Fantastic Journey

Fantastic Journey

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #09: "Riddles" (04/21/1977) NBC

A mysterious rider comes to the travelers with a riddle. The riddle tells of a stone which is a key to lead them home to Eviland. He says to follow the runner Kedryn for he will lead them to the house below and in a hall of echoes they will find the stone.
But be warned. "Nearing you see with other eyes in holding things alter shape and size in giving you win the prize".

The rider then quickly leaves just as they see a man running. Fred and Varian take chase. During this chase, Kedryn makes a rock slide happen with his mind.
The chase leads to a house in a valley (the house below). They go back for the others and bring them to the house where Kedryn and Krysta welcome them.

During dinner, a storm starts outside and when the lightning strikes, Scott sees an old man where Kedryn is sitting. He is unsettled and later tells the others what he has seen (approaching seeing with other eyes).
The next day, Willoway plays sick. While Fred and Scott keep Kedryn and Krysta away from the house horse back riding, Varian and Willoway search the house and grounds.

They all find their way to the hall of echoes: Scott and Fred when Scott's horse is spooked (Kedryn's doing); Willoway through a passage in the house; and Varian through a trap door in an out building.
Willoway finds the stone but get's sealed in a block of ice. Fred and Scott meet up with Varian and they send Scott back to the house to look for Willoway.

He doesn't find Willoway but finds that everything in the house has aged 50 years (in holding alter shape and size).
Fred and Varian find Willoway in the block of ice and Varian uses his healing tool to thaw him out. They rush back to the house to find Scott and are amazed to find the state of the place.

As they pack up their things, they each find themselves in their own nightmares. Varian realizes what's happening and yells to the others that it isn't real and to think only of each other to break the spell. It works and they leave the house.

On the way out they meet the old Kedryn and Krysta and are told that the stone has given them the illusion of youth for that is what the people of their land valued most.
But the travelers made them see that what they had now was real and when Varian offered them the stone back, Kedryn refused, saying it was their now (in giving you win the prize).

-- ARthur

Fantastic Journey

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #10: "Innocent Prey" (06/16/1977) NBC

It was probably the first AR story I remember seeing. The series was about a group of people stranded in the Bermuda Triangle, where time and space are a jumble. They form a family unit that included Roddy McDowell as a Doctor Smith stand-in trying to hinder the good guys for his selfish reasons.

In the episode that ran March 24, 1977, a space ship transporting a criminal crash lands in the Bermuda Triangle. The two guards are killed, but the convicted murderer escapes. He terrorizes a colony in the Triangle populated by very innocent people (men in long white robes, women in white mini-skirts; all derivative of the Thermians in Galaxy Quest) who get everything they need from a glowing orb operated by their leader.

The criminal decides he wants the orb to use to commit additional crimes, kill off enemies, and feed all his pleasures. The colony protests. The criminal kills the leader's teenage son in an attempt to steal the orb, which is repelled by the regular cast of this series. The colony's people will not raise their fists in rage. In the end, the leader decides to give the orb to the criminal.

On touching it, it blasts him to the ground and which watch him go through five stages of becoming younger (his shirt remains adult size). He ends up a baby, whom the mini-skirted women coo. It seems that to operate the orb, one must be totally innocent, and the only way to criminal could be made that innocent was to rewind his life.
The leader tells the regular characters he will raise the regressed criminal to replace his son. Okay, that's what I remember, but the date came from checking old TV mags on microfilm in the library.

-- ARthur