Aging Transformation Scenes

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A site about girls outgrowing their clothes - and every other male and female age transformation.

Ultra Comics (character)
- (male adult OA/rejuv) DC, The Multiversity #1, 10/2014.
Earth-Prime meta character. Ultra can move through the events of his personal narrative and reverse his aging. Intellectron aged him to near-death, but Ultra traveled back to the start of the book to regain his adult youth.

short stories
Richard A. Lupoff
- (male adult time loop) "12:01", 1973. An executive relives the same hour of the same day over and over.
- "12:01 PM" 1990 short film, "12:01" 1993 Tv movie reliving the same day.
- Sequels: "12:02 P.M.", 2011. "12:03 P.M.", 2012.

manga progressions (fan works)
- (dedicated AP scenes) c2014.
- AP TF - "Mai's growing days" schoolgirl growth - (Yooi)
- AP TF - "bathtub puberty" nude BE.
- AP TF - "lineups".
- AP TF - "growth candy" foot binding - (Gomyugomyu)
- (Process Forum)

- (male head swap) "Fotos", 2009, Brazil. Main guy’s face was cloned on baby. Vid link - cap - (Wackywildtvads)

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid
- (AA TF upgrade) Einhart's AA TF was revealed in Ep03, and it turned out kinda the opposite from Vivio. Good thing first: Her TF is way more revealing as she remains full-nude until grown, while Vivio had that whole flash censoring thing. But the problem is she doesn't have visible process like, at all!!! A ring of magical light blocks our view for a slight second and boom. She's adult all of a sudden. A real shame... The TF itself is astonishing and seems to focus a lot on her poses and clothing AA process.
- Screencaps - (Chriskim019)

Teen Titans Go!
- (male AA APed poof) "Beast Man".
Beast Boy discovers he can transform into an adult - screencaps

Baby Bottle Pop
- (AA TF poof into younger toons) 2012, "Pick Your Baby Online".
3 kids turn into their babysonae. Make your own crazy baby.
- Video link - screencaps - (Wackywildtvads)

Na-raku no Sekiju o Shiboritore
- (ARed poof) c2014 Hentai extract - (Process)

- (APed) Otaku Matsuri hentai extract

short stories
T.F. Wright
- (dedicated adult OA, WG, male adult rejuv) "Trophy Cougar Wife", 2015 erotic Ebook, 7,000 words.
Trophy wife Sherry is married to a rich older gentleman. If only their roles could be reversed...
Reality change, impeccable writing. There is no process, just after the fact observations without anyone being aware of the changes.
"Listen, Megan, I know you're not comfortable calling me Mom." ... "I'm 16 and you're a 22-year-old gold digger, married to my 50-year-old father!" ... she certainly didn't starve herself to stay slender like I did.
- Purchase link - (Mytransformations)

dance of age (theme)
- (FF) c2015 caps

Fairy Tail
- (ARed poof) Ep228.
The AR of Erza is briefly seen at the very end for a second. As in the manga, no process at all. The woman from Sabertooth will also regress in the Sun Village. We can take a brief glance at Natsu's AR... If Natsu, who turned into a kid without manga process, does show process here, the rest of the cast may also do so... Soon to come is Grey's Ar, and possibly Erza's AP. Erza's RN had actual process.
- Video link - (TGManiac, Marthlord54545, The AP Ninja, Mecham)

- (dedicated before/after revert) "Nutty Professor" c2014 fan art - (Dante)

- (male adult age stasis) Pete Hamill, 2003. Man was granted immortality in the 1700s but can't leave Manhattan. The book follows his life up to the present.

puberty changes
- (dedicated TF's) - growing girls

- (AP) Sort of urban legends, meant to be really scary or really fake. A popular kind is a "lost episode" of a classic kids show with a very dark tone.
Spongebob: "Squidward's suicide". Simpsons: "Bart's death"... etc. It usually involves finding the episode on an old VHS at a yard sale or thrift store.
We learn time has passed, and the kids are supposedly shown aged to adults. The episode begins with them as kids, and at the end they have aged to adults - (Tazz)

short story
Liesa Swejkoski
- (adult age stasis) "Perfect Predator", Amazon Kindle. Neither vampire nor zombie, Elizabeth has been around for a very long time... so long that her memory fails before she can recall a "beginning".

