Challengers of the Unknown

Challengers of the Unknown

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Challengers of the Unknown v1 #8

Comic Book: "The Man Who Stole the Future" (07/30/1959)

The Challengers are visited one day by their honorary member June and her friend Mary, who have brought them a scroll which she found in a castle she had inherited in the land of Mordania. Showing the Challengers the scroll intrigues the group enough to check the castle out. While exploring the castle they are attacked by a name named Dranby who steals the items in a secret compartment, which are all super-scientific devices. During the incident Rocky and Ace are sprayed with a chemical that turns them into children.

Challengers of the Unknown v1 #37

Comic Book: DC Comics: Apr. - May 1964 -- (May on cover) "The Triple Terror of Mr. Dimension!"

A dimensional device is stolen by a petty crook from an explorer from the future. Rocky gets his first (AR, RN), then Ace.

Challengers of the Unknown #72

Comic Book: DC: "Nobody Lives Forever...Or Do They?" (03/30/1970)

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