Aging Transformation Scenes

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A site about ageshifters, girls outgrowing their clothes, and every other male and female age transformation.

fetish fiction
Deviant Artist: Pettyexpo
- (dedicated AP/AR swap story) 2015.
Age Swap story in the works:
- They Grow Up So Fast - (NightElf37)

info page update (fetish comics)
Deviant Artist: Sephzero
- (dedicated adult age forms TF) - INFO PAGE - (NightElf37)

fetish fiction
Deviant Artist: Faky3ah
- (dedicated shoujo TF scenes, age form TFs) c2017.
"Insta-Cosplay" - The story is about a marvelous pill with...interesting effects. I bet cosplaying would be a ton easier with it XD
- AP to Tenjo Tenge's Maya Natsume
- AP to Highschool of the Dead's Shizuk and RN
- AP to Bayonetta and RN
- AR to Toradora's Taiga

music videos
Ojej ft. Tomasz Organek
- (kinda looks like ARed aftermath) "Feel Low", 2016, Poland.
A babies-version video centering around a baby boyfriend and girlfriend. Also their home is baby sized.
- Video link - screencaps - (AgeRegressionFan01)

Caça Talentos
- (AR AA flash, pseudo OA flash, RNed)
Clip link - screencaps
- (female/male AR AA flash, RN AA flash)
Clip link - screencaps
- (male pseudo UC AP flash, RN AR flash)
Clip link - screencaps
- (Grundverkehrt)

7 zyczen
- (male RN ARed OC, cutaway) screencaps

SuperFogeys, The
- (AR) "SuperFogeys Babies", "SuperFogeys Origins", 2012 - Comics link

- (male AA poof APed) Clip link - caps - (Grundverkehrt)

Right Now Kapow
- (AR) S01Ep21 "Ponce De Leon" 5/26/2017.
A sketch comedy-like animated series. Ponce De Leon visits the queen of Spain to report he found the Fountain of Youth. He reveals his hand is that of a baby. The queen is quite creeped out, but accepts him going back to get the water for her. He returns, now with the head of a baby (she is even more creeped out). Since he lost the water in an accident he goes back again. He returns with a barrel, but now his whole body is that of a baby, with only his other hand being adult size. The queen is grossed out and tries to get his hand in the barrel, but he refuses. Eventually the barrel spills over half the queen's body, so her entire right side becomes that of a baby (head, torso, arm, and leg are babyfied on the right side only). The queen sets out to find the fountain herself to make her other half a baby. Sadly, the segment ends before anymore hilarity. The sketch was split into parts.
- Episode link - (Tazz)

- (AA flash male AP) Portuguese Vid link - caps - (Grundverkehrt)

Power Rangers: Zeo
- (adults FFed to OA) #29 S04Ep50 "A Season to Remember" 11/27/1996.
Christmas special. I've always wanted to see the female Rangers aged. I know that they've done some old age TFs in later series, but I was surprised to see an elderly Katherine "Kat" Hillard, along with an elderly Tommy Oliver (Pink and Red Rangers respectively). In a possible future Tommy and Kat are married (currently it's unknown if they ever got together). Kat is in relatively good health, but still old. In real life she's in her 40s. And this (link) is her two years ago:-) Side note Amy Jo Johnson I believe is 48 this year... - Info link - (RayC, Agingwomen, Thetreerollins)

- (puberty development) info drawings

Die Sexualitat des Menschen
- (CoA) caps

- (ARed from neck down) - Del Amitri "Roll To Me" 1995 music video - (AgeRegressionFan01)
- (FFed) - You literally will not believe how good puberty has been to them tbh. 20 YouTubers

- (shadow trope, AA FF) 2013 caps

real life BE
- (CBed glimpse) 2016 cap

Leslie Grimes
- (male FFed) c1944, UK, 1-panel newspaper gag

Mad Magazine
- (male adult split/face) cover

shoe burst-out (rare AP trope)
- (foot growth CB) gif - (Blonde Uchiha)

