Fantasy Island

Fantasy Island 1998

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #08: "Handymen" (12/12/98)

The man had come to Fantasy Island to complain that because his fiancee had visited the island, she left him to move to New York to pursue a career as a dancer. The man is described as someone who couldn't hold a job, was a real screw-up, who lived over his parentís garage and blamed everyone else for his misfortune.

His badgering of Mr. Roarke (Malcolm McDowell in this version) got an exasperated Mr. Roarke to give him his fantasy, a life in which he had no responsibilities and everyone else will do everything for him. The next scene pans the beds of newborns in a maternity ward and stops on the one with the man's name on it, and we see Mr. Roarke grinning back through the window. (cut, no more than 2 sentences of dialog)

- ARthur

Fantasy Island

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #21: "Fountain Of Youth"/"Yesterday's Love" (3/17/79)

An old man on the verge of death hires a soldier of fortune to take him to the fountain of youth and after 35 years of marriage, a couple on the brink of divorce are sent to rekindle their love.

Fantasy Island

TV Series: Season 04; Episode #13: "The Man From Yesterday"/"World's Most Desirable Woman" (1/31/81)

42 year old woman tests Fantasy Island to become young again (21 years old) and then to break her soon to be Ex husbandís heart (He doesn't know she is his rejuvenated wife but she reminds him of her with the 'uncanny' resemblance)

-- Time

Fantasy Island

TV Series: Season 06; Episode #16: Eternal Flame / A Date with Burt (3/5/83)

A couple searches for the fountain of youth, and a file clerk from Salem, Oregon wishes to have a date with a movie star.