Aging Transformation Scenes

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A site about ageshifters, girls outgrowing their clothes, and every other male and female age transformation.

fetish films
Kuikomu! Hamidasu! Yabukeru! Bakunyu bakushiri chiisai fuku paradise
- (dedicated APed aftermath, some UCed)
“Bite! Expose! Rip! Paradise of Huge Boobs and Ass in Tight Clothes: 120-cm K-cup Jun Minami"
- GAS-272, "small clothes paradise", 2/23/2013, 140 mins.
Though everything was normal yesterday, Jun Minami had become big when she woke up in the morning. She wants to dress in 130 cm children's clothes at a height of 170 cm. Small clothes distort the large breasts and butt. They will protrude from the clothing of the past, and the small bra won't fit anymore. The sailor uniform is shortened, and an A-cup bra can't much hide the nipples.
Small clothes emphasize the huge tits and ass. They are not easy to take off for sex. Stretched yarn and straining buttons pinch the new boobs. They press with great force, and are torn by the massage. Her small swimsuit from the last year of school has ripped! Looking for outfits to enclose her form was hard.
CAUTION: not safe for work:
- school uniform - swimsuit - sailor uniform - shirts - collages & cover.

Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, The
- (male FFed) "Test of Time", S4, 10/15/2004.
In the future, old Billy has almost finished his homework - card - (Richard)

- (AA AP, pregnancy FF, weight issues) "La piel se estira", c2014, Genomma Lab.
You can get stretch marks for a LOT of reasons: getting older, getting pregnant, and gaining weight. The first two through stopmotion cuts/blurs, the third through CG.
- Video link - gif - new screencaps - (WackyWildTvAds, super man)

Wayward Girl
- (dedicated AR CGI comic) 04/2016 project, Oni story, Areg editing/Poser art.
A fleshed out version of the Little Trip story adaptation with female AR to childhood and infancy, some mental AR, some female AP, role reversal, and lots of humiliation fun with emotional subtlety.
- Purchase link - (Areg5, Dark Oni)

Banco Popular
- (male AA TF to boy, teen, and men) "E para si", c2012, Portugal.
Though the speaker's voice doesn't change, he becomes many people with different faces, hair, and outfits gently edited in.
He transforms from his business self to a variety of dudes; a welder, a woman, a boy, a teenager, a factory manager, and changes ethnicities before returning.
In some demask morphing CMs the person's hair comes down in layers, or flops down, the clothes stuff themselves away, and there's more squash/stretching. Here the clothes are folded in and out and peeled off, hats rise from the back, etc. The hair doesn't flop from sudden lengthening: the full length is revealed by linear unfading.
- Video link - gif - (FunkyRowanPixie, WackyWildTvAds)

INCAA International Film Festival
- (face TF morphs, young and old adult) "Vamos al Cine", 2013.
A woman in closeup changes ethnicities and hairstyles at the cinema. Hair falls and pulls back up.
- Video link - gif - (FunkyRowanPixie, WackyWildTvAds)

Candy Max
- (male expansion, burstout CB) Super Pulpazo, c2003.
A boy trying the candy grows muscularly smooth, and his shirt and sleeves burst. Next scene? He's back to normal in ripped clothing.
- Video link - gif - (WackyWildTvAds)

Honglingjin yu wangxiaoming
- (AA TF scene, tomboy power-up to adult combat form)
Chinese anime series "Red scarf and Wang Xiaoming", Ep1, c2015.
- She AA's into a buxom cyber warrior to protect her friend from bullies. A mysterious boy inserts a USB in her scarf to trigger the TF. The process is on the vague side, but the before/after difference is vivid.
- Video link @13:15 - screencaps - (Chriskim019)

Open Universities Australia
- (adults chibi forms, kinda slightly like "ARed") "Your Best Days are Ahead of you", c2014, The Sweet Shop.
Adults with heads, eyes, and other features morphed larger look a bit like kids with these proportions. They talk to the camera about entering a job and waking years later realizing they've been stuck. Woman's face was morphed to give the impression she was still a kid in terms of artistic-professional development.
- Video link - screencaps - (WackyWildTvAds)

- (young adults to OA'd) "Skin Deep", S05Ep15, 4/1/2016, 103.
A beauty regimen proves deadly for a young woman, who seems to have aged 70 years when Nick and Hank find her lifeless body. Unfortunately there wasn't much process. They did have Summer get a wrinkle, then made her up to look like her late 40s, but they just showed her aging hands and arms before we see her dead body. The only other victim was a young man. The main process was on a doctor who bought the youth jelly from the criminal Wesen. He became addicted and at first appeared younger, before looking like a plastic surgery addict - 03 - (Merlin, Fan2000, Eric)

- (adult fast forward to middle age, preg swell)
"Flexible Cash - You VS Master Plan", 2013.
- As time passes, things will happen that you can't plan for, and a new photo is taken of life at that moment. The herald of the first kid is a puffy sound effect alongside his beau's belly cupping out in a nice 'jump' effect that goes with the narration. At 0:30 she says, "It's twins!" and her flat belly immediately poofs to a larger size. Back in the full cut, it swells more for the second twin. Everybody looks at the camera for the gag.
- Video link - screencaps - (Stormr, WackyWildTvAds)

