The Cleric Quintet books

5 novel spin-off to The Legend of Drizzt in the Forgotten Realms.
It follows the growth of Cadderly Bonaduce from childish young scribe to Chosen of Deneir.
Cadderly learns to heal people. The group gets the Ring of Regeneration. Cadderly's construction of Soaring Spirit drains away the years of his life and ages him.

Books in the series:

* Canticle (1991)
* In Sylvan Shadows (1992)
* Night Masks (1992)
* The Fallen Fortress (1993)
* The Chaos Curse (1994)


The Fallen Fortress (Forgotten Realms: The Cleric Quintet, Book 4)

Book: R. A. Salvatore (1993)

The war rages on. Cadderly, scholar-priest of the Edificant Library, leads the combined forces of Caradoon and Shilmista forest against Castle Trinity, stronghold of his enemy Aballister. But another mission calls him on a journey leading into the past. A past he would just as soon forget. (Dragon Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya


The Chaos Curse (Forgotten Realms: The Cleric Quintet, Book 5)

Book: by R. A. Salvatore (1994)

The quest is over. The hero returns home. A weary Cadderly makes his way back to the Edificant Library, where he can begin to rebuild his shattered life. But the Chaos Curse has one last surprise for him. If he fails to meet the challenge, his beloved Danica will be lost to him forever. (male adult persons age increases)
"The man's skin transformed, aged, under the creature's ghostly touch. His hair turned from raven black to white, and fell out in clumps ... he screamed and wailed, flailing his arms."

-- Jeffr_2bya