- (dedicated TF AP) - fan art - (Eduart Boudewijn)

Asphyx, The
- (male adult oa) "The Asphyx", 1972. Twilight Zone style movie. An individual is immortal so long as their asphyx remains imprisoned. The protagonist is rendered deathless, but unfortunately not incorruptible. An ancient, disfigured Cunningham roams the streets of London - (Buckaroo Robot Monster)

Sailor Moon
- (dedicated TF AP) - Timewarp Megamoon c2014 fan comic

- (adult age stasis) "A Terrifying Novel of Immortality", Ken Grimwood, 1979. A woman is born immortal because of her DNA, goes through a number of marriages, and in the late 20th Century meets a man she is willing to give it all up for.

male AP
- (dedicated scene) - c2014 growth spurt

Boat Of A Million Years, The
- (adult age stasis) Poul Anderson, 1989.
A group of 10 immortals from the ancient past to the distant future. They try to find others like themselves, avoid being killed, and remain quiet about their gift. Gradually, the immortals form a family of sorts. After they share their secret of immortality with the rest of humanity, they no longer relate or fit in - (Magickbox)

Powerpuff Girls, The
- (FFed to adults) - fan art

- timelines - timelines - before/after - (Acca, Matt, others)

grow up gifs
- (AA AP) It happens to every girl. Poof caps

- swell - swell - swell

- (TF AA age cut-away) - "Baby Mystique" 2014 parody
- (mental rejuved) - HISTK series mother
- (some slight OC) - short - (male) - face

Age of Adaline, The
- (adult age stasis) 4/24/2015.
Woman born around 1900 miraculously remains a youthful 29 y.o. for nearly 80 years after a strange incident, never allowing herself to get close to hide her secret. After years of a solitary life, a chance encounter with a charismatic philanthropist makes her reconsider her immortality.
- Blake Lively: Adaline Bowman - Anthony Ingruber: William (young) - Harrison Ford: William Jones.

- (AA TF) - ar
- (AA curse) - film @59m30s.
- (furry) - toon - (age disg.) - cut - (uc) - glimpse
- (face) - ff - ff
- (aa ff cm) - dance cut at 30s.

Marvel's Daredevil
- (mirror "AR" dream illusion) Netflix, Ep08, '15. "Shadows in Glass".
We see the past of Kingpin. Early in the episode, present day Kingpin looks in the mirror and his reflection is a young boy who does what he does. Flashbacks show the boy is a young Kingpin - (Tazz)

My Little Dashie
- (minor furry ARed) 2014. My Little Pony fan film where Rainbow Dash as a fillie is somehow in the real world.
- Mini Movie - (JayTee)

- (male improvements) 2015 CM, Lenoir Plus deodorant clothing beads.
Video link - screencaps - (Akira)

- (boys only AP commercial, baby to man, pseudo UC/CB glimpses)
2015 Tv advert "They Grow Up Fast".
- Video link - screencaps - (Entropic)

Caça Talentos
- (AA AR, AA RN, TF) Brazil, 1996-1998.
Fairy joins a Tv station and makes heavy use of magic.
Episodes of interest:
- "Maravilha Verde"
075 - male AP: boy into man.
076 - AR: man into boy, women/man into children.
077 - women/man, boy back to normal, boy into man and back.
- "TV Galera"
152 - mental: woman acts like a baby.
- "O Genio das Televendas"
178 - male AR: man becomes younger.
- "Eu, Bebel, 10 Anos, Explorada e Mal Tratada"
210-219 - AR: several adults into children and back.
Screencaps AR & RN.
- "Lambidao (Natal & Ano Novo)"
273 - male AP: boy into young man.
279 - male AR: young man into boy.
- "Dia das Fadas"
389-396 - AR: woman into girl and back.
Screencaps AR - Screencaps age forms comparison.
- (by Grenzgaenger)

No Game No Life
- (ARed cut) Vol6, c2015, light novel series.
Flugel spirit Jibril regressed to young shoujo after overusing her forbidden power. No process, but maybe we can see it animated in the future.
- Before/After art - (10th_man_down)

Doctor Who
- (adult to OA'd dream) "Last Christmas", S08Ep13, 12/25/2014.
The Doctor is able to pull the crab off, only to learn that Clara is now an elderly woman. 62 years have apparently elapsed. He wakes to find, to their mutual relief, that she is still a young adult.
- Full episode link (toward the end) - screencaps - (Yayame)