- (AA lifetime FF, infancy to marriage) 2016 CGI movie.
An adorable moment where the main baby's life flashes before the Main Stork's eyes. It's beautiful and no words are spoken.
- Adult Tulip enters the defunct baby factory and activates the baby-making machine, creating a pink-haired infant girl. Millions of archived letters are inserted into the machine, causing it to rapidly produce babies to distract the storks. Junior rallies the storks to deliver the babies to their families. Diamond Destiny is delivered to the Gardners, and Tulip finally meets her family.
- Screencaps - (Alexander)

photo projects
Twelve Grades of "First Day" Interviews
- (AA face FF) Happy Graduation Sweetheart, 2017.
I interviewed my daughter on her first day of school since 1st grade. Today she graduated from high school - Vid link - caps - (Kevin Scruggs)

music videos
Alessia Cara
- (AA lifetime FF to OA, cutaways) "Seventeen", 2016.
It begins with her as a young girl in the bus and she is replaced with a teen, young woman, middle-aged mother, and older woman.
"It symbolizes my hopes," the 20 y.o. wrote - Video link

Some Assembly Required
- (flashback, pseudo OA) S01Ep14 "Ricky Van Felt" 4/14/2014. YTV, Netflix.
2 dorky guys discover that hot female coworker Geneva modeled a bikini in a commercial. They scheme to find the video only to learn that it was a REAL while back, and she was a toddler at the time. They then use software to age progress her image in the video to see her in the bikini as an adult - only they go too far, and when they watch the video again she appears as an elderly woman in the bikini. Very brief but interesting - (ChronoEclipse)

Sensation Comics
- ("AR") #31 "Grown-Down Land" 07/1944.
Wonder Woman saves the Modern kids from their parents, who don't like children. The Amazon Princess joins the kids in their dreamworld Grow-Down Land. She brings the Modern family together by showing the parents how to act like children.
- It's pretty weird no matter how you slice it. This confirms WW and the 2 parents get "ARed" to 9 y.o... but it's more shrunken, the way it's drawn. A real shame they just become mini versions rather than actual children. The father looks pretty terrifying when he shrinks.
I love the concept though, and it reminds me of the episode "Kid Stuff" from Justice League Unlimited... probably my favorite mainstream AR ever, on top of seriously exploring the regressed foursome of Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern.
- Full comic link - Missing some frames/pages: alternate link - (SKJAM, Louder, Alessi, Stolas)

fetish fiction
Virtually a Baby
- (male ARed simulation) by Monique Zyler, Disciplinary Erotica, 2017. 72,000 words.
Colin is at a bar when a beautiful girl slips something in his drink. When he wakes up, he's in an entirely new reality where he's completely and absolutely helpless. The women around him seem to be able to do anything.
If this was Female AR I'd have already read it. Surprised more people haven't used virtual reality for an AR story. It's realistic and would likely lead to mental AR on the subject over time, especially with time dilation (One day in the real world could last a year in the virtual world), like that game in "Rick and Morty".
- Purchase link - (Oni)

Little Charmers
CGI. Unrelated AR arcs in two consecutive episodes (though the cause is the same).
- (avian AR) S2Ep3 "Egg Treble" 4/5/2017.
Hazel tries to rewind time to unshatter a potion, but regresses Posie's pet bird Treble into an egg they must guard. Pickles tries to sit on the egg.
- (AR) S2Ep4 "Goo Goo Ga Ga Charmer" 4/6/2017.
The girls lose track of time. In attempting to rewind the day, Hazel changes herself into a baby instead. Only a hug from a baby will change her back, so they go to baby ogre Swampkin's first birthday party.
- (Tazz)

Schuh Kids
- (foot "growth") UK c2016 - print ad

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AP text fragments 164 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too, we hate that
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash/fast forward in time
TF: transformation

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