Ben 10

Ben 10

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #09: "Last Laugh" (02/25/2006)

Upon discovering a mysterious device known as the Omnitrix, 10-year-old Ben Tennyson is bestowed with the power to change into 10 different alien heroes. Each alien hero has its own unique and awesome powers. Although Ben now has the added responsibility to protect others and fight evil forces, he still manages to find time for some mischief and fun.

After dealing with some criminals at a dock, the trio finds their way to a circus run by a clown named Zombozo, much to Ben's chagrin. There, Ben's fear of clowns comes out as they explore. They find a freak show along the way, featuring a trio of mutants with incredible abilities. During Zombozo's show, Ben is too afraid to laugh and ends up leaving.

His departure turns out to be for the best, since Zombozo drains the happiness of others to sustain and empower himself. Meanwhile, Ben finds the freaks robbing the town. Ben is able to beat them, but can't bring himself to fight Zombozo. He has to find a way, though, since Zombozo kidnaps Gwen and leaves the entire town in a chuckling daze. Gwen is prematurely aged due to Zombozo draining her soul. (F/aP/RN)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Ben 10

Cartoon Series: Season 04; Episode #03: "Don't Drink The Water" (07/26/2007)

After being in contact with water from the Fountain of Youth, Grandpa Max and Ben are reverted to being kids again. Now, Gwen is left to take care of them while stopping Hex from finding the fountain's source.

-- Slykid

Ben 10 Omniverse

Cartoon TV Series: Season 01; Episode #16: "Arrested Development" (01/05/2013)

The episode starts with Ben (as Humungousaur) fighting the robots from Dimension 12, when Billy Billions interrupts the battle. As Rook and Ben are about to be attacked, Billy activates a pocket watch-like device that stops the robots in their tracks, making Ben and Rook realize that Billions isn't just an ordinary fan boy. Billions then reactivates the robots so that they may destroy Ben and Rook.

Eventually, Humungousaur and Rook defeat the robots. As Ben and Rook interrogate Billions. He then tells Ben that they went to the same middle school and also how he was in the same class as him as well. Billions kept going on and on about how Ben wasn't better than him, but just lucky. Then one night, while Ben was fighting an unknown villain as Diamondhead. Billy then fires off the Dimension 12 portal ray but the ray reflects off Diamondhead's back and hits Billy, sending him to Dimension 12. Billions continues saying that due to Dimension 12's timeless era, he stopped growing the last 5 years, but his brain continued to grow so he built a device that would give him control over the Dimension 12 robots he then had them construct a device that would teleport them to Earth. Meanwhile Ben is hardly paying any attention to him, stating that being a world famous hero, he's already heard these kind off tales. It was at that point that Billions fires De-ager Ray at Ben and Rook, trapping them in their childhood form.

Billions then states that now they will know what it's like to look like a kid for the rest of their lives and sends in more robots. As Ben tries to transform, the Omnitrix seemed to have locked him out (due to his altered state) and now must offer other means of identification. After doing so, he changes into Ball Weevil and begins to lure the robots away from the city. After a brief fight Ben and Rook report at Plumber's HQ.

At this time, Billy due to his arrogance overloads his pocket watch and loses control over Computron's minions. Ben, Rook and Billy then reach the top of the Billions tower. Ben turns into Bloxx instead of Shocksquatch and destroys some of the robots. A quarrel between Billy and Rook makes Billy accidentally start a function in the Proto-Tool which defeats all the Computron's minions and overloads the Dimension 12 portal which starts sucking things in it. Ben saves Billy from getting sucked into the portal and Rook shuts it down. Ben and Rook change back into their normal age from the De-ager Ray.

Later, Ben is seen giving interviews and Billy getting arrested by the Plumbers for unleashing an alien invasion.

-- Steven

Ben 10 Omniverse

Cartoon TV Series: Season 01; Episode #18: "Ben Again" (01/19/2013)

The episode begins with young Ben (as XLR8) battling Eon for the first time then it shows teen Ben (as Diamondhead) battling Eon again. Just then when both Ben's time out both Eon's grab the Omnitrix's causing an explosion. When teen Ben awakes he's in young Ben's body, but doesn't notice and thinks his Omnitrix changed to look like his old Omnitrix. So Ben changed into Ditto and fought Eon, but Eon disappears and the Ditto's think they pummeled Eon into oblivion.

But when Gwen and Grandpa Max arrive Ben turns back to normal and is shocked that Gwen's younger and he is to. Ben tries to tell them he's a teenager and that Eon brought him here, Gwen and Max do wonder why Ben's voice is different. So they ask Ben where young Ben is then it shows young Ben in teen Ben's body which young Ben loves. Rook and Max also wonder why their Ben's voice is different just then Eon appears and Ben is about to fight, but Ben notices the new Omnitrix and all the aliens and says this is the best day ever!

When Eon mentions Professor Paradox Ben is confused and Eon remembers young Ben hasn't meet him yet and realizes Paradox will go to teen Ben. Back in the past Gwen asks Ben what's she like and Ben says he misses her making Gwen think she's dead, but Ben corrects her that she just goes to college early. Max tells Ben he should stop telling them about the future just then Paradox appears with a lot more features on his clothes and says it's because of a time war. Max and Gwen are confused and Paradox introduces himself and Ben and Paradox talk in private Paradox tells Ben Eon wants nothing less than absolute power over everything.