Get Blake
- (males AA to OA, tree sapling to tree, car to antique, egg to chicken, dog & squirrel alien to OA)
"Get Old", 3/6/2015, 5. The Squaliens zap Blake and Mitch into seniors.
- Episode link - screencaps - (Thomas)

Other Space
- (ARed glimpse) 2015 Yahoo series follows astronaut group exploring unknown universe. A brief glimpse of the crew as babies, so maybe there will be more regressions in the future? - Trailer screencaps - (by Vended)

My Love Tiger
- (furry TF AA age-up) c2015 manhua. Offscreen poof. She reverts again offscreen, and also poofs from a giant Tiger - before/after scene - (Godleydemon, Piemur1)

Teen Titans Go
- (pseudo "ARed") "Hose Water".
Starfire and Cyborg find an egg that makes them act childish. As a result they become unborn eggs of the same size with feet sticking out (like Sheldon in Garfield). A stork comes back to make a pickup. The Titans follow them to a land "where babies come from" (more big eggs with feet). Robin tells them to not act childish. First Beast Boy becomes a green egg, then Raven a floating black egg. Robin can't resist and turns into a blue egg. "The e-gg" (play on end) - (Tazz)

- (adult rejuvenated) 2015, Disney.
The Fairy Godmother appeared as an old lady and then used her magic staff to change into a younger woman to make herself comfortable before helping Cinderella get ready for the Ball - (Juupton)

Putri Cantik
- (AA age TF) Indonesia, 2004, 20 Eps. About an evil witch.
Episodes of interest:
01 - rejuv: old woman becomes younger.
04 - OA: woman to elderly.
18 - size: woman shrinks and enlarges herself.
- (Grenzgaenger)

photo projects
school years
- (FF) '15. 5 years older - screencaps

short films
girl who wanted to grow up, The
- (age wish) 2015. A lot can go wrong - Video link - screencaps

- (AA) - oa scene story - reverse life story - slight ap story
- (AA) - cut-away @05:50.

music videos
Vacant Lot, The
- (ABDL) "Pamper Me (Put Me In Diapers)". Parody video from 1994 CBC/Comedy Central show, Ep02.
- Video link - (Shlalom Masters)

Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha Vivid
- (AA TF age form upgrade) 2015, Ep01. "Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Vivid".
It is finally here! Loli mahou shoujos "Vivio" and "Einhart" transform into adult battle forms to fight evil. Vivio Takamachi is the kawaii 10 y.o. adopted daughter of Nanoha Takamachi and Fate Testarossa. When Vivio-chan transforms into her magical form, she AA-progresses into a busty adult. I expect to see her transform many times in this series, as she, her "mamas", and their friends fight baddies :)
Vivio's AA TF is quite colorful and beautiful, I must say. Probably the most glorious so far. Process-wise, there is visible AA BE and arm extension. However, there is censoring in terms of her body being flash-covered as soon as she starts the upgrade. It's quite similar to the TF in the StrikerS series. Not sure if they will remove the flash in the Blu-ray version. In the manga there are a few cases where she transforms with casual clothes. Einhart's TF could be different from Vivio's, and more revealing.
- Full episode link - TF extract link - screencaps
- (Tuxedo Will, Chriskim019, The AP Ninja, Saixhinata)

photo projects
same clothes project
- (slight UC FF) - then & now - (Martin, various contributors)

Ressha Sentai ToQger Returns: Super ToQ 7gou of Dreams
- (AA, past/present age forms) 6/24/2015, "Kaettekita Ressha Sentai Tokkyuja Yume no Cho Tokkyu Nana-go".
In 2025 the ToQgers are all grown up and have entered life, but one day the fight must resume. Right and his friends can't transform because they ... lack imagination! Can their past forms help them now?
- Video link - screencaps - (Akira)

Growing Attraction, A (Part Two)
- (dedicated AR) 4/5/15. Lauren continues to shrink her sister - and her Mom! Betsy and Lauren's fight over boyfriend Bobby comes to a climax, with Betsy taking the short end of the stick. Since Betsy refuses to give up, Lauren repeatedly regresses her older sister to an infant - and smaller. As Lauren's ability to shrink rivals becomes stronger even Mom is affected!
- Purchase link - (Dreamtales, Janus Steel)

- (adults OA'd & RNed) - screencaps - (J A.)

Hime-chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri
- (OA'd without size increase) - screencaps - (J A.)

Persona 4: The Animation
- (male OA'd , RNed) - screencaps - (J A.)

Jump Start
- (AA ARed dream poof) - 3/22/2015 Sunday funnies - (ArArchive)

Fairy Tail
- (TF age changes) Ep228. The Sun Village Eps should involve several ARs and APs (mostly Erza and Grey). - (Mecham)

Fuller House
- (90's teens FFed to adults) OMG!!! DJ Tanner and Kimmy Gibbler may reportedly come back in a new series being considered by Netflix!

- (CoA period) - Girl forced to grow up in colorless room confronts crisis - short film
- (male adult) - face - hair
- (furry fan chars.) - tf - tf - tf - tf

- FF - UC

AA curses
- (age appropriate clothing only)
This is what we hate most. A bad TF scene is worse than no TF scene. A very incomplete list:
-level 01 AA curse: clothes deliberately taken off before the growth starts.
-level 02 AA curse: clothes replaced by different, larger clothes in poof transformation.
-level 03 AA curse: clothes may burst but camera looks away from damaged areas.
-level 04 AA curse: clothes may stretch but it happens off-camera between scenes.
-level 05 AA curse: clothes may burst but the scene is so vaguely drawn we can't see.
-level 06 AA curse: clothes 'partially' grow with (Magic Pants).
-level 07 AA curse: clothes fully grow with (Disney Curse).
-level 08 AA curse: blurry darkness transformation with vague jump cuts obscures clothes damage (Ginger Snaps).
-level 09 AA curse: age increase attacks carried out against adults only (Dino Thunder).
-level 10 AA curse: clothes are destroyed by energy release, not the growth.
-level 11 AA curse: clothes magically removed/swapped before & after TF sequence.
-level 12 AA curse: full circle. child already wears adult clothes before expansion starts (To the Ends of Time @29:30-35:30).

Jetsons, The
- (AR) - Jane fan art - (Weary Traveler)

Senran Kagura Estival Versus
- (OA rejuv AA cut) 2015. Video link @4:40 - caps - (Chriskim019)

- (ARed) - Cheryl Tunt fan art - (WT)

Goofy Movie, A
- (male furry TF AP) - Video link - screencaps

Josie and the Pussycats
- (teen ARed) - Alexandra panel - (WT)

DC Comics
- (ARed scene) c2014 heroes - (WT find)

God of War: Ascension
- (male adult age forms) Conjoined twins Pollux and Castor have time battle powers.

Dragonball Z
- (ARed) - Mai fan art

Date A Live
- (AA angel forms) 6th spirit Natsumi appears past 20 y.o. It is later revealed her true form is a little shoujo with unkempt hair and clothing.

Rosario Vampire
- (age pill) manga art - (WT)

Trinity Seven
- (AA age battle forms) Upon using too much of her magic, Akio Fudo reverts back to her child spriggin appearance. Her body becomes more slender, and her height and outfit shrink greatly.

Ressha Sentai ToQger vs. Kyoryuger: The Movie
- (younger forms) - cap

Wonder Woman
- (teen ARing) & Black Canary - fan panel - (Weary Traveler)

Hime-chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri
- (age related) Ep45, 2/12/2011, "Otohime's Hospitality".
Otohime passes out food to people, unwittingly causing aging problems - Episode link - (J A.)

Flintstones, The
- (teen ARed) - Wilma fan art - (WT)

Persona 4: The Animation
- (male old age) Ep17, 2/3/2012, "I Want to Know the Truth".
Teddie and Yu are hit by the aging beam. Part 1/2 link - (J A.)

- (teen ARed) - panel - (WT)

- (old age) All part of an arc about Otohime wanting to age everybody:
-Ep115, 7/17/2008.
They are shipwrecked on an island.
Episode video link
-Ep116, 7/24/2008, "The older, the wiser".
With Katsura and Gintoki turned into old men, the group must stop the rest of Edo being prematurely aged.
Episode video link
-Ep117, 7/31/2008, "Beauty Is Like A Summer Fruit".
They try to stop the age cannon from firing.
Episode video link
-Ep118, 8/7/2008, "Even If Your Back Is Bent, Go Straight Forward".
Gintoki, Katsura, and all of Edo return to normal. A final talk with Otohime on beauty.
Episode video link
- (J A.)

