Aging Transformation Scenes

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A site about girls outgrowing their clothes - and every other male and female age transformation.

Marvel Family, The
- (young adults to extreme old age, adult rejuv, AR AA glimpse scene)
"Menace of Old Age!", 03/1952, v12, #69, Fawcett Comics.
The bound and gagged young adults are brought forward to old age. The adult youth thieves then head to adult city where they turn everyone into decrepit oldsters, and all the buildings into worthless ruins. Reverted to young adulthood, the baroness poofs innocent bystanders into babies as a diversion. At the end, all the damage is undone.
- Full comic link (21 pages).
- Extracts only: cover - old age - AR, rejuv - (Joe A.)

photo projects
- 01 to 13 Years - (Acca)

Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kyoryuger: The Movie
- Longer CM link - screencaps - (Akira)

According to 2 people who replied, the scene is from the 2008 Sony Pictures movie "You Don't Mess with the Zohan". It actually happens when her breast implants pop due to an ear shattering scream, so it is not AR - (Marc, Spencer)

- (FF AA "ghost") - story - (Matt)
- (male muscle, size illusions) - Sims 4 Official Trailer - (Divxeur)
- (embryo FF) - How baby is made: gif - male aa cm

Rob Tornoe
- (male AA ARed "dream") 2014 Star Wars trailer editorial cartoon

- (AR AA) Nude sex hentai by Tatsu, c2013, "Rainy Memories".
The main female is a succubus who drains young men of their sexual energy to become younger. She ends up finding a young man with a rather vigorous sexual energy and becomes a little younger than anticipated.
- Full manga link - censored extract - (Godleydemon)

fetish films
Naughty Niece, The
- (dedicated infantilization effect, shrunk adults playing children, pseudo AP, pseudo AR, forced role reversal, humiliation, maturation aftermath)
"The Naughty Niece", 12/2014, 18 mins, Miss Missa.
- A classic swap with a lot of fun special effects. Brought by Dreamtales (
Mischievous little Missa "grows" into an adult body with a young mind. Breast expansion, and spanking by Auntie Lana who experiences shrinking and breast deflation. I also give a spanking.
Little Missa is a real hell raiser. Dropped off at Auntie Lana, Missa's little body makes the sofa look huge. She plays with her toys carelessly.
Auntie Lana is an uptight sexy scientist. She rolls her eyes at Missa's ruckus while working on her human genetic regression formula. Little Missa tries to get her attention.
Auntie Lana tries to quiet her and ignores her. Missa grabs the growth hormone and drinks it. Missa feels a little funny, a little dizzy, oh my... Auntie grabs Missa and pulls her over her lap. Spank, spank, spank! Missa's little bum gets bright red, her eyes water.
Missa sneaks the reduction formula into Auntie's coffee. Missa giggles and walks to the bathroom. She looks at her hands, her body, her dress looks shorter, is it possible that she is taller? She quickly removes the dress and gets into the shower, she bumps into her chest, what the ... boobies?! Oh, my! She tweaks her new, womanly nipples. She notices hairs on her kee-kee. "Woooah!" She has to tell someone, and skips to the living room.
"Auntie, look at me. I look like such s big girl!" She twirls to show off every inch of her womanly body. Auntie is shocked but pleased that her formula worked, but she needs to get her back to her little size! "Oh God, where is my reduction formula." Missa picks up the empty vial and shows it to her.
If she can't get Little Missa back to her 3 foot size, how furious will her mother be, lugging around a disobedient 5'6 little one trapped in a woman's body. Auntie Lana's body shrinks inside of her professional, frumpy black dress. The sleeve falls off, Auntie Lana gasps! She shrinks, shrinks down until she is about the size that Missa was originally, three feet tall!
Auntie Lana is furious. "YOU are getting spanked again, you naughty little.." Missa interrupts, "Oh no, Auntie, it is YOU who is getting spanked. You're so little, you can't run from meeeee!"
"whap, whap," she spanks her Auntie's perfect bubble butt. "Oh my! Your lady parts look so different than mine."
Little Missa walks into Auntie's bedroom, she puts on the thong and models her new grown up body. She puts on a neglige as well, and is shocked at how womanlike she looks.
"Oh my Auntie, I think you need to wear my old dress. It's your size now. How about I give you pigtails?"
"How will I get out of this inconceivable situation?" Missa giggles, she thinks it's so funny when Auntie uses big words. Flat as a board, flat as a little one!
Auntie Lana starts to lose her intelligence. She falls down and throws a temper tantrum, her little hands beating the floor, her legs flailing around.
- Purchase links:
- Vidown ($3 cheaper) - Clips4Sale
- info - info - (Missa, Dreamtales)

Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kyoryuger: The Movie
- (younger forms of battle heroes) 1/17/2015.
Upcoming VS. team-up movie between Ressha Sentai ToQger & Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. Will include appearances of young Right, young Tokatti, young Mio, young Hikari, and young Kagura.
- Video link - screencaps - (Akira)

- (outlines AA FF) 2014, Moondrop. Mini games/puzzles.
Invisible entity watches over girl from babyhood to young woman. Able to move stuff within reach of the magical amphora, she meets a partner and struggles through a war.

- (adult FB to high school) - old school uniform
- (male face) - FF
- (male face) - 12 to 19
- (male face) - FF

Shrinking Pains
- (male AP CB burstout glimpse, many male AR scenes & AR scenes & adult rejuvenations)
As the massive ArArchive content upload enters its 3rd week, it has finally happened! For the first time in many years, new AP CB text depictions have been posted (male of course). There are PNG scans of every page.
One of the AP CB scenes is when he returns from age 6 to 12. It is very minor. The other one is less detailed.
The first time he grew back to normal while coincidentally naked for other reasons. The boys and adult villains revert many times. The 14 y.o. teen cousin only ARs once at the end. She shrinks herself back to age 7 to slip out of the ropes. She grew back to normal unseen between chapters.
- Text extracts:
Boy, did he have to go. His bladder must have shrunk like the rest of him.
...I got in the water ...then suddenly everything stretched out.
...He got his clothes off just in time.
R-R-R-R-R-R-ipppp! "I think I owe my brother some new underpants," Doug gasped.
...Doug tore off his clothes. Just in time!
..."I don't feel too great. My stomach shrank, but not the candy I ate."
...Doug ran into his room and threw off his clothes ... he returned to his regular size.
...He was saying that Doug had better get himself out of his clothes or he'd find himself in tatters like the Incredible Hulk ...Cassandra...told him she wasn't about to change his clothes for him.
Things returned to normal while he was in the shower...
...something truly gross happened. His beard sprouted. It was like watching a jillion tiny snakes slither out of his skin all at once. At the same time, his face began to wrinkle. She shrank back. "Eeeeeeew." It was so disgusting that for a second she felt too fascinated to be afraid.
..."I have to get out of these tight jeans before I change."
..."A killer might cross an international border carried in the arms of his mother."
...Cass struggled against her ropes ... Immediately he got an itch between his shoulder blades.
Cass laughed. "Everything will be okay, then. Doug will burst his ropes."
"That's the Incredible Hulk," Milo said slowly.
"But that's good, right?" She waited. "Right?"
"Sure," Doug said. He knew where Milo was going with this. It wasn't good.
"For Heaven's sake. I'll close my eyes, if that's what's bothering you."
He'd burst out of his clothes. That much was for sure.
"The first one whose ropes break will untie the others," Cass went on.
"The ropes won't break," Milo said softly. "They'll slice open his ankles and wrists. Then the same thing will happen to me." ... He'd bleed to death.
...A shower of earrings hit the floor, along with her nose stud.
"She did it!" Milo called.
A seven-year-old Cass with orange eyebrows sat in what looked like a heap of her mother's clothes ... She pulled her sweatshirt forward and looked down at her chest. "I'm flat."
His hands were almost numb, but he grabbed the shears from her and cut the ropes around his ankles. Just in time - sort of.
His clothes practically dissolved on his body. He was squeezed in the rags that remained.
...Milo was able to take off his clothes before he changed, so that gave Cass a full set.

More info on recent uploaded comics scans by Vended:

Adventures Into the Unknown
- (male adult to OA, male adult rejuved & AS) "When Time Stood Still", #61, time stop.
- (male mind transfer to boy self) "Fate Rides The Carousel", #83. He returns to his past and tries changing fate.
- (male adult rejuvenation) "Unknown Atoll", #93.
- (male adult rejuvenated) "The Thing In The Tube", #106.
- (male adult rejuvenated) "The Old Man of The Sea", #115.
- (male AR to baby) "The Fountain", #117.

- (male ARed) "Build Me A Machine", #53.