- (male ARed to past) - "Mujaki no Rakuen" Japanese colorized chapter - (Akira)
- (dedicated APed story series) - "Class Project" ACT II - Chapter 07 - Chapter 08 - Chapter 09
- (male CoA) - "Boy meets World" s02 "Who's Afraid of Cory Wolf?"
    When sprouting body hair he thinks he's becoming a werewolf - (Richard)
- (face ff) - ap morph - (oc) - coat

La Corona Magica
- (adult rejuvenated) 1989-90 series.
Evil Queen Idun steals the blue crystal and transforms from an old hag into a beautiful young woman:
Is that you your majesty? You are unrecognizable!
You've done a great job, servant, an excellent job! The effects are permanent, aren't they!
That's true, you will keep your beauty forever! Only another blue crystal could turn you as ugly as before!
Watch your tongue! I've never been ugly!
Maybe she returns to an old hag later?
- Episode link - caps - (Chriskim019, Captain Ash, The AP Ninja)

- (male head age swapped) "Vic2Terry", c2010, LawCreative+.
A man flashbacks to the 1950s as a boy, with a quick shot of his young self having his modern head overlaid in the past - basically young body, old head and thoughts.
- Vid link - caps - (WackyWildTvAds)

Powerpuff Girls, The
- (AA'd to OA) "The Wrinklegruff Gals", 2016 series, S01Ep12.
To fit in with the big kids at their new school, the girls consume a potion that AA's them too far, and they find themselves turned into senior citizens of the same size - caps - (Tazz)

smoking (hazard)
- (adult face to oa) c2014. Each puff will age you. gif

Orientacion Sexual Para Ninos y Ninas
- (CoA FF) Animated, c1990s - gif

short films
AR (tropes)
- (poofed) c'14 deleted class short screencaps

- Previously capped 2005 Kool Aid CM in a block of ads (02:26).
Young girl turns into mom while drinking Kool Aid. Her clothes morph with as she ages. "The same Kool Aid you loved as a kid you can love even more as a mom" - (Brendan)

five years older
- (FF pics) c'15, ages 6 and 11 side by side class photos - screencaps

- (past/future selves, body swap) c1990s. A kid with a lab experiment inadvertently sent his grandmother back in time when she went in the lab. Her younger self was sent forward to the present day as a preteen girl - (super man)

short films
L'esprit de l'enfance
- (AA age form cuts) 2015 video link - screencaps

birthday video projects
- (annual FFed tradition) c'15. The focus shifts above the neck during puberty - caps

- (adult height) product. c'15 screencaps

- (adult height) product. c'15 - caps - caps

caps - old clothes are slightly too short now
caps - my old school shirt still fits but the skirt became too tight
caps - dressup in my old uniforms that still fit?
jeans - though made of the toughest fabrics they are the first to rip when outgrown

Between the Darkness and the Dawn
- (young adult to middle age, mental timeskip) 1985 Tv movie.
17 y.o. Elizabeth Montgomery falls into a coma and wakes 20 years later (though Montgomery was 52 when she played the part, which adds to the age effect). Some GREAT aged scenes, including when she finally sees herself in the mirror after waking and wondering why she looks so old as she thinks she is still 17. Some good scenes of her having to figure out how to dress her new age, to feeling only comfortable around teenage girls, to not recognizing her little sister in her 30s and her former boyfriend, etc. She is a 37 year old virgin too.
- Video link - (Agingwomen)

short films
- (cuts) c'15 - caps - caps

cycle of life (theme)
- (FF cuts) c'13 - caps

- (unseen male AA TFed AR, male AA RN TF "AP" morph)
"Myriad", S01Ep19, 4/11/2016.
- Hank (Martian Manhunter) and Alex (Supergirl's adopted sister) are running from the law while looking for Alex's supposed dead father. We see Alex wearing a blonde wig next to an 8 y.o. boy, who we soon find out is Hank in disguise (he can shapeshift). Later we see him revert back to his normal form. He "ages up" and becomes black, the race Hank is - (Tazz)

- FF - FF - FF - FF - FF

- (adult oa CGI) c'15 stock clip caps - caps

fetish films
Growth Fetish Daughter Of Scientist
- (dedicated adult "CBed" aftermath) Alyssa Reece, '16.
Alyssa is tired of her father keeping his experiments from her. She found a strange bottle in his lab. After careful consideration she turns on the camera, takes the lid off, and takes several sips. Her body starts "GROWING". Her top rips apart and her breasts make their way out of confinement. She feels POWERFUL. Her pants start to rip as her bulging thighs break free - Purchase

fetish films
- (dedicated adult "APed" aftermath) - "I am the scientists and teach girl", KateRoss, '16.
I am teaching the girl who just was a baby and is now a woman how to use her sexy body - Purchase
- (dedicated adult "APed" aftermath) "Another girl growing fast", KateRoss, '15.
The sequel to the first one: - Purchase
- (dedicated adult weight "burstout") - Purchase

- Cutie - Daniele - Daniele - Daniele - Miley

Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheats
- (AR OC poof, male AA AP poof) 1983 CM.
Cop and bride reverted, athlete progressed.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

- (male teen weight gain CB) "Say cheese and die again"
screencaps - gif - (Richard request)

- (face age illusion, shadow effect)
2007-2013 UK teen drama followed a group of "teens" through the years of sixth form - gifs

Dexter's Laboratory
- (male TF)
"Hunger Strikes", S2Ep9, 8/6/1997. Dexter hulks out to crave vegetables.
"Monstory", S01Ep39, '96. Dexter and Dee Dee AA into giant monsters - info link - (Richard)

Myriad Colors Phantom World
- (male ARed & RN CB) Ep11 "Tiny Haruhiko-kun".
Video link - screencaps - gif - (Entropic)

- Steffi - Steffi 9 to 12 only

- (then/now) - couple - lynda - (Matt)
- (BE'd report) - "StoryTime: My Breast Development", '15, a timeline of my breast size - purchase - (DestinyDiaz)
- (creature FF) - comic
- (dedicated AP) - patron CGI - (Areg) - (celebs) - FF

Final Fantasy XV
- (male AA age forms) 2016, Square Enix.
Noctis Lucis Caelum and his friends journey to retrieve the kingdom's crystal and defeat Niflheim.
Video link @ 14:40 - screencaps - (Akira)

- (male FF APed UC) Easy Button campaign, "Billy", 2005.
Parents in the desert find their son all grown up with a beard, long hair, and his clothes too small because they neglected to buy school supplies. It turns out to be a dream of course.
- Video link - screencaps - (Richard)

Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, The
- (male young adult, animated muscle TF) 2002.
They imagine themselves as mighty superheroes.
Video link - screencaps
Video link - screencaps
- (Richard)

text fragments
House of Mouse
- (male anthros age disguised) "Music Day", Ep33, Toon Disney, 2002.
Mickey Mouse found out that male fowl preteen band "Quackstreet Boys" broke up after an argument. He, Donald, and Goofy must impersonate the band until they can get them back together - 01 - (Richard)

Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids
- (AA OA'd aftermath glimpse) "The Childhood Snatcher", S2Ep6 - Vid link - caps

- (exc. gag panel) - puberty - (pregnant) - time

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 3
- (AA fusion TF, "18 to 21") Ep24, "Secret of Planet Guardiana", 1981.
Star Blazers: The Bolar Wars, Space Battleship Yamato 3, Space Cruiser Yamato, Cosmoship Yamato.
She combines with the queen mother to become a new queen, an adult lady from a younger form.
- Screencaps - (Akira)

Big Splash Two, The
- (dedicated AP/AR/GTS/SM comic) - 3/2016, 48p, $11.99, The Pepper Pair.
A group of friends go swimming in a remote lake that makes them shrink and grow. Poor little Kristen is sorry she tagged along with older sister Megan and her pals. They're just too grown up for her! But the swimming girls start having trouble keeping their bikinis on. Soon Megan and her friend are shrinking while Kristen grows bigger and sexier. The guys find themselves mountain climbing in an unusual place!
Kristen's starting personality and "before" body were great. Her initial growth was depicted over a few panels. Additional panels show Kristen's giantess growth. Her breasts did not grow that big in proportion. When they did seem to grow, they seemed to shrink back in subsequent panels. At 8' or so Kristen's head should probably not be twice the size of a 6' guy's.
- Purchase link - (Dreamtales, Hunter S. Creek)

Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers
- (AA AP cutaway, AA RN APed) - "Hogday Afternoon" Part 2, S3Ep43, 2/17/1996.
Khanya Mkhize: child - Nakia Burrise: adult.
- Master Vile reversed time and turned the Power Rangers into children. Yellow Ranger Aisha Campbell traveled to Africa and encountered young Tanya Sloan. Aisha wished to stay in Africa to save the animals, so Tanya agreed to return in her place. When the five Zeo subcrystals were reunited, Tanya became a beautiful grown teenager, along with the other Rangers. It was weird for her because she was truly a kid. She comments there is stuff she has to get used to. Aisha also became a grown teenager again in Africa.
As for the only question that matters: what happened to her clothes? Well, it appears the Saban production company wardrobe department enlarged her tribal dress to fit absolutely perfectly. The same happened for blurry Aisha in Africa, who appears to wear larger overalls.
- Tanya - Aisha - Rangers - Both
- Partial trailer link - (Tazz)

- (adult growth product) c'16 before/after

Getty Images
- (male face FF) - change

- (AA poof TFs, 14 to 18, TG poof below the neck)
"Transformed", Andy Pancho, 2012.
- Video link - screencaps - (super man)

