Man-Thing v1 #7

Marvel Comic Book: (07/01/1974)

When the Man-Thing wandered too closely to la Hacienda, the Capitan sent out a squad of Conquistadors to capture it and bring it to the village. Alejandro, Diego, and two others netted the swamp creature and began to drag him back to the village. However, the net eventually pulled through the bog beast, and he attacked the startled Conquistadors. One of them knew fear and burned at the touch of the Man-Thing, but the others fled back to the village. However, the stress and exertion exhausted the life-preserving energies within them and they ages rapidly and died before they could return to the Fountain. The Man-Thing had followed them and wandered into the village. The Capitan attempted to slay him with bullets, which of course failed. The Man-Thing forced its way into the village, despite the efforts of the other Conquistadors, until one of the villagers, Lorena, threw an urn full of the Fountain's waters on it. In terrible pain, the Man-Thing fled, the hand exposed to the waters returning to human form.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Man-Thing v1 #8

Marvel Comic Book: (08/01/1974)

Recovering from its agony, the Man-Thing's curiosity brought it back to la Hacienda--where it was followed by FA Schist and Professor Slaughter, seeking to reap great wealth by discovering the legendary Fountain. Lorena succeeded in calming the Man-Thing, and he was brought to the heart of the village, where the waters were infused into the swamp creature's substance, slowly returning it to human form. The process was interrupted by Schist and Slaughter, and Slaughter fell to his seeming death while trying to avoid the Man-Thing. Schist attempted to bargain with the Fathers (hidden in the shadows) for financial rights to the waters. Disgusted, the Fathers gave Schist a flask of the waters "as a show of good faith." Schist, of course, drank the water and was also transformed into an ogre. Enraged, Schist attempted to kill Lorena (the others would be next). The Man-Thing attempted to stop Schist, but its mostly human form was dramatically decreased in power, and Schist battered the weakened creature. However, Schist unwittingly shattered the vat containing the swampy material siphoned off of the Man-Thing, returning its power. The restored Man-Thing grabbed the mortified Schist, who burst into flames and quickly burned to ashes. The Fathers decided against trying to transform the Man-Thing again, as they no longer wanted any more outsiders to join them. The Man-Thing wandered back into its swamp.

-- Jeffr_2bya