. Life as a little girl isn't all sugar, spice and everything nice!
- Purchase link - 60,000 words including author's afterword. Not intended for younger readers - (Filthymind)

Mushoku Tensei
- (AR) 2014 light novel series in which an unemployed 34 year old is kicked out of his home. He wanders the streets, penniless and useless. When he sees some teens about to get run over he saves them at the cost of his life. And wakes up as a baby. But this life is different, full of magic and wonder. This time, he vows, he'll take opportunities when they are offered, and live life to the full as he ages normally.
- Also a manga link - It skips ahead from being reborn to already being out of diapers.
- (SKJAM, Vended)

Obaa-chan wa Idol
- (adult rejuvenation) Revolves around an elderly woman turned into a teenager - link - (MysteryShadow)

Sumika Sumire
- (adult rejuv) Takanashi Mitsuba, 2013. Grandma regressed to teenager - link - link - (Shmendrick, MysteryShadow)

Baa-chan Love Potion 1
- (adult rejuv) Fujita Jun hentai. Granny back to teenager - link - (Vergilone)

- (FF) GWCS, 2014, "How Fast they Grow" Girl.
Video link - screencaps

Fantasy Life
- (male ARed aftermath) RP video game, 2012, Nintendo 3DS.
Erik Stone is the King of Castele. His child-like form is one of the Seven Mysteries. Despite his appearance he is the same age as Queen Ophelia. It is the effect of a prank-spell the Dark Sultan cast on him - (TottieTa)

- (Jumanji toon AP) - @5:49 alternate - (Wolf9Guard)
- (male disguise) - power suit CM - (Akira)
- (male) - height - height
- (male adult age stasis) - proposal
- (fast FF) - renesmee
- (slight UC) - top gif - porn shirt
- (growing) - doll
- (face FF) - Miley gif
- (male face) - ff
- (excellent preg) - inflation
- (face FF) - 12 to 13
- (male adult face) - 7 years
- (AA) - COA - canine - "growth" info - ff

Angela Glaubitz
- (kinda younger form FB) c2013, Earthsvirgo. Classic - Bestest Friends Setting - Jess & Angela - image

clothes swaps
- (kinda looks like adults TG TFed) - exchange

Elizabeth I
- (ff) UK miniseries, 2005 - caps

Bosom Blossom - Bust Boom
- (adult bust miracle products) - Metaherbal before/after change

short stories
Paul K. Chapple
- (male APed) "The Growth Promoter", 1934, Wonder Stories.
Nada Williams has an idea for an SF story about a ray that forces physical maturity upon an infant while leaving the mind undeveloped and subject to hypnotic control. She realizes that this is how step-father Webster got his 4 lab assistants. When Webster finds out he dies of a heart attack and his assistants follow. Williams decides not to write any more SF.

AP scene
- thumb - (Process)

windows in time
- (past face insertion) - face selves

- (AA FF) - shadow silhouettes

Ore no Kaa-chan ga 17-sai ni Natta
- (adult rejuved) Light novel manga series. The protagonist's mother comes home looking 17 again, but the technique halves your remaining life expectancy - cover - (Shmendrick)

Ghost Storm
- (adult "age acceleration" power) 2012. Spirits cause Daisy's young adult boyfriend's corpse to go from the Crypt Keeper to a pile of mulch in a matter of hours. They will turn the town's population into piles of dust.

- (age acceleration power) Baraggan Louisenbairn.

Fairy Tail
- (age acceleration power) Ultear Milkovich.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
- (age acceleration power) Prosciutto.

- (age acceleration power) Cryto.

Morphine Somers
- (FF power) Marvel character can rapidly age everything he touches.

