Ah! Megami-sama (Oh! My Goddess)

Ah! Megami-sama

Anime Character:

The goddess Peorth has adult and adorable child forms.

Ah My Goddess

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode 25: "Ah! Iím Always With You"

It's the final showdown where the goddesses, Belldandy and Skuld, battle against the Lord of Terror, who has now possessed Midgard! With the whole world at stake, what can Keiichi do to help? Perhaps another attempt at the flute will do the trick, and that almost works, except now the Lord of Terror has possessed Keiichi!

Could this be the end of the world? Will Belldandy be able to save her love? Watch the episode or read the recap for this exciting season finale! AR of Urd, SW of Belldandy. Ever see an 8 year old Urd guzzle sake? (AR)

-- Tuxedo Will

Ah My Goddess

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode 26:

AP of Skuld, Belldandy still SW. Adult Skuld in a wedding dress!

-- Tuxedo Will

Ah! My Goddess

Manga Comic Book: "Trials of Morisato 1"

Ah! My Goddess

Manga Comic Book: "Trials of Morisato 2"

Ah! My Goddess

Manga Comic Book: unknown

Ah! My Goddess Volume #22

Manga Comic Book: Chapter 138 "Mothe--?"

As the goddess tests and Hild sing, a program begins to spiral into Peorth. She begins to grow back to her adult form. Keiichi is shocked at the thought that Peorth might burst out of clothes. Fortunately, this doesn't happen but Peorth is suspicious as to why his face is red.

Ah My Goddess

Manga Comic Book:

Skuld grows up on sleeping mat. After night of passion, she reverted back. (AP, RN)

-- Process

Oh! My Goddess! Vol. 21

Manga Comic Book: Dark Horse: (July 13, 2005)

This is not a regular comic book, as the rest of the OMG reprints from Dark Horse have been so far, but the first reprinting of an OMG story in the original manga format with dialogue translated into English. In other words, it's a relatively small trade paperback where pages are read in the order of back to front and panels right to left.

Anyway, this book continues a storyline from some time ago in which the Fourth Goddess, Peorth, was regressed into a child. She's still in little anime girl form as Keiichi, Belldandy, Urd, and Skuld try to return Peorth to adulthood. Be warned, the story is continued to the next digest. And cover price is $10.95.

Also, if you're a giantess lover as well as a AR lover, look for the BIG panel on page 53 (the end of chapter 131) where Peorth has grown up, but not aged. You should be able to find this in the manga section of most comic book stores now, and in major book store chains soon.

-- Zeketgrimm


Oh My Goddess!: Mystery Child

Comic Book: Dark Horse Comics: "Mystery Child"

There's an AR scene in the latest issue of OH MY GODDESS from Dark Horse. (The story is 'Mystery Child.') This time, the victim is Peorth. Yeah, she ARs, but her clothes stay the same, and they were kind of scanty to begin with.

Let's see, so far, this makes two of the goddesses ARing (Urd was the other some issues ago) and on APing (Skuld, the only one you'd notice that with).