The Proud Family

The Proud Family

Cartoon Series; Season 02: Episode #02: "A Hero for Halloween" (10/18/02)

"Halloween is for kids" Protests 14-year-old Penny Proud. Her parents, however, insist that she don a "Snack Girl" costume and have some fun. But the night's more trick than treat. That is until Penny gobbles a magic snack that changes her attitude...and appearance.
She suffers a weird case of AA. In the transformation, besides acquiring superpowers, her clothes enlarge and she turns taller, her muscles get inflated, her voice sounds a bit older... Her costume turns into a "cool version". At the end of the episode, Penny turns back to herself again. (aP/RN)

-- Eddieursa

The Proud Family

Cartoon Series: Season 02: Episode #21: "Wedding Bell Blues" (09/19/2003)

Suga Mama announces that she is engaged to marry a man who Oscar is convinced is nothing but a fortune-hunter. Suga Mama is made to look younger but returns to elderly after biting the cake. (adult rejuvenated, RN old age)

The Proud Family

Cartoon Series: Season 03; Episode #09: "Twins To Tweens" (04/24/04)

Penny wishes for her Bebe & Cece to be older so they can look after for themselves. The twins are aged. Penny is then jealous. Penny is forced to stay home from a party to baby sit her little brother and sister, Bebe and Cece, when Al Roker (who, for some reason, has magical powers in the show) appears to her.
Not thinking, she wishes that Bebe and Cece were old enough to take care of themselves, and Al Roker changes them from babies into teenagers.
At first, they are dressed in the same clothes as when they were babies (same sized as well, apart from the diapers). They change clothes shortly after.(AP, male AP, AR RN)

-- Visible Time

The Proud Family

Cartoon Series: Season 0; Episode #0: "Adventures in Bebe sitting" (11/03/2006)

Grandma Proud becomes Penny's age.

The Proud Family: A Snack Mix

by HistoryisAwesomeGuy

Penny Proud came home from what was another dull day at school and like any day when she came home from school, she had homework to take care of.

"Man, I can't believe the kind of stuff that math teacher gives us. At least I'll have a little bit of help with it. Mom? Dad? Suga Mama?" Penny called out for any of her family members.

"No one home? Cool, I've got the whole house to myself. So I guess that means I don't have to do my homework right away." Penny said to herself with a smirk as she threw her backpack onto the couch and headed into the kitchen to find herself a snack.

"Let's see, what do we have to nibble on?" Penny asked herself looking around in the fridge.

"Nothing here." Penny then began searching the cupboards for something but came up with the same results.

"Aw man, there's no snacks worth eating in this house." Penny said as she then saw a bag of her father's snack brand 'Proud Snax'.

"Like I said there's no snacks WORTH eating in this house." Penny said.

Her father's snack brand had an infamous notoriety for being not the least bit good and very, very rarely did anyone complain about not being sick. Penny still looked at the bag and her stomach began grumbling a little bit.

"I guess I can just blame daddy later for leaving them out here if I get sick to my stomach." Penny said as she grabbed the bag and opened it.

Penny reached down and grabbed a chip and held it up to her mouth.

"Here goes nothing."

Penny then closed her eyes and opened her mouth and bit down on the chip. As she opened her eyes, her irises seemed to glow for a second but she was completely unaware of this.

"Whoa! That actually tasted...good. Maybe I'll have a little more." Penny said as she ate some more chips out of the bag.

As she continued to eat from the bag, she was unaware of the phenomenon that was happening to her. For as she continued to eat the chip, her body began to grow taller, her body was was becoming more mature. Yet still she didn't notice any of this until she went upstairs to her bedroom and walked by her bedroom mirror and thought for a moment she saw her mother.

"Hi momma." Penny said with a smile.

Penny then stopped and realized what she had just done, and looked back in the mirror to see not her own body staring back at her, but an older more mature woman in the mirror who closely resembled her mother.

"What in the world?!" Penny declared in a shocked voice that sounded like a much older woman.

