Aging Transformation Scenes

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A site about ageshifters, girls outgrowing their clothes, and every other male and female age transformation.

fetish comics
House Sitting Part One
- (dedicated AR, SW, AP) 01/2017, 34p, $9.99, art by PalComix.
Another TF showdown! Suzy and Marilyn house sit a mansion for a friend, and find that nasty Mandy is the neighborhood troublemaker. Suzy gets into a Weed Shrinker water battle with Marilyn, shrinking them both to kids, while Mandy and her pal grow to sexy adults. Mean Mandy and her friend turn the tables on poor Suzy with a huge dose of Weed Shrinker.
29 multi-panel color pages, plus another 5 fun sketch pages by Bojay.
- Purchase/info link - Selz link - Bigcartel CC link - (DreamTales)

Together with Awa-chan!
- (SW effect, TF AP form) Comic Unreal, Kotake, c2015.
An extremely active palm-sized figurine appears! It was accidentally taken from the strange gacha toy machine while pursuing the charm of strange girls. Following the instructions, he put the small doll in the water and it became swollen. Like bamboo shoots it sucks in the water and grows into a beautiful girl figure with age forms. Getting closer to Haruta, it motivates and raises the boy. When Haru went to school it became alone in the room and pulled out the old toys. Running around, it suddenly inhales water and transforms from palm-sized to a preeminent pirate-style beauty. The female pirate cosplay led an extreme room battle between toys. Her swimsuit was unraveled by the boy's sword. Google search term link
- small cover intro (Akira)

2015 RPG.
- (AP fast forward grow-up) Fan video link - screencaps - fan art - (Lmvm16)
- (male AR game scene) Asriel starts to feel the love the monsters feel for Frisk, loses the will to fight, and reverts to his boy form.

Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan
- (male TF, wolf-man maturation effect) S1Ep7 "The Beastly Batter and the Tears" 1981.
Toei's 5th Super Sentai series. Black Magma uses a father's baseball ambitions to mutate his ballplayer son into a monster - (Akira)

Wacky Adventures of Ronald McDonald
- (AR AA poofed, aftermath scenes) - screencaps

Pee Wee's Playhouse
- (male AR AA poofs) 1986-1990, mostly live-action series. "Penny, Boys" stop-motion toon.
"Penny" low-relief claymation shorts by Aardman Animation. An immature group of boys appear to poof into babies one by one - Video link - gif

- (male AA TF APed) AKA "Shri Krishna". Ramanand Sagar, Doordarshan, 1993.
Mythological adaptation. Water from the seven holy rivers is used to bathe the baby Praduman.
- Video link - screencaps

Into the Woods
- (rejuv, rapid pregnancy) 2014 Disney musical, preg. @01:14:09. The Witch regains her adult youth and beauty after drinking the potion - (Nimrodclover)

Lab Rats: Bionic Island
- (male adult baby) S4Ep9 "Spike vs. Spikette" 7/15/2015.
Video link - screencaps - (Ricky)

Secret Life of Breasts, The
- (slight adult rejuv glimpsed) Genepool Productions, 2014.
Nothing good in this documentary, but there was one fake reverse timeline transition - gif

puberty (documentary tropes)
- (AA poof) - toon documentary gif

through the years (tropes)
- (FF) - "Kimberley" 2015 link - caps

Dragonball Z
- (male RN TF APed glimpse) - Goku gif

Sunrise Children's Hospital
- (male preschool accountant) "Accountant", 2015. You wouldn't ask a child to do your taxes, so why take them to an adult ER? Vid link - cap

- (some adult rejuv poofs) Sea Hag (crone witch character with TF AA forms).
Discovering that Popeye already has a girlfriend, the Sea Hag tries to be rid of her. Popeye makes it clear that under no circumstances would he be interested in a relationship. Enraged, she gave Popeye's archenemy Brutus a potion to become young and handsome to win Olive Oyl's heart.

China, IL
- (contains rapid pregnancy) S2Ep8 "Surfer God", Adult Swim - (Catfish27)

text fragments
- (accelerated pregnancy) 2015. It happens in 1 night - vid link - (Guy)

Adventures of Puss in Boots
- (furry AR, rejuv) S01Ep06 "Fountains" 5/8/2015. Cat into kitten and older cat into young.
Episode link -
- (mental AR, OA) S01Ep13 "Star" 9/28/2015. Kids mentally into babies and then mentally into elderly.
Episode link -
- (furry AR) S03Ep05 "Sword's Man" 7/15/2016. Old cat into young.
Episode link -
- (Tazz)

- (adult head TG) - Multigrip "Agripino" c2015. Because of a cold, a woman's head turned into an older man's. CM link - (WackyWildTvAds)

Steven Universe
- (male maturation effect scene) - caps

Die Zauberflote
- (adult rejuved) Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart opera, 1791.
Elderly woman demands promise to marry her or he will be imprisoned forever. When Papageno promises to love her faithfully (muttering only until something better comes along), she is transformed into the young and pretty Papagena. Papageno rushes to embrace her, but the priests drive him back as not worthy.

SpongeBob SquarePants
- (AA anthro whale growth) Ep128a "Growth Spout" 7/19/2009.
Mr. Krabs tries to find enough food to feed Pearl as she goes through her growth spurt. "What's happening to me?" "I paid thirty bucks for that bed!"

- Hanna - (Acca)

- (height) - article - (height) - article
- (FF) - 8 to 11 - (male) - face
- (FF) - chair years - (FF) - TL years

links main
- (adult baby & some AR) - Little AB's website - comics

Kimi no Na wa.
- (mind exchange amnesia, male FF cut) AKA "Your Name.", "Your name is?", 2016, CoMix Wave, Toho anime.
The 4th highest grossing film in Japan. They swapped bodies but lived in different years as the comet approached - gif - (Akira)

Himitsu Sentai Metamol V
- (Mahou Shoujo fighting team, AA TF AP forms) 1990s, Secret Battalion Metamoru 5.
Sega Saturn eroge game features a team of combat heroines similar to Cyber Team in Akihabara, but the TF concepts are more unique for each warrior. Only the commander has an actual animated albeit censored AA AP TF, with visible process during the opening. The others have before/after AA forms.
- Nostalgia retrogé video link @1:33-1:50 - screencaps - screencaps - gif - (Chriskim019)

- (male AR, male cutaway OA'd) "Baby Daddy" episode link - screencaps

First 5 California
- (male FB AR AA) - CM link - gif

short films
Collegehumor: Hardly Working
- (AR OC poofed & aftermath, AA OA'd glimpse) c2008, daylight savings skit. The team set the clock too far back and became children again as a result.
Video link - screencaps

Superman: Unbound
- (adult age stasis) 2013 animated movie - (Jeffr_2bya)

- (male adult werewolf TF) - 2011 Lulea Hockey, "Thriller"-inspired promo - (Sandlot)
- (male face FF TL) - LIFE... A Daily Photo Project (3,055 days)
- (male adult) - face - (mental flashback) - old photos bring back the past - reminiscing
- (some info) - mostly inanimate timelapse themes
- (mostly adult obesity, slight unintentional UC) - board topic

Grow Your Own GirlFriend
- (FF OA'd) c2013 "grow girl-friend", Vimeo short caps

Adventures of Puss in Boots, The
- (male furry AR OC) S04Ep10 "Small Change" 12/16/2016, Netflix show.
There is a forest of fountains with the power to transform or compel. Puss falls into the fountain of 100 changes, where everytime he hiccups he endures a different effect (bird TF, walk on hands, speak backwards, etc.) At one point he becomes a kitten... although could be just a regular cat (all he says is "Mew"). At the end he hiccups again and definitely becomes a kid, with his hat large on him and a squeaky voice. It's only for a few seconds, as he hiccups offscreen to close out the episode.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen
- (simulated AR, RN) #18 "Superbaby - Jimmy Olsen's Pal" 02/1957. A 'time-reversal' ray plays havoc with Jimmy's pal.
- (male adult future self) #29 "The Amazing Spectacles of Doctor X" 8/30/1966.
- (male young adult to full maturity, RN) #47 09/1960 "Jimmy Olsen Grows Up" 09/1960.
- (male AR, PC, RN) #54 07/1961 "Baby Jimmy Olsen".
- (male AR, male adult to OA, RN) #66 01/1963 repr. in #131 08/1970 "The Cabinet From Krypton!"
- (male adult baby) #78 07/1964 "The Baby That Saved Metropolis".
- (male adult immortality) #147 "A Superman in Super-Town!" 3/30/1972.
(Jeffr_2bya site & data)

- years - (Acca)