Journey Into Mystery
- (male adult to OA'd) "The Man Who Stopped Time", #27.
- (male AR AA) "How Harry Escaped", #40.
- (male adult rejuvenated, RNed, adult age disguised) "Behind The Mask", #48.
- (male adult rejuvenated) "The Genie With The Light Brown Hair", #76.

Journey Into Unknown Worlds
- (male adult rejuvenation) "The Missing Men", #28.

Star Trek
- (male ARs, OC) "The Youth Trap" (Gold Key) #8, Parts 1&2.
- (male AR, reverse lifespans) "World Against Time" (Gold Key), #42 Parts 1&2.

Strange World of Your Dreams
- (male adult dream image, unseen "ARed" appearance) "You Sent Us This Dream", #3.

Tales of the Unexpected
- (male adult rejuvenation) "The Four Seeds of Destiny", #8.

Wonder Woman
- (AA AR, costume fit, AA RN) "The Skyscraper Wonder Woman", #122.

Strange Suspense Stories
- (male adult rejuvenation) "The Elixir", #36. Alien elixir had side effect.
- (male adult rejuvenated, RNed) "Second Chance", #38.
- (adults rejuved) "To Live Again", #56.

2000 AD
- (reverse lifespans) "Kid's Stuff", #90, Future-Shocks.
- (male reverse lifespan to unseen unbirth) "The Reversible Man", #308, Time Twisters.
- (male AR) "Zenith" (extracts), #791-804. A parallel story subplot with AR to go along with the Zenith storyline (+ Another non-Zenith short extract of #1320 for convenience).

Action Comics
- (male adult OA, RN) "The Oldest Man in Metropolis", #251.
- (male AR) "The Babe of Steel", #284.
- (male AR) "I'm Going To Re-run Your Life", #464, 465, 466.

Adventure Comics
- (male AR OC, AR AA, AA RN) "The Menace of the Sinister Super-babies", #338.

- (adults rejuvenated) "The Fantastic Faces", #145, 3/1/1968. His parents were restored to adult vigor.

- (male adults aged) "Cuts Like a Knife", 1/28/2001, S4Ep12.
To solve overcrowding, the fast aging pill would age prisoners who are supposed to serve 20 years. The pill would take away 20 years of their lives, and they would be set free.

- (height measurements, AA FF) 2014 CM. They grow up so fast, remember every moment.
Video link - screencaps

Madou King Granzort
- Screencaps

Madou King Granzort
- (OA'd & APed, male AP slight UC, RN) AKA Madou King Guranzoto.
"If You Slip, You're An Adult!", "Subettara Otona!", Ep 34, 1990.
- The Esukimo villagers are old men. Each time you slip and fall on the ice you gain 10 years. Yokoshimado burns off ice in order to stay young, squeezing the youth from the villagers. No one dares scaling the ice castle for fear of the fall. A confrontation begins with The Immortal. With the gas release the villagers regain their youth.
- Vid link - Vid link - (Akira)

short films
- (male AP movie, male growth morphing, AA lifespan from birth to male old age)
Audrey Schebat, 2001.
- The life of a man from birth to death in a single shot. He flexes as his muscles swell and his moustache comes in a spurt.
- Video link - screencaps

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
- (male ARed AA poof) "The Real World" Part 2, S03Ep23, Ep75, 4/2/2005.
At the end, the Daimyo bemoans the loss of his adult son. Lord Simultaneous will demonstrate the good the Time Scepter can do in virtuous hands. The time lord turns the pile of ash that was the Ultimate Ninja into his 8-year-old self. The boy rushes to his father, crying about having an awful nightmare. The ruler hugs his son and explains that he too was having a bad dream, but now everything was going to be all right.
- Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

Camera Escondida
- (young adult to OA cut-away pranks) Troca De Atriz, c2013 street gags.
Young woman beckoning male pedestrians re-emerges from behind the van as crone.
- Video link - screencaps

short films
- (adult rejuvenation) 2012. An old woman transforms into a young woman.
Video link - info link - (Josh86)

La puberte
- (CoA, FF AP) 1995 line sketch pub. animation.
Video link @ 03m50s - screencaps

Becoming a teen
- (CoA, FF) UK, c2013, puberty changes.
Video link - screencaps

- (face age) - morph
- (face photo ages) - Photoshop rejuv edit - oa edit
- (FFed) - HBO Powerpuff Girls parody
- (TF variations) - creature AA - (Chriskim019) - male AP txt

Growing Up By the Book
- (CoA FF) c2014. Book trailer vid link - caps

short films
- c2014 caps

Today's info comes from the ArArchive comics scans gallery. All comics mentioned can be read HERE
- (Page scans were uploaded by Vended)

Weird Fantasy
- (male AR to baby) "Second Childhood", #16, 1950.

