Youtube Group: Time Lapse Girls

- All the video links from the deleted girl-to-woman transformation group...
The group existed from 2007 to 2010 and contained almost 1000 Age Progression-related videos.
- Description:
A group about the most awesome event in the universe: the physical transformation of girls into women. All videos showing any part of this metamorphosis are welcome.


La foto del Dia - Natalia - 30 meses y contando

Watch My Teeth Grow!

Lotte van 0 tot 9jr. (Lotte from 0 to 9 in 2 min.)

Natalie Time Lapse: Birth to 10 years old in 1 minute 25 sec

AC and Spoon - Isabella's Big Problem

Ralts Humany AP CB BE

Short Stories For Girls: Growing Up - Part 1

Watch My Teeth Grow!

Clowning!..!..!..(Old school clothes) lol

puberty and growth

Daily Baby

A young girl suddenly grows up

0-10 Years in 4 Minutes Flat!


Helena Paparizou - "Young Me / Now Me" Project (Kalfamanolis)

Five News | Young Me, Now Me!

Heather age progression work in progress 2

John Lewis

Pilpa Glace Cone Age Progression

El crecimiento de los dientes en STOP-MOTION

Leg grows

Your Body During Adolescence (1955)

Orthodontics, straight teeth, headgear & braces: Are you gambling with your
child's face?

Baby Driver

State Farm® - "Dream" Commercial

Age Progression from Inflect Graphics

Stromlo High School 2009 - Morphs

puberty is great

Teen Facts - Growing Pains

no audio - Always Changing: Girls

Nel's Transformation

adolescencia e puberdade

Black Lady Transformation - English Dubbed

Chibimoon Transform Into Adult Soldier

Tony Schwartz - Nancy Grows Up

The Greatest Gift - Coca-Cola Commercial

statefarm young

3vertex - Proceso Adolescencia

morphing 3 years 1 picture by week

morph 02

morph 01

Straight teeth in under 60 seconds!


21 años en 1 minuto

Mia Time-Lapse

un tour de manege

Infant Girl to Young Woman - Age Progression Morph


Growing Up/Prego Barbie (Commercial #6)


Let's Nupu Nupu AP

Kimama Ni Up Down AP

Doremi Age Progression

Pilpa Glace Cone Age Progression

Baby Girl to Graduate - Morph

Ashley Porter Time Lapse

Girl to Woman (Part 1) - 1965 Sex Ed Film


A Puberdade

Puberty & Growth

Puberty - Montreal Science Centre

Pretty Sammy AP

Mat To Shing Shuk Shi01


Baby Girl to Graduate - Morph


Anilu morphing ida y vuelta

E R D Producciones mirian morph

Age Progression clips

Girl - Age Progression

Trailer (To The Ends Of Time) 1996

Dora the Explorer Grows Up

Baby Grows : 1990s TV Commercial

Walmart | The Official Sponsor of Moms: The extended commercial.

Charlotte Everyday - Jan 2010

Danielle Everyday - Jan 2010

Advert Old Lady ageing

She takes a photo everyday for 2 years.


watch her grow.wmv

Sunshine's Age Progression Video

Honey, We're Young at Heart 4


Who Am I Now

human remains final project

Age Progression 2

Female Age Progression

Mediacorp Channel 8 Ad - Growing Up Girl (Mandarin)

2003 BellSouth Commercial

something about girls

when She GROWS

Chowder and Panini AP into adults

Lets Talk Puberty for Girls

Anime Growth Expansion BE AP AR GTS

Anime Growth Expansion BE AP AR GTS

Anime Growth Expansion BE AP AR GTS

Anime Growth Expansion BE AP AR GTS

Anime Growth Expansion BE AP AR GTS

Anime Growth Expansion BE AP AR GTS

Anime Growth Expansion BE AP AR GTS

Anime Growth Expansion BE AP AR GTS

Anime Growth Expansion BE AP AR GTS

Anime Growth Expansion BE AP AR GTS

Anime Growth Expansion BE AP AR GTS

Doremi Age Progression

Chronus, Father of Time 2/3

Punky Brewster Cartoon - Call me Ms Part 1

Punky Brewster Cartoon - Call me Ms Part 2

Rini and Serena Switch Ages.


