Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing v1 #18

Comic Book: "Village of the Doomed" (09/30/1975)

Swamp Thing and his three friends end up in Serenity Village, a home for aged people who have regained their adult youth by using black magic to leach it from younger people. (Ar/adults to old age)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Swamp Thing #125

Comic Book: (11/30/1992)

Arcane takes over the body of toddler Tefe. (Soul Possession)

-- Jeffr_2bya

Swamp Thing

TV Series: Season 03; Episode #30: "The Chains of Forever" (2/27/93)

A young looking couple, Robert and Celia are desperately in search of something. In a book-shop they trade some valuable books for a look at a rare map, which they compare to a fragment of their own. It shows something called 'L'eau de la vie' - literally, 'water of life' - the lost Fountain of Youth!

And it's in Houma. The bookseller watches them and understands, wanting to buy the map from them, but they refuse. When they are gone, he calls Anton Arcane and informs him. Meanwhile, the couple are in a state of discord; Celia just wants Robert, but Robert is obsessed only with finding the fountain.

Together they go to the Langford house where Robert tries to get Will to take them on a swamp tour to the area with the fountain. Celia argues against this. Later, Arcane dispatches Graham to search for the map, but he fails and the couple disturb him searching their room, and they soon disappear.

Arcane is furious, at least until he procures the information by other means. Now he's very happy, especially since the fountain turns out to be on his land. He and Graham set off. By now, Robert, who is beginning to look older, is demented and he sets off alone into the swamp, armed with a gun; with Celia and Will following behind.

As Alec watches him he sees a bizarre sight. The man's aura radiates strongly - an aura usually only possessed by the most ancient of trees. It can only mean one thing. Robert must be almost 200 years old! He believes the fountain will replenish his fading longevity.

But why is Robert aging when Celia is not? Can it be that Robert has failed to grasp the one key ingredient of any longevity potion, and will he find it again at the fountain?


Swamp Thing: The Animated Series

Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #2: "To Live Forever"

Swamp thing's mortal foe looks for the fountain of youth in order to be immortal. Swamp thing like his foe wants to be human again.