Twilight Zone, The
- (male AR to baby, feline AR) "Specter of Youth", #21, 1967.

Black Cat Mystic
- (mass ARed to babies aftermath, male AR to baby)
"A town full of babies", #60, 1946, Strange Suspense Tales.

House of Mystery
- (male AR to baby, male adult OA) "House Odds", #302, 1951.

House of Secrets
- (male adult face rejuv, male AR to baby) "To never grow old", #120, 1956.

Trigan Empire, The
- (male AR, male OA, male adult rejuv) "The Youth Serum", 1974, Mike Butterworth.

Mary Marvel
- (male adult rejuv, male OA) "The Youth Pills", 1947, #16.
The AR pill has no effect on the world's mightiest girl.

Black Magic
- (ARed to baby cut-away) "Strange Old Bird", #25.

Forbidden Worlds
- (preteen female analog) "The Time Destroyer", #14.
Alternate timeline. 15 year younger form of would-be fiancee.

Forbidden Worlds
- (male OA, AR, OA) "Strange Machine", #10.

Forbidden Worlds
- (adult mind swaps) "Click, Click, Went The Machine", #144.

Brain Boy
- (male AR to nothing) "The Strange Mr. Ozymandias", #3.

Adventures into the Unknown
- (old couple rejuvenated closer to newlyweds) "The Scrambler", #98.

Strange Suspense Stories
- (male AR) "The Kazmachine", v1 #72.

Tales of the Mysterious Traveler
- (male AR) "Greed", #5.

Tales of the Mysterious Traveler
- (male AR) "What Wilbur Saw...", #2.

Out of the Shadows
- (male AR OC) "Fountain of Fear", #11.

Forbidden Worlds
- (female AR OC, AA FFed RN) "My Strange Godfather", #58.

Out of This World Adventures
- (male AR to nothing) "Crom, the Barbarian" At the end, v1#1, 1950.

- (male AR) "The Thing in the Fens", #10.

Boy Comics
Yankee Longago
"The boy of to-day in the land of yesterday". Despite the shared main character, title and AR content, the two stories seem independent.
- (adult rejuvenation, male AR AA) - "The fountain of youth" #14, 1942.
- (male adult rejuv, male AR AA, male AA RN) - "The search for the fountain of youth", #23, 1942.

Weird War Tales
- (adult to old age) "Night of the Seminole", #88, 1960. Squaw was aged in canoe.

Witching Hour, The
- (AR AA illusion) "The Girl Who Grew Younger", #69.

Amazing Adult Fantasy
- (male AR) "The Secret of the Universe", v1 #11, 1962, Lee, Ditko.

Strange Adventures
- (male AR to nothing) "The Ghost Planet", #23.

Strange Adventures
- (male AR, RNed AA) "The Man Who Aged Backwards", #96.

Action Comics
- (AR AA, costume fit) "The Girl Superbaby", #260.

House of Mystery
- (female AR to baby, OC) "Forever Young", #287.

2000 AD
- (male adult rejuvenation, male AR OC) #77, 1978.
The main character's sidekick gets ARed in the second part ("The One-Way Trip") and remains in the story as a physically regressed character with an adult mind.

Tales to Astonish
- (male adult return to past adult self) "The Hands of Time", #36, 1959.

Tales to Astonish
- (male AR to nothing) "What Was The Strange Power of Simon Drudd?" Youth serum, #10, 1960.

Giant-Size Man-Thing
- (male AR OC) "GOOM! The Thing From Planet X!" #1.
The AR is a benign part of the storyline, but there's limited process.

Tales from the Crypt
- (male adult rejuv, male AR to nothing) "A Corny Story", #28, 1952.

Twilight Zone, The
- (male adult rejuv, adult rejuv and weight loss, adults OA RN )
"Cover Artist", #87, 1978.

Tom Strong
- (male and fem adult rejuved to grown teens, male ARed AA) "The Land of Heart's Desire", #14.

Forbidden Worlds
- (male adult AS, male OA'd, male ARed) "The Man from Ancient Greece", #42.