Manicure - Young-Sun Kim (CalArts)

The Savage Sleep - Pt 1

HayleeBabyGirl// Age progressions

Age progressions

Age Progress

Dakota Fanning Age Progression

3vertex - Proceso Adolescencia

LOST Morphs - Sun Kwon

Deborah Gibson morph

Hermione Granger through 7 Years! again

LOST Morphs - Charlotte Staples Lewis


LOST Morphs - Kate "Freckles" Austen


Amanda takes a photo of herself every day for 3 years.

Milk does the body good!

80s Commercial - Milk Does a Body Good

Milk Does a Body Good

Child Stars Then And Now Part 2!

Girl, You're A Lady, Man! (David Bowie Sex Ed For Girls)

Ellora Daily Photo: 1800 days

Sisters.... Through the Years

RedDwarf ar

Tenjho Tenge - Transformación de Maya

MetroMemories Growing Up (Girl) DVD Photo Slide Show Sample

Without Warning Music Video - Thomas Ian Nicholas

Jodie Sweetin

Child Stars: Then and Now 2

Actors now and then.wmv

Girls Aloud - Nicola Roberts morph

Growing up Dakota Fanning

Demi Lovato Growing Up

Girl Is growing up Sims 2

Sim Toddler growing up

Alisha Christine Tanner

Misty's life morph

Jordan - Growing Older!

Lydia and her older self

The Time Traveler's Wife (2009) - Official Trailer #1 [HD]

Dokkiri Age Regress

Anime Growth Expansion BE AP AR GTS

Anime Growth Expansion BE AP AR GTS

Look How I've Grown

Lindsay Lohan - Then and Now

When "We" Grow Up

Hannah takes a picture every week frOm may 2007 till may 2009

Me growing up in pictures

Dakota Fanning - Beautiful Woman from a Little Girl

Young girl into woman

Dunkelziffer Tentacle

Boy Girl Man Woman

Selena, Miley, Taylor, Demi Growing Up

fast growing up :P

The Family Series - They Grow Up So Fast

Elma Chips

Her Pilgrim Soul 2/4

Phoenix Wright T&T funny scene

Twinkle Star Sprites (Sega Saturn)
ragnacrap - 1 year ago

Трейлер фильма "Любовь-морковь 2"

Любовь-морковь 2

ljubov morkov 2 part 3

Earth Defence Family - Young girl into woman

emily in 2003!

Britney Spears' evolution

Jamie Lynn Spears evolution

Sims 2 Child Growing to Teen

Lena Takes BE Pill

Ginger growing up

Safer Internet Day 2009

1 cs c los proceres :magia de cambio 1

Minky Momo Transformación 1991

Minky Momo Transformación 1983

Minky Momo Transformación 1982

Doll morphing video - age progression - 2

Doll morphing video - age progression - 8

Doll morphing video - age progression - 6

Doll morphing video - age progression - 3

Doll morphing video - age progression - 1

Mashed Potatoes


13 going on 30 scene - Bra scene

Morphing - Evolution

Amanda Bynes Through The Years

Raven Symone - In the Pictures (2008) Video

Olsen Twins Growing Before Your Eyes - Great Morph

Miley Cyrus Growing Up pictures

Miley Cyrus New Video Growing Up Pictures

Miley cyrus as a little girl

Miley Cyrus Auditions For Hannah Montana and Zoey

Best pics of Kristen Stewart

Beckie takes a photo......

Growing up Skipper

Growing up and Growing down

メルモちゃん(デパートメントHス 2486;ージ用映像)

Bethany Pritchard Hits Puberty

Village Of The Giants - Women grow

Magical Girl Pretty Sammy - Young girl into woman


The process of aging

Female Celebrites Then and Now

Growing Up: Celebrities

Morphing Sequence

Me 2002-2008

クレラップ 木村カエラ

My commercial project for class doritos

Growth of the Body

Hilary 4 ever

Jennys Changes


La vie est un jeu d'enfants...