GI Joe
- (ARed) - Kim Possible crossover: Bonnie fan art - (WT)

Lois Lane
- (teen ARed) - panel - (WT)

Space Ace
- (ARed) - Kimberly panel - (WT)

Shake It Up
- (OA FFed dream) "Reunion It Up", S1Ep15, 4/10/2011.
CeCe and Rocky fear they will no longer be friends. Rocky wonders what life would be like without CeCe 60 years in the future. Rocky is entranced with white hair and a scooter. CeCe marvels at Rocky's inhumanly large butt - Episode link - (J A.)

- (teen furry ARed) panel - (WT)

Gilligan's Island
- (adults OA'd, dream) "Meet the Meteor", S2Ep32, 4/28/1966.
50 years on the island. Episode link - (J A.)

Avengers Assemble
- (adults OA'd) "Thanos Triumphant", S2Ep13, 3/1/2015.
Earlier in the season, we saw Iron Man regress. To beat Thanos, the Avengers convince him to use all 5 Infinity Stones. He blasts them with the Time Stone and they become old and then dust, except being a god prevents death. Thor makes Thanos age so he undoes it - (Tazz)

Fairy Tail
- Ch344: Erza turned into a kid, but there was more AR in this arc. The following chapters had Natsu and Gray turning back into kids as well. For a brief moment in Ch349 or Ch350, everyone turned back into kids; even Wendy, already 12 y.o. to begin with, got younger. Pretty cute, though it didn't last long - (Azerty47)

Family Guy
- (ARed to teen) - Lois crossover fan art - (Weary Traveler)

- (AR) MMO game.
The regression is more than just an appearance potion, you can actually become a child again. You get the choice Rebirth, which basically resets you back to level 1 while retaining your skills. This allows for smoother leveling up. You can only regress back to age 10, and you age one year a week. You can Rebirth again every six days, and if you get over level 20 you can Rebirth sooner.
- Very rare: the Tin Potion can shrink your character down to toddler size. This will work differently depending on the race you're playing, staying in effect until you age a year - (Reina Watt)

Ah! My Goddess
- (ARed) - It's just been so slow, I've had to make up my own... Urd colorized art - (WT)

Devil & Devil
- (ARed) The manga mentions a young female teacher was turned into a baby at dusk. The tentacle aftermath was briefly shown. A mysterious baby appeared outside the school when the teacher disappeared, swaddled in her oversized clothing. It took a while to realize what had happened - extract
- Uni the little sister got a reverse growth when transformed - (Azerty47, Trash Raider)

Cristina's Caffeinated Regression
- (dedicated adult mental rejuvenation) 2014 Photo Story, 307 Photos, Nudity, $15. Intermittent availability.
There is something strange in Cristina's coffee. She mentally regresses and transforms from a well dressed business woman into a shy mental schoolgirl.
- "Great expressions, angles, Cristina was a great fit for the idea" - (Mars) - blog

- (dedicated AR captions) - Mostly F2F Caption Page! - (Noliwankenobi)
- (dedicated AR) - Grunkle Stan and Wendy exposed to the waters of Itty-Bitty Pond. "Gravity Falls" fan art - (Nico)

Kantai Collection: KanColle
- (AA entity TF maturation) 2015, Ep12, final.
Main boss monster gynoide evolves into less neotenic form out of rage while regenerating from damage. The process is visible, although the screen angle and long hair covering her body make it a real shame. She basically transforms from the form Airfield princess to the form Midway princess.
The original game also had the younger form Northern princess. Too bad she didn't begin this way in the anime.
- Video link @10:48 - art - (Chriskim019)

- (FF media) - life talk - (Matt)
- (school) - photos - (Matt)
- (dedicated Poser parody) - "puberty" adult BE scene - (adult) - Lois BE gif
- (male face) - FF
- (adult morph) - loop - (Qwertyhatter45)
- (AA) - AA - (history) - "Music through the Ages" change - (toonoid) - AR - (FF face) - morph

Once Upon a Time
- (male AA poof) In S2 August was reverted back to Pinocchio, from adult puppet to human child. Since he can't remember anything, the witches AA him back to adult human and the Ep. ends - Video link - screencaps - (Tazz)

Gamble Fish
- (level-3 AA curse) Ch116. As told by two sisters. Supposedly they were small girls before God appeared, who granted them incredible luck along with adult bodies so they could gamble - Extract
- Ch122 plays with the idea. They lose a Pleasure Fish match and begin to shrivel into husks. A few characters wonder if it could be a placebo effect. Fortunately, they're miraculously restored to non-shriveled adults by "King Omaha" - (Reebok, No-Name, Turn White)

Sleepy Hollow
- (male acceleration) "Mama". Katrina puts the baby down to cast a spell. She discovers the baby has aged into a grown boy. At this rate, Moloch will be a grown man in days?

- (AA FF AP to OA) - 2014. A human life animated in one Vine. 7 sec Video link - caps

short films
Harry Grows Up
- 2012, 7min. Offbeat romantic comedy for adults starring babies? - link

Far Side, The
- (male adult to OA) "The old age truck" gag

puberty guy
- (male AA CoA AP) - caps

- (AP) c2007 caps

music videos
FB/FF (themes)
- (AA cuts) - c2014, "se crecio la nina", caps

music videos
Skrillex & Wolfgang Gartner
- (slight ff cut, FB dream) "The Devil's Den", unofficial music video, 2012, link

Simpsons, The
- (AA forms) Pixelated intro. They randomly became things as a glitch. In some Homer and Marge appeared to be teens. Bart and Lisa as really fat adults from past episodes - Vid link - screencaps - (Tazz)

short stories
Susan Donym
- (dedicated AR stories, TG) - Author Purchase Page
- 11/15/2014, $2.99 - "Women Transformed into Little Girls: Stories of Female Age Regression".
- 09/28/2014, $2.99 - "Unbirthing Stories: 5 Twisted Tales of Age Regression".
- 09/04/2014, $2.99 - "Babyfied: 3 Age Regression Tales".
- 07/28/2014, $2.99 - "One Sip, and You're a Little Girl: 4 Short Tales of Transgender Age Regression".

fan characters
Metamor Keep
- (dedicated TF) c2014 - link
Age regression victims can shift between infancy and 14-15. AR people find it easy to trick adults and are adept at slipping into small places, so they are usually found in diplomatic duty down south. For transformed babies, some finessing is called for. A breakthrough by Keep alchemists led to a mixture that will cause the change as soon as it is absorbed. AR children will have the ability to shift ages since birth. Though there is some risk for AR parents, TG and TF parents are hailing it as a way to avoid the usual transformation trauma.

- (serial mind transfer into bodies of different ages) Claire North, 2015. Protagonist becomes a frequent body switcher when his own body is murdered. He needs to touch a person to possess them - (Puddleglum, CJ)

short stories
T.F. Wright
- (dedicated adult age alteration & control stories) -2015.
Ebook Purchase links
 "Four Friends, Four Transformations"
- (includes adult to old, downgrade, WG, MG) - 64p. Four college women are best friends - but their bonds are about to be tested. A supernatural trickster alters their reality and identities. Weight gain, downgrade, beyond middle age, and female muscle growth, all via a unique TF method.
 "Golden Girls Spa: A Tale of Age Progression"
- (OA) - 32p. A television executive wants to re-create a TV show about older women - but no older actresses return his calls. So instead, he decides to improvise, dropping some young actresses off at a very special spa. A spa that will quickly help them look the part. A tale filled with vivid transformation sequences in the perfect setting.
 "Older and Wiser"
- (OA, WG) - 35p. College freshman has unrequited crush on her older friend. At a cosplay convention, a woman sells a "magic potion" to solve her academic and romantic troubles. Of course, there is a price...
 "Claus and Effect"
- (OA, WG) - 13p. Short Christmas TF tale. Misty, a young woman who thinks Christmas is lame, finds herself working for a Christmas themed fundraising company. She's not sure she'll fit in, but they say this is a job that can grow on you...

short stories
T.F. Wright
- (dedicated adult age alteration & control stories)
Short stories on the website
- Erotic Special Interest Stories with a specific kink, fetish, or conceptual idea. Some are quite dark, so be warned! Life Control, Downgrade, Aging.

Closeup Express
- (FF) c2014 - Video Page.
Online collection of timelapse and age progression video portraits by individuals to leave a visual record of their daily appearance. View a montage of closeup portraits over a progression of time accelerated. Watch a person's physical appearance transform as they age in their journey through life.

short films
- (AA age form metaphor) Sarah Pucill, 1997, 17min. Moments of desire and suffocation, represented by a girl and her doll which "transform" into a live woman/mother are viscerally provoked.

