TV Series (1998 to 2006): Season 01; Episode #02: "I've Got You Under My Skin" (14-Oct-1998)

two witch sisters try to save their friend from an ancient evil being that feeds off the youth of fashion models. Extremely boring and uneventful, with only one aging scene where a girl Ages into a completely different-looking older actress. Lame and dull, with little imagination. Not recommended.

--Zietgiest .


TV Series: Season 02; Episode #22: "Be Careful What You Witch For" (18-May-2000)

The girls don't truly make their wish to the Genie in the first place. They realize it is a trick and there can be consequences to their wishing. But the Genie, through tricks and 'genie license' illicit a wish from each anyway. Shannon is first. She is on a date with a dull guy named Dick (gives them a chance to make some double meaning Dick jokes in the script). Genie secretly takes over Dick's body during date and causes Shannon to 'open up' to him. She wishes she could experience love like the first time.

Genie grants wish. We see a look of surprise on her face and a little video effect to indicate magic at work. Don't think ANY morphing happened there and if it did it was so quick to be ineffective. It was a quick cut from that scene to Alyssa and Genie. At this point I think she managed to escape the situation without wishing. Next scene shows Genie hiding as he overhears third witch (Piper?) wishing Dan could move on with his life. That gets Dan a ticket to 'AP Land' while she doesn't even know she made an official wish. We only see final product of AP. No cut or morph of AP. Dan appears later in episode at the girls' door and he is VERY old.

Back to Alyssa who I don't think even utters 'I wish' but does tell of her desire for a meaningful 'power'. Her 'wish' is granted and Genie is now free.

She discovers she has been given power of flight.

Cut to scene of SUV pulling up a bit fast. Shannon steps out and now has bangs and braces and a new attitude (makeup, same actress). Her adult memory is gone and she thinks her sisters are old. She gets called 'little sister' a few times in the episode after this. Being a teen she doesn't have her powers so the witches' power of 3 is broken. She was able to have her vehicle because the valet gave her the keys and said it was hers. apparently, her lack of responsibility allowed her to take it without questioning him I gets.

The Genie had gotten the power of flight that he gave Alyssa from a demon who came looking for his power back. The two witches were able to thwart him using a freeze and now Alyssa’s power of flight.

Teen aged Shannon is rebellious, likes clothes, and apparently bad boys. Dressed in a mini skirt and boos she slips out the window where she unintentionally meets demon we saw earlier. She isn't afraid of him and they go 'parking'. She plays role as mature 'acting' yet naive teen in this situation.

The other sisters discover she is gone but don't know where to find her.

Demon kisses her at first and then tries to kill her (choke). Shannon runs away.

Shannon has her cell phone and calls her sisters. They tell her where to hide and go there to find her.

That was the demon's plan to get them together all at once. When they arrive Shannon comes running and crying. Before anything can happen the demon comes out and grabs Shannon. Genie helps the demon. Demon then stabs Shannon with a knife. The girls do get away and take Shannon. But even though the girls get away from the demon, Shannon is dead and so cannot be healed.

Genie has now had an apparent change of heart and wants to help. He thinks if he gives up his freedom and returns to bottle all wishes will be reversed. He does that. Dan returns to his youthful self (off camera). We see Shannon's teen aged body on the floor. It morphs into Shannon's adult body. Clothes change to what she wore before

(BTW...dunno why since clothing never was magically changed in first place...) Unfortunately, she is still dead... just in an older body.

Girls decide Genie can again be released from bottle and grant wishes... which will include bringing Shannon back to life. They don't know what else to do. Of course Demon returns for final battle making this all harder than thought. But of course Genie is managed to be released from bottle and wish is made. Shannon appears, alive and well. The power of 3 is used to banish demon. A couple of other wishes and guarantees from 'reformed' Genie and show is wrapped up.

Actually, all in all... not too bad. The idea worked within the concept of the show and played like a story you might see here. A little tidy maybe, but ' teen' Shannon was believable enough and the braces made a realistic and striking enough difference that maybe hair and makeup alone wouldn't have achieved.

And so it goes......

- Louder


TV Series: Season 03; Episode #03: "Once Upon A Time" (19-Oct-2000)

Mentally ARing is the seeming solution to solving a spate of children's nightmares.



TV Series: Season 04; Episode #04: "Enter The Demon" (18-Oct-2001)

(mind transfer) Phoebe and Paige switch bodies.

-- Visible Time


TV Series: Season 04; Episode #10: "A Paige From The Past" (17-Jan-2002)

Another mind transfer for Phoebe. Paige is reverted to her high-school self in 1994. She was already fully grown at this time.

-- Visible Time


TV Series: Season 06; Episode #17: "Hyde School Reunion" (March 14, 2004)

Phoebe attends her high-school reunion with Paige in tow, but the occasion is spoiled by a miscast spell that causes Phoebe to physically transform into her rebellious teenage self. Meanwhile, Piper asks her father to find out why Chris has been acting so coolly toward her.


TV Series: Season 07; Episode #03: "Cheaper By The Coven"

CHARISMA CARPENTER ("ANGEL") GUEST STARS - Against Piper's wishes, Paige and Phoebe summon Grams (guest-star Jennifer Rhodes) for Chris's wiccaning. To put an end to the brother's sibling rivalry, Grams puts a spell on them, but in the process reverts the sisters back to bickering teenagers. Meanwhile, Leo consults a demonic seer (guest-star Charisma Carpenter) to find out who attacked Wyatt and learns that he has a connection to Wyatt's attacker, and Phoebe attends an award ceremony with Les (guest-star Nick Lachey), only to end up acting like a love-struck teenager. Derek Johansen directed the episode written by Mark Wilding. (Mental/Ar).

-- Time2


TV Series: Season 07; Episode #04: "Charrrmed!"

KERR SMITH ("DAWSON'S CREEK") GUEST STARS - On a search to find witches who have been disappearing, Paige encounters Captain Black Jack Cutting (guest-star Harve Presnell), an infamous 18th century pirate who is searching for the Fountain of Youth to reverse a curse that causes him to age but never die. When the pirate transfers the curse to Paige, Phoebe and Piper must break into a museum to steal the golden chalice, which makes the Fountain of Youth come to life. Meanwhile, Leslie (guest-star Nick Lachey) manipulates the outcome of a "Win a Date with Phoebe" contest so that he and Phoebe can go out; Leo continues to fight the voice of the creature that caused him to kill an Elder; and the sisters' secret is compromised when the mysterious Federal Agent Brody (guest-star Kerr Smith), comes to town to investigate them. Mel Damski directed the episode written by Cameron Litvack

-- Louder (Source: The WB)


TV Series: Season 08; Episode #01: "Still Charmed and Kicking" (09/25/2005)

Piper morphs into Wyatt and the sisters morph into other women. They morph back on screen. (TF's, TG AR)

-- Sara


TV Series: Season 0?: Episode #??: "?" (2005)

The Charmed ones' son became adult. (male AA APed)