The Blonde


The Blonde Vol. 2: Bondage Palace

Eros Graphic Album Series #18: 2002.

The Blonde is summoned by the Popess Crimilda and hired to find the formula for a serum of eternal youth. The formula is in one of four apartments in a building. Before The Blonde arrives, we see the receptionist of the building being tied up.
Next we see aging actress Amita Berg getting tied up in her first-floor apartment and robbed per her own instructions. She wants publicity. Her maid is also tied up.

The hired thieves are supposed to take and deliver some top-secret documents and call the police but they forget. The Blonde checks out the apartment of athletes Olga Koslowska and Tatiana Kubinski on the fourth floor.
They are actually agents also looking for the formula. Through the window The Blonde sees them fight, and one ties up the other.

The Blonde sneaks in and ties up the other one in her sleep. On the second floor, a nurse reads a romance to the elderly tenant, Ethel Lorimar.
Downstairs, the receptionist manages to free herself and heads for the alarm button, but is intercepted by a nurse and tied up again. The nurse who was reading is then tied up and replaced by the new nurse.

The new nurse gives the old lady a truth serum. On the third floor, the baby-sitter for General Prittwitt's son Junior reports to her employer.
Junior ties her up, and The Blonde arrives in time to add a gag, then begins searching the apartment for the formula. Junior's room is booby-trapped, and he catches The Blonde and ties her up.

On the first floor the maid and actress have almost freed each other, and the receptionist though still tied up has almost reached the alarm button again.
Elsewhere, the two thieves are having bad luck at poker, discover they've been cheated, and tie up the card sharp. In a massage room elsewhere, the general is plotting with another woman, who turns out to be Popess Crimilda's secretary.

The "nurse" on the second floor is actually an agent of the general's, searching for the formula as well. When the general leaves, the Popess finds her secretary, on whom she has been eavesdropping, and is not happy. The secretary gets tied up.
The Blonde gets free of Junior's ropes and ties up the agent on the second floor. Now everybody in the building is tied up except The Blonde, the sleeping old lady, and Junior.

The Blonde searches the second floor and discovers that Ethel Lorimar is a scientist who has explored Jodos, the planet of long life, and is also the General's mother-in-law.
She is also a fan of Amita Berg, and The Blonde finds a letter saying the formula has been given to the actress. The Popess tortures her secretary, and The Blonde tortures the fake nurse, and the result is the same: Both say they were working for The General.

The general gets tied up in traffic heading for the building. The maid on the first floor gets free and runs to call the police, but The Blonde intercepts her and ties her up again.
Soon The Blonde has the formula and agrees when Amita asks her to deliver the papers to the massage room.

As she is leaving the building debating how to best profit from the formula, she comes upon the receptionist who is finally free and reaching for the alarm button.
The Blonde ties her up again. On the second floor the old lady suddenly starts talking in the Jodo language: "Klatu Barada-Nikto," etc.

The nurse/agent hears her and gets excited, but is still tied up. The Blonde attempts to deliver the formula to the massage room, but only finds the Popess's secretary, all tied up.
Then from behind the Popess knocks out The Blonde, whom she didn't expect to find there, and gets the formula in an unexpected stroke of good luck.

When The Blonde wakes up she tickles the tied-up secretary to find out that she was working for The General. The secretary also says the Ethel Lorimar knows the formula by heart.
Indeed, on the second floor of the Palace the nurse/agent listens while the old woman recites the formula in the Jodo language, and starts sleepwalking toward the window.

Meanwhile the Popess visits the Zamozoo Clinic to begin using the formula. At the clinic most of the patients are tied up.
Also meanwhile, the traffic jam is cleared up and the General heads for the building. The Blonde arrives at the building at the same time, and ties up the secretary with the receptionist.

The old woman is sleepwalking on the outside of the building because the drug gave her "gamma anti-gravity power," and the agents on the fourth floor, who are now untied, spot her.
In the General's apartment, The Blonde confronts the General, the General disputes the information gained from the secretary, and Junior ties up The Blonde again.

The General's agent from the second floor makes it upstairs and interrupts, though still bound and gagged, The Blonde turns the tables and ties Junior and his mother up.
The Blonde throws the general's boots out the window and they strike Ethel Lorimar, who falls back into her own apartment. Olga and Tatiana are stalking her, but get distracted in a fight with each other.

In Zamozoo the Popess is preparing for her treatment while the staff has lunch. It smells so good that the patients burst their Saran Wrap bonds and tie up the staff.
The formula isn't working right, and nobody can help bring corrective solutions because they're all tied up. The Blonde follows the sleepwalking Ethel into a hidden laboratory, and Ethel dies, releasing a holographic will.

They learn that "Junior" is actually his missing father because of a mistake with a trial dose of the formula. The correct formula is stated once, and then is erased.
Although most of the characters are present, they seem to miss it because of a noisy police raid. As The Blonde is being hauled off to prison on Phoebus III, she thinks to herself that she did indeed hear the formula clearly.

-- Jeffr_2bya