Darker Than Black

Daka Zan Burakku - Kuro no Keiyakusha

Young adult Alma wears a blue robe over her white clothes and a large necklace. Her true form is a frail, bed-ridden elderly woman with long grey hair.
She has the ability to transform her physical appearance to match a target exactly. An excellent infiltrator and assassin, her Obeisance is that using her powers has caused her to age.

Darker Than BLACK

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #12: "Beyond the Gate, Recovering the Lost... (Part 2)" (06/21/2007)

Nick and a few other researchers are sent into the restricted section of the Gate to retrieve what is to believed to be the meteor fragment. Everything goes wrong and the entire team ends up dead, except Nick. Now Hei realizes that Nick is a contractor too, who seems to have the same power, and he also has the meteor fragment. Upon confronting Nick, the two begin to fight. Can Hei defeat Nick or will something else end the battle? (Male Ar)

Darker Than BLACK

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #20: "Renouncing Superficial Dreams, and Falling Drunk...(2nd Volume)" (08/16/2007)

With Shihoko captured Hei, Mao, and Huang must infiltrate the church to rescue her. Though when they do Huang must kill Shihoko after they kill the leader of the church. If Huang doesn't kill her, then Hei and Mao must kill them both. Can Huang kill Shihoko, or will Hei have to kill them both? (Female Ar/age-up)

Darker Than BLACK

Anime Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #25: "Seeing a Death God in my Dreams, is it a Darkness Darker than Black?" (09/27/2007)

Hei and Yin meet Amber in the center of the gate. Upon arriving Hei learns that his sister Pai has been inside him the entire time. After Hei's abilities react with the Meteor fragment, Hei gets to meet Pai again. Now he has a choice to make. Be a regular person or a Contractor, not only that, but make the area around the gate unreachable like South America, or let all Contractors die. The time to make a choice has come. Will the Black Reaper kill millions or can he find another way? (Female Ar)