Adventures of Superboy, The
- (adult youth draining, AR) AKA Superboy - S01Ep25 "Succubus" 5/20/1989.
T.J. and Lana interview author Pamela Dare for the college paper. T.J. falls in love but Pamela politely dumps him, saying that perhaps he will appear in one of her books. That night, T.J. sees a glowing Pamela walking into the room he shares with Clark. Pamela can't drain Clark because he isn't afraid of her, but T.J. gets the wrong idea about what's going on. Superboy learns that Pamela is a succubus who drains life energy from others to extend her life, and her books are true stories. She shows Superboy that Lana and T.J. are in danger and, knowing he fears them getting hurt, begins to drain his life energy. Pamela is overloaded with energy and grows younger and younger until nothing is left.
- ln - th - (TBTC, JeffR_2bya)

fetish comics
Deviant Artist: Aogami
- (dedicated TF artist) 2017. He mostly does furry stuff, but you can find AR here and there. A group of pictures involves a dragon girl and a mouse girl being ARed to pre-birth. I've commissioned a long AR animation that includes shrinking out of clothes and a toddler getting diapered for $1200.
- Commissions purchase link - (ArArchive Board data)

Family Guy
- (male adult chibi form) S14Ep02 "Papa Has a Rollin' Son", #251, 10/4/2015. This is the one with "tiny Tom Cruise".

Nu da shi ba bian
- (CoA stages) Chinese saying. "A girl changes fast in physical appearance from childhood to adulthood". Pinyin for "The eighteen changes of a grown woman". All the changes a girl makes when turning into a woman or blossoming into adulthood. Title of 1958 Mandarin movie.

Superman's Girlfriend, Lois Lane
- (adult to crone TF, RN) - Vol1 #1 Dell "The Witch of Metropolis".
  Lois snorts test tube fumes and turns into an old hag with witch powers! - Comic panel extracts
- (simulated male ARed) - #3 DC 08/1958 "Lois Lane and the Baby of Steel", "Lois Lane Adopts a Super-Baby!"
  Superman & Superbaby switch time periods.
- (AR, RN) - #10 "Baby Lois Lane!" 07/1959.
  Lois is worried about looking older, and a scientist's experimental spray just might do the trick.
- (male ARed, RN) - #32 "Lois Lane's Revenge on Superman!" 04/1962.
  Lois has the antidote for Superman's return to toddlerhood.
- (simulated AR & AP, RN) - #40 04/1963.
  Reprinted in #95 09/1969 "Lois Lane, Hag!". Lois get old.
- (multiple AR scenes, AA RN) - #42 "The Romance of Super-baby and Baby Lois!" 06/1963.
  Repr. "Superman in the Sixties", "Lois Lane: A Celebration of 75 Years". link
- (male AR, RN) - #57 "Lois Lane -- Super Baby-sitter" 05/1965.
  An infantilized Superman shows up on Lois' doorstep. At end of story, he is able to marry Lois and Lana simultaneously.
- (AR, RN) - Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane Annual #1 "The Cry-baby of Metropolis" Sum.1962.
  Lois is worried about looking older, and a scientist's experimental spray just might do the trick.
(Time, TBTC, JeffR_2bya data)

Rave Master
- (male TF AP, some CB, male old aged)
"Reivu", "The Groove Adventure Rave", by Hiro Mashima, 1999-2005.
- Ch278-279, Niebel transformation stages - (Alexander)

- (male TF AP with slight UC) "Dark of Resurrection" anime 1.
Japan only video link - screencaps - (AniChan, Akira)

Fresh Off the Boat
- (male APed AA self-illusion) #39 S3Ep2 "Breaking Chains" 10/18/2016.
Eddie and his friends imagine themselves as fully grown men now that they're in the 8th Grade. He thinks he has a chance with his old crush.
- Promo link - screencaps - (Sandlot)

- (male unseen shoe CB) - "Son of the Hulk", 2012 short film - (Michaelforthriller, Sandlot)
- (male FF) - NES Christmas - (male face) - FF - (F5)
- (male TF AP?) - 2017, 41st Super Sentai season Uchu Sentai Kyuranger with space theme - (Akira)
- (some AR?) - Stories, pictures, concepts - Shrinking Women blog - (Jsdoom)

Vodafone Italia
- (male adult weight gain to OA) 2009 Santa transformation.
Commercial link - (Ricky GotBig)

Dans une galaxie pres de chez vous
- (male old aged, male ARed OC, RNed) AKA DUGPDCV
S2Ep7 "Up tempo" 1999. Quebec scifi comedy.
Time & space get out of sorts. Male adult OA'd to elderly @06:20; male ARed OC to baby @14:30, later RN AA'd.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Entropic)