Ultraman X: Here It Comes! Our Ultraman
- (male grown-up age form) 2016, Tiga show.
Ultraman X The Movie, Gekijo-ban Urutoraman X kita zo! Ware-ra no Urutoraman.
- Trailer link - (Akira)

Magic boy Majo Lian
- (AA M2F TG TF APed) Atsuko Ishida, shounen manga.
- Extracts - (Akira)

- (face ages) - Snapchat faceswap - (male) - face - (Matt)
- (mother/adult daughter) - comparison
- (adult FF) - 4 women over 40 years: Brown Sisters - (StanKyle&Cartman)

Myriad Colors Phantom World
- (male AR, male RN AP CB) Ep11, "Tiny Haruhiko-kun", 3/17/2016.
Musaigen no Fantomu Warudo.
- At night, Haruhiko is repairing a mysterious device. Looking for tools in the closet, he finds an essay written as a child. The next morning his body is smaller! With no memory of being a teenager, he heads to junior school. It is decided he should still attend high school classes. Haruhiko realizes Mai is struggling, and does his best to be as little trouble as possible. Unable to protect Mai from a Sandbox Phantom, Haruhiko wishes to revert. She is shocked Haruhiko is only in his underwear, having outgrown his clothes. Mai wonders if his powers made him younger because he never experienced childhood fun. The girls tease him about how cute he was.
- Trailer link - caps - (Akira)

- (CoA) 1990s.
Enciclopedia educacion sexual.
Escuela de padres - la sexualidad humana.
La pubertad en las mujeres.
La pubertad en los hombres.
- Unsorted screencaps - gif page

Senran Kagura: New Wave
- (AP CB cuts) 2016 Valentine event, mobile game.
Only 2 shots of the mystical heroines transformations.
- Murakumo - Yomi - Kagari
- Cover - (Suning)

- (adult face appearance increase) 4/2015 CM.
Fatigue "ages" women an average of 5 years throughout a typical working day... however Miracle Sleeping Cream can change everything.
- Story link - 01

- (male Nudity CoA) Goteborg library, 1999.
The tension of a boy becoming a man. Uneven feet symbolize sudden growth spurts - sculpture - (Matt)

Incredible Hulk Instant Muscles
- (male TF simulated) 1979. Inflatable "muscles" turn any boy into a behemoth - cover

mirror memes
- (adult face reflections) Your reflection can look older or younger than you - stock art

- (CoA metaphor) "dancing" postcard, c'15. She meets the person she's becoming - art

short films
fast forward (trope)
- (AA FF) Match Cut where a person's normal aging over time is symbolized by a scene where it appears they "grew up" in a cut/fade while reprising an activity. The same character may also wear similar hairstyles and (larger) clothes at different ages.
short films
Love start from friendship - touching heart movie
- Vecteur17, 2013.
Video link - screencaps - gif
Mediacorp Channel 8
- Growing Up Girl (Mandarin), 2009 CM, Singapore.
Video link - screencaps - gif
- (super man)

- (male FF AA) 2015. Video link - screencaps

fetish films
Genius Teen Grows Bigger
- (dedicated adult AA) 1/11/16, 10:32, $10.99.
Ashley is still viewed as a "kid", no one takes her seriously. Her parents still think they can ground her! Ashley wants to be bigger so adults will respect her. A special formula will make her grow up. As she sits on her bed, her appearance begins to transform. First her hair, then her face and finally her outfit. Ashley stands to get a better look. She must only be college aged. She begins to transform to a professional age where adults have to take her seriously. She didn't realize her boobs would get so big and such a sexy body. Her pants get uncomfortably tight. Ashley realizes she is growing in size! - Purchase link

Come Back Ahjussi
- (male adult mind transfer into younger adult) '16 Kdrama, SBS.
Two middle-aged men come back in the bodies of a young man and a young woman - Trailer link - (Hektor)

Batman: Bad Blood
- (male self-image "ARed") 2016.
Mad Hatter makes Batman hallucinate about the night his parents were murdered. He is a man but his reflection shows him as a young boy.
Also the main villain is Batman's clone through unseen accelerated aging - (Tazz)

Cicada Prophecy, The
- (age stasis) "Rise of the Immortals". J.R. McLeay, 2014.
In a futuristic society you have your pituitary removed at age 11 so you never get any older and live forever. You have to wear hormone replacement patches. The entire world is made up of seemingly 11 y.o. people running around.
The children are given the choice: mature, become adults, and eventually die, or stay young forever. The state is very heavy handed in basically forcing the parents to comply. Obviously, there aren't a lot of real kids anymore. Very few in vitro births. Also disturbing is the fact that these... they call them juveniles... have sexual intercourse. They are adults in mind, just not in body. Thankfully those parts are not graphic, more mentioned in passing - (Areg5)

- (male adult muscle) - Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger #05, 3/13/16, zoo ranger trailer - (Akira)
- (FF avatar) - Life: The Game review - (AA poof) - gain
- (adult faces) - music legends - (male adult weight) - loss
- (male adult) - face - face
- (dedicated TF poofs) - Gallery - (The Vanishing Boy)
- (FFed) - vine - (adult AS) - review - (baby) - silhouettes

Smurfs, The
- (males ARed) "The Fountain of Smurf", 11/7/1981, 17.
A deer drinks from a pool and they see it regress in some detail into a fawn. They pay the ogre with a book for the drink. Papa Smurf drank the present offstage, and turned into a kid. They need the book to turn him back. After recruiting Gargamel for help, he and the ogre fall in the pool and revert, and Papa Smurf is restored offscreen - (Time2)

Lovestruck: The Musical
- (AR) Jane Seymour wants to become a musical star, but her daughter quits the show to marry a rich man.
Because her leg is in pain from dancing injuries, she takes a liquid in a bathroom stall that turns her 22 again. Good dance number to celebrate her restoration of youth. Her divorced husband is reduced to her age as well, and a great aunt is turned into a child. All offscreen, but it is handled well, especially the great aunt with loose clothing! - (Time2)

Love, American Style
- (male adult mentally reverted) "Love and the Hypnotist", S2Ep3, 10/9/1970.
A hypnotist at a pre-wedding party makes groom Rich Little regress mentally into a 3-year-old whenever he hears a certain sound. Guess what happens at the wedding repeatedly? - (Time2)

Fantasy Island
- (adult rejuvenated) "World's Most Desirable Woman", 75, S04Ep13, 1/31/1981.
Older woman wants to show up her husband who runs a girly magazine. Roarke takes her to the Fountain of Youth, which she enters as bubbles surround her. She emerges in a swimming pool wearing a well-fitting bikini as a 21 year old. After enticing the husband he suspects something, but he only realizes who she is at the end. They leave the island with her still being 21 because they can't restore her, with the husband following her and wondering how he can keep up with this hottie. Barbi Benton plays the woman at both ages with makeup - (Time2)

Arcene series
- (age stasis) Al K. Line, 2015, dystopian.
Arcene controlled her body chemistry to lock her physical age at 15, although her actual age was 22. Because of the chemical balance she would in many regards also remain 15 in spirit. She didn't mind, it meant she was always full of energy and perpetually inquisitive. Some would call it naughty; Arcene liked to think of it more as being curious.

- (adult FF) "Good Luck". 2015 CM showing a woman working over time.
Video link - screencaps - (StanKyleAndCartman, Agingwomen)

Ben 10: Omniverse
- (male alien AR AA fades) "For a Few Brains More", 11/30/2013, Ep39.
Albedo stole Azmuth's brain. At the end Albedo reverts back to his evil twin version of Ben 10, who is 16 years old, then changes again into a 10 y.o. version of Ben.
- Video link - screencaps - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (baby face FF) Tetsuro Ueda app, 2015. Baby growth diary engine based on an intuitive picture-a-day calendar interface.

Dave Engledow
- (slight FF) 2010-. Father Daughter comical portraits.

- (face FF) 2015 Apple App, facial time-lapse/stop motion video creator.

fetish films
Lolillyta Grows Up
- (dedicated adult chubby nudity aftermath) 11/7/15, 09:06, $8.99.
I wake up again - these growth spurts have changed my body! Watch me explore my new more womanly curves - Purchase link

Before Your Very Eyes
- (CoA) 11/2015, the Gob Squad.
A handful of children from about 10 to 15 play behind a see-through partition. For the next 70 minutes we watch as the children "grow up" before our very eyes, playing dress up, and going through stages. A meditation on life and death, reflecting our lives back to us. Prerecorded video of the children asking their "older" selves if they still dream and hope. Teen angst, adult cynicism, older adult resignation.

muscle growth comic
- (male dedicated muscle TF AP) Vid link - (Akira)

- (male age denial, UC) 2009 online storage CM.
The parents have lost his baby photos, so they have to recreate them now that he's older.
- Video link - screencaps

short films
Inner Child
- (ARed during cutaway, OC) 2016.
Wanna Play? A diabolical plan has been set in motion. It's never wise to ignore your inner child.
- Video link - screencaps - (FARfan)

Alice Through the Looking Glass
- (canine AR glimpse) 2016 trailer - gif - (FARfan)

- (adult to OA) - screencaps - (Tazz)

Amazing World of Gumball
- (AA anthro age forms) - caps

Sofi Crece
- (doll AP) - vid link - link - gif

- (FF) cgi caps

- (shadow FF) 2011, 10-year bulbs CM, silhouette caps - vid link

text fragments
short films
AA FF ("through the years" themes)
- (lifetime stories) "A Love Story", 2012 - Video link - (super man)