Whiz Comics
- (male multiple AR & OC scenes, police ARed) Captain Marvel, #13, 1940, "Sivana's Fountain of Youth". Many men were turned into boys that day before being AA'd.

Outer Limits, The
- (adult rejuv and later ARed) "Final Curtain", #13, 1964.

Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion
- (adult rejuv, RN to OA, male OA) "The Immortality Thieves", #7.

Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion
- (female adults age stasis, male adult to OA) "Generation Gap", #11. The pool is a fountain of youth.

House of Mystery
- (male adult rejuv, fem rejuv effect) "The Fountain of Youth", #36.

House of Mystery
- (male AR to baby) "Million-Dollar Magic", #201.

Scooby Doo
- (male adult AS, male AR OC, unseen male RN) "The Phantom of Youth", #8 - (Tazz)

Strange Tales
- (male AR OC) "The Treasure of Planetoid 12", #107.

Strange Tales
- (male adult rejuv and AR, male AA accelerated growth, male end swap) "The Pin", #2.

Strange Tales
- (male adult rejuv) "The Monkey Glands", #21.

Marvel Tales
- (male adult rejuv and male AR) "King of The World", #137.

Strange Tales Annual
- (male adult to OA) - "I Was The Invisible Man", #2.
- (male AR) - "I Was The Man Who Lived Twice", #2.

World of Fantasy
- (male adult rejuv) "The Clock Strikes Never", #18. Time travel back into his own past.

Marvel Team-Up
- (male adult AR to baby and nothing) "For A Few Fists More", #31. Spider-Man and Iron Fist.

Boris Karloff Tales Of Mystery
- (males ARed AA) "The Room That Never Grew Old", #14.

Haunt Of Fear, The
- (male 35 y.o. ARed AA, then OA'd AA to death) "Crypt of Terror: The Black Ferris", #18, 1950.

Strange Adventures
Captain Comet
- (reverse lifespans) "The Planet of Ancient Children", #42, 1954.
Soon after birth, Gleteans are quite large and also very old. They rejuvenate as their grandparents fade into babies.

Death Rattle
- (AA comic) "When I Grow Up", #18, 1988.
A strange game. Mental and apparent face age increases of the children only, RNed reset.

Adventures Into The Unknown
- (male rejuv and ARed, male AA RN to OA) "When Time Turned Back", #23.

teen spurts
- (FF AA teen rapid height increase) - 2013.
The photos are 16 months apart. Her height has rapidly shot up to 6'5".
- Sports news report - (Michael)

- (male cut-away APed) "Expect the unexpected" groeispurt.
2014 web ad. Growth spurts can be unexpected. Is your provider prepared?
- Video link - screencaps - (Louise)

- (apparent AA size-up?) "Monster Jam" Book 3. Kieran Flynn, 1998.
Sarah is the shortest 5th-grader on her basketball team. She has had it. After visiting a strange old rat-lady Sarah wishes that she was taller. The next day Sarah does begin to "grow" (it's not really growing but AA (?) size change?) and at first it improves her basketball skills. The only problem is that she keeps "growing" and "growing" and "growing". Sarah gains a huge new perspective on height.
- Cover - (A0040pc)

- (male TF AP effect, magic pants) "Soul Of A Giant", S01Ep07, 11/26/1994.
One of the heroes has a dream/flashback about his growth from a boy into a monster man as his father watches in horror. The muscle growth leaves little intact of his outfit.
- Source link @ about 3:50 - screencaps - (Male TF Blog)

Sony Handycam
- (AA FF timeline) 2009 CM. Experience Movie "Cam with me"
We follow a Japanese schoolgirl skipping from birth to Wedding Day.
- Video link - screencaps

Bookworm Turns, The
- (male bookworm TF AP effect, magic pants) 1940 MGM theatrical cartoon.
One of the better cartoon transformations from animation's golden age. Dr. Jekyll switches the brains of Poe's raven and a literal bookworm. He then compensates by making the bookworm grow into a giant brute. In the German dub his high pitched voice quickly became deeper and more powerful.
- Source link - screencaps - (Male TF Blog)

- (ARed cut-away dream sequences) - 2002 CM.
Mental image screencaps - (ArArchive)

- (FF) - screencaps

Second Puberty and You
- (AA FF) Collegehumor, 2014 - Video link - screencaps

short films
AA scenes
- age-up screencaps - vid link - caps Look at my body, my boobs are so big.

