Hourman: Bethany Lee

Hourman #1

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Through the Hourglass" (04/01/1999)

Hourman arrives in the present, with a myriad of time-based powers. Some villains are turned into babies. Later on Beth is turned into a baby. (F/Ar)

Hourman #2

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Tomorrow Never Dies..." (05/01/1999)

Hourman accidentally turned a woman into a baby in issue one. He must return her to normal before his power hour is up. Can toddler Bethany Lee be saved? Big Chief finally recognizes that her daughter has been transformed into a toddler, and is overjoyed. Hourman uses his abilities to return Bethany to her rightful age just as the hour is up. The brief online summary does not mention if her clothes "grew with" during this scene, but from the very limited available context it does NOT sound promising. At all.

UPDATE: Yes, I was right. A truly, truly horrible AA scene (see below). (F/Ar, RN)

Bethany attended college multiple times, for a variety of majors. She once held a workshop entitled "Freeing Your Toddler Brain," based on the time she was accidentally transformed into a toddler by Hourman.

Hourman #4

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Showdown With The Lord Of Time!" (07/01/1999)

Hourman ages his friend Snapper to an old man and later on ages a villain into a prenatal state. (adult man to old man, RN & M/Ar)

Hourman #18

Comic Book: DC Comics: "Kickin' It Old-School With The JSA" (09/01/2000)

Hourman turns Hawkgirl into a baby to save her from danger. (Minor F/Ar,RN)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Hourman #21

Comic Book: DC Comics: "It's Psycho-Therapy For Hourman" (12/01/2000)

Hourman turns his psychiatrist into a young woman after he discovers she was greedy and likes inflicting cruelty. Hourman hopes the young woman seeing the records of what her old self as done will change her to good when she reverts back to normal when the hour is up. (Minor F/Ar)

-- Jeffr_2bya