Wrong Sister, The
- (dedicated AR/AP/SW/GTS tale) - "The Wrong Sister", 2016, art by Yuan, 30p, $9.99.
A love triangle with multiple fantasies. Rob is caught between two sisters. Sexy younger sis Kelly will make out with him if he'll date skinny little Amy. Rob's fantasies soon take over, as he imagines that the sisters regress to kids, grow to giantesses, and shrink to doll size. But Kelly and Rob fall for each other.
1-cell AP of Kelly with Amy still regressed. When Yuan gets it right, he gets it RIGHT, though Palcomix has more consistent character design.
- Purchase link - link - link
- (Dreamtales Comics, Godleydemon, VoltTron, 10th man down)

short stories
Mindi Flyth
- (dedicated TG ARed eBook) - "The Samantha-Morphosis: He Became a Little Girl", 2016.
26,000+ words. Sam wakes to find himself transformed into a 5 y.o. girl with a face like an angel. As a busy sales executive, if Sam doesn't change back into a grown man soon, it will ruin everything! Somebody's dressing him in pretty little princess outfits, his kid sister is treating him like her kid sister, and he keeps calling his parents Mommy and Daddy! A surreal, dark, funny and sweet short novel of personal transformation.
- Purchase link - trailer link - (Filthymind)

short stories
Courtney Captisa
- (dedicated TG adult rejuv) - "2 TG Age Regression Stories Bundle: For The Better!", 2016.
Purchase link

short stories
Vicky Innes
- (dedicated TG AR)
"Joel's New Life As His Wife's Little Girl (Magical Age Regression and Gender Swap Fantasy Book 1)".
2015, 48p - Purchase link

- ("oa" edit) - tutorial - (adult FFed) - "Goldfinger" Bond Girl Shirley Eaton after 50 yrs - (MySpecialFX)
- (then & now) - architectural comparisons
- (male) - face - (celeb theories) - xkcd - (celeb ffed) - theory
- (age stasis) - story prompt - (marriage) - 12 & 65
- (Matt)

- (mind transfer) 2003 CM. Young daughter activates her brain switcher. Very brief scene of dad playing fetch with the dog in the son's body.

Lifelapse (male photo projects)
- (boys only) c2015, male teen changes. Some growth can be seen.
Video link - gif
Male face video link

Fresh Beat Band of Spies
- (AR) "Fresh Beat Babies", Ep20, 1/22/2016.
Squee Z. Dumpkins is back in town, and Commissioner Goldstar and other people are turned into super cute babies. The spies must stop her before the city becomes baby town - (Soltiger)

fetish films
Overnight Development
- (dedicated APed, basically AA) Ashley Alban, 10:23, 9/9/15, 1GB, $10.99.
Ash wakes before school and realizes she has adult breasts now. Her shorts feel really tight and her panties barely cover half her butt. Plus she is definitely taller, at least 7 or 8 inches. Ash worries her school uniform won't fit. She tries on her skirt, but must wear it high on her waist. Her butt peeks out of the bottom, and with her longer legs, it is much too short now. Her shirt is even smaller and barely covers her big breasts. At first Ashley is distraught, but she can't help getting turned on. She decides to put her uniform on and can't wait for the schoolboys to see her!
- Purchase link - screencaps

fetish films
Daddy Daughter Growth Fetish
- (dedicated nude aftermath POV) Dirtylittleholly, 11:20, 2/12/16, $4.99.
Daddy, I think I'm growing! Do I look bigger to you? Look, daddy... my boobies are definitely getting bigger! It feels really good when I play with them. My pussy is getting hair. Uh-oh! I think I'm growing again! Step back daddy... I'm right in your face hehe! I love exploring my new big girl body with you, daddy!
- Purchase link

fetish films
Fast growing girl
- (dedicated nude "growth" aftermath) KateRoss, 20:09, 11/18/15, $9.99.
Kate the scientist tells you she found a girl who is growing very fast! We see that I am not a little girl anymore. I show my body to Kate. I go to sleep, and we see that I am already decreasing.
- Purchase link

- (male AA fast forward) Z Board, 2014 toon CM.
"Roots support the Future". Examination preparatory study materials.
- Video link - screencaps - (Akira)

Single Life, A
- (AA skips to old ages, AR poof) - A Single Life - 2014, CGI, 3 mins.
There is a mysterious knock on the door. When Pia skips ahead or reverses the vinyl single, she is suddenly transported to different points of her life. But...
- Video link - screencaps

Kamisama Kiss
- (male kitsune AR AA poof) - Kamisama Hajimemashita - Ep05, "The God Loses Her House", 10/29/2012.
Fox man into kit. The goddess of thunder attacks Nanami's school and reduces Tomoe to a boy fox. Without his oversight the shrine soon falls to pieces. Once Nanami's God mark is restored, Tomoe kisses her to re-seal the commitment of a familiar.
- Video link @7mins - screencaps - (Tazz)

Growing Up
- (AA fast forward) 2015 sketch test, Karolina Tomaszewska.
Video link - gif

short films
Little Maud
- (CoA, FFed dream to adult & middle age) c'15. About the father/daughter relationship - caps

Mother I am very sorry
- (silhouette FF, lifetime cuts) Ron Cheong, 2013 shadow play.
AKA Ma'am, I am sorry. About the mother/daughter relationship.
Video link - screencaps

