Sergio Aragones Groo The Wanderer

Sergio Aragones Groo The Wanderer #92, #93

Comic Book: Marvel/Epic Comics: "The Fountain Of Youth" Part One (August 1992)

Groo and his entire cast have an encounter with the fountain of youth. Funny stuff, but their AR is done in a 'POOF' cloud of smoke. Sage sends Groo to retrieve an antidote to the Fountain of Youth to return all his friends to normal. The king, who wanted the Fountain of Youth water in the first place, arrives and seizes everyone. Groo, meanwhile can't find the right potion, so he grabs several. On his way back, he encounters his sister who also wants to be young like Groo. She grabs one of the vials, and poof, becomes a dragon. Groo and his lizard/sister arrive back to where the king is holding his friends. Sage tells Groo to sprinkle his sister with another potion. Poof, she's a snake, poof again, now she's a baby snake. The king immediately wants the vial and orders his men to get it. Chakaal the Amazon arrives and Groo shrinks her too so they can play. The king's men attack, and Groo shrinks some of them too. Running out of potion and too small to fight them all, Groo tests the last potion on himself by drinking it and becomes a giant. The story ends with a group of 80 year old monks (now little kids) walking by the old king saying they used up all the magic water. The king who originally wanted the Fountain of Youth is now surrounded by children.

-- Jeffr_2bya