Asterix and Obelix All at Sea #30

Comic Book: Hardbound English translation of French comic by Uderzo. Printed is Great Britain by Hodder & Stoughton. (1996)

In this 35th adventure of Asterix the Gaul, Asterix's huge friend Obelix drinks an entire cauldron of the magic potion that makes everyone in Asterix's village super strong, enabling them to humiliate the Romans who seek to enslave them. By overindulging in the potion, Obelix is first turned into stone.

While an antidote restores him to flesh and blood, it also turns him into a little boy. Being young, Obelix cannot put up the same fight as when he was full size, so the Romans easily capture him and put him on a boat bound for Rome.

Asterix enlists the help of a band on seagoing rebels headed by Spartikis (who is a character of Kirk Douglas). But Spartikis' boat first docks in Atlantis, where everybody but one elderly gent has used the land's secret elixir of youth to return to childhood. Obelix rejects staying there and playing all day.

To leave the island, Asterix has to take command of the ship, because Spartikis and his crew have stolen some elixir and has already turned into 5-year-olds. Catching up with the Roman galley, Asterix is beaten, being unable to fight the whole Roman crew alone.

But seeing his buddy being whipped, Obelix wills himself back to his adult age (still in now very tight Kiddie pans) and saves the day. Oh, and the Roman admiral who kidnapped the junior Obelix gets his hands on a barrel of the strength potion, drinks it all, turns to stone, and may still be serving as a pigeon roost before the Colosseum in Rome to this day.

48-page hardbound comic available in USA for $16.99 from the Bud Plant Comic Art Catalog (

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La Galere d'Obelix
Asterix and Obelix All at Sea
30th volume of the Asterix comic book series, by Albert Uderzo, 1996.

Obelix has drunk from the cauldron of magic potion and turned to stone. Getafix tries desperate measures to revive Obelix. Ultimately Obelix returns to life; but as a child, and deprived of his strength.
Getafix guides his companions to the remnants of Atlantis (the Canary Islands), where the Atlantides have found eternal youth, in the hope that they can restore Obelix's adulthood; but learns that the Atlantides are unable to increase a patient's age.
Seeing his friend in danger provokes Obelix to recover his adult strength and size, and rescue him.