Statesman, The
- (time reversal cycle AR) "Politikos", "The Statesman", Plato, 360 BC Socratic dialogue.
...reverse action during infinite spontaneous due to exquisite perfection of balance...the vast size of the universe...the smallness of the pivot upon which it turns...a mighty change passed. For their life was reversed like the motion of the world...quickly returned to youth and beauty. The white locks of the aged became black; the cheeks of the bearded man were restored to their youth and fineness; the young men grew softer and smaller, and, being reduced to the condition of children in mind as well as body, began to vanish the old returned to youth, so the dead returned to life; the wheel of their existence having been reversed, they rose again from the earth.

- (dedicated AA age TF) - Cluedog commission - (Theregressed, Entropic)
- (ARed fur) - Gugure! Kokkuri-san commission (upcoming pic from ArtieCanvas) - (Micman4202)
- (dedicated toon edits) - anime characters aged - (Turn White)
- ("puberty") - 7 sec gag - AA story - AA story
- (male pub. toon) - 7 sec - (male pub. toon) - 7 sec
- (mind swap) - scene @6.20 - (Jacobs) - (mind swap) - toon possession - (Polover)
- ("age disguise") - Selena looks too young - (FFed) - former baby - (life) - "ff" - AA story - story
- (UC) - shirt pop

My Transformations Blog
- (dedicated AA, OA stories, TF) - Includes AP stories as well as several AP ebooks - blog - search - mall
The Transformation Mall: where supporters can commission their own custom chapters. All TFs can come to life through custom commissions, your idea just the way you want it. An age changing tanning bed or a clothing store, personality changes, a candy shop that causes different kinds of aging, whatever your AP desire, it can happen - (TF Wright, Aging Women)

Growing Attraction, A
- (dedicated AR/AP comic) "A Growing Attraction", 3/2015.
Artwork by PalComix. 45p, $11.99. Part 1 of 2.
Betsy and Lauren return in a love triangle for the ages! Lauren tries to steal Betsy's boyfriend, and discovers the ability to shrink her older sister! Loosely based on the premise of Mating Wars, where girls use their pheromones to naturally shrink their rivals.
- Story Summary: Betsy has a growth spurt when she goes with Bobby one summer. Next year Lauren tries to take him away, and starts growing herself. When the girls compete for his affection, Lauren's pheromones put her older sister at a big disadvantage!
- Purchase link - also on the new Selz Store: link - (Dreamtales)

Fifth Third Bank
- (boys-only AP commercial) 2015 CM. A long wait can seem forever.
"DMV" Baby to man video link - screencaps
Fan edit video link - (LitLOne)
- (male adult aftermaths) 2015 commercials.
"Elevator" Beard growth video link - screencaps
"School photo" TG male video link - "Photo booth" Race change video link - screencaps
- (Jeffr_2bya)

Nationwide Insurance
- ("ARed" AA self-image perception) 2015 CM.
A long wait can seem forever. Toddlers are put in real-world grown-up positions, like waiting at the DMV, being put on hold, and suffering terrible service. The end portion had one toddler replaced by a grown woman, implying the people had been regressed by bad service.
- Video link - screencaps - (Richforce)

Shinmai Maou no Testament
- (TF entity upgrade, BE'd, 18 to 21) Ep10, 3/11/2015.
The Testament of Sister New Devil. The succubus unlocks her power and grows heavily censored by radiation, but the before and after differences are noticeable.
- Episode link - TF extract link - screencaps
- (Chriskim019, The AP Ninja, Johnny)

short films
- (no process) - c2013 caps

- (ARed, RNed) - "Who stole my clothes?" panel glimpse - (ArArchive)

Urgent Transformation Crisis
- (dedicated adult rejuv) 2015 furry webcomic. The storyline involves a woman regressing. It begins to be noticeable.
Cover link - page link - (Case Scenario)

Itti Si Khushi
- (CoA FFed) India. 2014 serial story of a 14 y.o. teenage girl who lapses into a coma. She wakes as a 26 y.o. adult who missed the determining years of her life. A battle of sane grown-ups versus retaining youth and enjoying life.

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AP text fragments 155 - (various contributors)
Mostly about girls suddenly growing into women right through their clothes.

AP: age progression
AR: age regression
CB: clothes burst or rip
UC: undersized clothing
OC: oversized clothing
AA: age-appropriate clothing or clothes grow too or were removed
OA: old age
RN: return to normal
FF: flash forward in time
TF: transformation

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