Genie in the House
- (male AR AA flash, male AA OA flash, RN) S01Ep10 "Kidding Around" 2006.
Man to boy mental/clothing AR @04:25 "who wants to play footie?"; mental/clothing RN & physical AR @07:10; OA to elderly @12:45; RN @18:40.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Entropic)

PowerPuff Girls
- (male pseudo "puberty") '16 gif

Village Life!
- (AA FF) c'13 game caps

BMW 3 Series
- (slight adult age effects) 2001 "Suddenly everything looks older" commercial link

Oh Ternyata Eps
- (adult swap) - caps

Star Trek: the animated series
- (male adults to old) S1Ep4 "The Lorelei Signal" 9/29/1973.
The crew members' male adult vitality is extracted by the Sirens, leaving them as little more than old husks.

text fragments
- (CoA, FF AA) Bulgaria/Romania, 2014. Somewhat like Amelie, Rusalka, etc. Girl grew up under communism.

- FF

- (adult rejuv and AR cuts) #91 V1.
- (male young adult maturation to full manhood) #121 "Jor-El's Visit to Earth" 06/1965. Superboy father Jor-El comes to earth and Superboy uses some red kryptonite to turn him from a teenager to adult man.
- (no AR or AP in story, adult rejuv illusion) #126 "The Wild Teen-Agers!" 06/1966. Cover art only. Superboy thinks his parents were rejuved back into teenagers.
- (rejuv or AR) "The Fantastic Faces!" #145. Aliens use rejuvenation to punish criminals. They watch Superboy on TV, and decide his life would work better if Ma & Pa Kent were younger.
- (apparent male adult aging, RN) #184 "The Glass Nightmare" 04/1972. A mystic curse ages Superboy's reflection every time he uses his powers.
- (male adult rejuved & aged) #74 V3 "Game, Set & Match!" 05/2000. "Sins of Youth" Part 2. Superboy, previously 'locked in' at age 16, is affected more than anticipated by the magic of Klarion.
(TBTC comics info pages, JeffR_2bya data)

Swan Princess, The
- (FF, AA TF, OA to younger adult) "The Swan Princess", 1994 musical film.
Rothbart sends his hag sidekick Bridget to the ball disguised as Odette - (Dragoon)

fetish comics
Flu Shots Five
- (dedicated AR, AP) 12/2016, 39 pages, $10.99. Art by Yuan.
The exciting finale with shrunken Madison, sexy little sister Zoe, brother Michael and more. Multiple changes of multiple characters - and a big showdown between Madison and Zoe!
- The Doctor finally gets rid of the spoiled flu shots - by dumping them into the lake! Zoe, Austin and friends are affected as the shots cause an epidemic of age regression. Meanwhile Michael has a big crush on the Nurse, and Zoe and Madison's war comes to a surprising resolution.
- Purchase link - Selz store link - Bigcartel link - (DreamTales)

fetish fiction
Holly's Dream
- (dedicated AR) "An Age Regression story", Sebtomato novelette, 2016.
The final chapter in the "Snowed Under" series - 15 years in the making. Parkdale made a deal - They've changed their mind.
- Two years since the events of "Getting Holly", Peter and Holly have a routine of regular visits in Peter's London flat. But a seemingly innocent decision has life-changing consequences.
Sebtomato's other AR story links: Coming Home - Snowed Under - Nursery Rules - Christmas Pudding
- $9.99, 16,000 words, 4 high-resolution teaser images, PDF. Purchase link

- (male face?) - "Magne Robo Gakeen" 1976 anime "Unbeatable King of the Kee!" (Japan only) Ep01 - (Akira)
- (face FF clip-art) - Anti aging study - woman aging/youthening animation - (Ryu Hayabusa)
- (male) - FF

American Dad
- (male AR) S04Ep08.
#050 12/16/2007 "The Most Adequate Christmas Ever".
Angel lawyers get younger each time they win a trial in Heaven - Info link
- (male OA, male rejuv RN) S06Ep05.
#083 11/08/2009 "Man in the Moonbounce".
Steve must become the "man of the house" when Stan relives his childhood. After Stan gets out of prison, he punches Roger for sentencing him to extra time, and notices Steve has aged under the strain. He carries Steve outside to a Slip-N-Slide and says "play on it for as long as you like." Steve's cheers of joy as he regresses back to his 14 y.o. self are quite heartwarming to say the least - caps
- (males FFed versions) S13Ep11.
#201 04/11/2016 "The Unincludeds".
Steve & Snot's future selves travel back to stop them from throwing a party, but they keep changing their lives - Info link

Red Dwarf
- (male rejuv attempt) "Lemons" S10. The Dwarfers attempt to construct a rejuvenation shower but it sends them back to 23 AD.

