Darkwing Duck

Darkwing Duck

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #14: "Trading Faces" (09/24/1991)

Darkwing is in the process of trying to transfer data from his mainframe computer to the on-board computer on the Thunderquack. Gosalyn and Honker come in playing hockey. Darkwing's computer doesn't work so he starts hitting the button. It breaks and starts sparking. Just then a lightning bolt strikes the computer and it zaps everyone. Darkwing and Gosalyn switch bodies and so do Launchpad and Honker. Just then a message from SHUSH shows up and Darkwing must so find a missing rocket.

Meanwhile Gosalyn and Honker decide to go for a drive since they are now in grown-up bodies. Mayhem ensues and Gosalyn winds up crashing the car into the living room. Darkwing is having problems getting into the army base since he is in Gosalyn's body. He and Launchpad get thrown out and they drive down the road on the motorcycle and get pulled over by a traffic cop.

The cop brings them home and Gosalyn enjoys punishing Darkwing. Darkwing walks in and finds the car in the living room and starts to fuss at Gosalyn when a SHUSH message appears. They contact J. Gander Hooter and find out that Steelbeak is using the missing rocket to stop the earth's rotation and is demanding a ransom to return things to normal. J. Gander tells Darkwing where the rocket is and they head off to stop Steelbeak.

They get to the rocket and knockout two egg men to get in. Darkwing tells Gosalyn and Honker to stay behind while he and Launchpad sneak into the rocket. Darkwing and Launchpad get captured by Steelbeak and are stuffed into an astronaut's suit. Steelbeak gets a couple of egg men to haul them off and it turns out that the two egg men are Gosalyn and Honker in disguise. They are spotted and chased by more egg men. Gosalyn and Honker are blown outside the rocket and tied up in the path of a rocket booster by Steelbeak.

Darkwing and Launchpad are able to get out and rescue them. They get back inside and Darkwing confronts Steelbeak. In the process of dodging Steelbeak and maneuvering the rocket, Steelbeak smashes the control panel and causes an electrical shock to hit Darkwing, Launchpad, Gosalyn, and Honker. Launchpad and Honker switch back first. Then Darkwing and Gosalyn switch leaving Gosalyn alone to fight Steelbeak. She dodges him and starts the main rocket engines. She gets out and they all run out of the rocket just before it takes off into space with Steelbeak.

Darkwing Duck

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #18: "You Sweat Your Life" (11/11/91)

A couple of criminals named Flex and Slim are robbing a museum. They are wearing sweats similar to what people at a gym would wear. As they walk around they miss the fact that they are being watched by Darkwing and Launchpad. As they are attempting to steal a helmet off of a suit of armor, Darkwing makes his presence known. Flex throws the helmet at Darkwing and Launchpad catches it.

The momentum of the helmet pushes Launchpad out the window and Darkwing goes to grab him. Just as Darkwing grabs launchpad, Slim throws a barbell and hits Darkwing knocking them out the window. Darkwing uses a flagpole on the building to stop their fall and it slings them back through the window. Unfortunately they got away but the barbell left an imprint on Darkwing's behind and he recognizes the logo as a local gym. Darkwing decides to go investigate the gym as Drake Mallard. As he is packing the car, Herb and Binkie Muddlefoot show up and tell him that they are joining the gym too. Binkie has a three-for-one coupon.

Meanwhile Flex and Slim report to their boss Jock Newbody. It turns out he is 122 years old. The items that they were stealing were to make a fountain of youth so he could become young again and extend his life. It turns out that the feather on the helmet that Flex threw at Darkwing was the last ingredient that he needs. A feather from a true and pure hero. Slim explains that Darkwing foiled their attempt and that he may follow them back to the gym. The boss is happy to learn because he can use a feather from Darkwing to complete the formula. Slim and Flex know that Darkwing will come to the club in a disguise and they have to try and figure out which applicant he really is.

Drake, Herb, and Binkie drive up and Binkie tells them that they are here to join the club. Slim starts them exercising immediately and Herb is ready to go already. Flex and Slim try and figure out which one is Darkwing when Darkwing shows up and finds out that they have a boss. He easily beats them in a fight and goes to try and find their boss. Flex and Slim think that Herb is Darkwing when they see him running outside (he is actually trying to get out of the club). They tackle him and get one of his feathers. They head off to their boss and Darkwing is about to follow them when Herb accidentally lands in the guard dog pen. Darkwing jumps in to save him and as they try to get out, they run into an electric fence that melts their wrist weights together.

Flex and Slim bring the feather to their boss and he adds it to the formula and of course, with it being the feather of Herb, it does not work. The boss yells at them to find Darkwing. Darkwing and Herb are now stuck to each other and Darkwing cannot get them free. They are captured by Slim and Flex and are taken to the boss. Slim plucks a feather from Darkwing and the boss adds it to the formula. This time it does work and makes him young once again. Darkwing tries to kick him but only hurts his foot in the process.

The boss tells them that he will have to kill them since they now know his secret including Flex and Slim. In order for them to escape the trap, Herb must do a sit up so Darkwing can reach the ropes to untie himself. Herb tries and cannot do it. Darkwing tells him to do it for Binkie. Herb is able to do the sit up and they get out of the trap. They find the boss putting the formula in a drum and try to stop him. They all wind up landing in the formula making them all babies.

Darkwing and the boss race to get the antidote to change back when Slim and Flex show up to stop them. They capture Drakwing and the boss and Herb slips through. They start to take Darkwing and the boss to do away with them when Herb rides the table with explosives into the room and knocks Slim and Flex into the fountain and it explodes. All of the formula is gone and Darkwing gets the antidote and uses it on himself and Herb.
The baby bad guys are locked up and Darkwing thanks Herb for saving his life. Herb goes to tell Binkie what happened and runs into her and finds that she looks really good now. Drake walks in and Herb tells him all about his adventure.

Darkwing Duck

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #38: "Disguise The Limit"

Darkwing is famed for crimes by megaduck and being hunted by everyone excepted for HUSH. In order to protect Darkwing they use a strange ray that changes him to whoever he looks at. In one part in the show he looks at a baby and changes into a baby.

Darkwing Duck

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #11: "Going Nowhere Fast"

Darkwing gets super speed from Negaduck's Portable Particle Accelerator, but there's a price: He is aging faster, too. With Darkwing aged beyond hope, Negaduck terrorizes the city. While trying to stop him, Launchpad, Gosalyn and Honker become trapped and the only hope is Darkwing. But he's fast becoming a pile of dust, isn't he?