"Is that my voice? Is that my voice coming out of...that body?" Penny asked aloud as she looked into the mirror.

"How in the world did this happen to....." Penny didn't have to ask how this had happened to her when she looked down at the snack bag and realized that this started when she ate out of her father's snack bag.

"Figures something bad would've happened when I ate those snacks." Penny pouted as she crossed her arms.

She was angry for a minute before she looked back at the mirror and studied herself carefully.

"Hmmm, you know, I don't actually think it's too bad a change. Though, these clothes look more like I'm trying to relive my teen years, which are probably gone now." Penny said as she then had a thought come to mind as she went into her parent's bedroom and looked through her mother's clothes.

A couple of minutes later, the front door opened up and Trudy Proud came into her house.

"Penny? You home? I just got back from the grocery store, could you help me put some stuff away? Penny, are you home?" Trudy called out for her daughter.

"Calm down, momma, I'm fine. You might actually say, I'm superfine." The grown up Penny Proud said as she stood on top of the stairs wearing her mother's clothes.

"What the? Who are you young lady? I'll have you know I don't take kindly to people breaking into my house...!" Trudy became a little angry and rolled up her sleeves.

"Whoa! Momma, Momma, it's okay, it's me Penny, your daughter." The grown up Penny Proud said as Trudy studied the woman carefully and saw that she did greatly resemble her daughter.

"Penny, that really you?" Trudy asked gently putting her hand on Penny's cheek.

"It is momma, I promise." Penny said as she smiled and held her mother's hand.

"But baby, how, how did this happen to you?" Trudy asked.

"Thanks to these." Penny said showing her mother, the 'Proud Snax'.

"Your daddy's snacks. I might've known your daddy's snacks would've done something crazy to someone someday, but I never thought that someone would be you." Trudy said as she crossed her arms.

"They're actually pretty good momma, why don't you try some?" Penny suggested to her mother.

"No way baby, I still love you and all, but there's no way that I'll ever eat one of those...." Penny then quickly stuffed one of the proud snack chips into her mother's mouth and Trudy began chewing it.

When she opened her eyes, Penny noticed a peculiar glow in her mother's irises and she wondered if that same thing had happened to her.

"Mmm, that tasted...that tasted...really good, great even. Is there still any left?" Trudy asked as Penny handed her the bag and her mother began chomping down the chips almost like an animal.

As she continued eating the chips and walking downstairs, it seemed to Penny that she was becoming a little shorter. Finally when Trudy had finished eating the bag, she looked down at herself and saw that she was younger now. It seemed she had become the age Penny had once been just earlier that day.

"Oh no, Penny, baby, you don't think this is permanent, do you?" Trudy asked worriedly.

"I don't think so, this will probably wear off soon, maybe, who knows how long it will take. A few hours, a day, maybe more. Personally I don't care how long it takes, I'm enjoying this." Penny said with a smile.

"Penny, we've got to do something about this, pronto!" Trudy demanded.

"I think you're right. Go up to my room and put some of my old clothes on." Penny said pointing upstairs.

"What? you can't order me what to do!" Trudy yelled at her.

"Oh really? Who's the lady in charge of the house right now?" Penny smirked at her young mother.

Trudy was speechless at this argument and went upstairs to change into her daughter's clothes or old clothes. She came down and Penny looked pleased at how Trudy looked in her old clothes.

"Well don't you look nice. Now why don't we head out and do a little shopping." Penny suggested.

"Penny, please, I don't want anyone to see us like this." Trudy pleaded.

"Who's in charge here, young lady?" Penny asked.

"Sorry, Penny." Trudy apologized.

"Oh, and while we're out, I think you should call me mom. Understand?" Penny said smiling as she grabbed her mother's purse.

"Yes, mom." Trudy replied as she followed Penny out the door.

The Proud Family: A Snack Mix II

by HistoryisAwesomeGuy

It was a bright and beautiful day in the Boulevardez home as Sunset Boulevardez check on her daughter, Lacienega.

"Are you doing your homework, sweetie?" Sunset asked her daughter as she knocked on her daughter's bedroom door.

