2000 AD Zenith Phase 4 (storyline)

Zenith Phase IV #01-15

2000AD: Comic Book: (12/30/2004)

He started out as an old man who gradually lost his years.
Peyne is now growing younger. He continues his narration of events.
After the fighting, the Lloigor took Peyne to see the dead bodies of Peter St John and Zenith. He was saddened by this, Peter had been his favorite of all the superhumans he'd created.

The Lloigor then took to changing their own shapes and the shapes of the world around them. With a thought, they turned cities into Lego, or glass filled with internal organs. They raised up all the dead people and gave them clasped hands instead of heads. He wonders what they will do when they become bored of the earth.
He can't be bothered writing any more. He feels that he ought to keep writing though, and that someone will hit him if he doesn't, but he doesn't care anymore. He's tired and just wants to sleep.

Ruby comes into his room and finds him asleep on the bed, now merely a baby. She lifts him up and looks inside his now underdeveloped mind, and sees him thinking of Peter. She tells him to forget Peter and look at the world that he has made.
She lifts him over the balcony, and floats him up into the air. The baby regresses into a fetus, and then gradually shrinks to nothing.

-- Jeffr_2bya


And an unrelated but rare (adult) CB scene. Growth hormones are very powerful: