Journey Into Unknown Worlds

Journey Into Unknown Worlds #20

Comic: "Bwana Brown" & "A Monument To Mortimer" (07/01/1953)

Both stories contain something like immortality. (AS)

Bwana Brown, a member of the Explorer's Club, gives a talk at their meeting of an African tribe who will give gold and diamonds to one who can prove they are immortal. The explorers ask for the location of this tribe, figuring to impress the natives with modern gadgets and pass the test, but Bwana Brown refuses to tell them. One of the hunters follows him back to his apartment and attempts to kill him with a spear, and afterward, steals the map. He finds the tribe and agrees to their test, but they cut off his head. Bwana Brown says to his friends "Pity he didn't ascertain that I actually was immortal before he tried to kill me."

"A Monument to Mortimer!
sort of a "Ransom of Red Chief"-type story where, after the rotten kid dies and is taken by Death, he goes to work on Death himself and kills him so he's remembered by immortal humans as a hero.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Journey Into Unknown Worlds #28

Comic: "The Missing Men!" (06/01/195?)

An employment agency gasses old derelicts to supply corpses for medical research. A ruthless man regains his presumably adult youth.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Journey Into Unknown Worlds #36

Comic: "The Prisoners Of Time!" (09/01/1950)

Bad guys are aged to death. Leader is trapped inside his own ship and unable to leave or he will age to death as well.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Journey into Unknown Worlds #43

Comic Book: Marvel: "Forever Is Too Long" (03/30/1956)

(Possible adult to old age/AS?)
Secrets of the Unknown (Alan Class, 1962 series) #8 (1962), #175 (c1980s)


Journey Into Unknown Worlds #55

Comic: "The Men In The Mole!" (03/01/1956)

Some minor rejuvenation or possibly AR.

-- Jeffr_2bya