- (slight TF adult rejuv effect) "Last Fight", S4Ep3, 11/7/2014.
Brief. Renard's mother Elizabeth tastes a bit of Adalind's potion and transforms into Adalind and then Juliette. Transformation happens at 20:53 - (Jasobres)

- (tall preteen age disguise) - 10 y.o. looks older
- (male ARed face) - morph
- (male AA) - gag
- (adult gag "oa") - how Russians age
- (CoA documentary) - Tampax
- (boys only) - high school FF
- (slight FFed) - learning to walk
- (AA adult) - disguises

music videos
Ryn Weaver
- (AR AA poof glimpse) "OctaHate" - 2014.
Video link - screencaps

Smith Freeman
- (male AP incident) 09/23/2014.
Foquelleh, Panta District, Bong County, Liberia. Marcus N. Malayea:
- Residents were said to be in unbelievable shock when a 2-month-old boy grew into a full grown man and escaped into the bush. According to 16 y.o. mother Lorpu Kollie, the child tied on her back in lappa spoke to her. She told the Daily Observer that the child repeated his call to untie him and put him down.
"This was my first time seeing a two-month-old baby talking so clearly like a five year old child."
As soon as she put the baby down, the boy instantaneously began to grow into a full grown man!
Apparently, the boy had warned his mother not to reveal a dream. But she revealed the dream to her mother, Gormah Kollie. The boy said he was going back home because her mother had the power to drive away witchcraft.
The baby who grew into a man took away her lappa and made his way into the bush. Smith Freeman did not have any scar or deformity indicting he belonged to the dark world.
The father of the baby described the disappearance of his son as incredible and mind-blowing, saying he did not experience any apprehension about him being beyond a normal human being. The grandfather said the unexplained vanishing is the handiwork of the dark world. The situation could stigmatize his daughter and drive away any man who may wish to take her as a future wife. Traditional leaders advised people who made farms in the direction to which the baby escaped to stay away for a couple of days and observe.

Regina Blitz
- (OA) Italy c2014 CM.
Video link - screencaps - (Ark)

- (boy AP TF?) - There may be an upcoming new DaiRanger Sentai movie - (Akira)
- (canine) - AR - (Matt)
- (male adult) - face
- (adult age) - stasis

Totally Awesome
- (male AA mind swap, dad and son) 2006, VH1.
This is from a movie that makes fun of all the different tropes from the 1980s. 11 y.o. Max is working on his Science Fair project which results in a body exchange with dad, who then has a close encounter with mom. The son finds out she is actually his adopted mother and he sleeps with her in his dad's body. This is the first really "R"-rated body swap scene that I've come across involving a father and son swapping bodies!
- Video link - (Muscledrain)

Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu
- (AA battle upgrade TF scene, kinda like ARed disguised reversion)
Ep05, "The Third Twin-Tail!", 11/6/2014.
- 16 y.o. blond student council president Erina Shindo's glorious transformation sequence was just revealed. Pseudo-loli Erina-chan normally looks like a preteen, but using her "Tail Gear" she transforms into tall busty Tail Yellow. It includes well-detailed inner-suit breast expansion and butt expansion process scenes.
She joins Tail Red (16 y.o. male Soji Mitsuka, who TGs into a kawaii petite redhead) and Tail Blue (15 y.o. female Aika Tsube). All 3 are quite lovely with their long twin tails. Spoiler: Apparently Tail Black will join them in a future episode.
- It happens around 19:50.
- Extracted video link - screencaps
- (Tuxedo Will, Max_AP, Chriskim019)

Amazing Stories
- (male AA, male OA to youth mind swap) "Magic Saturday", S2Ep3.
A young boy and his ailing grandfather trade bodies for a day. This is the only instance in film or Tv I know of that shows a grandfather and grandson switching places.
- Video link - (Muscledrain)

Mighty Med
- (male AA age forms) "Growing Pains", S01Ep14.
I found a much better quality video of the age switch themed episode. In the other videos the submitter mixed the voices so they sounded really high pitched, but this is much better because his voice actually drops as an adult.
- Video link - (Muscledrain)

Wolf Among Us, The
- (AA ARed disguise, cutaway) "A Crooked Mile", Ch05, Ep03, 2013.
Graphic adventure game. Little girl was revealed to really be an old woman - Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

- (fem&male AP CB glimpse) "Pokemon Rare Candy" c2013? fan webcomic - Trick or Treat - (Vended, ArArchive)

anime time (theme)
- (FF) gag panels - characters

rejuvenation candies
- (adult stasis or reversal) Japan, c2014 - screencaps - (Turn White blog)

