TV Series: Season 02; Episode #07: "Trick Or Treat" (10/28/65)

Despite Endora's demand that Samantha accompany her to a witches celebration of Halloween, Darrin insists that his wife remain at home to entertain Louise and Larry Tate, Jack Rogers, a client and his wife, Phyllis. Disguising herself as a child in a gypsy costume, Endora hexes Darrin with a spell which will gradually turn him into a werewolf.

When Samantha demands that her mother remove the spell, Endora tells her she can't remember the words. After the guests arrive, Darrin is forced to go out of the room from time to time to shave off the werewolf hair which is beginning to grow all over him. Finally, when dinner arrives, Darrin stars snarling and jumps through an open window. Larry and Jack, sure that Darrin is in werewolf costume, bring him back into the house.

Darrin, fearful of what he might do, gets Samantha to lock him in the hall closet. Endora reappears in a high fashion evening gown. When Samantha tells her she is behaving exactly like the stereotype of a witch she hates so much, Endora returns Darrin to his normal self. Later, Jack, certain Endora is also garbed for Halloween, compliments her on her bizarre outfit. Endora gestures, and a lion's tail appears on Jack. Endora tells Darrin Jack won't notice it until he tries to remove his trousers.



TV Series: Season 02; Episode #10: "Junior Executive" (11/18/65)

Darrin is struggling to create an advertising campaign for a toy ship model manufactured by Mr. Harding. When Samantha wonders whether the Stephens' baby will look like his father, Endora turns Darrin into an eight-year-old. Returned to normal, Darrin goes to his office. Samantha repeats a disparaging remark Darrin made about Endora.

Piqued, Endora turns Darrin into a boy at his office. Mr. Harding sees Darrin and compliments Larry on hiring a child to devise a campaign for a toy. Samantha tests magic to return Darrin to normal size but is called on time after time to change him from man to boy when Harding insists on having a joint meeting with Darrin and the boy. Finally, as a child, Darrin meets two boys who tell him the ship model is no good because it can't do anything.

As Darrin, the man, persuades Harding and Larry to make the changes suggested by the two boys, Samantha gratefully produces a kite for each. When Darrin tells her he'd like to join them, Samantha then replies he'll have his own son to play with soon.



TV Series: Season 02; Episode #17: "And then There Were Three"

Darrin thinks that Tabatha been turned into a adult.

-- Jeff_2bya


TV Series: Season 03; Episode #04: "Accidental Twins" (10/6/66)

Aunt Clara baby sis with Tabatha Stephens and Timothy Tate when their parent's go to the theater. She entertains the babies with magic. Peeping through the window, Gladys Kravitz is completely befuddled. Her magic dulled by age, Aunt Clara's spells go awry and suddenly Timothy becomes twins. Aunt Clara can't remember how to undo the spell.

Arriving home, Samantha and Darrin are aghast. Frantically, they try to keep the Tates from learning what happened to their baby. Since Larry has to catch an early plane, they persuade the Tates to leave Timothy overnight. The next morning, Louise arrives, followed by Larry, whose flight has been delayed.

As the Tates are on the verge of discovering the worst, Samantha realizes that a youthful Aunt Clara could solve the problem. She tests magic to make Aunt Clara ten years younger. Aunt Clara pronounces the proper spell and the twins are just one baby again. Leaving, Larry wishes he had another baby just like Timothy. Samantha and Darrin exchange weary looks.



TV Series: Season 06; Episode #23: "Just A Kid Again" (2/26/70)

Samantha and Tabatha are in a toy store buying a gift for one of Tabatha's friends. The manager tells them someone will help them shortly. The salesman, Irving Bates, helps them choose a gift and when Samantha goes over to the cashier to pay for the purchase, she leaves Tabatha with Irving Bates as he wraps the gift.

He has a conversation with Tabatha in which he tells her that she is very lucky to be a little girl, that he had most fun when he was nine years old and furthermore, he would like to be a little boy once again.

Tabatha, hearing his wish, twitches her nose and turns him into a nine-year-old boy. Irving isn't quite sure what has happened but when the manager returns and sees a little boy in place of the salesman and when the police make him get out from behind the wheel of his car he begins to get the idea! He reads the sales slip with Samantha's address on it and goes to see if she can help him. When Irving arrives and tells Samantha what happened, Samantha tells Tabatha to remove the spell and return Irving to his original state.

Tabatha can't remove the spell, however, as Irving is enjoying being a kid so much. Samantha calls Doctor Bombay, but he, too, can do nothing as Irving is very happy the way he is. Finally, Samantha takes Irving to his girlfriend's office just in time for Irving to witness his girl's boss ask her out on a date. Irving gets angry and kicks his girlfriend's boss. He then realizes that he does not want to be nine years old anymore and the spell is removed.