Paradox tells Ben he trapped Eon in this timeline and that he can only travel to the past, present, and future. He also says the key to get out is with Paradox's Chrononavigator (his pocket watch) which is like a GPS for the multiverse. Just then Eon reappears and Paradox and Eon get in a fight and Eon cuts off Paradox's robotic hand. Before Eon and Paradox leaves Paradox gives Ben a clue to where his crononavigator is and Ben realizes its his robotic hand because Paradox said well in hand. Ben ponders what to do, weirding Gwen out because of how much more mature he is compared to his younger self.

He then comes up with an idea, making Gwen promise to find him no matter where he is in EXACTLY five years from now; he leaves with the robot hand to hide it. At the plumber headquarters young Ben is being mischievous Rook wonder's if there's someone who has experience with young Ben. Then you hear an I do which was from Gwen asks if Ben's mentally 11 Ben examines Gwen and says she's still a dweeb.

Rooks asks why Gwen's here, and she explains the promise teen Ben made her keep. Ben says it wasn't him and Max wonder's if his 16 year old mind got sent back to his 11 year old body which he calls a cross time brain swap. Rook asks if she recalls anything else, to which Gwen replies she has to take Ben to Mr. Smoothy's, to which Ben replies gross! However, Rook points out that teen Ben loves smoothies, something the confuses the younger Ben.

Then Gwen tells Ben that in the future, this is where they and Kevin used to hang out. This makes Ben wonder who "Kevin" is, only to be shocked to find out it's Kevin Levin. Gwen tries to explain Kevin changed and became a good guy, but her tone immediately makes the younger Ben realize she's dating Kevin; he finds this grosser than smoothies. Examining their surroundings, Rook points out that there is a Sumo Slammer sticker on a pole.

Gwen says Ben should look at the top of the pole so Ben turns into Diamondhead and see some co-ordinates along with Armodrillo scribbled. Then they follow the co-ordinates and reach Pakmar's new place. The Pakmar-place-Ben-comes-destroys gag reoccurs when Armodrillo digs into a specific point (as per the co-ordinates) and find another no. written down there but accidentally hit a pipeline and the trio run away with Pakmar's place flooding. Then Ben turns different aliens to find hidden co-ordinates (Goop to see in a tap, NRG to go in Hot Reactors and Wildmutt to search the ground and dig.)

They finally come back to Mr. Smoothy's and Gwen says why would Ben do all that clue-thing to just come back where you started to which Ben replies that nobody would look for the treasure, if the treasure is hidden at the place you started to which Gwen agrees was a clever plan. Ben turns to Big Chill and gets the Chrono-navigator from the Mr. Smoothy's vendor. Then he tries to check (acts like shooting and then backscratches) what it is when Eon comes and takes it.

Eon explains that what the dim-witted Ben had is the key to the multi-verse, summoning his minions to fight. However, as they're defeated and Eon continues to call more, the portal they came out don't close. Now both the present and past Ben and Gwens can see each other. teen Ben turns into Wildvine to reach into the past to take the Chrononavigator from Eon, but is repelled. Paradox appears in another portal, berating Eon for not listening to him about the dangers of messing with space/time.

Gwen tells her younger self a spell that can free Paradox from his imprisonment. Both cast the spell and succeeded in freeing the professor, who promptly tells both Bens to turn into Clockwork to trap Eon between both points in time to restore order to the universe. However, teen Ben points out Clockwork is not available in the prototype Omnitrix. Paradox counters by explaining that both Omnitrixes are synced to each other now thanks to Eon's bumbling, allowing the prototype to access the DNA needed for the transformation. Both Ben turn into Clockwork and blast Eon from both points in time. Young Ben quickly deduce their memories of the event and the event itself will be erased.

Time is restored to normal, with teen Ben and Rook enjoying smoothies outside Mr. Smoothies. Ben is bored, hoping something for some universal calamity; Rook agrees, hoping something interesting will happen. At that very moment, Ben 10,000 (Ben 10) arrives through a green portal, asking teen Ben for Paradox's location. He informs his younger self the Chronosapiens had gone rogue and Maltruence's temporal beasts are on a inter-dimensional rampage, said this time war is getting out of hand. Teen Ben is delighted to hear about a "Time War", finding the idea awesome. (Mental Male Mind Switch)

-- Steven

Ben 10: Race Against Time

Movie: Live Action (11/21/2007)

Ben 10: Race Against Time is a live-action adaptation of the animated television series Ben 10 created by Man of Action. The working title was previously Ben 10 in the Hands of Armageddon. Directed by Alex Winter,in the USA as a Cartoon Network original movie. Eon the bad guy has the power to age people into old age. (aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

TV Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #22: "A Knight to Remember" (12/02/2011)

Vilgax gets the followers of Diagon to lead him to the Dragon's heart. While the leader of the Forever Knights (Old George) heads out to retrieve his sword (Axelion, which Azmuth created). Ben realizes that many different threads are converging, but can he stop them in time. Saint George returns to his prime after recovering his sword. (Old age to Young Male Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien

TV Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #23: "Solitary Alignment" (/0/2011)

Azmuth sheds some light on how Old George obtained the sword and battled Dagon. Shown in recap of the last episode; Saint George returns to his prime after recovering his sword. (Old age to Young Male Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya

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