The Flash (DC character & series)


Flash, The

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #17: "Twin Streaks" (04/13/1991)

Barry's clone was "grown" from basic DNA to an infant, then aged into an adult all within an hour. The clone is physically perfect but emotionally it is still a child. (Male/aP)

Flash (1st series)

Comic Book: DC Comics:

Strange radiation in Blue Valley causes anyone Flash vibrates through to age quickly. First is his girlfriend, Iris West (AP). Flash purposely does the same to Iris' nephew Wally (a/k/a Kid Flash) -- (AP) -- in order to add his now adult-size strength to Flash's, enabling them to defeat the aliens responsible.

Flash V2 80-Page Giant #2

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The World's Oldest Teens" (Apr. 1999)

Homage to those 'hep' Teen Titans tales of the '60's. The four Titans and all the teens in a town are suddenly senior citizens (AP, RN). Mr. Methusaleh has been stealing their 'youthons'

Flash #157 (1st series)

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The Day Flash Aged 100 Years!"

Villain The Top apparently affects - The Flash (simulated AP, RN).


Flash, The #189

Comic Book: DC Comics: "The Death-Touch Of The Blue Ghost" (June)

A IB and Kid Flash get aged. (aP)

-- Jeffr_2bya.

Flash #193

DC Comic Book: "Captain Cold Blows His Cool" (10/16/1969)

It begins with a breakout at Central State Penitentiary, where Captain Cold helps five "old timers" escape by, get this, making them young. No explanation is given for Cold's miraculous power, which alone would make someone rich beyond any other crime they may commit, but I digress.

Cold explains that he is in love with old-time movie star Laura Lamont, who's heart he intends to win over by making her young and presenting her with magnificent gifts that he needs the ex-"old timers" to steal for him. Cold also tells us that he does not know where to find Lamont, but that Iris Allen has written an article and interview with Lamont and so he plans on getting here whereabouts from Iris.

In disguise as an estate attorney he visits Iris, explaining the Lamont has come into some big money. Iris will not tell Cold Lamont's location but agrees to pass along the information. Barry thinks the attorney looks familiar and notices him following Iris as she drives off to see Lamont. I already hate this story, but the next piece seals it for me. Barry hesitates "several seconds" before deciding to follow as the Flash and is unable to locate Iris or Cold. Horrible writing on Broome's part.

While searching though he does find some of the ex-"old timers" stealing a painting for Cold and he captures them. The next day he finds out that they have the same fingerprints as two of the old guys who recently escaped. He also finds out that there were a rash of robberies last night. Searching for clues he finds an old stump outside of town that is frozen and figures Captain Cold is behind it all. He traces the residual radiation from Captain Cold's "Cold-Gun" but it soon dissipates. He eventually picks up the radiation trail again and tracks it back to Captain Cold. Another digression here: if Flash has the ability to do this, why has he not done it in the past to quickly find and capture Captain Cold? Like I said, really bad writing by Broome.

Where was I? I yeah, Flash has found Cold but Cold hits him with an Absolute Zero Ray that blows Flash into pieces and embeds him into the wall of Cold's hideout. Cold places a picture frame around the broken Flash (this looks pretty stupid folks, which is why the Carmine Infantino cover was such a great idea). Having followed Iris the night before Cold goes to Laura Lamont's house, makes her young, takes her to his hide-out where he gives her the gifts and proposes to her. He then goes off to call a Justice of the Peace to marry them tonight, but dials Heat-Wave instead and invites him over to show him the frozen Flash.

Heat-Wave once to take on last crack at the Flash and blasts him with his Heat-Blaster, reversing the effect of Cold's gun and restoring the Flash, who quickly mops up the room with the two, now bickering, villains. Laura Lamont doesn't want to be young and uses her ability with make-up to make herself look old again and swears she will do that for the rest of her life.

Iris takes Barry by a theater where Laura sells tickets to her old movies. Later on Barry explains that while he was frozen by Captain Cold, his brain still functioned and that he concentrated on Heat-Wave and through some here-to-fore unknown and never-heard-of-again telepathic ability on Barry's part, got Cold to call Heat-Wave instead of the Justice of the Peace. (Possible Ar/aP)


Flash, The

TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #17: "Twin Streaks" (04/13/1991)

Barry's clone was "grown" from basic DNA to an infant, then aged into an adult all within an hour. (Male/aP)

Flash Comics #25

DC Comics: Comic Book: 01/01/1942 - Hawkman: "The Youth Serum"

Hawkman must rescue a man who has invented a youth serum that only works on animals. (Animal Ar)
Shiera Sanders brings her aunt to visit her uncle Nestor Sanders. Nestor has developed a youth serum that can restore vitality. When crooks learn about the serum, they kidnap Nestor and plan to use the serum to turn Nicky Fennetti into a baby. Hawkman rescues Sanders and stops the crooks. Nestor eventually learns that his serum will not work on humans.

-- Jeffr_2bya