Black Cat Mystic #60

Comic Book: Harvey Publications: "A Town Full of Babies!" (Nov. 1957)

Two reporters, Frank and Doc, get their car stuck in the mud while covering a flood. They walk into what appears to be a deserted town, enter a house, help themselves to the can goods and cigars, and drink the tap water. As they settle into the living room, they are joined by a crawling diapered baby. Looking around, they find dozens of babies. After sleeping the night, they awake with Frank having lost his stubble beard and Doc's mustache is no longer gray. They credit their youthful look to the country air. After walking around town and finding still more babies, they stumble onto a hidden spring apparently opened up by the flood. Tasting this water (same taste as the tap water), Doc shrinks into a teen (no more mustache). Concluding that the flood uncovered the Fountain of Youth, they head back to the town, leave out bowls of milk for all the babies, and shrink into infants themselves. The story ends with Frank, now a nearly bald infant, crawling out of his shirt, thinking to the reader about how lucky he is to get to live his life over. One interesting note from these early days of the Comics Code Authority, the only baby with a girl's hairstyles apparently (at the request of the code) had an oversize red dress drawn over her diaper-only form (you can still see the outlines under the addition to the artwork). (PixChick)

Black Cat Mystic #60 (November 1957)
"A Town Full Of Babies"
Pencils and inks by Jack Kirby.

This story was inked by Kirby himself except for the last page. I am not sure who did that page but it was not Joe Simon. The theme of getting a chance to relive one’s life was used once before by Simon and Kirby. I have to say that somehow this would seem more like a death sentence unless somehow they retained their original memories. But even that might not be such a great gift. Would anyone really want to relive their childhood while retaining the memories of an adult?