Out of This World

Out of this World

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #23: "The Three Faces of Evie" (19-May-1988)

[Show format] On her 13th birthday, Evie Garland learns that her long-absent father was really an alien from the planet Anteres and that she has certain powers over time.

Evie is upset that she might be too young for boys to take her seriously, so she tries to use her powers to make herself older. She succeeds too well, and makes herself 70 years old. When she discovers her mistake, she tries again and makes herself 21 years old. But when her mother and uncle almost catch her as a young adult, she uses her powers to make herself young again. Once again, she overdoes it, and Mom and Uncle Beano discover a 5-year-old Evie in their kitchen--with no knowledge of having been 13 or having any alien powers.

-- Visible Time

Out of this World

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #19: "Beano the Kid" (April 29, 1989)

After Evie finds Beano's old childhood bike in the garage, Beano flashes back and starts to wish that he was a kid again, but when Evie gleeps Beano into a ten year old, he not only becomes a child but also a huge annoyance.

-- Jeffr_2bya

Evie discovered her powers on her thirteenth birthday, a common milestone for age-related abilities.

It's a type of alien magic.

She could change parts of reality and stop time.

Only a few other people know about this.

Twice she made people younger.

When she used her powers to gleep herself 6 years older, her clothes tore in many places and they clung to her body uncomfortably, so she had to remove them.
She did NOT end up nude because she outgrew them completely as reported elsewhere online, since she was already two-thirds grown at the start of the process.

Or wait... actually that's NOT what happened...

But it should have.