Bayonetta 2
- (AR AA) Just like in Bayonetta 1 there is once again an AR poof in 2. The protagonist is devoured.
Video link - screencaps - (Sparda)

celeb face FF
- Starlet Sequences - (Brian)

Power Rangers Zeo
- (male AA young adult to old) Billy's aging and goodbye. He was written out.
Video link - screencaps - (Thomas)

short stories
Amelia Reynolds Long
- (male AR, unseen RN, adult rejuv) "A Leak in the Fountain of Youth", 8/1936, Astounding Stories.
Brilliant biochemist invented serum to reverse the aging process. His old college chum shows up on the lam from the police in a case of mistaken identity. O'Flannigan offers to make him look 16 years old again.
Due to a miscalculation, Lindstrom is regressed to a baby, and O'Flannigan must hire nurse Miss McGillicuddy to look after him. When the police catch the real bank robber, O'Flannigan tries to fire McGillicuddy, but she is suspicious.
The man grows back undescribed in a moving vehicle.
"Instead of an equine forty-odd, Miss McGillicuddy was now a coltish twenty-one!"
- link part 01 - link part 02 - link part 03 - (Time, JeffR)

- (male AA FF) - shirt - (Matt)
- (adults AA FF) - Brown Sisters - (Matt)
- (face aging) - 10 years isaBelle
- (FF) - toddler time
- (slight dance) - AA FF
- (male adult) - UCed
- (puberty) - info diagram @ 2:35.
- (backwards life) - problems

short stories
I Love You, But ...: 40 Fights Between Husbands and Wives
- (male growth anomaly) Colm Liddy, 2010.
She had read of how the hypnotic trance held the human body in suspension ... When the hypnosis was broken...the boy's eyes opened... Then something truly grotesque began to happen. His boyish body, held in suspension so long, was instantly impelled to take on the proper form of a sixteen-year-old.
The boy's arms rose up under the pressure of... rapidly elongating bones. Under the blanket too, his legs began to stretch. Yet matter cannot be instantaneously created. The body was attempting to restructure along adolescent lines using the smaller amount of flesh and bone of a six-year-old. The result was that skin across his chest began to split and leak blood. Muscles ruptured everywhere, even as their ligaments were pulled past the breaking point. From the boy's cheeks poked through a fuzz of hairs, joining to form a beard, while the skin itself collapsed away beneath it...
The spindly right arm was outstretched ... the boy finally fell back onto the pillow.

Der kleine Konig Dezember
- (male reversal) Axel Hacke, Sowa, 1993, "Little King "
The eponymous king is met as a shrinking miniature creature, reaching the end of his backwards life and imparting wisdom.

short stories
Robert Bloch
- (adult rejuvenation, AR to babyhood) "You Can't Kid Lefty Feep", 1943, Fantastic Adventures.
Gangsters want to sell water from the Fountain of Youth to give released criminals a new lease on life, but are reverted to infancy.
- Story link - (Entropic, Time)

short stories
Clifford D. Simak
- (mental reversion) "Second Childhood", Galaxy, 2/1951.
Purely a mental AR Story about an immortal who wants to regress - (Jeffr_2bya)

short stories
Damon Knight
- (AR?) "This Way to the Regress", 1956.
AKA "Backward, O Time" - (JeffR_2bya)

short stories
J. G. Ballard
- (time-reversed life) "Time of Passage", 2/1964.
The logical conclusion is a return to the womb.

- (very slow age reduction) Dan Simmons, 1989. Much emotional anguish is wrung from the predicament of a girl regressing physically and mentally to babyhood.

short stories
Gerald Kersh
- (male AR) "Note on Danger B", 4/5/1947, Saturday Evening Post.
Air pilots flying at very high speed regress towards youth; one crashes as a boy of 9 or 10.

Wizard of Id
- (male AR AA poofed) 10/28/2014 daily funnies - 3-panel gag - (Tazz)

short stories
Galaxy Magazine
- (FF) Vol37, 01, 1976.
Snippet: Their bodies were melting and altering almost while Bart watched, flesh inflating and stretching over elongating bones; boys' faces sprouting elementary whiskers while their voices deepened, girls' breasts growing, girls' legs curving and rounding to spell out disturbing...

