Amazing Stories

Amazing Stories

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #03: "Magic Saturday" (10/06/1986)

It is a young boy's birthday. His grandfather is there, and the boy sees that his grandfather is miserable in his attitude towards life because he hates being old. The boy blows out the candles and wishes for him and his grandfather to switch bodies for 24 hours (I think 24 hours) so that his grandfather can enjoy life again. Anyway, the boy stars to have a heart attack in the grandfather's body, and the grandfather has to make the decision of whether or not to return to his body and save his grandson.

Amazing Stories

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #11: "What If...?" (12/08/1986)

A little boy who is neglected by his parents because he was the result of an unwanted pregnancy that ended the period of single married fun they wanted long before they were ready to begin a family. The episode begins with the resourceful boy getting his own breakfast while he parent's sleep on. Then the strange stuff happens. The boy's school bus doesn't wait for him. Walking to school on his own, he meets a crossing guard who asks if he is ready to cross over. The boy declines. But during the next few hours, his school books vanish. His toy box at home is suddenly full of winter blankets. His bedroom becomes a storeroom for his parents' unwanted stuff.

His favorite toys vanish, and he finds them in a store window. He meets a pregnant woman who finds him cute, and says she wants a boy just like him. It had taken her years to get pregnant, and she is really looking forward to beginning a family. She asks the boy's opinion on which toys to buy her future baby. The boy recommends his favorite teddy bear and other stuff he owned. The crossing guard follows the boy home, where he finds no dinner ready and his parents dressed like post-disco dandies holding a wine-and-cheese party for other childless married friends. "Don't they miss me?" the boy pleads. "Not yet. But they will soon feel an empty hole in their lives that they won't be able to explain," the guard says. The boy says he is ready to cross over. The episode ends with the pregnant woman giving birth and is elated when she is told it's a boy.

This seemed like powerful stuff when I was 10. I don't think they reran this episode, as Amazing Stories was soon yanked from NBC's schedule in this, the middle of is second season.

- Pixchick

Amazing Stories

TV Series: Season 04; Episode #19: "Without Diana" (03/27/1987)

two parents mysteriously lose their daughter, and grieve her disappearance for years as the two of them grow old. Many years later when his wife is on her deathbed, their daughter comes home, as young as ever. She waves her hand over her dead mother's face, and her mother becomes young again in a very good morph. The two depart for heaven, leaving her old father to finish a book about her death before he dies.

-- Zietgiest

Amazing Stories Volume #02 Issue: #05

Magazine: Short Story: "The Ultra-Elixir of Youth" by A Hyatt Verrill (08/17/1927)

Professor Elias Henderson of McCracken College, a prominent biologist, has disappeared, as have several of his colleagues. There is suspicion of foul play, even of human sacrifice of infants. The narrator takes over Henderson's post, as much out of curiosity as anything. Investigating, he soon learns more than the police did. From Henderson's lab workbook he discovers that Henderson was investigating aging. A chance explosion of a dirigible released a secret gas (QW)that seemed to rejuvenate life near the catastrophe. Henderson followed this lead through and discovered that a new element juvenum, was involved; when activated by radio waves, it turns back the biological clock. Henderson at first rejoiced at his discovery: but then he observed that the youthing process could not be stopped. The test animals and people regressed into nothing.
(Female/male Ar into nothing)

[ "I will shrink to an infant in the clothes i have on, in the makeshift, cut-down things I am wearing. My brain is still clear and filled with the thoughts of a grown man --- Yes, even the scientific side of my intellect is unchanged.. I have sought perpetual youth and have found it; but such a youth! Youth reduced to the nth degree. " ]

-- Jeffr_2bya