Reba McEntire - I'll Be


Trasformazione Creamy Mami Geri halliwell transformation


Mahou no Rouge Lipstick Opening

3 years in less than 3 minutes

Ma petite fille Rachel

Natalie Portman Wants You to Have "The Talk"

Sim Grow up

Bat Mitzvah Invitation - Part I of II

me throughout the years

Growing Up

me growing up

Artesian Breast Cancer commercial

The Secret Life of Hermione Granger: Part 3

The Secret Life of Hermione Granger: Part 4

Hans en Barcelona TV

Don gorgorio

Transformacion a la niñez (tortoles).

Stop Motion

My Sim Growing Up.

sims 2- kid growing up (normal)

Natalie Wood Through Time

Nationwide "Just Married" Insurance Commercial

Broken 破壊

Not Bewitched (Trailer 2)

Lloyds TBS

Cute Skincare Advert

Bleach - Nel transforms [HQ]

adolescence - puberty

State Farm® "Young Driver" Insurance Commercial

The Chestnut Tree

Frances 'Baby' Gumm

Time Lapse 08-08

"Sortie de bain" de Florence Henrard

me 13 - 16 years old

Full Moon Transformation

American Dad - Season Premiere Preview

Amanda takes a photo of herself every day for 2 years




Welch's Grape Juice TV commercial

Welch's Grape Juice Girl - The Later Years #1

Bye Bye Baby Hotaru

Sailor Saturn..Mistress 9..Hotaru Tomoe

Hotaru becomes mistress 9

Elizabeth Swann- 13 Going on 30 trailer



Borge Ring - Oh My Darling

W.I.T.C.H transformation (fan edited)

Crescer é...

De l'enfance à l'adolescence

They Grow Up So Fast! (Part 1)

Metamorphosis - Hilary duff ((sims))

The Life of Riley

Meg Growing Up

Jho Growing Up

The Proud Family - Super-Penny 1

xv años de niña a mujer belinda

12 going on 20 :]

The Misfortunes of Jane: Big

Skuld grows up

those arent myn!

sister swap

The awakening of Hotaru

a dream

Tennis Instructor

BOOBS growing BARBIE FAIL Toys Doll Funny Video "Growing Up Skipper" Mike Mozart

possess 331155

possess 998221

Perfect Girl Evolution - Chibi Transformation

Part of a Video About DNA

Breast Expansion

My styling work--Hong Kong MTR


Provemed - Age Progression

What Could Have Been-JonBenet

Growth girl ripped clothes-popping buttons

Melon taansforms into Fairy Wildflower

The Morph

Color Wars Young to Old Morph

age 49202

989 Dad's Lil Girl

Little girl age progression

Sky Edwards age progression transform

Z & MR Time Lapse

Michelle Lothario turning into an adult

Dakota Fanning-pics from 1999-2008 - Slideshow

Life Comes at You Fast(1)

School pictures

Frans Hofmeester - Lotte from 0 to 7 years in 90 sec.

Portret van Lotte (montage van 0 tot 8jr. in 2 min....)

slow version, anonymous but with mom

Short version

When You Grow Up

Alyssa Milano as a Child

Alyssa Milano as kid and teen

Sims 2 Child grows up to a teen

Chidori ~ I Am

The Chanbara!

Punky brewster/ Soleil Moon Frye Picture Montage

Soleil Moon Frye is Punky!

soleil moon frye the wonder years

Hermione Granger - From Girl To Woman

Projeto Educação Para a Saúde - Adolescência

Beginning to End (a The Sims 2 movie)
Supuhstar - 2 years ago


sobre: salir


Soymilk Commercial

Kat and Ana AP
alex93cay... - 2 years ago

Milk: Girl on Stage

Grow a Healthy Child (2008)

Haylee Mazzella Age Progression Tribute for her Birthday on 7/13/08

Age Progression and the hairstyles before my dreads

Miley Cyrus Baby To Beutiful Young DIsney Channel Star

Washuu grew up!

Ryo-ohki grew up!

Olsen sisters grow up

Hermione's growth

older and taller

2 children grow up

V La Serie, Episodio 1 (Parte 4)

V La Serie, Episodio 2 (Parte 1)

V La Serie, Episodio 2 (Parte 2)

V La Serie, Episodio 9 (Parte 3)

Samantha Micelli - I Am

Nadia's Teeth

big bra

Freaky Friday trailer

FF95 clip A

(SPD) Mora/Morgana - Not Just A Girl


X-Tra Large

Lisa's Morph

Betsy's Morph

Maddie without pauses

モコCM モコを選ぶ人篇

オッティCM オッティを選ぶ人篇

Robotboy AP

Me from 1989-2008

Me growing up

Marcus HS "Senior Morphs"

Daughter rearing simulation

Bleach : heat the soul 5 - Adult Nell (Neliel) VS Noitora

Bleach : heat the soul 5 - Adult Nell (Neliel) VS Szayel

Sexy melissa joan hart

Melissa Joan Hart in a bikini

Fast Forward

Classic Penny Robinson

Hilary Duff-Cry

Pregnancy - STOPMOTION (by Maud)

Help, I am a woman - STOPMOTION (by Maud)

Software Indicates Missing Child Likely A Prostitute By Now

jelibon reklamı

Sugar Puffs and Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles TV adverts

Full house characters after the years!

Otona Ni Nuts! Vol.1 Ch. 4

Otona Ni Nuts Vol.2 Ch. 6

Lilo & Stitch - Skip

Full House Before After

Hayden Panettiere - Child Actress/Star in Guiding Light

Hayden Panettiere Sexy Swimwear

Fairymon and Shutumon

Robotboy - Promień Strarzenia (1) (3 sezon)

The Hovis Advert

Jumanji Animated 36 1/3

Jumanji Animated 36 2/3

A little girl suddenly ages 5 years

Drew Barrymore - Fame!

Young Actress Jodie Foster

The Hulk Meets the Bay



Chevy Mailbu TV ad ('Her Morning Elegance' by Oren Lavie)

Instant Grow Up

They all grow up sometime (spoof)

Child stars that have turned into Adult Stars

Miley Cyrus growing up! (LOTS of baby and child pics)

Hillary's "3 A.M. ad" Girl Doesn't Approve of that Message

Life After Tomorrow

Me Through the Years : )

Growing Up.

Anna and Bella AP

Merumo 1(a)

Merumo 1(c)

Merumo 2(b)

Bleach Manga Chapter 291

Bleach Manga Chapter 292

Alyssa Milano-I'm Not A Girl..

A beautiful korean actress - Tribute

Beautiful Korean stars 1 (before & after)/(Child to Present)

Beautiful Korean stars 2(before & after)/(Child to Present)


Dave Matthews Band - Dreamgirl

Alyssa Milano - The Only One

ROSE "Ciao Bella"

Pictures of Celebs when they were little

ABC News 20/20 in Touch Inside the Living Body


A Year In The Life Of Madison

girl takes a photo of herself everyday for a little bit

Alice Everyday

My daughter Jamie, love you!

13 Years Of School Photos (1995-2007)

Ellora Daily Photo: 1282 days (sliding average)

Ellora Daily Photo: 1282 days

Puberty, What's That?

Morphs from young to old

Julie Aging Video

La Foto del Dia - Natalia - 1 año

La Foto del Dia - Natalia

Christmas Morph Movie 2007

KT Morph

we love gap kidsssss #2.

Genia's boob trick!

Button Pop


They grew

Anilu morphing ida y vuelta

Morphing de Paula

Nets FX - A Child Grows from 12 to 18 in an Instant (morph)

Gross ology Ep. 16 Part 1

Gross ology Ep. 16 Part 2

Gross ology Ep. 16 Part 3

Miley Cyrus Little Girl to Young Lady!

Im not a girl,not yet a woman

Cori Through the Years

The Price of Aging

Button Pop

My Neice Morphing Into My Sister

I Bon Bon Magici di Lilly ( fushigi na melmo )

Gymnastics Montage: Now and Then

Shawn JOhnson. This is what dreams are made of.


bust'n out

Sailor moon and chibimoon change ages! Mex.Spanish

Little Girl

Reeno the Canangel (English)

Ayashi no Ceres 11 part [2/2]

Ayashi no Ceres 12 part [1/2]

Ayashi no Ceres 19 part [1/2]

Earth Defence Family - Young girl into woman

How to make Bigger breasts!

