Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

Cartoon Series Season 01: Episode #8; "The Overthrow of Merklyn"

Tired of Merklyn, Darkstorm decides to make use of his prisoner Falkhama, who claims he can help the evil lord overthrow the mighty wizard. Falkhama leads the Darkling Lords to a temple guarded by a dragon, in which lies the ancient book of magic known as the Omnipiticron.

Reekon successfully evades the dragon and brings Darkstorm the book. Falkhama explains that after they have collected some Wizard's Bane they must also lure Merklyn out of his shrine to use it and wrest the orb from him. Seeking to be captured by the Spectral Knights, Darkstorm cunningly leads his Darkling Lords into an easy ambush outside of New Valarak. They are sent back to the Sign Factory as prisoners, and as Darkstorm anticipated, Merklyn comes to free them.

As soon as they are free, Darkstorm uses the Wizard's Bane on Merklyn, immobilizing him and Falkhama. They are both teleported to the magical Wizard's Jail. With Merklyn's Orb and the Omnipiticron at his command, Darkstorm turns the Spectral Knights to stone and teleports himself to Irontop Mountain, forcing his Darkling Lords to join him on foot. Outraged Virulina, Reekon and Lexor demand to be rewarded for their services.

He gives each what they deserve; Virulina the face of an aged old hag; Reekon the sound of a cash register wherever he walks; and Lexor a translator for all his treacherous thoughts; before he turns them to stone. In his confidence he decides to try a spell so powerful and secret that no wizard knows what it does.

It is in fact the end of the world, and leaves Darkstorm with no choice but to return the orb to Merklyn so he can save his miserable hide. While Merklyn explains that all is well and it was merely a failsafe spell, the other wizards sneak out of jail. Angered Merklyn announces that he will never help the Darkling Lords out of trouble again.
(adult female to old age face)

-- Flint Dille

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light

Cartoon Series Season 01: Episode #5; "Power of the Wise"

Leoric and the others are out looking for roots and herbs for Merklyn and in the process realize they all have a deep fear of Darkstorm's power of Decay. Seeking some form of protection against it Arzon consults the Bearer of Knowledge, who tells them of the Eternal Spring which can restore youth.

The Spectral Knights set out for Shadow Mountain where the Eternal Spring is located, but Reekon has overheard and informs Darkstorm. He lays an ambush for his nemesis and uses his power of Decay, accelerating Leoric's body to the age of a weak old man. The Darkling Lords then set off to reach the Eternal Spring before the Spectral Knights.

Along the way Cravex uses his power of Fear on a giant centipede, causing it to attack the Spectral Knights. In his Lion totem form, Leoric is able to save his fellows by distracting it, but the Darkling Lords have succeeded in slowing them down. The Spectral Knights arrive to find Cindarr's power of Destruction has completely destroyed the spring. Leoric and Feryl wait outside a cave, while the others explore hoping to find the spring's source.

While Ectar goes on ahead, the Spectral Knights are ambushed and taken prisoner. Leoric realizes that his only hope is for Darkstorm to undo his spell. Leoric hides near the Dagger Assault, and Feryl jumps Darkstorm upon his return with the captured knights. Darkstorm is forced to restore Leoric, or lose his animal totem in the Dagger Assault's magical dungeon.

Ectar arrives with a pouch of Eternal Spring water that he found in the cave, only to find Leoric already restored. Leoric explains that although his body was old and weak, he has learned the value of wisdom.
(male adult to old age/Ar)

-- Douglas Booth