Flu Shots

Flu Shots One:

Let's get the story part out of the way first. As a quick synopsis it looks like this comic book series takes place in the same universe as Yard Work, as we have the same doctor and nurse.
The family is going out on a vacation and rented a cabin for the week. This is when we start getting introduced to the characters. Michael, the annoying little brother who's 6, Zoe, the bitchy 13 yr old who thinks she's hot shit, Madison the 18 yr old typical big sister, and Mom.

This is where my problems start to begin though, I already know whose going to be regressing, whose going to be progressing, and I'm already starting to get irritated with Zoe. Generally speaking, I enjoy my regression process more when the person deserves it. The comic doesn't seem to lay out the family dynamic in that respect. Madison is honestly the typical big sister, she teases her brother and sister a little, but generally loves the hell out of them. Helps her mom when she needs a break and tries to push them to run harder and faster to get up the hill, even treats them to some ice cream afterwards as a reward.

We get to the part where we have the kiddos and Madison get their flu shots. Soon after, we get our first regression. At this point, I'm beginning to loath Zoe. She has a bratty comeback every time Madison says ANYTHING. She's quickly coming to the point where she's just being a bitch, because she is a bitch.

That's just a quick synopsis though of the story line, without going too far in depth and ruining it for anyone. Now let's get into art errors, and boy was there a big continuity error in this comic. Honestly, it's something that bothered me, but probably not a lot of other people.

Michael doesn't age regress or progress, but check out the cell comparison before and after Zoe and Madison's processes.
He is always as high as her shoulder. It doesn't matter what cell, I could have easily taken the picture from multiple other cells. When she gets taller, it seems he does too. This is HUGE to me, as Michael would have been a great base line to see how tall Zoe had actually grown. Since Madison had shrunk, we don't really get that comparison. From the viewpoint of that cell and many others, it looks like no one really shrank or grew all that much.

But to be honest, the rest of the cells in the comic seemed pretty spot on. That was the one huge error. There are a few cells I have issues with, but they're super super minor and not even really worth mentioning at this point. Let's get on to the next one.

Flu Shots 2:

Starting with the story, it's actually pretty well written at this point. We know who ALL of the characters are now, we can remember their names, and each one has a distinct personality. Which is awesome, because it's been one of my chief complaints lately to DT. We get some small regression in this one and one larger progression. It almost seems like we're jumping ages really fast here. It's slower than most of DT's work, as it's spanning multiple comics, but the regression itself only lasts a panel or two at a time. Which is awesome if you own all three volumes and can just binge read it. Not so awesome if you only owned one. So it's kind of a trade off at that point, pretty much, what would you rather have. Personally, I like it.

But, we have a problem, I now hate Zoe even more. I honestly want to see her regress in the most inopportune time in the future series of this comic to embarrass the hell out of her. This panel kind of explains it all. To provide some context, Zoe just made fun of Madison's breasts being so small, mom has told her to apologize.

Yeah.. I want to punch her in the face. Mom just kind of blows it off and just walks Madison away without any punishment for Zoe. Even as they're leaving, Zoe is still relentlessly teasing and making fun of Madison.

Not much else to really go into here now though. Let's get onto the artwork.

The artwork, is surprisingly pretty good here. Except for two major thing I want to point out.
This woman's horrifying face
Dear lord, she'd give anyone a nightmare.

Zoe's nose has changed, from cell to cell.

But besides that, yeah, artwork is pretty spot on. I actually like this dynamic that they did, that was probably really imperceptible to a lot of people.

That's because they don't mention they swapped dresses from the first issue. There's only a couple of panels in the first issue where Zoe is complaining that Madison bought the same kind of dress as her, just in a different color, Blue. While Zoe's is Red.
I like this, I actually like this quite a lot. As it provides a really great comparison. All in all, this issue wasn't that bad!

Besides Zoe's ever changing nose and this horrifying waitress
She'll steal your soul, and serve you your brains...

- (Godleydemon)

As a fan, can I please ask we find a better way to let us know someone's become prepubescent? It's so awkward when a character comments about someone not being in puberty. Grammatical issues aside, I don't think I'd ever hear that in a standard conversation between anyone. I could be wrong, I don't have other humans I talk about being in puberty with. :P

Flu Shots Part Five (Ready 12/16)

I'll start off first with saying there does happen to be a lot of regression in this issue, some progression and lots of flashes between that and regressing. Which is awesome, we gotta love that. But where this all breaks down, is the story, the story is just... When I was reading it with Janus today, I actually got flustered then confused then actually slightly angry.

I think my exact words were, "NO! NO NO NO, Sexy nurse doesn't deserve that!". Even if she was showing off (Which is entirely out of character for her in the first place, according to everything we know about her).
I think I was more angry with it, that I knew this was going to be the finale. When we had Sexy nurse in other comics, if something happened to her, it was sort of a side gag and she ended up getting revenge for it or reverting near the end of that same issue. All of the time this has happened it really wasn't deserved, but it fit into the story somewhat.

This small seemingly stupid little one-off gag, has made me so infuriated, that I had to start typing right after I read the new release. Usually I like to sit and analyze everything a little more, but there you have it.

What happened in the comic, isn't at all what I thought was going to happen. Zoe didn't get her comeuppance like should have happened and instead... everything was just dropped and forgotten about.
Of course they bring the boy into it, so he gets regressed too. In fact, there are so many regressions in this last release, that it actually makes you scratch your head. It seemed.. I don't know, disenfranchised?

Heck they got ice cream chick and several other men and women on the beach and then.. everyone's.. fine afterwards? Everyone's just kinda running around, acting normal, sexy nurse is fine with it. It just seemed really odd and weird. The entire issue has no continuity.

If anything, I'd think this was a gag issue and wipe it off the face of the earth from the continuity of the story line. Making it non canon to whats already written. Out of all of the issues of this series, leading up to this super promising finale, this isn't what I was expecting at all.

If you're just in it for the transformations, go for it, it's got them in spades and they don't look too awful. Once you get about half way through, nearly every panel has some type of transformation going on, like the end of a fireworks display.

- (Godleydemon)