Choose Your Own Adventure

Choose Your Own Adventure #6

Book: "House of Danger" by R. A. Montgomery (09/01/1982)

Plot Summary: You are an amateur detective and psychic investigator. After receiving a mysterious phone call, you end up investigating a modern house built on the site of an old prison.

If this is the one I remember - inside the book, one of the dead-ends went something like this: You are confronted with a ghost/spirit/specter/entity that forces you to choose between becoming older and becoming younger. If you choose to become younger, you go too far and become a baby again, and you rapidly become bored with the experience. It loops back to where the ghost forces you to choose. If you choose to be older, you're too old - quite elderly, in a wheelchair, living is an effort - and your heart stops beating... And this is illustrated (Joy!) There's much more to the story, of course - this IS a CYOA book.

-- Anonymous

Early Ed.

Later Ed.

Choose-Your-Own Adventure Books #12

Book: "Inside UFO 54-40" by Edward Packard (First Published: February, 1982)

Plot Summary: You are kidnapped by the U-TY masters, alien creatures who wish to place you in a zoo.

In one of the endings, in the forbidden room on the ship in which you were trapped in, the prisoners got younger every day - until they got TOO young. You were surprised by talking baby when you entered the room. You yourself were becoming one. Unfortunately, this ending isn't illustrated.


Choose Your Own Adventure #51

Book: "The Magic of the Unicorn" by Deborah Lerme Goodman (12/01/1985)

Plot Summary: It is 1507, and your village's water supply has become tainted. You must find a way to purify it, perhaps with the help of a unicorn, before it is too late! (Unicorn Ar)

-- Dark Oni

Choose Your Own Adventure #61

Book: "Beyond Escape" by R. A. Montgomery (1987)


The new nation of Turtalia is caught in a death struggle with the evil Doradan state. Warfare has spread to San Francisco, where a determined band of guerillas is holding out in the hills watching the destruction of this once beautiful city.

You're at an altitude of two thousand feet, scanning the horizon with computer-enhanced binoculars. You're in constant contact with the forces on the ground led by Captain Ricardo and the ranger lieutenant who had spoken earlier at the meeting with Sellers, the guerrilla leader. Suddenly, clouds envelop your helicopter and the radio is knocked out. The clouds contain a choking, blinding gas. You and your pilot reach for the oxygen equipment, but the pilot slumps forward and stops breathing. A crimson circle appears on his uniform over his heart. He's dead!

If you decide to bail out, turn to page 80. If you decided to try and land the helicopter yourself, turn to page 16.

On page 111

"Haven and the humanoid fling you from the crystal spaceship. You hit the sandy ground with a grinding thud! The ship disappears. Moments later you're surrounded by your ranger force. Your memory has begun to fade. You remember nothing about Haven and the ship. But your memory loss doesn't stop there. Soon you don't even remember who you are, where you're from, or who the people surrounding you are. Within an hour you have lost the ability to speak. All sounds become unintelligible, except for a wailing cry---and that's coming from you! You now have the mind of a three-week old infant. Haven has taken his revenge.

The End

-- Midnight