Amazing World of Gumball
- (anthro AA poofs) "The Job", S2Ep8, 2013.
The dad getting a job upsets the universe so much that things get changed. The characters chasing him in a car swap heads, places, genders. The kids become really old and the adults become babies. They become the animals they are based on. Once he is fired everything returns to normal.
- Vid link - (CJ, Metamorphose)

Last Witch Hunter, The
- (AA TG age form) 2015.
Tattooed man: Joseph Gilgun. Little girl: Samara Lee.
Protagonist finds a disheveled and scared young girl. She suddenly spins around to slash him while changing into an adult man in a cloud of smoke - (CJ, Metamorphose)

Toire no Hanako-san
- (youkai demon multi-stage AP UC/CB, RN)
2015 Comic Unreal ghost loli hentai manga, 2016 Toshi Densetsu series.
- Adaptation of Japanese urban legend "Hanako-san of the Toilet".
Floating loli ghost Hanako keeps growing each time she absorbs semen for some reason. She rapidly goes from loli to teen to adult during each sex event with the protagonist. However, after absorbing too much semen, she reverts back to her loli form at the end.
The anime actually improves on the AP scenes to have some process.
- Manga link (Click left for next) - censored extract
- Japanese link - English subbed link - screencaps
- (The AP Ninja, Chriskim019)

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
- Reversed gif - (JackpotMans)

- (goddess AA AP glimpse) Ep04, 7/27/2012.
At 08:08 the villain Yuri gets her hands on an artifact that increases her power, giving her a much older and mature appearance. After being defeated she reverts back. Ep13 also has a minor poof.
- gif - (Bstgate)

Mahou Tsukai Precure
- (mahou shoujo AA TF AP forms) 2016, Maho Girls PreCure!, Mahotsukai Purikyua!?
First among the Precure franchise to feature age forms for the main heroines. Doki Doki! Precure featured a TF AP for Madoka Aguri/Cure Ace, but she was more of an extra. The age-up effects are quite hard to discern, as there aren't many visible physical changes except for hair, height, and facial expressions. Main heroines Mirai and Riko are both 13 y.o, and the TF seems to age them to 15-18. The process is very vague of course. They are generally replaced with the afterimages of their older alter egos. There seems to be a bit of animated process for the leg/hip expansion.
Furthermore, the opening foreshadows a pink-haired fairy mascot going through a multi-stage AA TF AP. She would likely join the main heroines in the near future.
- Screencaps - (Chriskim019)

short films
- (age-up) c'15 caps - canine caps

short films
lifetime (tropes)
- (FF AA) c'15 screencaps

short films
male AP
- (poof) c'15 caps
- link - link - link

short films
male AA
- (poof replacement) c'15 caps - caps

short films
AA curse
- (poof) If I could ban any two letters, I would ban A twice.
c'13-15 lo-qual/no-qual caps - caps

fetish films
pseudo AP (tropes)
- (AA) No UC/CB is shown, but outgrown shoes were alluded to - caps

- UC
- Danna Paola 6/23/1995.

Grow Me Up!
- (male AA FF) - caps

short films
Hulk (tropes)
- (male RN kinda like AR) fan vid caps

- (AA FF) - caps - (Acca)

Milk (tropes)
- (male adult muscle) - caps

short films
Child's Play
- (dream ARed AA cut) Ron Samuels, 2012.
Two strangers meet for the first time. After sharing food and gifts, play chasing each other releases their inner children.
- Video link - screencaps - (super man)

short films
flash forward (character evolution theme)
- (AA) - The more things change, the more they stay the same.
- F. C. Rabbath, 2012.
Young boy playing with a magnet figures that if he points it at the girl he admires, she will be pulled in his direction. This does not work and the frustrated boy throws the magnet on the ground, where it is picked up by the girl's friend.
Dissolve to a shot of the boy a lot older, again admiring the blonde-haired girl. After much hard work, he creates a powerful magnetic bracelet that attracts people. But to his dismay, this magical bracelet repels the girl he has been chasing. Yet again he throws it on the ground, and again it is picked up by the girl from his past. She comes over and they sit and smile together, giving the impression they will fall in love.
  Video link - screencaps
Coming of Age
- John Herman, 2012.
48 Hour Film Project NH.
  Video link - screencaps
- (super man)

short films
Young Again
- (AR lotion, adult to teen to child poofs, female & male) "A short film".
Christina's Life, 2015. For a film competition.
- Video link - screencaps
- AR gif 1 - AR gif 2 - (super man)

fountain of youth
- (dedicated face morph AR) 2009 - Vid link - caps - (super man, russjazz)

short films
- (girl to older girl AP UCed glimpse, RN ARed cut-away, girl to teen AP CBed glimpse cut, OA'd glimpse)
- 2016, 12 mins, 216 MB HD.
During the first age increase, her pajamas became slightly too short and tight, with her arms sticking out of the sleeves. She returned to early girlhood a moment before dad entered.
We were permitted 2 brief CBed mini-glimpses after she had aged offscreen into a teen while lying on her bed. There was a kind of stretching sound vaguely like straining fabric. The shirt was slightly torn by her widening shoulders, and she now has breasts, but they did not burst through the front. Even if they had, they would still be mostly covered by her undershirt.
This second AP aftermath scene was upper body-only, so we don't know how her stockings or the back or sides of her dress were affected. It barely hinted at the casual power of female growth.
She did remove her patent leather shoes earlier, so her toes did not break through the front. Fortunately there were adult sized clothes in her closet, but when fleeing her home as a teen she was barefoot. Her parents would have found her overstretched clothes, but could not have guessed what happened.
In the last second of the film, we see only her hands & face in an "OA'd" closeup aftermath glimpse.
- Full video link - AP gif
- screencaps - screencaps - screencaps

