Astonishing #53

Comic Book: Marvel: "Build Me A Machine!" (09/30/1956)

A scientist builds a time machine for a dictator who wishes to travel 50 years into the past with gold and plans for the H-Bomb in order to escape a losing war. Unfortunately for him, the device drops him into the past as he was 50 years ago, an infant. (Male Ar)

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Astonishing #63

Comic Book: Marvel: "The Secret beyond Belief!" (08/30/1957)

A scientist invents a rejuvenation process and a fellow scientist wants him to share it with the world, but the man refuses because the creative people who have gone through the process are no longer productive as they have all the time in the world to perfect their craft but never finish anything. (Male AS)

[Reprinted in Tomb of Darkness #17]