TV Series: Season 07; Episode #10: "Samantha's Old Man" (12/3/70)

Darrin is again the victim of his mother-in-law's witchcraft when she casts a spell that turns him into a 73-year-old man. In an effort to calm down her husbands, Samantha calls the Tates to break their bridge date, and she and Darrin go to a movie - a drive-in - so that no one will see old Darrin. However, Larry and Louise spot Sam at the refreshment stand and follow her to the car.

Samantha quickly introduces her bald-headed, pot-bellied "date" as Grover Stephens, Darrin's grandfather. The Tates leave - only to return a few minutes later with Millicent, Louise's flirtatious, widowed aunt, and before Sam and Darrin can think of an excuse, Larry arranges a date between Millicent and Grover for the next night.

The following day, Darrin has an important luncheon with prospective client Jennings Booker. Since they've never met, Darrin decides his aged appearance won't matter. To complicate matters, Larry shows up at the restaurant unexpectedly and is quite annoyed until the "old" Darrin tells Booker his young ideas for the ad campaign. Later, to get Darrin out of his date with Millicent, Samantha changes herself into a gray-haired old lady and protests as Grover's wife.

After getting Millicent out of the way, Sam protests to change herself back until Endora removes the spell on Darrin. Endora can't bear having her daughter twice as old she, so she finally gives in and changes Darrin back to normal.



TV Series: Season 07; Episode #24: "Out of the Mouths of Babes" (3/25/71)

Darrin is all set for a lovely golf weekend when Larry Tate walks in and announces he wants Darrin to spend the day coming up with ideas for a new advertising campaign. It seems that Mr. Flanagan of Mother Flanagan's Irish Stew is leaving his third advertising agency and thinking about signing with McMann and Tate.

Meanwhile, Larry goes out to play golf while Darrin works. As he leaves the house, however, Samantha arranges for him to be caught up in a huge downpour. Endora shows up and has an argument with Darrin about taking Tabatha to the Unicorn Handicap, a race of unicorns held on the other side of the atmospheric continuum.

When Darrin protests to let Tabatha go, Endora changes him to a ten-year-old boy. When Larry walks in, Samantha introduces Darrin/Boy as Darrin's nephew Marvin Peter Stephens. Darrin/Boy goes out to play with Tabatha and with her help beats all the other boys at basketball.

One of the boys, Herbie, later comes to the house to ask Darrin/Boy to play in their championships the next day. He sees Samantha mixing the Irish stew and asks for some ... remarking that it tastes terrible. Darrin and Sam also taste the stew and realize the reason it hasn't been selling ... it is awful.

Darrin doesn't want to lie to the public and rave about the stew, so he tries frantically to come up with some ideas for the campaign. (He has apologized to Endora and is back to his normal self.) Mr. Flanagan arrives and Samantha changes Darrin back to Darrin/Boy so that the young kid can tell Mr. Flanagan how bad the stew really is.

Instead of being upset, Mr. Flanagan agrees but doesn't know what to do. Samantha has a brilliant idea ... he should change the price to 39 cents and call it Mother Flanagan's Doggie Treat. Mr. Flanagan agrees again and Darrin and Larry are delighted.



TV Series: Season 08; Episode #19: "Serena's Youth Pill" (2/5/72)

Samantha summons Serena to baby-sit while she and Darrin attend a charity luncheon. Serena comes over in a bikini, as Sam has zapped her off the beach in St. Tropez. When Sam leaves, Serena goes out to the patio to continue her sunbathing. Larry comes over to return Darrin's putter and Serena flirts with him. She convinces him to take a pill that will make him younger.

Larry leaves the house in a hurry, before he gets into trouble, and when he walks into his own house, his wife Louise looks at him in surprise. He passes a mirror and sees that his once gray hair and mustache are now a bright red, his walk is jauntier and his attitude younger.

Later, Larry visits Sam and Darrin and tells them he wants to market the fabulous pill that has made him feel and look so young. They make excuses and say NO! Sam is very worried because the pill makes one younger and younger ... and younger. She tells Serena to find the antidote before Larry stars slipping back even more. Louise comes over to tell the Stephens how worried she is about Larry's sudden rejuvenation.

Darrin goes to the office and sees that Larry has gone back an additional years. Sam comes over and Larry is now an 18-year-old boy. As Sam and Darrin take him back to their house Larry becomes 10. Serena is there with the antidote and in a few minutes Larry is back to his old gray self much to the relief of everyone.



TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??: Unknown

Samantha turning into an old woman.

Bewitched (Russian Version)

TV Series: "My Favorite Witch" "Moya lyubimaya vedma" (05/09/2008)

Husband gets turned into a kid. The mom also turned herself into her daughter. (male AR, male RN)

-- Metamorphose