Angry Birds Toons
- (male adult super-deformed anthros OA'd) "Age Rage", S3Ep9, 2015.
Pumpkin, birds and pigs into elderly - Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Teen Titans Go!
- (male humanoid AA, age form poofs) "BBBDAY!", S03Ep15, 119, 11/12/2015.
It's Beast Boy's Birthday. But what will happen if the Titans don't celebrate it? He turns back and forth between baby, middle age and elderly... and back again.
- Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

links page
- (dedicated AR/AP CGI comics, age swaps) - The Forgotten One
  New age swap comic for sale at my DeviantArt page. Also a couple of age swap mini comics for free.
  "To Love is to Lust", "Sibling Swap", etc. - Registration may be required.

Fam's Race Against Time
- (dedicated AR anthro comic, omorashi, nudity, diapers) 2016.
Art: Born-to-die. Text: GigaQ. Cover link
The main character undergoes a curse to change her age appearance. All nudity is artistic in nature. No sexual act depicting a minor is shown.
Fam is a humanoid ruin explorer who runs across an ancient hourglass. Due to clumsy handling she releases a curse and finds herself regressing in age! Will she be able to escape the curse in time? or will partner Ihrie have to put her in diapers?
- 7 pages, uncensored cover page, 6 bonus images of main character at various ages and regression pictures.
All sales will go towards funding more AR comics in the future!
- Purchase: send a Paypal payment (goods and services) of $5.99 to ( and add YOUR email to receive the file ASAP! - (Gigabowsercq)

links page
- (dedicated female & male AR/AP CGI tales)
  After bela04's Deviantart site ( was banned, he moved to a new site.
  You can reach him and follow all his work at the bela04Arts blog

Mega Mega Mina
- (AA TF, makeover heroine older form & battle form, AA AP/AR poofs)
Kazuhiko Shimamoto, 1995, ASCII.
Schoolgirl poofs into adult battle angel. RN comparison panel. Oversized battle costume glimpse. She inopportunely poofs into a heroine at her school desk to some consternation. At the end is a baby flashback when the father figure appears.
- Full manga link:
- Partial extract - (Akira)

- (male FF and FB scenes, male TF battle form upgrade and reduced aftermath)
Onishi Shinobu, 1980s, Jump Super Comics.
When the teen boy assumes his mighty hero form, his clothes vanish in the chaos. Upon returning to normal he is nude.
- Full manga link:
- Partial extract - (Akira)

Brave Beats
- (transfer into past selves) Ep14. A time slip makes them inhabit preschool life.
Trailer link - caps - (Akira)

short films
How kids wish they could be older...
- (male AP UC poof) 2014.
6 second video link - screencaps

prank shows (age gag themes)
- (adult "age changes" only) Hidden camera pranks played on unsuspecting bystanders sometimes feature young adults suddenly replaced by old adults to elicit comical reactions. In one gag a young girl "transformed" into a dog of similar size draped in her clothes - "OA" scene

- (rebirth cycle) - story writing prompt - (Matt)
- (male face) - FF morph - (outgrown) - shoes

- (AA poof TFs, TGed age forms) "Parent Teacher Noobs", Ep22, 1/4/2016.
The noobs poof into their parents to attend the parent/teacher conference and hide their secret activities. Kevin ends up in the shape of two of the moms. He often ends up in the wrong form - caps - (Morphan)

lifetime (themes & metaphors)
- (FF) - Alaina Yuresko, 2014 gif

short films
14 Problems Only Tall Girls Understand
- (height issues, slight implied UC) 2015. How's the weather up there?
Vid link - caps

fetish films
schoolgirl tropes
- (UC possibility) Very rarely, adult entertainers portraying "schoolgirls" wear an actual schoolgirl uniform instead of a porn costume. Every effort is then made to conceal the fact it's a bit small on them - caps

anime FF
- (face fades or cuts) - gif page - (Turn White)

how puberty should be done (tropes)
- (BE) - gif page.

age disguises (themes)
- (breast shame, CoA issue) Tendency of girls to want to look older (more mature) or younger (less developed) to fit in with their peers. They do this by attempting to "bind" their breasts to make them less full, or by "stuffing" - caps

- UC - What happens when a younger teen tries to wear a shirt made for an 8-year-old?
- UC - That dress fit me when I was 10, but now I'm 14 it won't close in the back
- years - years

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AP text fragments 159 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow. we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

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