The Fountain of Youth (theme)

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Fountain of Youth


The legend of the Fountain of Youth is associated with the exploration of America. Tradition placed the spring that gives eternal youth somewhere in India. Ponce de Leon had established a colony in Puerto Rico, in the West Indies. When he was told by the Indians of a miraculous spring in a northern region called Bimini, he thought it must be the Fountain of Youth. In his search for the fountain he discovered the Bahamas and Florida. (See also Ponce de Leon .)

The legend was known throughout Europe in the Middle Ages. It apparently originated in northern India and was brought to Europe by travelers and merchants as early as the 7th century AD. There are references to it in early Hindu writings. In the myths of ancient Greece and Rome there was no Fountain of Youth within the reach of people on Earth, but there was a spring of immortality in the spirit world.

The Fountain of Youth in time became confused with a Semitic legend of a River of Immortal Life, to be found in paradise. Alexander the Great was said to have searched for the River of Immortality in India.

Fountain of Youth


A poor woodcutter finds the Fountain of Youth.

The Fountain Of Youth

Book: by Randall Hurlbut

A collection of short stories. (Possible Ar)

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The Fountains of Youth (Emortality)

Book: by Brian Stableford (05/05/2000)

When Mortimer Gray, one of the first "emortals"--humans transformed into a state of near immortality--narrowly escapes a planetary disaster that kills millions of people, he decides to undertake a massive study of the history of death--a process that carries him through 500 years of his own life. This latest novel by the author of Inherit the Earth is less a plot-driven story than a grand meditation on the state of human mortality.

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The Fountain of Youth

Audio CD: Baby Yaga Records: by Keith Bilderbeck (December 2002)

Young man Timucuan must journey to the Fountain of Youth to save his father's life after a hunting accident. On the advice of the Wizard Okoatlee, and accompanied by his raccoon friend, Timucuan sets out to steal a magic stone belonging to Maya, the witch of the Fountain. The good deeds he performs along the way, such as rescuing a heron from alligators, are rewarded, allowing Timucuan not only to save his father, but also to foil Maya's evil plans and find love with the Wizard's daughter. This album contains 24 songs performed by a 50-piece orchestra, 11 of which feature vocal tracks. The music blends Caribbean rhythms, Native American chants, and a variety of other musical styles. The pounding chant, "Soul of the Panther," sets the tone for the story, which often deals with dark topics, such as Maya's use of ancestors' bones to create an army of undead soldiers. (Very Minor Male/Ar, Female AS)

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Fountain of Youth

Japanese Movie: 20 mins (1957)

A woman drinks too much and becomes a baby. It runs around 20 minutes and is cited in a major reference book about SF and fantasy films.

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Fountain of Youth


Orson Welles used stills and stop-motion to tell his take on the Fountain of Youth.


Fountain of Youth (Disney)

Movie: (2008)

A man who has lived for centuries after discovering a Fountain of Youth now faces the fact that his well is drying up.

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