Lacienega was actually reading a magazine and quickly stuffed it away and went back to her homework as her mother opened the bedroom door.

"Yes mamma." Lacienega said in an angelic tone.

"Glad to hear it." Sunset smiled as she heard a knock on her front door and headed towards it.

"Yes, hello?" Sunset answered the door but saw no one there.

She looked around, then looked down and saw some 'Proud Snax' left on the doorstep.

"Oscar, I bet he left these things here. I should probably just throw them away, they'd give me nothing but chest pains, I'm sure of it." Sunset said as she took the snack bag into the kitchen and held the bag over the trash for a couple of seconds before having some second thoughts.

"I don't think I've ever tried one of these, for very good reasons of course, but I'll try it once and that's it." Sunset said as she opened the bag and took a small bite out of one of the chips.

Sunset opened her eyes after biting down on the chip and her irises glowed for a second.

"Oh wow, that actually tasted...good. Maybe I'll have a little more." Sunset said as she ate another chip after another.

"Just a few can't hurt." Sunset said as she didn't notice she was starting to shrink down a little bit.

"Think I'll go and check on Lacienega again." Sunset said to herself as she continued to shrink.

Lacienega was reading her magazine again when she heard the door knock.

"Come in." Lacienega said in a sweet voice.

The door opened and she heard someone enter.

"Hello again.....Mommie?!" Lacienega said as she turned around and saw what looked to be a younger version of her mother in somewhat oversized clothes.

"Lacienega, is something the matter, baby?" Sunset asked her daughter.

"Momma, look at you, you're so....young." Lacienega said at nearly a loss for words.

Sunset Boulevardez looked in her daughter's full-body mirror to see that she was indeed much younger now.

"What? How did this...?" Sunset then looked at the chips she had been eating and came to a realization.

"It's these 'Proud Snax' they made me younger somehow." Sunset realized as she threw down the bag.

"I might have known Proud had something to do with this." Lacienega said as she picked up the snack bag.

"How can one bag of chips be...." Lacienega bit down on one of the chips. "Delicious." Lacienega said as her irises glowed for a second before she ate more of the chips.

"What am I going to do about this? What if your father sees me like this? How am I ever supposed to do my job when I look like nothing more than a teenage delinquent? Lacienega, are you even listening" Sunset asked as she turned around to see her daughter finishing the snack bag but now she looked grown up and more womanly than before, her own clothes had become undersized and now looked like she was going to a costume party of sorts.

"Oh, I think I like this." Lacienega said as she looked down at herself.

"Lacienega, baby, we've got to figure out what to do here." Sunset pleaded to her older daughter.

"Your right, 'mamma' we do, go put on one of my clothes from my closet, I'll go put on one of yours." Lacienega said as she dashed off for her mother's room.

Sunset stayed behind in her daughter's bedroom then and changed into her daughter's clothes and when she finished putting them on, she actually thought she looked cute in them.

"Well now, I can say that these feel really good on me." Lacienega said as she returned to her bedroom wearing her now younger mother's clothes.

"Are you actually wearing my earrings too?" Sunset asked her older daughter.

"Yes, I am. And I think we should go do a little shopping. Your clothes are a little ordinary."

"We can't go out like this?! What if someone sees us?" Sunset reminded her.

"Easy, we just say that I'm your mother, and you're my daughter. Understood?" Lacienega asked.

"What? no we can't just..." Sunset tried to argue.

"I said, is that clear, young lady?" Lacienega asked with a serious look on her face.

"Yes, mamma." Sunset sighed as she and her 'mother' left the house.

Later they would meet up with Penny and her mother, Trudy, or rather they would meet up with Penny and her new 'daughter'.
Neither of them were sure just how long the effects would last, but for now they were just enjoying themselves and Penny even brought up the hilarious idea it would be for them to go on a double date with their "husbands".
Lacienega then thought it would be interesting to see what they thought of their new "wives", if they didn't like it, they could always just have some leftover snacks.