Looney Tunes

Looney Tunes #7

DC Comic Book: "There's A Hare In My Stew" Warner Bros. (10/01/1994)

Bugs and Daffy go trick or treating, and stop at Witch Hazel's house. Unluckily for them, Witch Hazel is after Bugs' tail to add to her potion of eternal youth

-- Jeffr_2bya

Looney Tunes #96

Comic Book: "Oh, Baby" (????)

Daffy Duck tries to help run the daycare center along, but ends up reverting back to early childhood. (Ar?)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Looney Tunes

Cartoon Series: Season 0?; Episode #0?: "Broom-Stick Bunny" (1956)

It is Hallowe'en, and Witch Hazel is busy brewing a magic potion. As she goes about her business, she pauses at her magic mirror and asks of it who is the ugliest of all.

The genie in the mirror replies that she, Witch Hazel, is the ugliest (as an aside to the audience, Witch Hazel says that she is "deathly afraid of growing pretty", a fear which will be fully justified at the end of the short).

Meanwhile, Bugs Bunny is out trick-or-treating dressed as a witch, his face hidden by an ugly green mask. He calls on Witch Hazel who, seeing his disguise, mistakes him for a real witch.
She dashes to her magic mirror and asks it again who is the ugliest, to which the mirror-genie replies he finds Bugs far uglier. The jealous Witch Hazel hatches a plot.

She invites the disguised Bugs in for tea, and prepares a brew containing various beauty ointments and treatments. Bugs is about to drink the tea when he remembers he is still wearing the mask, and removes it. Seeing her "rival" is in fact a rabbit, Witch Hazel dashes off to consult her potion book.

Sure enough, the last ingredient for the potion she was brewing earlier is a rabbit's clavicle (a bone in the shoulder). While she is gone, Bugs begins to suspect trouble is afoot and makes to leave, but he is stopped at the door by Witch Hazel brandishing a meat cleaver.

Bugs flees, with the cackling witch chasing him through the house, she even gets to her magic broom closet to get her flying broomstick, but she comes out with her sweeping broom, "Crazy me. That was my sweeping broom!". Witch Hazel finally traps Bugs using a carrot on a fishing line.

Back at her cauldron, Witch Hazel prepares to kill Bugs and use him in her potion. She is about to bring her cleaver down on the trussed-up rabbit, but Bugs tries to play to her sympathies, gazing back at her with tear-filled doe eyes.

Witch Hazel bursts into tears, claiming Bugs' innocent face reminds her of Paul, her dear departed pet tarantula. Bugs tries to comfort her by bringing her the cup of beauty potion/tea, which she drinks. She instantly changes into a young and shapely woman.

She dashes to the magic mirror once again to ask who is the ugliest one of all. The genie in the mirror, seeing her sexy new appearance, gives a Bob Hope-like "ROWR, ROWR" and lunges to grab her. Witch Hazel flees on her flying broomstick, with the genie chasing her on a magic carpet.

Bugs is left at the house, and promptly telephones the local air raid headquarters to report "a genie with light brown hair chasing a flying sorceress"! (Ar)

Looney Toons

Cartoons: 'Goofy Groceries' (1941) [Warner Brothers]

One of those 'toons in which characters on product labels come to life. A gorilla off a package of animal crackers is threatening the rabbit off a bottle of Bre'r Rabbit molasses when Superguy (i.e.: Superman) flies off a box of Superguy soap chips and orders the gorilla to 'Unhand him, you ape.'

The gorilla turns around and says 'What?' as his thrusts his face into Superguy, whose body retracts with the forward motion of the face.
This leaves Superguy as small as, and looking like, a baby. And he then cries like a baby. I think the idea here was that Superguy was scared out of 20 years growth.

- PixChick

Looney Toons

Cartoons: "?" (?)

Has a bit where a homely gal mans a kissing booth ($1).
She accidentally ingests some Tabasco sauce, so when an old man finally antes up the dollar, he finds the kiss so invigorating that he throws away his crutch and dances the jitterbug.

As he dances, his beard shrinks, and then he shrinks, until he becomes a little boy tooling around the room on a scooter. All the other men quickly line up at the booth waving their dollars!

- PixChick

Looney Toons

Cartoons: "The Impatient Patient" (1942) cast Daffy Duck (Warner Brothers)

As a telegram delivery boy sent to the castle of Dr. Jerkyl, who uses a formula to turn himself into a big goofy monster named Chloe, who is the recipient of the telegram.
After being chased around the castle by Chloe, Daffy dumps some bubbling liquid into a flit gun and squirts it into Chloe's mouth.

After a burst of smoke, we find the formula has reduced Chloe into a baby, complete with baby gown, bonnet and a pram to sit in. As Daffy pushes the pram off camera, the baby and Daffy both pick up mallets, which we hear used off camera.

- PixChick

Looney Toons

Cartoons: "Injun Trouble" (1938)(Warner Brothers)

Features villain Injun Joe, the Super Chief, who is incredibly strong. When a bear sneaks up behind him and growls, Injun Joe returns the growl, causing the bear to shrink into a crying cub.

- PixChick

Looney Toons

Cartoons: "Porky's Garden"' (1937)(Warner Brothers)

Concerns a county fair contest in which the prize will go to whoever raises the biggest farm products. Porky Pig is raising giant vegetables. His neighbor is raising big chickens, who get big eating Porky's produce.

At the fair, before getting to the judging stand, the neighbor's chickens eat a huckster's 'reducing pills.' But on the judging stand, the chicken's AR into chicks, and then eggs, assuring Porky the prize for his giant pumpkin.

- PixChick

Looney Tunes Show, The

Cartoon Series:s1ep7 "Casa de Calma" (06/14/2011)

Bugs and Daffy go on vacation to a resort where they spot a beautiful bikini-clad human celebrity. Daffy pursues her with too much zeal only to get repeatedly beaten up by her bodyguard while Bugs charms her.

Bugs and Daffy decide to take a Mineral Bath which revitalizes you and makes you look younger, with a warning not to exceed 10 minutes. Daffy claims he is going to stay in longer so he will look super young and handsome.

Bugs goes back to find a baby duckling floating in the water, asking Bugs if he looks younger.
Bugs pushes baby Daffy in a stroller humming Rockabye Baby and pulls up to the hott celeb who compliments Bugs on being good with children.
The bodyguard gets in Daffy's face and Daffy says "even you wouldn't hit a baby" and the bodyguard puts a pacifier in his mouth.

The episode ends with Bugs leaving Daffy on the doorstep of his duck uncle's hick trailer wrapped in a blanket and with the pacifier still in his mouth.
He then gets in the limo with the girl and says "they get a baby and I get a babe," and they drive off laughing. (male avian AR)

-- Babyrc