Alien Worlds (radio show)

Alien Worlds

Old Time Radio Show: Season 02; Episode #03: "Time Clash" (07/29/1979)

Experiments with a prototype time machine will take place on the planet Valeria, and ISA commissioner White and senior crew members of Starlab are invited to observe. During the routine flight to pick up Commissioner White, there is a malfunction aboard Jon and Buddy’s ship causing it to pop out of hyper-space. At that instant, the two are transformed into eight-year-old boys. The Valerians offer their time machine to accelerate the boys back to their own ages and, on the trip, we witness some startling historic events. (Male/Ar & RN)

Maura help us, we become children. - Jon

Alien Worlds

Old Time Radio Show: Season 03; Episode #02: "The Parallax Deception" (Unaired 1979)

Experiments With Youth Drug Leads To Mysterious Death As A Bizarre Deception Comes Alive. Long time researcher friend to Maura Cassidy, Madelline Stoner, arrives at Starlab looking 20-years younger. Everyone is astonished by her achievement in age reversal theories. Unfortunately, the next morning she is found dead. The mystery of her demise is unraveled by famous detective Sonar T. Phoom through cunning and an amazing technological Parallax Deception on . . . (Female/Ar & aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya