You Can't Do That On Television

You Can't Do That On Television

Nickelodeon TV Series: Season 03; Episode #01 "Cosmetics"

The Stage Manager gets regressed after using wrinkle cream.

- Visible Time

You Can't Do That On Television

Nickelodeon TV Series: Season 07; Episode #06 "TV Commercials"

It was a skit involving Alanis (yes, that's where Alanis Morrisette got her start) selling beauty cream door-to-door, and giving some to the show's generic housewife/mother.

She put some on, there was a puff of smoke, and she became Stephanie -- who was Asian -- with a curly red wig. Then, she put more on, another puff of smoke, and thee was a baby doll dressed like the housewife.


You Can't Do That On Television

Nickelodeon TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #0? Unknown "?"

It was a skit involving Christine being ared, but they had a little girl who looked like Christine in the latter's wig. (It may have been Christine's younger sister.) Still puff of smoke effects.


Depends on how old some of you are, (IRL) but there used to be a show on Nickelodeon called "You Can't Do That on Television" that was syndicated from Canada. (Alanis Morrisette famously got her "start" on this show) Well, there were a few "forced regression" skits on it that I remember very well.

I distinctly remember the parents lost his baby pictures so they dressed him in a diaper and bonnet, and put him on a blanket in the middle of the living room to "re-take" his baby pictures. I remember waiting for this episode to re-air (no DVR's back then ;) ) and the few times it did, I was in heaven.

I have been unable to find any reference to this skit online, and to be honest I'm not motivated enough to look through each episode description online to find it. If anyone knows what episode it is from, maybe put up a link, or post the season and episode #. Thanks!

- (Heinzdecker55)

Zero-tolerance long-term detention gags. Misbehaving students were incarcerated for many years in the dungeon underneath the school. Their torn clothes could not be seen as outgrown clothes as you could not do that on television, or maybe they grew with them, but still tore.