Power Rangers series

Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie


The blue ranger has been injured and a little 10-year old has been chosen to fill in for him. When the boy transforms into a Power Ranger he AA-doubles in size to become a costumed adult warrior fighting bloodless battles against alien avatars.

Power Rangers

TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #0?: "Gao Ranger(s)" (2004)

A golden robot can disguise himself as a 10 year old boy

-- Akira

Power Rangers

TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #0?: " " (2004)

Blue ranger changes into adult during morphs. (AR RN)

-- Visible Time

Power Rangers DinoThunder

TV Series: Season 12; Episode #06: "Diva in Distress" (03/13/2004)

Donkey monster extracts youth from adult high school students around the city. It first ages fully grown female adult pop singer who is a "friend" of female Ranger. It then goes through town aging adult people who have already attained their full adult heights, including Cassidy (the bratty female foil) and the dumb guy she bosses around. No Rangers are aged, and once they destroy the monster, everyone reverts back to adult youth.

Cassidy and the dumb guy try to get senior discounts in the movie theater when they revert back. The real senior citizens chase them out of the theater. Only the singer, Cassidy, and the dumb guy were given wrinkled faces and gray hair wigs, everyone else was replaced by older actor/actress in same clothes. (old age, RN)

-- fan2000

Power Rangers S.P.D.

TV Series: Season 01: Episode #15: "Wired" Part 2 (05/14/05)

Bridge realizes that Valko - who wanted a Series One Processor Hyper Intelligent Encryptor - has Sophie. Piggy appears with information on how to find Valko. The cadets make a deal with Piggy - they will stay out of his cafe for one second if he gives them information on Valko's hideout. Piggy gives them the information only realizing afterwards, that he had been outmaneuver by the cadets.

Valko spots the cadets entering on his computer screen. Valko and several Krybots attack the cadets and a battle breaks out. Eventually the cadets suit up and arrest Valko. Valko escapes before the Rangers can place him in a containment device. Valko returns to his hideout and re-powers Goradon.

Goradon is attacking the city, while Sophie struggles to break free of the bonds. With the city under attack, Commander Cruger has the Rangers return to the city. The Rangers quickly form the megazord and battle Goradon, but they are having a difficult time. Meanwhile, Sophie manages to break free and escapes.

Valko goes after her and Sophie uses a high pitch scream to contact Commander Cruger. Commander Cruger hears Sophie and leaves to help her. Commander Cruger suits up to Shadow Ranger and battles Valko. Shadow Ranger arrests and places Valko in a containment device. Shadow Ranger and Sophie return to headquarters.

The Rangers in their Megazord are captured by Goradon. Kat forms the Delta Command Crawler and fires upon Goradon and the megazord is free. Shadow Rangers instructs the rest of the Rangers to return to headquarters. The cadets return and Bridge is happy to see that Sophie is back and okay.

Kat informs them that phase two of the defense system is not ready yet. Sophie volunteers the use of her ability to help bring phase two up to speed. The cadets all agree and Sophie begins to work. Phase two is finished and cadets leave to enter their zords. Kat brings phase two into action - which is the Delta Command Megazord.

The Rangers leave their megazord and join Shadow Ranger in the Delta Command Megazord. They battle Goradon and destroy him. The following day, the cadets are in the eating area. Sky is having problems with the food machine until Sophie walks in and takes care of it for him. Bridge announces that Sophie is being transferred to another quadrant to help with their computers. Sophie is thrilled to be able to use her capabilities to help people.

- 10 year old ARed Mora AA-transforms into adult Morgana. (AA AP)

Small But Mighty
-Young all over again-

Kimberly and the other Rangers are reduced to the ages of children by the time god Chronos, who is trapped inside the Rock of Time, but fortunately retain their memories.
As kids, the Rangers only have limited time to defeat Lord Zedd and get things back to normal; they can still morph and use their powers for long periods, but the year they have traveled back to - much less the way they have traveled - isn't the proper year or method to be kids again, so they need to hurry.
After the kids and Ted defeated the Putties both in the park and in the school, they regrouped in the Command Center where Zordon and the others planned the next phase - the destruction of the Rock of Time.
As kids, they had to enter the cave and they destroyed the rock with the mini-Thunder Power Blaster, Power Cannon and Saba, which liberated Chronos and Mnemosyne from their imprisonment.
They had one final hang-out with Alpha as kids, and a photograph or two to remember their young forms by, before Alpha restored them and everyone in the school to their proper ages, with great sadness and hesitation.