Oh Ternyata Eps
- (adult daughter/mother body swap) 2014 Indonesian soap opera. "Oh Ternyata Eps Jamu Penukar Tubuh".
Old witch has herbal body exchanger - Ep. link - alt. link - (Eric)

Defector: A Variants Novel
- (teen shapeshifter novel, no UC/CB) Susanne Winnacker, 2014.
"So what about your mother ... is it possible that she could take on other appearances like you do?"
"Her Variation is regeneration. I don't think that entails changing into other people. I think she can just make her cells renew themselves, so she looks young again."
I jerked back, gasping. My throat, my rib cage, even my body felt too tight. I let out a cry - a cry so foreign that it made goose bumps flash across my skin. And suddenly my body seemed to explode. Rippling, shifting. I flew through the transformations. The bodies became a blur. My bones ached, my head throbbed, but I kept changing bodies. Faster and faster. Someone wrapped their arms around me, warm and reassuring, and the transformations slowed until they finally stopped and I was myself again. I breathed in Devon's scent and closed my eyes.

Pig Goat Banana Cricket
- (anthros ARed, male adult anthro rejuv) S01Ep18 "Angry Old Raisin" 2/5/2016.
Pig, Goat (f), Banana and Cricket into babies (they turn back the long way) at the beginning of episode. Old Raisin into teen; Pig, Goat, Banana and Cricket into babies... again at the end of the episode.
- Info gallery link - (Tazz)

18 to 21
- (adult FF) Abby Pollock stages

Pirate Express
- (AR) Fountain of Misspent Youth" 4/28/2015.
About the grandson of Poseidon joining a pirate crew. The Crew turn into babies after falling in the fountain of youth - (Tazz)

fetish films
Vicky- too big for clothes part 01
- (dedicated adult UC) Fat, big butt, clothes outgrown, jeans.
Vicky is too fat and big for some clothes. She tries to wear tight clothes, but can't button the jeans, these clothes don't fit anymore.
- $16.99, 15 mins, 2011 - Purchase link
Vicky - i am too big - part 02
- (dedicated adult UC) Clothes outgrown, belly, tight jeans, cloth rip.
- $16.99, 15 mins, 2011 - Purchase link

- (minor male AR OC) Ep6.
Schubert's music physically regresses a few workers into babies, though they're quickly returned to normal. Like before they shrink into their clothes, which is so cute! I can only hope more AR will pop up, and that at least some will be female.
- Aftermath is glimpsed starting @15:20 until 17:39, when the Musik stops and the RN happens - Episode link - (Azerty47)

fetish films
Diaper Change Age Progression Transformation
- (dedicated adult baby pseudo "APed") 2015 Age Play clip contains only "TF", multiple angles, sound effects.
"Baby" Fifi squirms in discomfort as she whines for daddy. Concerned at her endless crying, he removes her diaper. She begins to calm down, and Daddy beeps her on the nose playfully. He pulls out some wipes, and cleans her as he uses his voice to soothe her. His touch causes a reaction to her body that begins "stretching it out". Her legs "grow", slowly working up his chest, and eventually landing over his shoulders. Dad is confused and shocked as he watches his daughter "grow before his eyes". She twists and turns, dropping the pacifier out of her mouth, and moans uncontrollably. Startled and disoriented, she backs up and tries to figure out who the man is before her. She runs her hand down her body, and Daddy can't help but admire his new beautiful daughter. "Daddy?..." She begins to relax, still moving her body, and moans, "Hi, Daddy."
- $5.99, 5 mins - Purchase link

through the years (commercial tropes)
You don't actually see them "growing", it's more like age cuts.
- (AA FF) "Off You Go" 2015, Cycle of Life trope - CM link
Shows a female at different moments of her life, from running to a school bus to graduating from college, with the Quaker brand scattered throughout, of course.
Wrigley's Extra
- (AA FF) "Origami", 2013, Father/Daughter trope - CM link

- (CoA trope) "Not a little kid now", 2016, 15 sec vids.
Based on Melanie Martinez "Alphabet Boy" lyrics "I'm not a little kid now Watch me get big now" which has a slight AB theme link

- (face FF) only a few years freckle progression.

previous page

AP text fragments 164 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

Your info and submissions are welcome! Send 'em here.