Extreme Morph

My Gymnastics: level 4

My Gymnastics: level 7/8

two female morphs

Shirley Temple - When I Grow Up


Jennifer Love Hewitt

Jennifer Love Hewitt in KIDS Incorporated

Attack Of The 50 Foot Woman - Woman grows

Ashley Tisdale Growing Up (Baby pics included)

Alyssa Milano as a kid

Mitsuki transform

Nola - Every Day of School - 2006/2007

CrazyTalk & Morpheus Demo - Little Girl

Aging Machine


Teen Sims Grow Into Young Adults


Button Poppin Boobs

Breast expansion

Growing Up Too Fast

and "She's getting Married"

Chocola becomes older - Sugar Sugar Rune

Magical Angel Creamy Mami 01 - part 3

puberty video (intro)

Katie Lee and Sethy grow

Growing Up

Ellora Daily Photo: 1100 days

Crecer (2003) - Taller de cine "El Mate"-

Child Actress Abigail Breslin

Black Lady Transformation - Japanese (Full)

face aging morph

face aging morph

Little Girl Grows Up

the sims growing up

Innocence and Loss - Jack & Jill

Young Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff - 10 Years Old

Hilary Duff @ 4

Growth of Tina (avi)



The Sims - From child to teenager

Lindsay Lohan - The Parent Trap

Just My Luck Lindsay Lohan Chris Pine interview


Debbie 0 to 14

gh teen girls

Full House Sisters

Hilary Duff ((growing up)))


Wendy....thru the years and back again


アテナ -Athena-

アンピトリテ -Amphitrite-

ヘスティア -Hestia-

アプロディテ -Aphrodite-

Hibari's Fusion

Tsubame's Fusion

Pelsia transformation



Spitz BE

Destiny Morphed Into Christina

girl and boy transform

Brittany's turning 17!

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Tribute

Hair Growth Animation

El viaje de Eva (1/3)

El viaje de Eva (2/3)

El viaje de Eva (3/3)

anime girl gets older

Michelle Tanner Fanvideo

Hayden Panettiere

The tanner girls grow up

teen stars then and now

Zelda Grows Up

Anime girl growing into woman (with sound)

Dance Collage

My daughters



Pretty Sammy AP

Mary-Kate and Ashley Fan Video

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Criss Angel turned little girlinto a 20 year old


8 year old girl briefly turns 18

Anime girl grown into woman

carousel girl looks like child and adult

Busting buttons!

Face Morphing

Man to Boy, Woman to Girl: Compaq

Teen Boy to Man, Teen Girl to Woman: Captain Planet

Miley Cyrus...((growing uP))..

Miley Cyrus: From Adorable Baby, to Gorgeous 14 Year Old. (She's seventeen now,
I know. )

Miley growing up

Holly Baby to 11 yrs


Face Fades 2

Brookers time machine

HUTCH The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing Times

Through the Years-Ruthie Camden

Beautiful- Lucy Camden Through the Years

My life in pictures.....

FEAR Vault

Back Then



emma watson

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Timeline

The Puberty Fairy

Jodie Sweetin Throughout The Years

From Raven-Symone to Raven

Fancy Lala Episode 1 (3/3)

grow up girl

Anime: girl grows older in her nightgown

Chevy Cobalt Ad with a Lindy song

A little girl grows up (French)

Anime: Fashion Lala

girl poofs older

a little girl grows up

Small girl suddenly grows up (no audio)



Børge Ring's Anna & Bella

growing up fast

growing up fast

Milk PSA 1989

The Fruit is Swelling clip 3

The Fruit is Swelling clip 1

Kaylee Grows Up

Sims toddler to child transition

Sims 2 - Twins non identical toddlers to children

Twin Girl grows up!

Madeline, Five Years - Photo a Day - Re: Noah

Lily's Magic Wand

10 Years- Mackenzie Rosman

age progression morph 3

age progression morph 5

Two to Eighteen Morph

aging machine

Child Actresses Then & Now


Jodie Sweetin/Stephanie Tanner

Daddy's Girl PSA

City of lost children

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