- (adult acceleration power) 2013 superhero web serial novel. Khonsu can manipulate space and time. He has sped and slowed time immensely in the circular fields that orbit him. People caught within are reduced to skeletons.

fan characters
Ryder Collins - Rolanda Crawford
- (dedicated AR AA character, RN AA) 2014, Naughty Teacher/Perky Student, by Sephzero.
Ryder Collins is a fairly popular teacher, mostly because of her sexy looks and naughty/borderline immodest attitude. She still carries a lingering regret at her school life and yearns to recapture that youthful experience. A wayward wish gave her the chance, as a gaze into the sun will regress her into the identity of perky Rolanda, ready to enjoy that springtime of youth. Only the light of the moon will bring out the true identity of this moonlighting teacher.
- AR story link - RN AA link - (Nightelf37)

- (dedicated TF fantasy genre) - Sephzero on deviantART has a lot more characters and TF sequences, mainly BE and some AP (one of them being "Night of the Goddess" under AP text fragments). Site registration is required to view content - (Nightelf37)

- (AR AA, RNed AA) Saiyuuki, Monkey, Monkey Magic. "The Fountain of Youth", S2Ep13, c1980.
Japanese series based on Chinese novel "Journey to the West ".
Men into babies (2:07 and 3:06), Young woman into baby (25:01), Man and woman into toddlers, (27:17), Woman into skeleton (36:45).
- Episode link - screencaps - (ttt47)

One Piece
- (RN TF AA "AP") Ep677, Dressrosa Arc, 2014.
The Sugar spell fades down, returning all puppets in town to their human form. Detailed doll process for almost every RN. First, Robin had visible hourglass expansion, hip/butt expansion, and breast shaping^^ Then another female doll had visible breast expansion and AP-like body growth while turning back to human.
- Video link - screencaps
- (Chriskim019, The AP Ninja)

Bust a Groove
- ("adult baby") Music/fighting game, PlayStation, 1998, Enix.
Kelly ending. The secretary conceals an infantilism fetish.
- Vid link - caps - (Shlalom_Masters)

Familie Fox - Die Geheimnishuter
- (male AR) "Die Quelle ewiger Jugend", The Fountain Of Youth. Ep11, 8/30/2014.
Mysterious boy Oscar can't remember his origin. Man into baby @18mins. At the end he grew back up and ran away in a diaper.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kyoryuger: The Movie
- (AA "ARed") - caps - (Akira)

Simpsons Illustrated
- (male adult rejuvenation) #13, 10/1/2014.
Halloween issue. Mr. Burns learns of a Pygmy elixir that makes people 20 again. The cannibal tribe looks exactly like Bart. He tells Burns and Smithers the cooking pot contains the elixir, but they enjoy 20 year old meat. Bart saves them, but Burns is now just a 20 year old talking head in a jar while Smithers is whole and 20 himself - (Tazz)

short stories
Tal Lingenua
- (AP) - "Snowflakes", 2012 online fiction, 7106 words.
A short story about a girl who wishes to be older - link

Peria Chronicles
- (AA avatar options) 2015 Sandbox MMO, character generation demo.
Little clip @02:32 shows off character age generation, with some subtle facial aging.
- Trailer vid link - screencaps - (Piemur1)

- (ff, coa) c2014 animated vid link - caps - caps - nude caps

photo projects
- (face FF) c2014 screencaps

- (dedicated adult baby tales) - I have a blog where I post my own ABDL stories and caption stories. There are some super long ones, and I want to start doing proper stories.
- Xylophone Stories - Tumblr - (Xylophone)

Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff
- (male canine AR) 2014 freemium mobile game. Basically like Zoo Tycoon (build your own Quahog). Christmas theme included new costume for Brian as a cute little puppy to potty train. The whole point of costumes is switching character. So if you have Brian look like a puppy he will be one - (Tazz)

short films
- The 2 most horrible letters.
c2014 - Stop motion animation for the theme change / Zaman - vid link - caps - vid link - caps

Les Legendaires
- (age stasis, ff) - Everyone has been turned back into a child because of a curse the protagonists caused.
In Book 6, Danael meets with a past, full-grown version of love interest Jadina. He is quick to notice he forgot how beautiful she was as an adult.
Toopie started out as a regular child and as such was still able to grow up until age 12. Razzia is quick to notice how much she has grown up, pissing off girlfriend Tenebris in the process.

Colt Noble and the Megalords
- (male age forms) 2010 one-shot. Affectionate Parody of Masters of the Universe. Colt Noble is the adult alter-ego of 13 y.o. Prince Jaysen. Jaysen fruitlessly tries to gain entry into a strip club, and ends up enjoying himself at the club as Colt.

