body swap (story theme)

VERY incomplete list at this time

Anime & Manga

Boku Ga Mama

Manga Comic Book: [2003]

Mother/son trade bodies. (AR TG swap)

-- Farhad


Manga Comic Book: (1998)

mother/daughter swap bodies. (Mind Transfer)


Lloyd in Space

Cartoon Series: Season 02; Episode #04: "Lloyd changes his mind"

I'm not sure if this quite counts or not, but there is an episode of Lloyd in Space (Episode #15: "Lloyd changes his mind") in which he and his little sister swap bodies. I'm not sure if this counts, but the Episode. does focus on the age differences between them..

-- Elding


Cartoon Series: Season 01; Episode #25: "A Baloo Switcheroo" (10/16/1990)

Baloo and kit are hired to fly Professor O'Bowens, an archaeologist, to a forbidden temple to find a mystical idol. After he acquires it, the pirates reveal themselves and demand the idol. Not to lose the item so easily, O'Bowens gives the idol to Kit and Baloo and tells them to return without him. He warns them not to look into the idol's eyes during a thunder storm, but the two get curious as to what would happen and tempt fate, resulting in them switching bodies. The two must then cope with their new positions until O'Bowens returns, and avoid the pirates who are still seeking the idol. However, they find they have until sunrise the next day to return to normal, or be trapped like this forever!

Motion Pictures

13 Going On 30

Movie: (2004)

A woman wakes up after having lost all memories of the past 17 years due to magic dust. In a sense she was swapped forward into her future self.

Freaky Friday

Movies: 3 versions

Mother and Daughter soul swaps between their unchanging bodies.

Vice Versa

Movie: (1988)

Excellent male AP scene. Also an adult TG scene. A boy and his dad swap places.

Tv Episodes

Big Meg, Little Meg

TV Series: Season 01; Episode #01: "All Change" (2000) [UK]

Because of a crystal 12 year old Megan Johnson periodically swaps places with her mother - always at the most inconvenient moments. The two Megs confuse everyone with their constant changes.

-- Visible Time


TV Series: Season 02; Episode #22: "Goodnight, Sweet Grimm" (05/21/2013)

The hexenbiest Frau Pech prepares a blood potion from the unconscious Adalind Schade. The effect is immediate: Frau Pech essentially exchanges her elderly body for a younger model, transforming into youthful adult Adalind, while the still-unconscious Adalind is transformed into the aged Frau Pech. We later see Frau Pech revert to her former body, at which point Adalind awakes. (adult body swap rejuvenation & old age)

-- Visible Time

Lizzie Mcguire

TV Series: Season 02; Episode #09 "Those Freaky McGuires"

Lizzie and her younger brother wake up in switched bodies. (TG, mind transfer, RN)

-- Visible Time

Wicked Science

TV Series: Season 01; Episode 20: "Nanna" (07/09, 2004)

Toby repairs the MFE machine and uses it to test the strange rock, concluding that they could both be mysteriously linked to the genius transformation. Toby dysfunctions and creates a wormhole generator, thinking he can go back in time and discover the missing piece to the puzzle.

Toby's Nanna, visiting for her eightieth birthday, gets sucked into the wormhole. She is transported back to 1931, while her younger self Amelia is transported to the present - smashing the wormhole generator! Toby and Russ are forced to take Amelia to school where she is caught by Tesslar and tells him the whole, fanciful story. Toby manages to get Amelia home and swap her back with the old Nanna just in time for her birthday party.

-- Ricky


TV Series: Season 0?; Episode #??:

Young girl is unconscious. Xena sees her and takes pity. Comments that she wishes she could trade places to help. Aphrodite hears the comment and magically TRIES to swap their life-forces. She thinks if the little girl would wake up she could 'get better'. In reality she only removes Xena's 'life-force' and puts it in the little girl. The little girl then has both 'life forces' in her. Xena now becomes unconscious and her body is an empty shell. The little girl wakes up screaming for her mommy.

-- Louder