Teen Titans Go!
- (AR AA poofed) "Halloween", 2014.
The Titans were AA'd back into kids again to renew the spirit of Halloween. I know most do not like cartoon AR, but it seems more apparent in cartoons than anywhere else. I look at them for ideas for stories - (Steven)

short stories
Richard Matheson
- (accelerated world) "Mantage", Science Fiction Showcase, anth 1959.
The protagonist's life fast-forwards as a literal movie of just 85 mins duration - with all Sex discreetly elided in conformity with the era's cinematic mores.

short stories
Gene Wolfe
- (time compression) "Forlesen", Orbit 14, anth 1974.
Metaphorical time distortion telescopes human life into a day or less.

short stories
Robert Coover
- (time acceleration AA) "Going for a Beer" 3/14/2011, The New Yorker.

short stories
Elizabeth Hand
- (time jumps) "Kronia", Conjunctions, Fall 2002.
Our child was born, died, grew old, walked for the first time. Sometimes your hair was gray, sometimes black.

My Emma
- (FF AA) 2014 mobile game, CrazyLabs, Android and iOS casual gameplay.
In which you will adopt a baby and take care of her and watch her grow into a beautiful girl, feed, bathe, dress her up, care for her & more - (GamePlayTV)

Ben 10: Omniverse
- (AR) " It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World" Part1, 2014.
Later in the episode, an evil chronosapian turns a bystander into a baby. Possibly more in part2 or next season which is the Time War - (Steven)

short stories
C. L. Moore
- (backwards life) "The Code", 7/1945 Astounding. Writing as Lawrence O'Donnell.
Part of the surprisingly popular life-in-reverse subgenre.

short stories
Michael Swanwick
- (backwards life) "Foresight", Summer 1987, Interzone.

short stories
Geoffrey A Landis
- (backwards life) "Jamais Vu", 3/1991, Interzone.

short stories
Damon Knight
- (backwards life) "Fortyday", 5/1994, Asimov's.

- (kinda sorta looks like UC or CB) Art photo models posing in artfully torn clothing.
- Collage - Collage

short stories
Fritz Leiber
- (reverse life) "The Man Who Never Grew Young", Night's Black Agents, 1947.
Humans grow younger as their time on Earth grows longer, sloughing off responsibility and wisdom as they head toward the carefree years of youth and childhood.

Sex in a Bottle
- (dedicated AR, AP comic) 2014, 38p, $9.99.
Sedna Studio. By the Yard Work art team! A classic mother/daughter role reversal.
- Single mom Karen is struggling to control unruly teen daughter Jessica, while trying to jumpstart her dormant social life. Frustrated with being short and skinny, Jessica orders a new growth formula called Sex in a Bottle. The formula works so well, Karen tries another product - Youth in a Bottle. Soon the balance of power starts to shift!
Part 01 of a two part comic.
- Purchase link - (Dreamtales)

Vampire Princess Miyu
- (male AR OC) Ep17. Man into baby around 4:40. He was entrusted to the waves.
Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

short films
AA scenes
- (age-up poofs) 2013.
Vid link - caps
Vid link - caps

Nanatsu no Taizai
- (female size increase CB) "The Seven Deadly Sins", Nakaba Suzuki, 2012>
Prolonged rage causes females to expand under their clothes - extracts - (Process)

Saved by the Bell
- ("oa'd" FF dream sequence) "Rent-a-Pop", S2Ep7, 1990. A "Rip van Winkle" scene.
Zack thinks he can fool the principal by hiring an actor to impersonate his Dad? What a dumbass. He imagined himself grounded for 70 years.
- Rifftracks episode link - screencaps - (Deniz)

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
- (old age AA) The adults-only aging monster zaps random citizens in the city - screencaps

- (male adult face) - Reverse aging 15-yr portrait sequence
- (male adult hair) - beard/plant FF
- (AA curse) - AA glimpse @ 5:40 age-up

Captain Planet and the Planeteers
- (16 to 21 AA age-up) - screencaps

short films
male AR poof
- Face caps

TF bounce
- (dedicated AA BE AP) There is only one type. When secondary sexual characteristics are brought forward in time, their rapid "expansion" will cause them to jiggle as part of the fan service. Orthopedic enlargement (limbs, torso) or pubic hair are undepicted - UFO Princess screencaps

short films
male adult AA
- (poof) 2014 Vid link - caps

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AP text fragments 153 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too or were removed
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash forward in time
TF: transformation

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