Ace Attorney
- (TF AP) When channeling dead sister/cousin Mia, Maya and Pearl Fey become vessels for her spirit. The full-sized Mia, bust and all, turns up wearing the younger Feys' clothes. It's bad enough when she turns up in Maya's body, but with Pearl it gets downright Stripperiffic.
In one case Phoenix is trying to interrogate a Dirty Old Man witness. To get the witness to talk, he brings in Maya wearing a waitress outfit the witness considers Fetish Fuel. The witness just takes one look at her and says for her to "come back when (she's) older". Cue her channeling Mia, and the witness starts talking immediately.

Bloody Roar
- (TF age-up) - 1997, 1st game. The Final Boss is Uriko, a cute but creepy little girl who, due to being Brainwashed And Crazy, turns into a young woman to fight you.

- (TF expansion) 2005. Superman/Batman encounter a team of expies of The Ultimates. The Incredible Hulk expy was cute little girl Becky who turned into big blue Monster.

- (nude adult) - preview. c2013 photo shoot said to depict AP aftermath

- (adult ff) - sisters oa
- (16 to 18) - she started when she stopped growing AA
- (very slight) - UC
- (male) - ff
- (Dawson casting) - Buscemi in high school
- (male teen) - muscle ff
- (fiction w. age TFed) - AR - RN -- male
- Following links reported to contain AA have NOT been verified:
- (AA) - AA - AA - AA - AA - AA - AA - AA - AA - (various)

short films
- (APed cutaway) Young Chloe apparently has the ability to make herself older whenever she wants. They don't show the transformation and we only glimpse the aftermath. Clothing status was kept vague.
- 2013. 10 y.o. girl who keeps disappearing is hunted by rogue cop to exploit her secret power. She can't stop running. The men have been paid to bring her back alive. "I know that he knows about me and what I can do ... This power ... I just hope that someday, maybe, I can find a home." The change takes intense concentration. The confrontation begins after 8 minutes.
- Full video link - screencaps - (River Point Films)

Action Man
- (ARed, male AR, male RN AA scene) "Fountain of Youth", 1995, S01Ep02. At the end the flower was lost.
Greek dub video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

- (APed cutaway) Young Chloe apparently has the ability to make herself older whenever she wants. They don't show the transformation and we only glimpse the aftermath. Clothing status was kept vague.
- 2014 CM. She is informed she isn't old enough to eat Doritos. "I couldn't wait that long!" "Hey Chloe!" "Don't even think about it!"
- Second version video link - screencaps
- The 2nd CM version also has a male ARed glimpse at the end - caps - (Matt)

Space Stars: Teen Force
- (OA no size increase, RN) "The Space Slime"
NOT an AR episode. There is slight OA. I found this by going through every episode in the series. Kind of a bitter sweet day.
- Ep. link - screencaps - (Ferver)

Kimama Ni UpDown
- (AA AP & RN) - Doujin parody. Our cute little protagonist decides to have sex with one of the doctor's assistants. 2 very short barely visible AP processes. There is some lolli sex in the beginning, but the rest is her having sex in her adult form - extract - (Godleydemon)

Thayer's Quest
- (male adult face zombie "OA") 1984 Laserdisc game, RDI Video Systems, Halcyon.
He dies many times - Video link - caps - (Jeffr2bya)

Sukoyaka ni!!
- (hentai entity age forms) Hentai doujinshi, Tousen, C76 "Rozen Maiden"
link - link - extract - (Process)

Into the Woods
- (slight adult rejuv) 2014. Ugly old witch devises potion she needs to somewhat increase adult youth and beauty. She does not get that much younger since she's played by a 65 year old actress, who, while she looks great for her age, is still way too old to play someone who is supposed to be young - (JayGee,

Motor Accident Commission
- (self image ARed) "Grow Up", S.Wales, 2014, Clemenger BBDO.
Warning: drink driving is highly immature - Video link - screencaps - (Matt)

- (male adult) - face - face
- (adult) - face
- (male) - face
- (male AA AP) - dance
- (girl in adult clothes) - bank CM - French short film
- (age anomaly AA glimpse) - French train girl

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AP text fragments 154 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too or were removed
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash forward in time
TF: transformation

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